GIGAZINE Summer gift big release project 'Please answer the questionnaire and bring everything!'

At GIGAZINE, from spring to summer, we want to support people who want to enjoy summer to the fullest without losing the sweltering heat! We decided to carry out a plan to release a large amount of review items, souvenirs from the interviewees, and various items that were sleeping in the editorial department as gifts. .

This gift is a liquid crystal tablet 'Kamvas 13 ' with excellent drawing comfort that professional liquid tab users are jealous of , PS4 software 'GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE- ' that combines 2D fighting games and transcendental quality animation production, built-in HDD 2TB In addition, it is equipped with a 6TB externally attachable Buffalo new ' nasne ', a battle adventure game 'Glow-Tomoshibinotabi- ' that opens up a world surrounded by darkness with friends and elements, an AC power supply, a USB port, and a cigar socket. Large-capacity portable battery ' BigBlue Cellpowa 500 ', action camera 'Insta360 GO 2 ' that can shoot high-quality movies of 1440p / 50fps with a size of 5cm, 'Heroes Feast ' that is ant not only as a recipe but also as a material of the fantasy world --D & D Official Recipe Guide- ', App Store card for 3000 yen , Google Play card for 3000 yen , Amazon gift certificate for 30,000 yen, etc. 42 items in total.

Also, what kind of people are reading GIGAZINE? It also serves as a questionnaire for researching points that cannot be understood by access analysis alone, so I would be very grateful if people who said, 'I don't need a gift, but it's okay to cooperate with the questionnaire!' Then, please see below for the application method and the list of gifts. The ones that are not explained are the ones used in the review article.

◆ Application period
From Thursday, July 22, 2021 to Wednesday, August 4, 2021 at 23:59.

◆ Winner announcement
Winners will receive an email from the GIGAZINE editorial department to the email address at the time of application after August 5th (Thursday), so it is OK if you reply to the email with the shipping address etc. Also, the winning notification email is treated as spam with a high probability, and despite the fact that you won the prize, you did not receive it because you were late in noticing it ... There are quite a few sad cases, so be careful. According to the schedule, the notification to the 1st winner will arrive by the end of August 5th (Thursday), and after that, if the 1st winner does not reply, the 2nd winner, the 3rd winner ... Is a mechanism that moves. So, 'after Thursday, August 5th'.

So, the list of presents is from the following. Also, since you will be required to enter the gift number when applying for the questionnaire, it is a good idea to remember the gift number.

◆ 01: LCD tablet 'Kamvas 13 Cosmo Black' set (1 person) with excellent drawing comfort that professional liquid tab users are jealous of

A set of

USB-C to USB-C cable that enables connection between the 'Kamvas 13' main unit and an Android terminal equipped with a USB-C terminal or Nintendo Switch.

Originally the back color is 'Cosmo Black'.

◆ 02: LCD tablet 'Kamvas 13 Violet Purple' set (1 person)

with excellent drawing comfort that professional liquid tab users are jealous of
The set contents are the same as No. 01. The color on the back of the main body is 'Violet Purple'.

◆ 03: Action camera 'Insta360 GO 2' (1 person) that can shoot high-quality movies of 1440p / 50fps with a size of only 5cm
This product was provided to Insta360 for gift planning.

This is a movie shot with 'Insta360 GO 2' attached to a bicycle.

I used the action camera 'Insta360 GO 2' to take a picture of the scenery while riding a bicycle --YouTube

◆ 04: 30W output for fast charging of smartphones and tablets ' Anker Nano II 30W ' & 65W for fast charging of MacBook and PD compatible notebook PCs, ' Anker Nano II 65W ' set (1 person)

◆ 05: Buffalo's new network recorder 'nasne' (1 person

) that can attach an additional 6TB with the built-in HDD 2TB
A product provided by BUFFALO as a gift. To record a program on nasne, you need a TV that can receive terrestrial digital or satellite broadcasts, or a PlayStation 4, smartphone, or tablet that can connect to the same network as 'nasne.'

◆ 06: 'Anker Charging Dock for Oculus Quest 2' (1 person) that

can charge Oculus Quest 2 and controller at the same time while keeping them neatly organized

The main body of 'Anker Charging Dock for Oculus Quest 2' looks like this. 'Oculus Quest 2' is not included.

◆ 07:

'Funny Kakigori-kun' that can turn Gari-gari-kun into shaved ice (1 person)
A product provided by Takara Tomy Arts as a gift. 'Funny Kakigori-kun' can be used for Gari-gari-kun, which is sold one by one, and does not support multi-packs.

In the following movie, you can see where you can actually make Gari-Gari-kun into shaved ice.

Tokyo Toy Show 2011 TAKARATOMY 'Funny Kakigori' Demonstration Movie --YouTube

◆ 08: Large-capacity portable battery 'Big Blue Cellpowa 500' equipped with AC power supply, USB port, and cigar socket (1 person)

◆ 09: HARIO's 'Milk Dashi Coffee Pot' (1 person)

makes it easy to make 'Milk Dashi Coffee' that is not water-dashi coffee at home.
This product was provided by HARIO for gift planning.

◆ 10: A

fusion of 2D fighting games and transcendental quality animation production, PS4 software 'GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE-' (1 person) recommended for beginners of fighting games
It was provided by Arc System Works for the purpose of present planning. Although it is PlayStation 4 version software, it can be updated to PlayStation 5 version for free.

This is the movie that operates Ky Kiske, one of the operating characters of 'GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE-'.

When I try using Ky Kiske with GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE-, it looks like this. --YouTube

◆ 11: Legacy game 'Kings Dilemma' where prestigious aristocrats who support the king fight for power while helping political decisions (1 person)
This product was provided by Hobby Japan for a gift in the spring of 2021 for gift planning. Since the winner did not reply to the address, we decided to use it as a gift this time as well.

◆ 12:

Google Play card for 3000 yen (1 person)
A prepaid card that can be used to purchase Android apps, games, music, movies, and books.

◆ 13: A cooperative board game 'Spirit Island' (1 person)

where spirits squeeze their abilities to protect the island from the invaders who are rushing in.
This product was provided by Engames as a gift.

◆ 14:

Heroes Feast --D & D Official Recipe Guide (1 person)
It was provided by Bourne Digital for a gift project. It is a recipe book that reproduces various dishes that appear in the world of 'Dungeons & Dragons ', which is said to be the world's first tabletop RPG.

The table of contents looks like this. Mainly the dishes of 'human', 'elf', 'dwarf', and 'halfling', which are common races in the world.

When I proceeded to the page, 'Notes on magic cooking' was written. Except for magic, it is almost the same as the cooking setup in reality, and there seems to be some magic that can be replaced with tools such as a food processor.

Human's 'leged-style pot roast' looks like this. Cooking recipes for barbarians living in the frozen tundra land, along with pictures of the atmosphere. The unit notation of the recipe has been translated from the unit of the D & D world to the real one, such as grams, tablespoons, 1 cup (240 ml).

A vibrant 'Wood Elf Forest Salad' studded with vegetables, herbs and edible flowers.

There are also dessert recipes using fruits and cream.

The dynamic dwarf dish 'sausage and crushed potatoes' seems to be easy to challenge with less ingredients.

There is also a slightly shocking menu called 'finger fly'. If you can't get the original ingredients, you can use chicken instead.

Of course, the menu of alcohol and cocktails, which are indispensable for delicious food, is also posted. There are many textbooks about the life and culture of the race as well as recipes, and it seems to be good not only as a recipe book but also as a reference material for fantasy.

◆ 15: 'Grated radish Nyan' (2 people)

that makes it easy to make three-dimensional cats with grated radish and mashed potatoes.

The cat-shaped grated radish made with 'Grated radish Nyan' looks like this.

◆ 16: Cooperative card game 'The Crew' (1 person)

who challenges the mission by predicting the hand of a friend from limited information
This product was provided by GP for a gift plan in the spring of 2021. Since the winner did not reply to the address, I am using it again as a gift.

In addition to the main body of 'The Crew', an additional mission card 'Flying to the International Space Station' (not for sale) distributed as a purchase privilege at the

game market / autumn 2020 venue is included.

Additional missions are listed on the back.

◆ 17:

Confinement area level X (1 person)

When I wake up, Ryoka, a high school girl who was left behind in a closed apartment.
According to a message from my mother outside, there is a mysterious creature 'X' in this condominium ...

A new writer comicalizes the popular work of the e-Story app 'peep'.
Dreadful panic dark fantasy opens.

◆ 18: A

beautiful girl scientist stacks transparent cards to develop a state-of-the-art lens and aims to become the chief 'Is this genius scientist unable to become the chief?' (1 person)

◆ 19:

Large-capacity mobile battery 'Anker PowerCore III 10000 Wireless' that supports high-speed charging and can quickly charge wireless compatible devices (1 person)

◆ 20:

Portable somen noodle device 'Nagashi Somen Pocket' (1 person) that allows you to pour somen anytime, anywhere
This product was provided by Takara Tomy Arts as a gift.

You can check how you actually enjoy Nagashi Somen with 'Nagashi Somen Pocket' in the following movie.

A state of actually using the portable somen noodle device 'Nagashi Somen Pocket' --YouTube

◆ 21: High-quality, low-latency compact waterproof surveillance camera 'ATOM Cam 2' (2 people)
I got it from Atom Tech as a gift. It is a reproduction part that fixed the defect that occurred at the time of the review.

◆ 22: A battle adventure game 'Glow-Tomoshibinotabi-' (2 people)

that opens up a world surrounded by darkness with friends and elements

◆ 23: REDLINE 10th Anniversary set (1 person)
This is a collection of goods produced during the

10th anniversary screening of 'REDLINE '. This is a set of CDs containing 2 types of can badges using the design of the announcement flyer, stickers, Takeshi Koike , and Katsuhito Ishii , posters, and the song 'YELLOW LINE ' in the play remixed by James Shimoji.

The overall picture of the poster looks like this.

◆ 24:

The difficulty of searching for the criminal who spilled curry by adding characters has changed. '2 characters have increased!' One Night Werewolf x Yurucamp '' (1 person)

◆ 25: Silicone case for iPhone 12 'Anker Magnetic Silicone Case for iPhone 12 ' set (1 person) that is compatible with MagSafe products and can be charged as it is
A set of silicon cases for iPhone 12 & 12 Pro, iPhone 12 mini, and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

When I actually put on the case for iPhone 12 Pro, it looks like this.

◆ 26: 'Bread Rondo' (1 person)

where a magical girl confronts a curse with a sword and magic while baking bread

◆ 27:

App Store card for 3000 yen (1 person)
A prepaid card that can be used to purchase apps, games, music, movies, books, and iCloud from the App Store.

◆ 28: A cooperative card game 'Brigare' (1 person) in which

5 beautiful girls work together to fight against a dark organization that plans to collapse paradise.

◆ 29: Anker's wireless earphone 'Soundcore Liberty Neo 2' (1 person)

that supports music playback for up to 40 hours and IPX7 waterproof standard

◆ 30:

Communication tool 'Solotta-san' (1 person) that provides a theme that excites conversation

◆ 31:

'Anker Magnetic Charging Dock for Apple Watch' 'Anker Portable Magnetic Charger for Apple Watch' USB Type-A set (1 person) that is easy to carry and allows you to quickly charge your Apple Watch on the go
A set of USB Type-A models.

◆ 32: 'Anker Magnetic Charging Dock for Apple Watch' 'Anker Portable Magnetic Charger for Apple Watch' USB Type-C set (1 person) that is easy to carry and allows you to quickly charge your Apple Watch on the go
It is a set of models whose plug terminal is USB-C.

◆ 33:

Anker's first simple webcam 'Anker PowerConf C300' (1 person) capable of video input at maximum 1080p / 60fps

◆ 34: 'Anker Nano ll 45W' (1 person) that is

compact and can be charged from smartphones to laptops with a maximum of 45W

◆ 35:

Red Bull set (2 people)
A set of 1 each of 'Red Bull Energy Drink' and ' Red Bull Energy Drink Purple Edition' in a vanity case.

The expiration date is from March to April 2022.

◆ 36:

HDMI 2.1 compatible 'Anker Ultra High Speed HDMI cable' capable of 8K / 60Hz video output with 48Gbps transmission (1 person)

◆ 37: Lesson 14 (1 person) to

become stronger in “numbers” taught by a professor at Princeton University

All you need is 'elementary school math'!
14 lessons gently explain 'the way of thinking of people who can read numbers', which is also taught at Princeton University, which is No. 1 in the national university rankings for 10 consecutive years.

The author is Professor Kernighan, a legendary computer scientist known for “Hello, world!”.
This book is a gentle way for anyone to understand 'how to be strong in numbers' for general business people.
This is a must-read book for business people who are not good at numbers!

◆ 38: 'Anker PowerCore Magnetic 5000' (1 person) that

can be charged wirelessly while attached to the iPhone 12 series with a magnet type

When I actually use it on iPhone 12, it looks like this. It sticks firmly so you can charge it while talking or playing games.

◆ 39: Tasting goods set (1 person)
This is a collection of goods that you can get from tasting and interviews. '

Sukiya x Evangelion New Theatrical Version ' Collaboration Clear File 2nd (Secret), Empty Box of 'Kumamon BOX Bento ', Burger King Sticker, ' My Melody Pink Chicken Curry ' ' Cinnamoroll Sky Blue Hotate Curry ' Package It is a set of 4 kinds of stickers that were included in the recipe card, ' Knight of Sidonia, Atsumu Guhoshi Seasoned Seaweed Can'.

◆ 40: Movie / SFX / Anime set (1 person)

Gamera Large Monsters Aerial Battle 4K HDR ' Attendee Bonus (2nd Week) Film Bookmark, ' Gamera 2 Legion Invasion 4K HDR ' Attendee Bonus Film Bookmark, ' Nata Rebirth ' Illustration Card, ' Wonder Woman 1984 ' IMAX Screening Attendees Bonus postcard, ' GARO-Tsukirainbow no Tabibito- ' Visitor bonus (1st week) Postcard (Golden Knight Garo), ' Movie Doraemon Nobita's Space Small War 2021 ' Advance bonus Doraloupe, ' Super Sentai MOVIE Ranger 2021 'attendance benefits Changing Sticker (sparkling jar),' Kyung in the town of movie Hiringuddo ♥ Pretty Cure dream! Innovation GoGo! makeover !! 'advance benefits Precure large set seal (dance party Ver),' Healing Precure Yume no Machi de Kyun! GoGo! Makeover !! ”Attendee benefits Shikishi (Nodoka, Labyrinth, Yota, Nozomi),“ Missing Link British Gentleman and Secret Companion ”Postcards,“ movie Thomas the Tank Engine Come on! future of the invention show! 'advance benefits going out Sakosshu,' the Movie Police × warrior Rabupatorina! challenge from ~ Kaito! case Papa' and arrested in Love! ~ 'advance benefits stickers,' the Movie Sailor 'Sailor Moon Eternal ' Attendee Bonus Card Das (Part 1 / Part 2), ' Theatrical Version Pocket Monster Coco ' Attendee Bonus Game Code, Special Tag, Promo Card Set.

The download code for 'Tochan Zarud' that can be used with 'Pokemon Sword / Shield' has expired.

This scene is the film bookmark for 'Gamera Great Monsters Aerial Battle'.

This scene is cut out in the film bookmark of 'Gamera 2 Legion Invasion'.

◆ 41: Anime set (1 person)

Made in Abyss the Movie [Part 1] Dawn of Departure ' Visitor Bonus Shikishi (Ozen, Maruluk), ' ARIA The BENEDIZIONE ' Advance Bonus Clear File, ' Full Metal Panic! Director's Cut Edition Part 2:' One Night・ Stand ”version ” Attendee benefits Shikishi (Mao, Kurz), “ Theatrical version Girl ☆ Opera Review Starlight ” Visitor benefits (1st week) Mini Shikishi (Junna), “ Girls & Panzer Final Chapter Episode 3 ” Advance Benefits Clear File, ' Fate / Grand Order -Sacred Round Table Area Camelot- Paladin; Agatram ' Visitor Benefits (1st Week) Illustrations & Text Cards, Bromide ( Bedivere), 'Sidonia Knight Atomu Guhoshi' Visitor Benefits (1st Week) 1st week) Toa Heavy Industries Gravity Festival Management Bureau Mask set.

◆ 42: Amazon gift card for 30,000 yen (1 person)

The present project has ended. Thank you for many applications!

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