GIGAZINE Spring gift big release project 'Please answer the questionnaire and bring them all together!'

April has arrived when we meet, break up, and start a new life! So, in order to support people who say, 'I want to enrich my life with this spring!' And 'I'll do my best to change my mind!', I'm sleeping quietly in the back of the editorial department, souvenirs of review items and interviewees. We decided to release a large number of items and products provided by various places as gifts.

The presents are a 2in1 type notebook PC 'Acer Chromebook Spin 311 ' whose top plate rotates 360 degrees and transforms into a tablet, a Canon video camera 'PowerShot ZOOM ' that can be used as a telescope with a palm size of 145g, and a body like a game. Nintendo Switch software 'Fit Boxing 2 ' that can burn calories while moving, board game 'Dragon Gears ' where a giant robot that protects humanity and a dragon collide with a super high quality miniature, 'Tepra PRO' series first completely wireless model 'MARK PRO SR-MK1 ' that allows you to easily make a full-scale label with, 'Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro ', a completely wireless earphone that can play music for up to 26 hours with Anker's original ultra noise canceling & IPX4 waterproof standard, beauty A total of 45 items, including the PlayStation 4 software 'Liza's Atelier 2-Lost Tradition and Secret Fairy- ', where a girl alchemist spends her days of compounding and adventure, and an Amazon gift certificate worth 30,000 yen.

Also, what kind of people are reading GIGAZINE? It also serves as a questionnaire for researching points that cannot be understood by access analysis alone, but I would be very grateful if people who said, 'I don't need a gift, but it's okay to cooperate with the questionnaire!' Then, please see below for the application method and the list of gifts.

◆ Application period
From April 2nd (Friday) to April 15th (Thursday), 2021 at 23:59.

◆ Winner announcement
Winners will receive an email from the GIGAZINE editorial department to the email address at the time of application after April 16th (Friday), so it is OK if you reply to the email with the shipping address etc. Also, the winning notification email is treated as spam with a high probability, and despite the fact that you won the prize, you did not receive it because you were late in noticing it ... There are quite a few sad cases, so be careful. According to the schedule, the notification to the 1st winner will arrive by the end of April 16th (Friday), and after that, if the 1st winner does not reply, the 2nd winner, the 3rd winner ... Is a mechanism that moves. Therefore, it means 'after April 16th (Friday)'.

So, the list of presents is from the following. The ones that are not explained are the ones used in the review article. It is a good idea to make a note of the gift number so that you can enter the gift number you want in the questionnaire.

◆ 01: 2in1 type notebook PC 'Acer Chromebook Spin 311' (1 person) whose top plate rotates 360 degrees and transforms into a tablet
This product was provided by Acer for gift planning.

◆ 02: Nintendo Switch software 'Fit Boxing 2' (1 person)

that allows you to burn calories while moving your body like a game
I got it from Imagineer for the present planning.

You can see how you are playing 'Fit Boxing 2' in the movie below.

When you actually play Fit Boxing 2, it looks like this-YouTube

◆ 03: Canon video camera 'PowerShot ZOOM' (1 person) that can be used as a telescope with a palm size of 145g
This product was provided by Canon as a gift.

From the movie below, you can check the 'remote live view shooting function' that allows you to check the video projected by PowerShot ZOOM on your smartphone.

PowerShot ZOOM's remote live view shooting function looks like this-YouTube

◆ 04: Anker's portable speaker 'Soundcore 3 Bluetooth' (1 person) that can enjoy clear treble and deep bass with titanium driver & BASS technology

◆ 05: 'MARK PRO SR-MK1' (1 person) that makes it easy to make full-scale labels with the first completely wireless model in the 'Tepra PRO' series.
This product was provided by King Jim for gift planning. The body color is khaki.

◆ 06: Board game 'Dragon Gyas' (1 person)

where a giant robot and a dragon collide with each other to protect humanity with ultra-high quality miniatures.

The figure is pre-assembled for the product used in the review.

◆ 07: Wi-Fi compatible high-speed scanner 'ScanSnap iX1600' (1 person) that

supports from business cards to A4 size and can scan 40 sheets per minute
This product was provided by PFU as a gift.

This is a movie comparing the scan speed with the previous model 'ScanSnap iX1500' of 'ScanSnap iX1600'.

I compared the scan speed of the personal document scanner 'ScanSnap iX1600' and the previous model 'ScanSnap iX1500' --YouTube

◆ 08: 'Anker PowerLine III Flow USB-C & Lightning Cable' set (1 person) that is flexible, does not easily wind up, and supports high-speed charging.
A 5-color set of coral pink , cloud white , mint green , midnight black , and lavender gray. All lengths are 0.9m.

When I actually connect it, it looks like this.

◆ 09: Board game 'Kartgrapher Complete Japanese Version' (1 person)

aiming to acquire territory by surveying an unknown continent for the Queen
This is a new board game released by Arclight Games.

◆ 10: Complete wireless earphone 'Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro' (1 person)

equipped with Anker's original ultra noise canceling & IPX4 waterproof standard that can play music for up to 26 hours

It looks like this when actually installed.

◆ 11:

Legacy game 'Kings Dilemma' where prestigious aristocrats who support the king fight for power while helping political decisions (1 person)
This product was provided by Hobby Japan for gift planning.

◆ 12: 'Grated radish Nyan' (3 people)

that makes it easy to make three-dimensional cats with grated radish and mashed potatoes.

When you actually make a cat-shaped grated radish with 'Grated radish Nyan', it looks like this.

◆ 13:

Google Play card for 3000 yen (1 person)
A prepaid card that can be used to purchase Android apps, games, music, movies and books.

◆ 14: “My City” (1 person)

that creates a city that is more prosperous than anyone else by laying out puzzle-like buildings
I got it from Arclight Games for a gift project.

◆ 15: Towel handkerchief with

Fenrir logo (1 person)
The size is about 26 cm in length and about 25 cm in width. A towel handkerchief made by Imabari Towel.

◆ 16: 'Jaipur' (1 person) aiming to succeed as a merchant of the king while buying and selling gold and silver treasures and camels
This product was provided by Hobby Japan as a gift.

◆ 17:

Donbei Original Oage Extremely Warm Heat Tech Inner (1 person)
It is a product that I got in the campaign. L size for men.

◆ 18: Cooperative card game 'The Crew' (1 person)

who challenges the mission by predicting the hand of a friend from limited information
This product was provided by GP Games for the purpose of present planning.

In addition to the main body of 'The Crew', an additional mission card 'Flying to the International Space Station' (not for sale) distributed as a purchase privilege at the

game market / autumn 2020 venue is included.

Additional missions are listed on the back.

◆ 19:

Real design drink book (1 person)

A mook with a toy vending machine that children love, and only when you press a button
The size of the vending machine body is about H16 x W10 cm.
The toys of the treasure
With the cooperation of 'Asahi Soft Drinks', 'Calpis', 'Mitsuya Cider', 'Jurokucha', etc.
A lineup of beverages that everyone is familiar with! It is an appendix that parents and children can enjoy.

Real design drinks with drinks (Takarajimasha) | | Books | Mail order | Amazon

You can read the evaluation on Amazon from the following.

2-year-old grandson is overjoyed ♪

My grandson recently bought a vending machine on the way for a walk with great interest, so I immediately bought this item I found in a newspaper advertisement.
As soon as it arrives, I shine my eyes, insert coins, and press the button to enjoy repeating.
Recently, I pretend to drink and pretend to make drinks.
It is a product that expands your imagination.

◆ 20: 'Canvas' (1 person), a game in which transparent cards are layered on a canvas to complete a painting that is more beautiful than anyone else.

◆ 21:

App Store card for 3000 yen (1 person)
A prepaid card that you can use to purchase apps, games, music, movies, books, and iCloud on the App Store.

◆ 22:

Competitive puzzle game 'Sagrada' that makes beautiful stained glass using 90 dice Basic & expansion set (1 person)
'Sagrada' body provided by Engames as a gift, 'Sagrada expansion for 5 to 6 people' ...

A total of 4 sets of expansion sets 'Sagrada Passion' and 'Sagrada Life' that add new elements to the game.

◆ 23:

Mobile battery and quick charger 'Anker PowerCore Fusion 10000' capable of maximum 20W output and mobile battery 'Anker PowerCore Slim 10000 PD' set with a thickness of 1.5cm (1 person)

◆ 24: Board game 'Novarna' (1 person)

aiming for victory by strategically determining the tile arrangement and turn order
This product was provided by Hobby Japan as a gift.

◆ 25:

Universal clay 'Sugru' 2 box set (3 people) that can repair even the holes in the boots
I got it from Tesa Tape for a gift project. It is a new product formulated for domestic use scheduled to be released in August 2021 at the time of writing the article, and one box contains one color each of black, white, and gray.

◆ 26:

Comical story and polite tutorials are OK even for beginners in the series, 'Makai Senki Disgaea 6' (1 person) aiming to defeat the destructive god by repeating reincarnation
This is the Nintendo Switch version software provided by Nippon Ichi Software as a gift.

The 'Z & Biko Special Color Product Code' enclosed in the first bonus will expire on January 28, 2023, and the 'PC version of the Makai Senki Disgaea RPG Bonus Serial Code' will expire on June 30, 2021.

This is the movie where you can check the battle of 'Makai Senki Disgaea 6'.

The battle of 'Makai Senki Disgaea 6' looks like this-YouTube

◆ 27: Board game 'Wingspan' (1 person) to create a 'bird paradise' by inviting beautiful wild birds
This product was provided by Arclight Games for a gift project.

◆ 28:

Confinement area level X (1 person)

When I wake up, Ryoka, a high school girl who was left behind in a closed apartment.
According to a message from my mother outside, there is a mysterious creature 'X' in this condominium ...

A new writer comicalizes the popular work of the e-Story app 'peep'.
Dreadful panic dark fantasy opens.

◆ 29:

DJI Goods Set (1 person)
A set of calendar, notebook, magnet, and stainless steel mug with lid in a vanity case.

The calendar is from January 2021 to December 2021. Designed with photos taken with a DJI drone.

The holiday notation is for China, where the DJI headquarters is located.

The size of the magnet is about 65mm vertically and horizontally, and it looks like this when you hold it in your hand.

The notebook is A5 size, plain type with no ruled lines.

The capacity of the stainless steel mug is about 350 ml.

The plastic lid has packing and a sliding spout to prevent the temperature of the drink from dropping.

◆ 30: Anker's mobile battery 'PowerCore III Fusion 5000' (1 person) that

can charge up to 2 units at the same time with a foldable plug integrated outlet for quick charging and equipped with USB-A and USB-C ports

The feeling of size when you hold it in your hand is like this.

◆ 31: A

beautiful girl scientist stacks transparent cards to develop a state-of-the-art lens and aims to become the chief 'Is this genius scientist unable to become the chief?' (1 person)

◆ 32:

Pen-character practice book that allows you to write beautiful characters in 30 days by Midori Nakatsuka Letters and postcards (1 person)

The latest issue of 'Pen-character practice book that allows you to write beautiful characters in 30 days', which has exceeded 4 million copies in total. This is a book on how to write letters and postcards that conveys the heart of gratitude with beautiful letters taught by the popular calligrapher Suito Nakatsuka. Practice writing words such as 'Thank you for your help,' 'Thank you for your celebration and congratulations,' and 'Thank you for your gift.' We have also prepared practical examples that can be used immediately. In an era where you can easily communicate by email or LINE, let's convey your feelings to your loved ones with handwritten letters.

Suito Nakatsuka's pen-character practice book that allows you to write beautiful characters in 30 days Letters and postcards (Takarajimasha) |, Suito Nakatsuka | Books | Mail order | Amazon

You can check the evaluation on Amazon from the following.

I bought a series

Last time, I bought the one that came with the pen
I liked the content very much, so I chose the second one here.
I practice diligently every day. Little by little, I feel that the characters are getting better.

◆ 33: 'Yurucamp △ Handy Cairo Chikuwa ver.' (1 person), which is based on the image of Cairo that appeared in the anime 'Yurucamp △'.
To keep warm with 'Yurucamp △ Handy Cairo', you need lighter oil or Cairo benzine, lighter, and match.

◆ 34:

PlayStation 4 software 'Liza's Atelier 2-Lost Tradition and Secret Fairy-' (1 person)
It was provided as a gift by Koei Tecmo Games. Although it is PlayStation 4 version software, it can be updated to PlayStation 5 version for free.

It looks like this is how the weapons are mixed in the PlayStation 5 version 'Liza's Atelier 2'.

I tried to mix weapons in 'Liza's Atelier 2' --YouTube

◆ 35: IPX5 waterproof standard, complete wireless earphone 'Anker Soundcore Life A2 NC' that can play music for up to 35 hours (1 person)

◆ 36:

Revoltech Danbo Mini WF2021 [winter] Staff Ver. (1 person)
Wonder Festival 2021 winter version that was held on the web version. The motif is the mask of the event staff.

◆ 37:

Nolan Variations Christopher Nolan's filmmaking (1 person)

Film director Christopher Nolan, a time-manipulating video magician.

This book takes up from the debut work 'Following' to the latest work 'TENET Tennet' for each work, and until the script is made, 'Nolan's original film technique' such as shooting method, visual image creation, direction theory, attention to sound , Unpublished photos, storyboards, and scene sketches to unravel in detail.
In addition, Nolan's own experience and inspiration projected on blockbuster works such as 'The Dark Knight Trilogy', 'Inception', and 'Dunkirk', and his upbringing that has not been elaborated until now ('The concept of hometown is a little different from humans' I think there is. ') Is also revealed.
One night, I lay down on the bed in the dormitory and devised the concept of 'Inception' ('Listen to music in the dark and think about various things-and the space where you can imagine movies and stories and use your imagination is important. '), How his color vision worked on' Memento '(' People are fascinated by how others perceive this world and how it differs from their own '), etc. There is a lot of content that touches your thoughts.

Nolan, the one and only film director who balances philosophical and complex story composition with commercial success.
This book is one of the preserved editions that conveys its true form.

◆ 38: '

Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version ' Pamphlet (1 person)
This is an unopened pamphlet.

◆ 39: Movie / animation / special effects set (1 person)

Special Actors ' Clear File, ' Pocket Monsters the Movie: Coco ' Visitor Bonus Game Code, Special Tags, Promo Cards, ' Police x Heroine Lovepatina the Movie! -Challenge from Phantom Thief! Bonus sticker, ' Gintama THE FINAL ' attendee gift (1st week) newly written illustration card (Rengoku), successive episode film style stickers, ' Gamera Great Monsters Aerial Battle 4K HDR ' attendee bonus (2nd week) film bookmark, ' Gamera 2 Legion Invasion 4K HDR ' Visitor Bonus Film Bookmark, ' Away ' Visitor Bonus Illustration Card, ' Movie Doraemon Nobita's Space Small War 2021 ' Advance Sale Bonus Dora Loupe, ' Movie Crayon Shin-chan Mystery Meki! Hana no Tenkas Gakuen' Advance Bonus Mystery Handkerchief, ' Movie Tom and Jerry ' Advance Sale Bonus Mask Case, ' Sukagawa City M78 Hikari no Machi Sister City Alliance Project Ultra Menu Contest ' Lunch Cross, ' Movie Healing ♥ Precure Yume no Machi de Kyun! It's a set of 'Totto GoGo! Makeover !! ' Pre-sale Bonus Precure Large Assembly Sticker (Dance Party Ver) and ' Theatrical Version Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Eternal ' Visitor Bonus Card Das (Part 1 and Part 2).

The design of the 'Gintama THE FINAL' episode film-style sticker looks like this.

The download code for 'Tochan Zarud' that can be used with 'Pokemon Sword / Shield' has expired.

This scene is the film bookmark for 'Gamera Large Monsters Aerial Battle'.

This scene is cut out in the film bookmark of 'Gamera 2 Legion Invasion'.

◆ 40: Anime set A (1 person)

Minna no Blood Donation ' x ' Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld ' Collaboration Clear File (1st), ' Something Days ' Advance Bonus Postcard, Visitor Bonus Special Leaflet (1st Week), ' Kotobuki in the Wilderness' 'Squadron Complete Edition ' Advance Bonus Masking Tape, ' Tokyo 7th Sisters -We Will Be Blue Sky- ' Visitor Bonus Mini Shikishi (1st Week) (Momoka), ' Grisia: Phantom Trigger THE ANIMATION Stargazer ' Admission Bonus Staff Carefully Selected Special film (2nd week), ' Theatrical version Seitokai Yakuindomo 2' Attendee benefits (1st week) 4-frame bookmark # 1 and 4-frame bookmark holder, ' ARIA The CREPUSCOLO ' Attendee benefits (2nd week) Coaster (Alice & Athena), Advance Bonus Clear File, ' Theatrical Version BanG Dream! Episode of Roselia I: Promise ' Advance Bonus (2nd) Clear File, ' Theatrical Version BanG Dream! Episode of Roselia II: Song I am. ' Advance sale privilege clear file is set.

This scene is the bonus film for 'Grisia: Phantom Trigger THE ANIMATION Stargazer'.

◆ 41: Anime set B (1 person)

Detective Conan Scarlet Bullet ' Advance Bonus Clear File, ' LIP x LIP FILM x LIVE ' Admission Bonus (1st Week) Shikishi-style Portrait, ' KING OF PRISM ALL STARS Prism Show ☆ Best Ten ' Visitor Bonus Name Scene Film-style bookmark, ' Movie Goodbye My Clammer First Touch ' Advance Bonus Clear File, ' Special Screening Version World Trigger 2nd Season ' Visitor Bonus Postcard 3 Sheets Set (2nd Week), ' Fate / Grand Order -Sacred Round Table Area' Camelot-Part 1 Wandering; Agateram 'Illustration & Text Card Vol.1' Counterfeit ', Visitor Bonus Sticker,' Ra Koguro Senki The Future I Choose 'Attendee Bonus Illustration Card is summarized.

The bonus film-style bookmark of 'KING OF PRISM ALL STARS Prism Show ☆ Best Ten' looks like this.

◆ 42: Anime set C (1 person)

The Newtype appendices are grouped together. The breakdown of the ' Attack on Titan The Final Season ,' ' Non Non Biyori Nonsutoppu ' two-sided poster, ' the day has become God ,' ' hypnosis microphone -Division Rap Battle- Rhyme Anima ' two-sided poster, 'hypnosis microphone -Division Rap Battle - Rhyme Anima 'clear file, 2021 school calendar,' the \\ Roh fire brigade弐NoAkira '' the Movie Violet Ever Garden 'two-sided poster,' loose-scan △ SEASON2 '' the Five Star stories is a set of 'double-sided poster.

The 2021 school calendar runs from April 2021 to March 2022. Six illustrations are used every two months.

◆ 43: Anime set D (1 person)
We have compiled an

animage appendix. ' Millionaire Detective Balance: UNLIMITED ' 'Non Non Biyori Non Non Biyori' Double-sided poster, ' Wizard's Promise ' ' Idolish Seven Second BEAT! ' Double-sided poster, ' Super Squadron Series Majin Sentai Kira Major' ' Dogengers Nice Buddy ' Double-sided Poster, ' Hypnosis Mike -Division Rap Battle- ' Clear File, 'Dogengers Nice Buddy' 'Hypnosis Mike -Division Rap Battle-' Double-sided Poster, ' Osomatsu-san ' Clear File, 'LIP x LIP FILM x LIVE' 'Millionaire Detective Balance: A set of 2 types of 'UNLIMITED' double-sided poster and 'IDOLiSH7 Second BEAT!' Clear ticket holder.

◆ 44: Anime set E (1 person)
A set of animedia appendices. '

Uma Musume Pretty Derby Season 2 ' ' Magic! Irima-kun ' double-sided poster, ' Pocket Monster ' ' Jibo Shonen Hanako-kun ' double-sided poster, ' Paradox Live ' 'Pocket Monster' double-sided poster, 'Self-binding Shonen Hanako-kun' clear Two types of files, ' Aikatsu Planet! ', ' SK∞ SK Eight ' double-sided poster, 'Paradox Live' clear ticket holder, and ' Mado Soushi' clear file are all in one.

◆ 45: Amazon gift card for 30,000 yen (1 person)

The present project has ended. Thank you for your many applications!

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