GIGAZINE Spring gift big release project 'Please answer the questionnaire and bring it all together!'

It's April when we met and parted, and a new life started! So, in order to support those who want to enrich their lives with this spring as a trigger, 'I'll do my best, I'll do my best!', I sleep quietly in the back of the editorial department and review articles and interviews. I decided to release a lot of items from GIGAZINE as gifts, and a lot of products offered from various places.

The present gifts are

Wacom One , a liquid crystal pen tablet that is perfect for introducing illustrations and movie editing, a high-performance conference speakerphone Anker PowerConf that facilitates video conferencing, and a new-type small printer that can be printed from a smartphone or PC. RICOH Handy Printer ', vacuum cleaner for both suction and wiping' Anker Eufy RoboVac G10 Hybrid ', high-spec spherical camera' RICOH THETA SC2 'capable of shooting 360 movies at 4K / 30fps A PS4 exclusive warring nation that wakes up to the fun of an action game while keenly aware of his powerlessness 'Game King Nio 2 ', a new board game ' Azul: Summer Pavilion ' released in March 2020 that creates a beautiful floor of a palace as a tile craftsman , ” Amazon gift certificate worth 30,000 yen, etc.

Also, what kind of people are reading GIGAZINE? I also serve as a questionnaire to research points that I do not understand only with access analysis, but I would be very grateful if someone who answered 'I do not need a gift, but cooperate with the questionnaire!' Then, please see below for the application method and gift list.

◆ Application period
From Thursday, April 2, 2020 to Wednesday, April 15, 23:59.

◆ Winner announcement
Winners will receive an email from the GIGAZINE editorial department to the email address at the time of application after April 16 (Thursday), so it is OK if you can reply to the email with the shipping address etc. Also, the winning notification email is treated as spam with a high probability, and despite the fact that we won the prize, we could not receive it because it was late to notice. According to the schedule, the notification to the first winner will arrive on Thursday, April 16th, and after that, unless the first winner does not reply, the right to the second winner, the third winner ... Is a mechanism that moves. Therefore, it means 'after April 16 (Thursday)'.

So, the gift list is from the following. When answering the survey, it will be easier to remember the present number.

◆ 01 : Wacom One, an LCD pen tablet perfect for introducing illustrations and movie editing (1 person)
Although it is an item reviewed by GIGAZINE, it is an unused item that Wacom provided for the gift. If you register the product, you can get free software such as ' CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO ' and ' Adobe Premiere Rush ' that allows you to draw and edit movies. To use 'Wacom One', you need a PC with an HDMI connector, so please be careful when applying.

The movie that confirms the writing comfort of 'Wacom One' is this.

Wacom One LCD pen tablet 13 trial writing-YouTube

◆ 02: Speakerphone 'Anker PowerConf' for conferences with auto gain control and reverberation control that allows video conferencing to be continued for up to 24 hours (1 person)

Recording music data with PowerConf and Pixel 3 microphones and checking the sound quality is like this.

I compared the microphone performance of Anker PowerConf with a smartphone-YouTube

Music: Nippon Falcom 'Cry for me, cry to you' from The Legend of Heroes Sora no Kiseki the 3rd Original Soundtrack

◆ 03: RICOH Handy Printer, a new type of small printer that can be moved by hand and printed directly anywhere, and can read CSV files for smartphones and PCs (1 person)
Unused items provided by RICOH for present planning. The body color is red.

You can see how you can print sentences with 'RICOH Handy Printer' by watching the following movie.

Printing horizontal text with RICOH Handy Printer-YouTube

◆ 04: USB-C charger that can charge notebook PCs with 65W output 'ENERGEAR 65W USB PD Certified Type-C ™ ️ AC Adapter 1.8m Cable Set' (1 person)

It looks like this when you charge the laptop with the USB-C cable included in the set. It's more compact than a charging adapter, so you can carry your luggage lighter.

◆ 05:

“Mechanica” (1 person) who assembles a cleaning robot production line to earn money and work hard on computers
It is an unused item provided by Hobby Japan apart from the reviewed product.

◆ 06:

A game picture book 'Looking for a Dragon' (1 person) with a story divided into 3 pages and 3 main characters

◆ 07:

RICOH THETA SC2, a high-performance spherical camera capable of shooting 4K / 30fps 360-degree movies at a low price (1 person)
Unused item provided by RICOH. The body color is pink.

The 360 degree spherical movie shot with 'RICOH THETA SC2' looks like this. You can change the angle of the movie with the cursor on the upper left of the movie.

I shot a 360 degree spherical movie with RICOH THETA SC2 01-YouTube

◆ 08: Efficient and quick cleaning with gyro / accelerometer, not only suction but also wipe cleaning is possible with this one robot cleaner 'Anker Eufy RoboVac G10 Hybrid' (1 person)

Turn on the switch and it will clean your room like this. It is also possible to set up a cleaning schedule and to let you clean while going out by linking with a smartphone application.

The mopping mode, which can be wiped clean, can be used by setting a tank filled with water and a mopping cloth in the main body.

◆ 09: '

en.365 ° PHOTO BOOK' (1 person)

Yuki Kaji cherishes the 'relationship' and 'the circle of people.' 'There is something you want to wear anytime 365 days.'
A new brand 'en.365 °' with the idea of 'beyond 360 ° (yen)'.

In the PHOTO BOOK, many photographs taken by Kaji who wears the item will be posted to express the charm of the brand.
Interviews that describe the brand story and the commitment to each item are also included.
A talk about the behind-the-scenes production of collaborative items with BEAMS, a special talk about fashion with voice actor Takahiro Sakurai, etc.
Full of content.
This is a book where you can enjoy various facial expressions of 'en.365 °', including model cuts that women can wear.

◆ 10:

Cooperative board game 'Yggdrasil Chronicles' (1 person) that protects the three-layer world supported by a giant world tree as Nordic gods

◆ 11:

Google Goods Set (1 person)
It is a set of Google logo tote bag, Android droid-kun logo tote bag, 2020 calendar, and logo foldable nylon bag.

Unfolding the folding nylon bag looks like this.

The calendar starts on Monday from January to December 2020.

◆ 12: Anker's charger 'Anker PowerPort Atom III Slim (Four Ports)' that can quickly charge up to 4 devices and is thin and suitable for carrying (1 person)

It actually looks like this when using 4 ports at once to charge. This is a great item to carry around when you need to carry many gadgets that need to be recharged, or when you want to recharge them all at once.

◆ 13:

PS4 dedicated Sengoku dying game 'Nio 2' (1 person) who wakes up to the fun of action games while repeatedly losing his life and feeling his powerlessness
Unused / unopened product. You can use the early purchase privilege 'A complete set of Tamura's first armor'.

You can check how the giant youkai 'Ushigami' fights in the following movie.

It looks like this when fighting a giant youkai ox head demon in `` Nio 2 ''-YouTube

◆ 14 : Composer Girl 2 ~ Our story about changing the world by knowing modulation ~ (1 person)

'Iroha', a high school girl who started making songs from zero musical knowledge.
The next challenge for Iroha, who can make songs in 14 days, is to make more original songs!
In front of Iroha, I heard a junior 'Uguisu' who heard her song ...
Scale ad lib, transposition, and lyrics composition. Under the out-of-the-box lesson of active high school girl composer 'Tami', Iroha and others will know the depth of creation.
A novel x composer's introductory book that teaches songwriting know-how and ideas just by reading the story.

◆ 15: Sagami Railway '12000 series' set (1 person)
This is a handout when

the new Sagami Railway '12000 series' was unveiled . A set of cool bottles and sticky notes of the same color as the 12000 series body.

The size of the cold insulation bottle looks like this when compared to a transportation IC card.

The capacity is about 500 ml and the mouth is a wide mouth type.

◆ 16:

Wonder Festival 2020 Winter Souvenirs ・ 'Soft Vinyl Cut-Yellow Yellow 2020 Winter Ver.' (1 person)
It is a soft vinyl doll of the Wonder Festival mascot character 'Kat-kun' that everyone knows. The character design is by Tatsuyuki Mizutama and the prototype is by Tomohide Enoki.

Compared to the iPhone XS, it's about this size. The arms and tail move.

The back is like this.

◆ 17:

'Machi-Koro Legacy Complete Japanese Edition' (1 person) , where rules are constantly changing when rolling dice and developing islands
It is an unused item provided by Ark Light Games as a gift.

◆ 18: '

Detective Conan Cider ' 2nd set 6 cans set (1 person)
It is designed mainly for the characters that appear in the movie ' Detective Conan Scarlet Bullet ' released on April 17. All six types of 'Sera Masumi', 'Mori Ran', 'Shuichi Akai', 'Shinichi Kudo', 'Subaru Okiya' and 'Conan Edogawa'.

The expiration date is December 2020.

◆ 19:

Severe game 'Azur' that demands advanced bargaining on the contrary to its beauty and 'Azur: Crystal Mosaic Expansion Set ' (1 person) that can decorate the walls of the palace more beautifully
It is a two-piece set of 'Azul' and 'Crystal Mosaic Expansion Set' that tiles can be beautifully arranged on an acrylic board that is used on top of a game board.

◆ 20:

“Azur: Summer Pavilion” (1 person) , lining up colorful rhombus tiles to create the most beautiful royal floor .
This is the latest work in the 'Azur' series, but you can play it alone.

◆ 21:

Hybrid pillow 'Koala Pillow' that delivers deep sleep with zoning method and low-resilience gel foam (1 person)

The pillow size is 740mm vertically, 405mm horizontally, and 115mm thick. Compared to the iPhone XR, it looks like this.

◆ 22:

Board game 'Just One Complete Japanese Version' (1 person) whose difficulty increases depending on the player, just by guessing a word
It is an unused item provided by Ark Light Games as a gift.

◆ 23:

Android-equipped projector 'Nebula Mars II' capable of projecting images up to 150 inches (1 person)

◆ 24:

Tumbler type, USB rechargeable & fully washable even though it is a blender 'POWER GIANT' mini bottle blender (1 person)
This product makes it easy to make smoothies at home or on the go.

◆ 25: “

Tifenthal Tavern Complete Japanese Version” (1 person) to build up a deck by building up a deck by earning customers a beer of any size
It is an unused item provided by Ark Light Games for gift planning.

◆ 26:

'Everdale' (1 person) creates its own town with animals and buildings using wood, sap, pebbles, and fruits
It is an item reviewed in the article, but it is an unused item provided by Ark Light Games separately from the review item.

◆ 27: Mini Room Bass Set (6 people)
It is a 30th anniversary commemorative set distributed at

iRobot 's ' Roomba s9 ' announcement event.

The Roomba Original, Roomba Discovery,

Roomba 537J, and Roomba 980 have the same shape as the miniature pullback rumba ' Gashapon iRobot Roomba ' released by Bandai in November 2019, but the switch glows green. It is a non-sale specification for event distribution.

'Gashapon iRobot Roomba' works like this.

This is about the size of a transportation IC card.

'Roomba s9' is a rubber strap, and when you pull out the ball chain, a USB memory appears. The storage capacity is 8GB.

◆ 28:

Red Bull Set (1 person)
Went into the dressing ' Red Bull Energy Drink White Edition ', ' Red Bull Energy Drink ' is the one by one, is a set of wrapping cloth that contains the Red Bull logo.

The wrapping cloth is about 50 cm x 50 cm, and it looks like this when you actually wrap the gift box.

The expiration date is November 21, 2020 for the White Edition and January 7, 2021 for regular Red Bull.

◆ 29:

Dom Dom Burger Can Badge Set (1 person)
It is a set of 2 'Pray for victory! Original tin badge' that you can get when you purchase 'Roast and Burger' & 'Roast and Burger with plenty of vegetables '. It was said that he was prayed at Kameido Katori Shrine , which enshrines the god of games such as sports.

◆ 30: Movie '

Anna ' Mubichike Card Set (2 persons)
This is a set of two Mubichike cards from Luc Besson's latest work 'ANNA' of ' LEON ', ' Fifth Element ' and ' Transporter '.

In 1990, Anna, the strongest killer built by the Soviet intelligence agency KGB. Her face, which has multiple faces such as beautiful fashion models and call girls, is to eliminate people who are dangerous to the nation one after another. Using her clear brain and top-class physical ability, Anna evolves into a top-class assassin who controls conflicts between nations. Meanwhile, Anna, who is trapped in the clever trap of the American CIA, is forced into a startling deal by investigator Leonard's turn over to the CIA. However, in the face of the biggest challenge of double espionage, Anna becomes more awake and becomes a threat to the two major organizations that hold the fate of the world.

The trailer is this. The publication date is Friday, May 8 at the time of article creation.

Movie 'ANNA' trailer | 5.8 (Fri) nationwide release-YouTube

◆ 31: YouTube goods set (1 person)
It is a set of a mug with a Youtube logo and a passport case.

The capacity of the mug is about 300 ml, which is about the size of a transportation IC card.

The channel registration button is printed on the bottom.

Opening your passport case looks like this. In addition to a passport, you can insert a card or pen.

◆ 32:

'Arduboy', an ultra-small gameboy-style game machine that allows you to play your own game in the size of a creca (1 person)
The body color is white.

You can check how you are actually playing with 'Arduboy' in the following movie.

Play `` BLOB ATTACK '' on `` Arduboy '', a gameboy-style miniature game console-YouTube

◆ 33: 'Ice cream ball' (1 person), you don't need to prepare ice cream and can make it whenever you want .

◆ 34: amiibo diorama kit '

Splatoon [Shiokalive] ' & ' Splatoon [Mozuku farm] ' set (1 person)
It is a set of a diorama kit and a sticker that you can place an amiibo and reproduce Shiokalive and Nawabari battle.

Below is a movie that actually reproduced Shiokalive with amiibo and diorama kit.

I tried to reproduce Shiokalive with the Shio Colors amiibo & diorama kit-YouTube

◆ 35: Movie set (1 person)
' Scarey Stories Scary Book ' press sheet, ' Kageura ' press sheet, ' Apocalypse of Hell Final Cut ' IMAX version attendance bonus clear file, ' Sonic the Movie ' advance sale bonus baby sonic key chain, ' Cats ' advance sale bonus It is a set of ticket holder (white), ' Ford vs Ferrari ' IMAX attendant privilege mini clear file, ' Ana and the Snow Queen 2 ' advance sale privilege postcard (C set).

◆ 36:

Devil's Blade Set (1 person)
It is a set of 2 postcards (Setsubun / Valentine) and Petit ★ Asobi vol.8 2 coasters (Aoi Kiyo).

◆ 37: Anime Set A (1 person)

Space Battleship Yamato 2202 Ai no Senshi' ' Attendant benefits clear file (Chapter 5 and Chapter 6),' Mobile Suit Gundam Flashlight Hathaway 'advance sale privilege clear file,' G Reconguista Beruri Attack 'attendant benefits Paper Craft (Elf Bull), ' Mobile Suit Gundam NT ' advance sale privilege clear file, ' Galaxy Hero Legend Die Neue These Chapter 3' visitors privilege (1 week) It is a set of Galactic Heroes.

◆ 38: Anime Set B (1 person)

Goblin Slayer GOBLIN'S CROWN ' advance sale privilege clear file (Goddess), ' Movie version Shoujo ☆ Kageki Revue Starlight Rondo Rondo Rondo ' advance sale benefit clear file, ' Re: Life in a different world starting from zero Freezing bond ' pamphlet benefit Clear file, ' Theatrical version SHIROBAKO ' advance sale privilege clear file (Shizuka), 'A person who knows the blueness of the sky ' visitor privilege clear file, ' even if the tomorrow is over ' advance sale privilege clear file, ' Sora no Otoshimono Final Eternal My Bird Cage 'Sorabon.' (Part 1), ' Made in Abyss-Dawn of the Deep Soul ' Movie Advance Advance Privilege Clear File (2nd), ' Flag Time ' Advance Sale Privilege Clear File (2nd), ' her brought up how Fine dull ' visitor benefits (week 6) booklet, colored paper, ' the Movie巨蟲Islands ' visitor benefits Ira It is a set of Tokado (Mutsumi).

◆ 39: Anime Set C (1 person)

PSYCHO-PASS 3 FIRST INSPECTOR ' advance sale privilege clear case, ' Theatrical version PEACE MAKER iron prequel version Sodo ~ Omomichi ~ ' advance sale privilege clear file (Tetsunosuke, Yamazaki, Saito, Suzu), ' Theatrical version PEACE MAKER iron second part ' Yumei ~ Yumei ~ 'Advance sale privilege clear file (Tetsunosuke, Yamazaki, Saito, Suzu, Tatsunosuke, Sayo),' I want to be popular only with you. ' Attendant bonus badge (Shun),' Digimon Adventure LAST EVOLUTION Kizuna ' Visitor benefits clear file (1st, Taichi), ' The clouds gather the clouds gather ' Advance sale benefit clear file (Yashiro), ' Somehow do you have a day ' advance sale benefit clear file, ' HUMAN LOST human disqualification ' pamphlet, ' Fafner THE BEYOND 'attendance benefits cut film,' ACCA13 district inspector Division Regards 'attendance benefits illustrations coaster,' KING OF PRISM ALL STARS - flop Zumusho ☆ ten best - 'theater program and the post card,' the secret - of Santa Company - Christmas 'Komikaraizu version Try reading booklet,' the world's first love - marriage proposal Hen is a set of 'attendance benefits booklet.

The cut film of 'Fafner of the Azure THE BEYOND' is this scene.

◆ 40: Anime Set D (1 person)

Travel Flying Cat ' postcard, ' Dayan and Zitan ' postcard, ' Tama & Friends ~ Tama to Mysterious Stone Statue ~ ' postcard, ' Movie Kikansha Thomas Chao! Tonde Utatte Discovery !! ' 'Plarail Thomas', ' Star Twinkle Precure With Your Thoughts on the Star Song ' Advance sale bonus mane sticker (thank you version), ' Shinkansen Deformation Robot Shinkalion Mirai no Kami Speed ALFA-X ' Advance sale benefit 'Shinkansen E5 series & 'Hayato', ' Nekoneko Japanese History Ryoma no Hamachacha Time Travel! ' Visitor bonus clear file, ' Movie Crayon Shin-chan Crash! Rakuga Kingdom and Almost Four Heroes ' Advance Strap, ' Knight Ryu Sentai Ryu the Movie ' Souger VS Lupine Ranger VS Patranger 'Visitor Benefits It is a set of mini mascots (Ryusou Red, Lupine Red), ' Catch the Rekakamen with the movie mom! '

◆ 41: Anime Set E (1 person)

It is a set that includes the appendixes of Newtype , Animage , and Animedia . ' Uta no Prince-sama The Movie: Maji LOVE Kingdom ' ' Urashima Sakata Ship's Everyday Life ' double-sided poster, ' Ishishi Budokan will die ' ' Idolish Seven Second BEAT! ' Double-sided poster, ' 22/7 ' 'Theatrical version SHIROBAKO' double-sided poster, ' Aikatsu on parade! ' 'Urashima Sakata ship's daily life' double-sided poster, 'Aikatsu on parade!' Clear file, ' Hypnosis microphone ' clear underlay, ' Idol Master SideM Reason Mini ! 'clear file,' Urashima Sakata ship of the day-to-day 'mini clear file,' Sumapuro! 'clear Shitajiki,' Eyed Irish Seven 'clear file,' with great feelings in song of the star ☆ Twinkle Pretty Star 'clear underlay,' The Five Star stories 'clear files, new type 2020 school calendar,' theater version SHIROBAKO It is a set of clear file.

The school calendar period is from April 2020 to December 2021. Illustrations with animated works and sports motifs are used.

◆ 42:

'Crab Pen Holder' set (1 person) that will firmly hold your favorite pen with the scissors lifted by the crab
A set of one red crab and one blue crab.

◆ 43: Amazon gift card worth 30,000 yen (1 person)

The present project is over. Thank you for many applications!

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