GIGAZINE Spring present large emission planning 'Please answer the questionnaire and bring it all together!'

Meeting and farewell, and the last April of Heisei when a new life begins! So, in order to support people who want to improve their lives with this spring as a trigger! 'We will do our best, let's do our best!' A review article, a gift for interviewees, asleep quietly in the back of the editorial department We will release a large number of items from GIGAZINE as gifts as well as products from various places.

This time, Wacom's entry model LCD tablet '

Wacom Cintiq 16 ' ' Wacom Pro Pen slim ' ' Wacom Cintiq 16 stand ' three-piece set, Panasonic's fully automatic floor cleaning robot vacuum cleaner ' Laurin MC-RM10 ', initial No setting required, IPv6 compatible IODATA's Wi-Fi router ' WN-SX300FR ', all information such as tweets, mail, stock prices & smart clock ' LaMetric TIME ' to feel infinite possibilities in IFTTT cooperation, not only water boiling but also water heating There are 49 items in total, including “ Cook Kettle SE6300 ” that can be cooked and soup, hot spring eggs, and chocolate fondue are also made and no longer used as cooking utensils, and for ¥ 30,000 for Amazon gift certificates .

And who are the people reading GIGAZINE? It also doubles as a questionnaire for researching points that can not be understood only by access analysis, but it would be highly appreciated if you could also respond to people saying, 'I don't need a gift but I can cooperate with the questionnaire!' Then, application method and present list please from the following.

◆ Application period
From April 2, 2019 to Tuesday, April 15, 2019, 23: 59.

◆ Winner announced
Winners will receive an email from the GIGAZINE editorial department at the time of application from April 16 (Tuesday), so it is OK if you can reply to the email by replying to the email address. Also, be aware that the notification emails for winning are treated as spam at a high probability, and despite the fact that they have been selected, sad cases have not been received because they were late to notice .... According to the schedule, the notification to the first winner will be delivered on Tuesday, April 16, and thereafter, if the first winner does not reply, the second winner, third winner ... right Is moving. So it is 'after April 16 (Tuesday)'.

So the present list is from below.

◆ 01: Wacom LCD tablet entry model 'Wacom Cintiq 16' 'Wacom Cintiq 16 stand' 'Pen runs and painting is fun' Slim type liquid tab · pen tab pen 'Wacom Pro Pen slim' set (for one person)
This is separate from the review item and is an unused item provided by the manufacturer for the present. As three sets of liquid crystal pen tablet 'Wacom Cintiq 16', tablet stand, exclusive type pen 'Wacom Pro Pen slim' of slim type are set, it is possible to start painting immediately after the present arrives at home. Please be careful when applying, as the PC connecting 'Wacom Cintiq 16' requires an HDMI video output terminal.

The size of 'Wacom Cintiq 16' looks like this when compared to iPhone X.

There is a stand on 'Wacom Cintiq 16' itself ...

If you attach the 'Wacom Cintiq 16 stand', you can adjust it to the right angle for yourself.

◆ 02: Smart clock 'LaMetric TIME' (for one person) that displays all kinds of information such as tweets, emails, stock prices & feel infinite possibilities with IFTTT cooperation
This is an unused item provided by the manufacturer for presents separately from the review item.

Click here for a movie that made it possible to receive GIGAZINE's Twitter posts on 'LaMetric TIME' in cooperation with IFTTT.

I tried to make it possible to receive GIGAZINE's Twitter by using IFTTT at 'LaMetric TIME'-YouTube

◆ 03: Panasonic's fully-automatic floor-cleaning robot vacuum cleaner 'Lauran MC-RM10' (for one person) that can be fitted with a commercial cleaning sheet
This is separate from the review item and is an unused item provided by the manufacturer for the present.

In the following movie, you can see where 'Lauran' is wiping and cleaning.

We had floor cleaning robot vacuum cleaner 'Rollan' (Rollan) MC-RM10 wipe the floor with water-YouTube

◆ 04: 'Cook Kettle SE6300' (for one person) who can cook not only water but also soup, hot spring eggs and chocolate fondue .
This is separate from the review item and is an unused item provided by the manufacturer for the present.

◆ 05:

'Hick-chan bowl' (two people) perfect for eating chicken ramen deliciously
It will be the product used for the review. It has been cleaned.

There is a bag of chicken ramen in the bowl. The shelf life is October 12, 2019.

◆ 06:

Thunderbolt 3 & USB Type-C compatible 'OWC ClingOn' and ballpoint pen set with OWC logo (3 persons) attached to USB port to prevent cable disconnection and wobble
This is separate from the review item and is an unused item provided by the manufacturer for the present. It is a set of OWC ClingOn main body and ballpoint pen each 2 points. The product you opened for shooting may arrive here.

The ballpoint pen is a knock type that can be moved with the thumb. At the top there is a rubber for smartphones and tablets.

◆ 07: Miniature gadget '

Showa Smart TV ' which can watch smartphone movies in a style with a sense of Showa, Bluetooth speaker ' Showa Record Speaker ' with which a record turns and music flows when the needle is dropped, mini cassette inserted and radio recording -A palm-sized ' Showa mini radio-cassette ' set (for one person) that can be played back
This is separate from the review item and is an unused item provided by the manufacturer for the present.

You can see how you actually tried using 'Showa Smart Television', 'Showa Record Speaker', and 'Showa Mini Boombox' from the following movie.

I switched the playback mode on Showa Smart TV and watched the movie with the image quality of Showa-YouTube

What happens when you play music with 'Showa Record Speaker'-YouTube

It looks like this when you actually use 'Showa mini radio-cassette'-YouTube

◆ 08: A card game “The Last Brave” (1 person) that creates a warrior and wins Battle Royal

◆ 09:

'CHAINsomnia-Akma's Castle and children-' (1 person) that reproduces the escape game of 12% escape rate in a cooperative board game

◆ 10:

Clean your room anytime with smartphone app compatible. Booster with powerful suction power by BoostIQ. Anker robot vacuum cleaner 'Eufy RoboVac 15C' (for one person)

◆ 11:

Anker's complete wireless earphone 'Soundcore Liberty Air' set (for one person) that supports up to 20 hours playback, Bluetooth 5.0, and also incorporates a call microphone
Black and white are a set of one by one. You can use it for going out and at home, or give it to someone.

It's like this when actually installed.

◆ 12:

Bluetooth speaker 'Soundcore Flare' box (for one person) which can hear from IPX 7 waterproof & 360 degrees of Anker
It is 'Soundcore Flare' of red coloring not sold by Anker formula . Protective case for 'Soundcore Flare' and carabiner which can hang the case are also included.

◆ 13: A set of earphones

with 'Marsan soy milk MP3 player' and earphones, although it is soy milk although it looks like soy milk as a result of misinserting earphones in a soy milk pack
This is separate from the review item and is an unused item provided by the manufacturer for the present. The color of the earphones is black. The inner ear type, the cord length is about 1.2m.

◆ 14:

Portable power supply 'PowerHouse 200' (for one person) of Anker which can charge MacBook more than three times and can use small household appliances for four hours continuously

◆ 15:

Three USB devices can be charged simultaneously · Anker's ultra-high capacity mobile battery 'PowerCore + 19000 PD' (with one person) equipped with a USB hub function that can synchronize data

◆ 16:

'Anker PowerWave 7.5 Car Mount' (for one person) that can charge the smartphone wirelessly even while driving

◆ 17: '

Cooperation type card game' THE GAME Obake or Shiki no Uji's Akma ' (1 person) with cards that' put in each other's feelings ' to seal each other's feelings .
It is a product that has renewed the cooperative card game ' THE GAME ' with cute illustrations.

◆ 18: Wireless charger '

Anker PowerWave 7.5 Pad ' ' Anker PowerWave 7.5 Stand ' set (one person) which can charge in up to 10W, wireless charger of Anker corresponding to quick charge to iPhone XS-8 and Galaxy S9, S8 +
It is a different color & quick charger-less version of ' PowerWave 7.5 Pad ' and ' PowerWave 7.5 Stand ' reviewed in the past . In order to use fast charging, you need to purchase a separately sold quick charger .

◆ 19:

Wireless charger 'PowerWave 10 Stand' of Anker corresponding to quick charge (for one person)
In order to use fast charging, you need to purchase a separately sold quick charger .

◆ 20:

Wireless charger 'Anker PowerWave 10 Pad' of Anker corresponding to high-speed charge (for one person)
Also to use the rapid charging is here, sold separately rapid charger need to buy.

◆ 21: No

initial setting required, IPv6 compatible IODATA Wi-Fi router 'WN-SX300FR' (for 1 person)
It is Wi-Fi router which is usable immediately just to connect to PC and does not need initial setting.

The corresponding standard is 11 GHz of 2.4 GHz, and the number of LAN ports is 3 ports (100BASE-TX / 10BASE-T) except for the Internet.

◆ 22:

Compact and lightweight, USB PD compatible USB Type-C port & USB port mounted wall-mounted charger 'Anker PowerPort II PD with 1 PD and 1 PIQ 2.0' (for 1 person)

◆ 23:

High-speed power supply adapter 'Anker PowerPort Atom PD 1' (one person) for exclusive use of USB Type-C which can charge iPhone XR 50% in 30 minutes

◆ 24:

A card game “Ravine” (1 person) that challenges everyone to work together to survive a dangerous desert island
Please note that the outer box and accessories are all written in English for overseas production.

◆ 25:

Align the stained glass that shines like a jewel and read the opponent's strategy 'Azure: Stained Sintra' (for one person)

◆ 26:

'Cover Me' (1 person) who controls the trend by selecting the best model as editor in chief of fashion magazine

◆ 27:

Mobile battery 'PowerCore Lite 10000' (for one person) of Anker which can charge iPhone XS and 8 Plus, Galaxy S9 approximately three times, and can fit in gap of bag in neat thinness

◆ 28:

Anker's super-large-capacity mobile battery 'PowerCore Lite 20000' (for one person) An iPhone XS · X can be fully charged more than 5 times, two simultaneously full speed charge and OK power supply method can also be selected

◆ 29:

Anker's mobile battery 'PowerCore 10000 Redux' that achieves 10000 mAh with a weight for about 1 smartphone and a size that fits comfortably in the palm of one person (for one person)

◆ 30:

Water drip coffee server made by iwaki (for one person) only for 'watering coffee' made with pota pota falling water
This is a used product in the review. It has been cleaned.

◆ 31:

If you insert tea leaf cans quickly, you can make one cup of tea without weighing, and you can wash things easily. Kinto loop tea strainer (for one person)
This is an unused item.

◆ 32:

KGB spy memory technique (for one person)

Simonov, who studies psychology at Moscow University, was recruited by the KGB (Soviet State Security Commission *) and became an intelligence officer.
The mission is to recapture confidential documents on Nazi German experimental research.
Can Shimonov complete his mission?

With spy training exercises embedded in thrilling stories,
Memory, thinking, concentration, judgment, interpersonal skills, etc. will definitely improve your ability to control business success or failure.
Bestsellers published one after another in 13 countries including Russia, America, China, Europe, and finally landed in Japan!

※ Information agency of the Soviet Union of Socialist Republics, secret police.

◆ 33:

Lamborghini 2019 Calendar (for one person)
It is a calendar of January 2019 beginning with photos of various models of Lamborghini.

Public holidays and six days are not listed, and numbers are given every week, with a Monday break.

◆ 34:

Dydo Drinko 'World's Best Barista' Campaign 'Dragon Ball Z Desktop Tool Collection' Complete Box (One Person)
A box that includes 14 Daido Blend fine sugars, the world's number one barista supervised, and all kinds of Dragon Ball Z desktop tool figures. This box can also be purchased with LOHACO .

Figure is Son Goku (eye drops stand), Yumcha (clip tray)

With Kuririn (memo stand) ...

Pen stand (Vegeta), stamp stand (cultivated man)

Magnet (Chaos)

Seven types of nappa (smartphone stand) are enclosed at two points.

The best-before date of “the world's best barista fine sugar” is January 19, 2020.

◆ 35: '

RICOH THETA ' goods set (for one person)
It is a set of USB memory that shaped A4 clear file, sticker, THETA.

It looks like this when inserting USB into a PC. The capacity is 4GB.

◆ 36:

Compact titanium-made folding knife 'The WESN' (for one person) with a blade width of less than 4 cm
It will be the product used in the review.

◆ 37:

Wonder Festival 2019・ Souvenir (one person)
It is a hand-painted hand-painted hand- groom that came with the time of the ' Kusame-mochi Nagato ' purchase.

◆ 38: Sample destination souvenirs and goods set (for one person)
Lawson '

Hello Kitty Sleeve ', Freshness Burger ' Avocado Raw Hamburger ' Benefits Clear File, Nakajima x Evangelion Collaboration ' Crispy Onion Roast Beef Bowl ' Longines Spoon, Masking Tape 'Endless Black Thunder' which can be purchased at Yuraku Confectionery's online shop It is a set of '.

The pattern of the masking tape looks like this, and the surface of the black sander is endless.

◆ 39:

This manga is amazing! 2019 (for one person)

A large-scale presentation of 'Manga now to read' selected by over 700 manga lovers in a ranking format!
We thoroughly guide over 500 comics.
Of course, in addition to the annual # 1 writer interview & drawn color illustrations,
The thorough review to each 50th place of the man edition and the woman edition is also greatly enhanced.
Comments of over 20 popular manga artists, such as Nao Iwamoto, Masakazu Ishiguro, Shiodome Itagaki, Tori Tatsumi
Sato Satori, Hyadain, Hyokkorihan, Natsuki Momozuki, 4,000 heads, etc.
You can not miss the reputation of celebrities. This year is full of attractions.

◆ 40: Movable Figure '

It is a movable figure of 'Iron Spider' that appeared in ' Avengers / Infinity War '. Head prototype production is Shimazaki Koichi, the part prototype was produced PERFECT-STUDIO. As of the time of writing the article, shipping to the winners will be after the official release date, as it will be released in April 2019.

● Height approx 145mm
-From the movie 'AVENGERS INFINTY WAR', three-dimensional 'IRON SPIDER'!
-Completely reproduce the shape and pattern of the suit!
-Uniquely designed joint parts allow for unique poses!
● Removable pincer on the back is flexible.
● We can reproduce various actions by various wrist parts attachment!
-With magnet built-in hand ankle parts, can be attached to the iron surface!
● Various web parts included!
● We can reproduce various actions by various wrist parts attachment!
-Mobile figure stand included!

◆ 41: '

Arita: Battle Angel ' set (for one person)
A press sheet and an Arita figure set.

Arita's figure looks like this.

◆ 42: '

Yip Man Gaiden Master Z ' goods set (for one person)
It is a set of overseas edition posters, caps of overseas edition goods, and Japanese edition flyers.

Overseas edition posters are signed by director Yuen Wooping and Max Chung Tinch.

The cap is embroidered with a silhouette of Max on the front.

Overseas version logo is printed on the back. The size of the cap is adjustable.

◆ 43: '

Fate ' set (for one person)
' Theatrical version Fate / stay night [Heaven's Feel] II Lost butterfly ' Normal version brochure, visitor privilege (1st week) illustration board, Lawson collaboration glass (凜, archer, girgamesh) 2 pieces, 2 post cards.

It is a set of 4 pieces of postcards of

'Emiya Miyachi today's rice ', 3 pieces of ANIPLEX + 'Fate' series figure postcards.

◆ 44: '

Machi ★ Asobi ' set (for one person)
The 'Machi ★ Asobi' set is a complete set of the following items. ' Oenro. ' Notepad, business card with character voice, ' Idolish 7 ' Postcards, ' BORDER BREAK ' Postcards, 'The Legend of the Galactic Heroes ' Postcard, ' Glysiae Phantom Trigger ' Post card……


Happy Sugar Life ' Postcards, ' Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remaster ' Postcards, ' Mystery Vampire-san ' Postcards, 'The Extravaganza's Daughter-in-law ' Postcards, ' Swordsman's Maiden Motomori Totojijiji ! 'postcards,' Tenhana hundred sword - Zan - 'post card.


girl YU-NO who gets in love at the end of the world ' postcard, ' our maid is too stupid! ' Postcard, ' Girls jockey ' postcard, ' ISLAND ' postcard, ' Real Akiba Boys ' postcard, ' Godzilla VR 'postcard', ' Torikago Scrap March ' postcard to ...


Tachibanakan To Lie anguru ' postcard, ' Gycrest Co. , Ltd. ' postcard, ' AIR AGENCY ' postcard, ' Lapis-ri-Abis ' postcard, ' Live Revolt ' postcard, virtual girl ' Tami ' - 'Postcard.

Please note that the playback deadline for business cards with character audio is January 5, 2019, and you can not listen to audio at the time of writing.

◆ 45: '

Rilakkuma and Kaoru ' Clear File (One Person)

◆ 46: Anime set A (for one person)

Mobile Suit Gundam NT ' mechanic setting booklet, ' Masked Rider Heisei Generations FOREVER ' admission bonus magnet collection (build, Giow, Kiba, Decade), Mbi-tike card bonus ' River rider kick!' ( Giou ), ' Promare ' sticker, ' movie Drive head ~ Tomica hyper rescue Mobile Emergency Police ~ '' with the guest bonus pocket Tomica ... ...

It is a set of “

JR East Kinkin Man Stamp Rally Mezase National Conquest! Hen ” Clear File, “ ONE PIECE STAMPEDE ” Can Badge Set, “ Dragon Ball Super Broly ” Visitor Feature Film Style Sticker, Character Card (Goku).

◆ 47: Anime set B (for one person)
Here is the set of the following content. '

Frame Arms Girl-Wonderful Wonderland- ' Paper Craft, ' Trolls Sing Dance Hug! ' Sticker, ' Love Live! Sunshine !! ' Sunshine Cafe Coaster, Illustration Card, ' Symphony Eureka Seven High Evolution ' Visit Person privilege (second week) sticker (anemone), ' monster girl (black)-ultra monster personification plan ... ' attendance privilege (second week) promotion card (Pegassa alien, Aguila), ' light sumi cherry blossoms fangure ' arrival Person bonus drama CD (the second week) ......


Wilderness of Kotobuki squadron ' ' ! Take-off Girl of the wilderness of Kotobuki Squadron firmament ' double-sided clear file bag, two illustrations card, 'Gurizaia: Phantom trigger' & ' Gurizaia Kronos Rebellion ' double-sided clear file bag, ' Guranberumu ' Clear File.

◆ 48: '

Let's note (Let's note) ' goods set (for 7 people)
It is a set of clear file and Let's notebook type business card case. The business card case is made of light-weight, thin-walled magnesium alloy like the main body of the Let's notebook, and can hold approximately 20 business cards.

There is a hole in the back of the business card case, making it easy to take out the business card by inserting your finger.

◆ 49: Amazon gift card 30,000 yen (for one person)

The present project has ended. Thank you for your many submissions!

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