GIGAZINE year-end and New Year gift large release plan 'Please answer the questionnaire and bring it all together!'

With the end of the year approaching, there should be a lot of people who feel that 'I've worked hard this year and I want a reward!' Therefore, the GIGAZINE editorial department will carry out a large-scale release project that combines Christmas gifts and new year's gifts by collecting a large number of review items reviewed and collected over the summer and winter of 2017 and souvenirs that have been obtained at numerous coverage destinations. I made it.

This time, including the

iPhone 8 just released in September 2017, the Xiaomi notebook PC ' Mi Notebook Pro ' has achieved amazing thinness and low prices, and a 360 degree 4K / 30 fps movie taken space ' RICOH THETA V ' corresponding to voice recording, ' ultimate TKG ' that a cloud-like fluffy egg hanging rice is completed in just 5 minutes, letter paper printing of retro atmosphere becomes possible in the house, ' adult science magazine for adults A small letterpress printing machine , a low concentration ozone disinfection deodorizer ' Ozoneo ' that sterilizes bacteria, viruses and odors with the oxidizing power of ozone, a board game that brings in luck even in tactics by customizing the dice freely ' Dice Forge ', Amazon Gift Vouchers for 30,000 yen , etc. are all 79 items, the largest number ever for GIGAZINE present plans.

And who are the people reading GIGAZINE? It also doubles as a questionnaire for researching points that can not be understood only by access analysis, but it would be highly appreciated if you could also respond to people saying, 'I don't need a gift but I can cooperate with the questionnaire!' Then, application method and present list please from the following.

◆ Application period
From December 25, 2017 (Mon) to January 8, 2018 (Mon), 23:59.

◆ Winner announced
The winner will receive an email from the GIGAZINE editorial department to the email address at the time of application after January 9, 2018 (Tuesday), so it is OK if you can reply to the email by replying to that email. . Also, be aware that the notification emails for winning are treated as spam at a high probability, and despite the fact that they have been selected, sad cases have not been received because they were late to notice .... According to the schedule, the notification to the first winner will arrive on Tuesday, January 9, and after that, if the first winner does not reply, the second winner, the third winner ...... Is moving. So it is 'after January 9, 2018 (Tuesday)'.

So the present list is from below.

◆ 01: iPhone 8 (for one person)
SIM lock free terminal.

The color is space gray.

◆ 02:

Cheap super thin 4 core Core i7 built-in Xiaomi notebook PC 'Mi Notebook Pro' (one person)

The size is 360 x 243 mm, and it feels like it has with women. It has a dull gloss with a full metal body of magnesium alloy and looks sober.

◆ 03: 'RICOH THETA V' (1 person) that supports 360 ° 4K / 30 fps movie and supports space sound recording

Here is the movie that actually shot the celestial movie.

I tried to shoot 4K astronomical movie with 'RICOH THETA V'-YouTube

◆ 04: G-SHOCK-like look and tough is Uri's action camera, CASIO 'G'z EYE' (1 person)

This is a movie taken underwater with G'z EYE.

I tried to shoot underwater with Uri's action camera 'GZE-1'-YouTube

◆ 05: Low concentration ozone sterilization deodorizer 'Ozoneo' (one person) to sterilize bacteria and virus, smell by oxidizing power of ozone

The actual working movie is here. What sounds like a working noise is the air conditioning noise, and there is almost no sound from Ozoneo.

This is how the low concentration ozone deodorizer 'Maxell Ozoneo MXAP-AR 201' is blowing out-YouTube

◆ 06: Mobile battery 'Aker PowerCore II 10000' (one person) which raised output up to 1.8 times while being compact
The dimensions are about 96 x 62 x 22 mm. The weight is about 195g and the capacity is 10000mAh.

◆ 07:

Mobile battery 'Anker PowerCore II 20000' (one person) which raised output up to 1.8 times while being compact
The dimensions are about 170 x 62 x 22 mm. The weight is about 369 g and the capacity is 20000 mAh.

◆ 08:

Anker's ultra-large-capacity mobile battery 'PowerCore Speed 20000' (for one person) that enables quick charging
The dimensions are about 170 x 82 x 22 mm. The weight is about 369 g and the capacity is 20000 mAh.

◆ 09:

USB PD compatible ultra large capacity 26800 mAh mobile battery 'Anker PowerCore + 26800 PD' (for one person) that can charge Nintendo Switch and MacBook
The dimensions are about 180 x 81 x 22 mm. It weighs about 495 g and has a capacity of 26,800 mAh.

◆ 10:

'The Ultimate TKG' (one person) where a flurry egg set like a cloud is completed in just 5 minutes

You can see the bubbling of white in 'ultimate TKG' from the following movie.

Stirring white for 3 minutes with TAKARA TOMY ARTS 'ultimate TKG' became so fluffy-YouTube

◆ 11: A durable ANKER Lightning cable “PowerLine + II” (for one person) that uses highly durable nylon woven in double .

The color of the cable is red. With storage pouch, the length is 1.8m.

◆ 12:

Multi-function ruler 'Nakato Ziel' (for one person) that can make a 40-page copy book easily bound

◆ 13:

Large capacity mobile battery 'RAVPower 20100 mAh' (for one person) that can charge a notebook PC and can also be used as a backup power supply during an emergency

Connectors on the top of the main unit. You can plug in the outlet to charge it.

With pouch which can hold battery, cords.

◆ 14:

'C-Force' (for one person) that can be played on a large screen by connecting to a monitor without a dedicated dock for Nintendo Switch

The body looks like this.

◆ 15: 'Kim-chan's friends Oguma Nui' 'AU Clear File' set (for one person)

The stuffed toy looks like this when compared to the iPhone 8.

◆ 16:

Anker's waterproof Bluetooth earphone 'Sound Buds Curve' (for one person) pursuing a feeling of fit to the ear

◆ 17:

Anker's waterproof Bluetooth earphone 'Sound Buds Slim +' (for one person) convenient to carry with magnet function

◆ 18:

Ultimate neck pillow supporting comfortable sleep in the seat 'OSTRICIHPILLOW GO' 2 pieces (for one person)

The colors are midnight gray and aquamarine.

◆ 19:

New potato chips 'KOIKEYA PRIDE POTATO hand-cooked food' campaign prize 'Ko' (one person) aimed at the texture of the beginning of Koikeya

◆ 20:

'COOWOO USB current / voltage tester checker' (for one person) to know whether the charger or cable is working properly or to know the voltage / current / corresponding standard in one shot

◆ 21:

'RGB21-HDMI conversion adapter' (for one person) where analog video becomes clear with HDMI output
It supports Super Nintendo, Sega Saturn, PlayStation, PlayStation2. A conversion cable suitable for each hardware is required separately for conversion.

◆ 22:

Anker's waterproof Bluetooth earphone “Sound Buds Life” (for 1 person) that can be used for a comfortable call with noise canceling function .

◆ 23:

Case and screen protection sheet 'KARAPAX' set (one person) for iPhone 8 / iPhone 8 Plus for Anker
Case is 'Touch' for iPhone 8, 'Shield' for iPhone 8 / iPhone 8 plus. The protection sheet 'GlassGuard' is a set of three for iPhone 7/8, for iPhone 7 plus / 8 plus, and for iPhone X, respectively.

It looks like this when I actually put on the case. This is 'Touch' for iPhone 8.

'Shield' is for iPhone 8 ...

Available for iPhone 8 plus.

◆ 24: Become a jeweler and collect beautiful gems to create a commercial empire, win the glory and fame

'Gemery Spear' , Extended version 'Gemery City' (for one person)

◆ 25: McDonald's set (for one person)

Insert a potato and eat like a fork 'FRORK' , a set of Happy Set add-on ' Original Party Game' 5 types , 'Nugget-type Security Buzzer', Nugget special invitation ticket.

The bonus set of Happy Set is 'Uno McDonald' 'McDonald's Finger Twister' 'McDonald's Crew Life Game' 'Donald Crisis One Shot' 'McDonald Monopoly Let's play with Donalds!' Please keep in mind that one card of the game of life has been broken during the review.

The deadline for the Nugget special invitation ticket is June 30, 2018.

◆ 26:

Outdoor correspondence Bluetooth speaker 'TT-SK09' (one person) that can enjoy powerful sound though lightweight and compact of TaoTronics

◆ 27:

High sound quality of TaoTronics earphone with noise canceling function 'TT-EP002' (for one person)

◆ 28:

'S platoon 2' goods set (for one person)
Set of 3 stickers and 3 metal charms.

The metal charm can also be inserted into the earphone jack like this.

◆ 29:

Song lyrics girl-story of eight techniques and courage that I knew licked- (one person)

The main character is 'Edogawa Edo (Yu)' in the second grade of high school.
It looks a bit smart at first glance, but it is ... a girl.
I was asked by a friend, Naoko, to write a song for a song I'm going to play in a band, just because I like books, but it can not be so easy.

This book is a 'Introduction to Literacy Lite Novels' where you can learn lyrics while reading novels.
Let's learn how to write a song with a niece who stepped into the world of music from a little kick.
We will introduce the way of thinking and order to make the lyrics, and the techniques, as well as the points that beginners are likely to be troubled and easy to stumble.
What's beyond the technique further ---
In this book, I will touch on something really important in writing and writing.

◆ 30:

Wireless charger 'RP-PC013' of RAVPower corresponding to quick charge (for one person)

I feel like this when I put the iPhone X and charge it.

◆ 31:

Multi-note 'SketchyNotebook' set (for one person) that can change simple plain paper notes to graph paper, ruled lines, web & fashion design book etc.
One letter size, two A5 size books, one A6 size book.

Please note that the page you used has been disconnected because it has been reviewed.

◆ 32:

Hip-hop Eastern Europe: West Slavonic & Magyar rap reading (one person)

Rappers who got up from communist ghettos are the crowds! Slavic metallic consonants and melancholy !! Hungarian smooth flow euphoria! 'Poland hip hop' is a Tokyo University of Foreign Studies graduate theory Polish-Japanese mix thorough investigation!

◆ 33:

Eastern Europe Black Metal Guidebook: Dark music of Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary (for one person)

Anti-Christian, Anti-Communism, White Supremeism, Anti-modern Civilization. Pagan Fork, NSBM, Atmosferic, Post Black Metal is the epicenter of Eastern Europe. A woman, Metal Mania Sayuki, who has lived in Poland, has carefully taken care of it.

◆ 34:

Glico 2018 Calendar (not for sale) (for one person)

On the upper left, the seasonal pattern and Glico sweets are drawn.

◆ 35:

Freemason Lodge pin badge (single occupancy )
Souvenirs of United Grand Lodge of England , a freemason's main mountain in London. We will look into the Grand Lodge's interior later, so stay tuned!

The pin badge is about 1 cm in size. It's in the box.

It looks like this when I put it on. It is a design that can produce a sense of free mason members casually.

◆ 36:

Revoltech Danboard Mini 3 set (for 1 person)
Wonder Festival 2017 summer version, Yu Pack version, a set of Wonder Festival 2014 summer version.

◆ 37:

Wanda-chan NEXT DOOR project FILE: 04 DANGERDROPVer. (One person)

The illustration drawn in the box is the origin.

The prototype is Mr. Atsushi Toda.

The back is like this.

◆ 38:

Wonder Festival 2017 summer ・ souvenir (one person)
' Reprinted navy telegram paper 100 pieces of spelling' that came with 'Labor winding,' '5th battle, only', and 'Tenichimo ni, only. '

This is an example of the entry example of 'Reprinted Navy Letter Paper 100'.

◆ 39: Gen Rei Studio

'Golden Hanko' Set of 6 (One Person)

◆ 40:

'Karby of the Stars' Cup Set (One Person)
One by Wadordi and one cup by Kirby Dedede the Great and Metanight.

The capacity of the cup is about 300 ml.

◆ 41: Restaurant goods set (for one person)

A set of bearly sleeves of Tully's Coffee , Pizza Potato Pizza Stickers, Starbucks Almond Milk Stickers, Rascal Cafe Coaster.

◆ 42: Anime card game set (for 4 people)

'Hide food! Umaru-chan R ~ Umarun Nervous game ~' , 'King game The Animation ~ Death card game hen ~' each one set.

The contents of 'Hiroshi my sister! Umaru-chan R-Umarun Nervous game-' looks like this.

The contents of 'King Game The Animation-Card Game of Death-' is like this.

◆ 43: Movie '

Star Wars / Last Jedi ' Set (One Person)
Regular edition brochure, limited edition brochure, cardboard box set of ZOZOTOWN campaign.

It feels like this when you actually wear the ZOZOTOWN campaign box. The end of the campaign is January 8, 2018.

◆ 44: Movie set A (for one person)

Dunkerk ' screening leaflet, ' Orient express murder case ' brochure, ' Spider-Man: Homecoming ' advance ticket bonus, ' The Circle ' brochure, ' Justice League ' screening leaflet, ' Alien Covenant ' screening booklet, ' Wonder ' Woman ' preview booklet, flyer, leaflet, mini poster, Hello Kitty collaboration sticker, ' Lon's 25th year's present ' preview booklet, ' EL ELLE ' preview booklet, ' dream ' preview booklet, ' Kingsman Golden Circle ' 'Set of preview meeting booklets.

The rubber band of 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' advance ticket privilege looks like this.

◆ 45: Movie set B (for one person)

GODZILLA Monster Planet ' Preview Leaflet, ' Fullmetal Alchemist ' Preview Leaflet, ' Kubo Two Strings Secret ' Preview Book, ' Power Ranger ' Postcard, ' Space Squadron Cue Ranger THE MOVIE Ges Invasion A set of ' counterattack ' admission privilege, ' Theatrical version Kamen Rider Ex-Aid True Ending ' admission privilege, ' Movie Felicy and Dreams Toe Shoes ' stickers.

◆ 46: '

POP! HEROS ' Justice League Set (One Person )
Batman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman each one.

◆ 47: MagSafe, can be converted to Lenovo connector to-C USB

AnyWatt conversion adapter of 'ELECJET' set (one person)
Set for Lenovo for MagSafe.

The connector looks like this.

◆ 48:

I LOVE Bonsai (for one person)

~ Welcome to Bonsai World ~
Smart and Lovely Bonsai Visual Book!
'Bonsai' has attracted attention from all over the world as 'living art'.
In this book, we will introduce the rare bonsai tools and miscellaneous goods with bonsai motifs, design work, etc., focusing on the visual appearance of mini bonsai rising in popularity with its loveliness.
This visual book is full of various bonsai designs, from 'Samurai' to 'Kitchu'.

◆ 49: A

Japanese proverb that is really scary (one person)

Things I used so far were so scared!
Proverbs or other sayings that the behavior that deviates from the common sense such as 'to pull the neck down' 'do not become a good doctor if you kill a hundred people', 'to peel the face of the face' 'to look out for a living horse',
If you know the origin and origin of proverbs such as 'A white arrow is standing', 'If you curse a person, two holes', 'Morori to lose place', 'Any Shouting' etc.
We explain the really scary proverb transmitted to Japan from ancient times, to something that Trihada stands up without thinking in fear.

◆ 50: The

world history of exams that can not be solved at all 2: Bad questions, difficult questions, odd questions, questioning mistakes

Entrance exam maker, very scary!
From the social response of the previous work or at some universities, bad questions are sharply reduced!
From the topic work that made the exam industry buzz
A sequel has finally been published after 3 years.

× The Peloponnese is an island in the map (Central Univ. 2016)
× Segovia's aqueduct and Tsujun Bridge in Kumamoto Prefecture (Sophia Univ. 2015)
Although the number of characters specified is 35, there are also 16 characters with 3 words specified (Keio University 2017)
× Issues IT companies not based in California (Waseda Univ. 2017)
用語 A few terms in Japanese that you know only 11 results (Aoyama Gakuin Univ. 2014)
× Levi's ・ Sawada Kouichi ・ Soccer War ・ Warhol ・ “Seeing the Mother and the Three Thousand Villages” is general common sense?

... thoroughly researching, verifying, commentary, and denunciation of strange problems such as ...!
'Changes in World History Terminology-Supplement to 2015' 'History of High School World History'
There are also columns such as 'Why is there a lot of bad questions and difficult questions in world history and Japanese history?'

◆ 51:

Korean Anime Great Hotel: Taekwon V, Anti-Community, Anti-Japanese, Inchi Chi? (One Person )

Certainly, in the early days, there were floods, diversions and imitations by subcontractors.
However, despite being influenced by the political situation of the times in limited conditions, it has achieved its own evolution by ingenuity!
A complete commentary on the attractiveness of Korean anime that can not be solved with a single word of Pacri !!
The story of a Korean anime researcher known by the name of 'three crabs'
Comment on the background, analyze the influence source and characters, and criticize the work.

◆ 52:

Descore Guidebook: Fusion of Death Metal and Metal Core (One Person)

803 disc reviews · 570 bands introduced
Technical danceable moshable !!
Making full use of the chromatic scale, dissonance, mute, and beatdown
We are still producing derivative genres and continuing to evolve
Full of sense of near future with fashionable
The world's cutting edge super heavy radical music!
Ryohei Wakita of the 'Blue Taldes Metal Guidebook' is a thorough commentary on the adjacent genres, sometimes hostile, sometimes friendly, with Death Metal !!

◆ 53:

Hearthstone ornament set (for one person)
Set of 4 glass ornaments with logos printed on them. The target age is 12 years or older.

◆ 54:

Hydroelectric generator “Enomad-Uno” (for one person) that can charge mobile devices even outdoors

Here is a movie of GoPro shooting where 'Enomad-Uno' generates electricity in a fierce stream.

I tried taking a picture of the power generation of the mobile device hydroelectric generator 'Enomad-Uno' with GoPro-YouTube

◆ 55: Google Novelty Set (One Person)
One notebook, one A5 ring notebook, one ballpoint pen, and four A5 notebooks.

The color and border of the paper look like this.

◆ 56:

AI GOLD 4 Complete Pack for Windows 10 (One Person)

AI Go given the power of four steps Version 20 Windows 10 version
'Many Faces of Go' has achieved breakthroughs since adopting the Monte Carlo method, earning the power of the amateur four-tier. Of course it is possible to adjust the strength and 'waited'. Since three levels of thinking time can be adjusted, you can enjoy according to your ability and free time. In addition, please try it on a PC equipped with a CPU with multi-core such as Intel Core 2 Duo, etc., in order to make full use of the power of four stages.

Other main functions
● We cope with force level change in game, 'I waited'
● Real-time location display function, shape graph function
● Title display function of common stone and cloth stone, next one-hand hint display function
● Network communication game function
● Reading and saving of score, board editing function that can reproduce any situation
● Simulation function that can break through multiple phases
● We cope with multi-touch operation of Windows 7 or later
● It is equipped with 3 modes of 19 way board, 13 way board, 9 way board
● Detailed setting of setting stone and komi is possible
● Go guide recording for beginners

Supported score format
AI Go format, SGF format, UGF format
※ You can read AI Go series saved after AI Go 5 and AI Go KIDS starting with parent and child in the saved file.
※ SGF format has some restrictions.

◆ 57:

'Nod Travel Pillow' (for one person) that holds your head and sleeps comfortably by holding the jaw

Two pillows and one earphone are set.

◆ 58:

Become a 'detective' and see through the 'criminal', and in the brain drug Dadova 'perpetrator dances' (1 person)

◆ 59:

“One night people group” (one person) that you can play fast with only 10 minutes & small number of people by converting that “people game” into a card game

◆ 60:

Screen protection film EX for exclusive use of Nintendo Switch (for one person)

◆ 61:

DJI notebook ballpoint set (for 5 people)

The surface of the notebook and the ballpoint pen are printed with the DJI logo.

A small-cut bronze color has been applied and the contents are plain.

◆ 62:

Board game 'Dice Forge' (one person) that customizes dice freely, brings even luck to allies and incorporates into strategy

◆ 63:

'Japan's three-dimensional Japanese map calendar [relief version]' (for one person) that has literally been embossed

◆ 64:

“Japanese Salaries & Professional Illustrated Businessmen by Industry Special” (1 person)

◆ 65:

'Children's Work Character Character Picture Book' (1 person) that arranges Japan's occupation in a cute game character style and shows that the work content is taken by hand

◆ 66:

Adult science magazine 'Small Letterpress Printer' (for one person), where letterpress printing in a retro atmosphere becomes possible in the house
The photos below are assembled, but the present will be the product before assembly.

◆ 67: A

two-sided desktop calendar '3Month Calender Clinic' (for one person) that displays three months in a row and makes it easier to make an appointment at a glance

◆ 68:

The special edition of “Travel and Railroad” which introduces the image of Anime × Railwater with a special image “Anime and Railroad” (One Person)

◆ 69: Anime set A (for one person)

Activated Touken Ranbu ' goods set. A3 clear file 3 pieces set, A3 poster 2 pieces set, Machi ★ Asobi Cafe collaboration coaster, Luncheon mat, black sugar daifuku package sold in Machi ☆ Asobi, Aoi Kenpi package, 3 post cards.

◆ 70: Anime set B (for one person)

Fate ' series goods set. Machi ☆ grapes sold by Asobi vinegar package, 10 goodies package, 3 postcards, Lycée promotion card, Lycée card illustration rough booklet, ' Theatrical version Fate stay night-Heven's Feel- I presage flower ' brochure, visitor benefits Postcard, Visitor bonus mini poster, ' Theatrical edition fate / kaleid liner Prisma ☆ Ilya Snow Flower Oath ' Visitor bonus mini colored paper, 'Fate' series calendar.

The 'Fate' series calendar is from April 2017 to March 2018.

Postcards using the Lycée card illustration rough booklet and the 2014 Awa Odori illustrations are dirty and should be noted for wrinkles.

◆ 71: Anime set C (for one person)
A souvenir of

Ranma 1/2 Cafe . Set of acrylic key chain, can badge, henchan's spatula, shampoo shampoo, 2 clear files, 3 place mats.

◆ 72: Anime set D (for one person)

Movie High ☆ Speed!-Free! Starting Days- ' Double - sided poster, ' Kyoroku Monogatari ', ' Uutaru Monogatari False Mask ' double-sided poster, ' Theatrical Edition Kankore ' ' Theatrical Edition Sword Art Online-Internal Scale- ' Double-sided Poster , ' Sound! Euphonium 2 ' ' Touken Ranbu Hanamaru ' double-sided poster, 'The movie Magical Pretty Pretty! Miracle transformation! Cure Mophron! ' ' Mio High School Earth Defense Department LOVE! LOVE! ' Double-sided poster ' Brave Witches ' ' Bungo Stray Dogs 'Double-sided poster,' Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans '' Theatrical version KING OF PRISM-PRIDE the HERO- 'double-sided poster,' Yuri !!! on ICE '' Theatrical version Kankore 'double-sided poster,' Your name is. 'clear file.

◆ 73: Anime set E (for one person)
'Bungo Stray Dogs' '

Lion in March ' Double-sided poster, ' Poppin Q ' ' Fate / grand order ' Double-sided poster, 'Sound! Euphonium 2' ' Bounds Story [III Cold Blood] ' Double-sided poster, 'Yuri !!! 'On ICE' ' Slaughter Organ ' double-sided poster, ' Sword Ard Online ' editorial booklet, ' Five Star Story ' mini poster, 'Animation Touken Ranbu' 'Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans' double-sided poster, ' Girl's Unbearable Girlfriend ' Akira Kata '' Kemono Friends '' double-sided poster, '' The inferior version of theatrical version Theatrical High School Girl calling the stars '' ' Re: CREATORS ' 'double-sided poster,' ' Theatrical version KING OF PRISM-PRIDE the HERO- ' 'Yuri !! 'On ICE' double-sided poster, ' Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Reflection ' 'Theatrical version Fate stay night-Heven's Feel- I presage flower' double-sided poster.

◆ 74: Anime set F (for one person)
'Mio High School Earth Defense Club LOVE! LOVE!' Double-sided poster, '

Kohan no Kabaneri ' double-sided poster, ' Idolish 7 ' double-sided poster, 'Bungo Stray Dogs' ' PriPara ' double-sided poster, 'Idolish 7' Pair clear file, 'Yuri !!! On ICE' edit booklet, 'Yuri !!! on ICE' 2-disc clear file, 'Yuri !!! on ICE' 3-disc mini clear file, 'Yuri !!! on 'ICE' double-sided poster, 'Yuri !!! On ICE' mini clear file, editing booklet set, ' movie Pretty Cure Dream Stars! ' '' Magic Tsukai Pretty 'double-sided poster,' Theatrical version Free!-Timeless Medley-Rin '' Star- Mu (the first 2) Double-sided poster, 'Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans' ' Attack on Titan Season 2 ' double-sided poster, ' Theatrical version Free!-Timeless Medley-Aoi ' ' Inazuma Eleven Ales balance' 'Double-sided poster,' Yuri !!! on ICE '' The balance of Inazuma Eleven Ares '' Star mu (second term) '' Theatrical version Free! -Timeless Medley -Samurai '' 3rd Street of Orufunchu 'Mini Clear File, ' Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion ' 'Animation: Touken Ranbu' Double-sided poster, 'Animation: Touken Ranbu' 3-disc clear file.

◆ 75: Anime set G (for one person)

Let's see from the bottom, from the bottom? ' Book cover 2 types, ' No Game No Life Zero ' Visitor Bonus, 5 Tenka Hyakuken Promotion Cards, ' Girls and Panzer ' Lycée Promotion Card , ' Theatrical Edition Student Council officers ' Visitor Benefits, ' Are you ordering a rabbit ?? ~ Dear My Sister ~ ' Visitor Benefits, ' Little Witch Academia ' Good Smile Cafe Collaboration Coaster 2 types, ' GINTAMA ' Waterproof One Touch Pad , ' Oenro ' Can Badge, ' Sakurada Reset ' Booklet, Flyer, ' Sentor's Trouble ' Trial Reading Booklet

◆ 76: Dimension cylinder pan (for one person)

Disused the roasted pork and used it when making pork bone soup .

The height is 36 cm.

◆ 77:

How to make “a tired body” and “a broken heart” that can produce the best results after the age of 40 (one person)

[5 major features of this book]
[1] Condensing all methods to strengthen 'both body and mind' in one book
■ It is not only the body! It is not only the mind! “The secret of strengthening both the body and the mind” is understood in one book!
[2] '30 Tips' summarized so surprisingly easy to understand!
■ We explain 'the easy way' that even ordinary people can do! So anyone can do it today!
[3] Zubora and beginners are all right! Introducing the 'the most easy way'
■ 'Can be 3 minutes before going to bed' 'Train only in the lower body' 'Only stretch is OK!'
[4] 'Illustration full of illustrations' 'tables rich', anyway easy to read!
■ A voice of praise from those who read 'I read to the end all the time,' 'I wanted to exercise,' and 'I improved my posture.'
[5] I really wanted to keep secret 'The breathing method to win' completely debuted
■ The strongest breathing method 'Legend Bless' which hesitates to release until the last end is finally debuted in this book! With this breathing method, tension disappears like a lie before the performance!

◆ 78:

'2018 Kyoto Aquarium Original Calendar' (for one person) where colorful clippings of dolphins and penguins are cute

◆ 79: Amazon Gift Certificate 30,000 yen (for one person)

The present project has ended. Thank you for your many submissions!

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