GIGAZINE summer vacation present large emission plan 'Please answer all the questions and bring them all together!'

A summer performance that has been equally applied to those who say 'Summer vacation has come!' And those who say 'No such thing!' GIGAZINE reviews, in order to support people who want to enjoy the summer without losing heat, and 'I want to enjoy indoor life inside the house!' We decided to carry out a plan to release a variety of items that were sleeping in the editorial department as a present as a present.

The present gift is the world's lightest Guinness's latest and highest model notebook PC '

LG gram 17Z990-VA76J ' that plays Guinness, ' Snow Desert Snow Flower ' where you can enjoy fluffy scraped ice with various arrangements as well as packed soy milk , Clothing steamer ' Panasonic NI-FS750 ' which can stretch wrinkles of clothes in a moment with powerful steam, nondestructive scanner ' Aura ' that can be captured in a spread of up to A3 without cutting a book, and irons the sense of value of baking meat ' Frying pan ', Google Play card 3,000 yen , App Store card 3,000 yen , Amazon gift certificate 30,000 yen, and a total of 46 items.

And who are the people reading GIGAZINE? Since it also serves as a questionnaire for researching points that can not be understood only by the access analysis, it would be highly appreciated that people who answered 'I don't need a gift but want to cooperate with a questionnaire!' Then, application method and present list please from the following.

◆ Application period
From July 20, 2019 (Sat) to August 2, 2019 (Fri) 23: 59.

◆ Winner announced
The winner will receive an email from the GIGAZINE editorial department to the email address at the time of application from August 5 (Mon), so it is OK if you can reply to the email by replying to the email address. Also, be aware that the notification emails for winning are treated as spam at a high probability, and despite the fact that they have been selected, sad cases have not been received because they were late to notice .... According to the schedule, the notification to the first winner will arrive during August 5 (Mon), and thereafter, if the first winner does not reply, the second winner, the third winner ...... Is moving. So it is 'after August 5 (Mon)'.

So the present list is from below. As you will be required to enter the present number when applying for the questionnaire, it is best to remember the present number.

◆ 01: The world's lightest, 17-inch large screen notebook PC 'LG gram 17Z990-VA76J' (for one person) that played Guinness
Aside from the review item, it is an unused item that was provided by LG Electronics for present use.

◆ 02:

A non-destructive scanner 'Aura' (one person) that can be captured in a spread of up to A3 without cutting the book
This is also an unused item provided by CZUR for presents separately from the review item. It becomes a battery loading model. Due to Makuake 's crowdfunding products, the present shipping time is 'around September 2019' according to the schedule in Japan.

◆ 03:

'Super Mario Maker 2' (One Person) to create and play the stage you want
It is usually a packaged version.

◆ 04:

'Panasonic NI-FS750' (for one person), which can stretch clothes wrinkles with a powerful steam in an instant
Silver is used for the review, but pink is eligible for the present. It is an unused item that has been provided by Panasonic separately from the review item.

You can use the following movie to see how clothes are ironing using the Panasonic NI-FS750.

Using a clothing steamer 'Panasonic NI-FS750' that can be ironed on a hanger-YouTube

◆ 05: A game that creates the strongest proposal in 10 seconds and gives a ring 'I offer you the words of the proposal I just thought' (1 person)
It is a card game that has won the Game Market Grand Prize 2018 Excellent Feature Award.

◆ 06:

'Frying pan' (one person) that can cook meat that is so delicious that it overturns the value of 'baking meat'
As well as authentic and time-consuming dishes, it is a convenient frying pan commonly used for everyday cooking. You can buy it at the official mail order , but it will take around 365 days to arrive at the time of article creation. What is shipped as a present is a completely unused item provided by Ishikawa Casting .

◆ 07: A

professional hot plate that can be enjoyed by the family in addition to the soft and juicy meat that is professionally prepared, as a family for single use
“Omo no Tetsuban” is a shallow, wide iron plate suitable for large steaks and dishes for large groups. It can be purchased through the official mail order , but it will take around 60 days to arrive at the time of article creation. This is also an unused item that was provided by Ishikawa Casting, as with the 'Fish pan'.

You can see how the big sirloin is baked from the following movie.

A movie to bake a steak on a hot plate-YouTube

◆ 08: App Store card 3000 yen (for one person)
A prepaid card that you can use to buy apps, games, music, movies, books and iCloud on the App Store.

◆ 09:

'Kyocera Fine Sharpener SS-30' (for one person), which revives the sharpness of the blade with sonic vibration of 150 cycles per second

What is a present is an unused item that has been provided by

Kyocera separately from the review item. The following is a movie comparing the sharpness after sharpening with a Kyocera Fine Sharpener SS-30 before sharpening a sharp knife.

Sharpening changes with a sharpening of a kitchen knife using 'Kyocera Fine Sharpener SS-30'-YouTube

◆ 10: Google Play card 3000 yen (for one person)
It is a prepaid card that can be used to buy Android apps, games, music, movies and books.

◆ 11:

Electronic memo pad 'boogie board BB-12' set (one person) that can be attached anywhere attached
This is also an unused item provided by King Jim as a gift. It is two points set of orange and light blue one color each. You may give one to a family member or friend, or carry it around with a small note, put it in place, and use it for messages.

◆ 12: 10000 mAh PD correspondence smallest lightweightest, mobile battery '

Aker PowerCore 10000 PD ' equipped with USB-C I / O port and bending durability with high durability nylon material superior in the durability, 'High-speed charge supported' ' Anker PowerLine + II USB- C & Lightning Cable 'Set (for 1 person)

◆ 13:

A large capacity mobile battery 'Anker PowerCore 20000 Redux' that can charge the iPhone XS or Galaxy S9 approximately 5 times, iPad Pro twice, and can charge at various speeds .

◆ 14:

Failure picture book It was useless as great person! (One person)

The so-called great men who are introduced as 'hero' and 'successful person' in many biographies.
But they are not always successful.

・ The ideal was too high, Confucius
The Wright brothers clung to success
・ Something Natsume Soseki who became too much thinking
・ Dari who died because of genius
・ It was too new to be understood, Picasso

Many great people who left their names now have also failed.
So, with a feeling like 'If you don't fail, it's a loss of life!'
I want you to challenge new things more and more.
The book of courage for that is this book.

'What's important is what you do after you get rid of it.'
'If you want to do something new, don't look for something new'
'Let's create a new place without looking at the lost place forever'

I feel 'It's not good to try new things lately'
It is also recommended for adults.

◆ 15:

Anker 'Soundcore Wakey' (one person) which packed Bluetooth speaker / FM radio / wireless charger / sleep introduction sound into LED alarm

◆ 16:

Anker's Bluetooth compatible sound bar 'Soundcore Infini' (one person) equipped with music, video, and natural voice and three types of modes, and you can enjoy powerful sound with subwoofer .

◆ 17:

Ingredients 'Kidkoman Soymilk' 'Snow dessert Snow flower' (for one person) that can make a sticky texture with a soft texture like snow .
This is also an unused item provided by Takara Tomy Arts for presents separately from the review item.

This is a movie where you have frozen frozen soya milk with 'Snow Desert Snow Flower'.

I tried making soya milk scraped ice with TAKARA TOMY Arts 'Snow Desert Snow Flower'-YouTube

◆ 18: IP67 completely waterproof, dustproof, passive radiator mounted Anker's small-sized speaker 'Soundcore Icon Mini' (for one person) that can enjoy powerful sound anywhere despite compact

◆ 19:

Anker's portable speaker 'Soundcore Motion +' (for 1 person) that can play up to 12 hours, and can enjoy powerful sound corresponding to the high resolution sound source with IPX 7 waterproof standard anywhere

◆ 20:

Anker's small-sized speaker “Soundcore Ace A0” (1 person) where you can take music to anywhere with ultra-compact and up to 4 hours playback

◆ 21:

Small size speaker 'Soundcore Ace A1' (for one person) of Anker's small-sized speaker 'OK for hands-free calling is also OK with playback and noise cancellation microphone with compact size up to 6 hours'

◆ 22:

Daido Dollyco 'Paper Craft Vending Machine' 2019 edition (one person) where the original mini can comes out when the button is pressed
Here is assembled.

◆ 23:

Anker's complete wireless earphone 'Soundcore Liberty Neo' (for one person) that can enjoy immersive sound by music reproduction, graphene adoption driver for up to 12 hours

It feels like this when actually installed.

◆ 24:

Bluetooth speaker 'Pringles original can type speaker' (one person) which pursued reproduction of that Pringles can thoroughly
It is a speaker who was able to apply for ' Pringles's ' I will surely get it! 'Speaker campaign 2019 and was able to get it. The campaign has already ended.

From the following movie, you can see the actual music being played with the Pringles' Original Can Speaker.

I tried to play music with 'Pringles Original Can Speaker' that all applicants are present-YouTube

◆ 25: Card game 'Cat & Chocolate-Gachapin Challenge Hen' (for 1 person) that rescues Gachapin and Mook from calamity

◆ 26:

Hard Rock Cafe Kyoto souvenir, hand towel & pin badge set (for one person)
The hand drawing pattern is the 'guitar bustle' version.

The pin badge is a limited edition of the Hard Rock Cafe Kyoto Open Memorial 800 pieces. It is such a size in comparison with the iPhone SE.

◆ 27:

Mos Burger set (for one person)
It is a set of charge type prepaid card ' MOS CARD ' which can be used in Mos Burger of the whole country, 'Mos Burger', 'Moss cheese burger' and 'Teriyaki Burger' special tasting ticket and clear file.

The 'MOS CARD' is charged in advance for 500 yen.

The expiration date of the special tasting ticket is October 31, 2019.

◆ 28: Interview destination souvenir ・ Starbucks limited tumbler of Hawaii (one person)
The main body is made of pottery and the capacity is about 350 ml.

Back design and compare with Google Pixel 3. The height is about 152 mm.

The lid is made of plastic and the packing is made of rubber.

◆ 29:

Nico Nico Super-Conference 2019 Souvenir ・ Drinker (One Person )


Tsutomu Ishizuki 's message is printed as it goes around the water. The volume is about 200 ml.

◆ 30:

A card game 'Socrates La' that allows you to join together the parts of the great man's body together and fight (for one person)
It is a card game in which a combination of cards gives birth to a 'chimera great' with a name or background.

◆ 31:

Google Goods Set (One Person)
A set of tote bags, 2 cord rolls, 2 2019 calendars, 2 neck straps and 2 notebooks.

Neck straps and tote bags look like this when a 153 cm tall woman lowers.

Cord winding can be wound like this, and too long cord can be put together.

The calendar is until December 2019. On the reverse side is the monthly '

Doodle Anniversary'.

◆ 32: Sagami Railway '

12000 series ' set (for one person)
It is a set of clear files, booklets, technical documents, drawings, posters, and friction pens when distributed by Sagami Railway's new model '12000 series' .

The friction body of the silver body contains the letters 'SOTETSU 12000 SERIES'. The ink is 3 colors of black, red and blue.

◆ 33:

Castle building board game 'Hao Ryujo' (one person) building Mahjong tiles and building your own castle
It is a game that made its castle flourish, inspired by mahjong.

◆ 34:

Endangered occupation type picture book (one person)

There is a reason (wake) to go extinct!

While the era of 'AI's rise', 'change in connection between individuals', 'the spread of internet sales' and so on,
About 49% of Japan's working population is said to be robbed of artificial intelligence and robots in the near future.

So what kind of job is really dangerous?
In this book, we migrate from the teens to over 40 types of jobs.
'In this era, the working life is five years, and from now on, you can not earn unless you change jobs repeatedly.'
From the experience that the author who professed has grasped his actual experience and success
We will comment on carefully selected 65 jobs that are threatened with extinction.

◆ 35:

A board game 'Stone' (for 1 person) who is too new feeling that pounding doesn't stop just putting an ultra-strong magnet in a hollow
It's a game where you can put your hand on the magnet so that it does not stick to the magnet placed in the field.

◆ 36:

One-player playable card game “Blade Rondo Grim Garden” (1 person) that summons a beautiful girl and fights with a sword and magic
It is an expansion pack of ' Blade Rondo ', but it can play alone.

◆ 37:

Machi ★ Asobi set (for one person)
' Oenro. X Handa Somen ' Collaboration Fan ' The Edge of the Destruction ' Hayama Ropeway Poster (Kanjiro), 2 commemorative admission tickets , post card,

It is a set of Delight Works Clear Ticket Holder, ' Fate / Grand Order ' sticker (Santa Alter), ' Dominate Grail War-Fate / stay night on Board Game- ' sticker.

◆ 38:

Toei Manga Festival Set (One Person)
'Movie Brawling Bar Hunter Mysterious Bar Code Triangle! Bump Fishing! Kamikai Fish Poseidon' Attendance Bonus Bar Coded Stickers, Clear File, 'Movie Buttocks Curry Naruken' Attendance Bonus Stickers, Acrylic Key Holder, 'Eiga Out ' It is a set of 3 sisters of 'entrance benefits' sticker, ' Risaikuruzu ' paper craft.

◆ 39: Anime set A (for one person)

The Secrets of Movie Zorori ZZ ' Clear Bag, ' Pandora and Acbi ' Advance Benefits Clear Holder, 'The Movie Version Detective Conan Scarlet Fist ' Clear File, 'The Void Squadron Lupine Ranger vs. Police Squadron Patranger en film ' Advance Sale Benefits 'Super Heat Rival! Susou Heroes!' (Lupin Red & Patren No. 1), ' Movie Dragon Ball Super Broly' Advance Purchase 'Super God Change Strap' (Goku), ' City Hunter Shinjuku Private Eyes ' Theatrical Release Bonus Message Board Keychain, ' Godzilla Ramen ' bonus, foot type chopstick rest (Showa Godzilla), ' Theatrical version Waka-okami is elementary school student! ' Pre-sales bonus 'open-air bath pudding' squeeze, ' Doraemon Nobita's moon exploration note ' Visitor benefit 'pyokokoyoko advance' It is a set of 'Usa Ear Dora'

◆ 40: Anime set B (for one person)

Movie: Who's the Alchemist ' Clear File, 'The Fafner BEYOND ' Clear File, ' Let's hold the promised flower in the morning of goodbye ' Clear File, ' Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion I Open Path ' Clear File, ' LAIDBACKERS- raid backers - 'advance benefits (2nd) clear ticket holder,' RWBY VOLUME 4 'clear file,' Eureka Seven high Evolution 1 'clear files' your order rabbit is ?? ~Dear My Sister~ ' Advance ticket first round bonus clear file (Meg, Maya), ' Theatrical version sound! Euphonium-finale of oath- ' admission bonus mini colored paper (1 week), ' Soba to ' mini fan, ' furi progure ' attendees Set of bonus stickers, key picks.

◆ 41: Anime set C (for one person)
A set of

monthly new type appendixes. ' SSSS.GRIDMAN ' double-sided poster, ' Eiga no Osomatsusan ' ' Kemono Friends 2 ' double-sided poster, ' Girls und Panzer final chapter ' ' Bungo Stray Dogs ' double-sided poster, ' Sword Art Online Arise ' ' Fate / stay night [Heaven's Feel] II. lost butterfly 'Double-sided poster,' Promea ',' Fate / kaleid liner Prisma Illya Prisma ', double-sided poster,' Theatrical Edition Resound! Euphonium-The Finale of Oath '-' Code Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection 'Double-sided poster In addition to

'Theatrical Edition Resound! Euphonium-The Finale of the

Oath- ' Double-sided poster, ' Adolescent pig bastard does not see the dreams of Bunny Girl seniors ' ' A Certain Magical Index III ' Double-sided poster, ' KING OF PRISM-Shiny Seven Stars- 'Clear File,' ' Ban G Dream! 2nd Season ' Clear File, ' L's Elmalloy II Case Book -Magical Eye Collection Train Grace note- ' ' Code Geass Revival of Lelouch ' Clear File, ' Fruit Basket ' Clear File, Clear A set of files, “Fate / stay night [Heaven's Feel] II. Lost butterfly” double-sided poster, 2019 school calendar, “ PSYCHO-PASS ” interview summary booklet.

The 2019 school calendar looks like this. The period is until April 2020.

◆ 42: Anime set D (for one person)

It is a set that summarized the appendix of Animedia . 'SSSS.GRIDMAN', ' Attack on Titan ' two-sided poster, ' hypnosis Mike ,' 'Osomatsu's movie' two-sided poster, 'Osomatsu's movie' 'march of giants' two-sided poster, 'Attack on Titan,' 'SSSS.GRIDMAN' In addition to double-sided posters,

'Hypnosis Mike' Clear File, Ticket Holder, '

Free!-Dive to the Future- ' Clear File,
' Free!-Road to the World-Dream ' Clear File, ' Idol Master Side M Reason There Mini! ' Clear File, ' Uta no ☆ Prince Sama ♪ Maji Love Kingdom ' Clear File, ' Virtual's Watching ' It is a set of VTuber handwriting data file booklet.

The members of the VTuber handwriting data file look like this.

◆ 43: Anime set E (for one person)
This is

Animage is the appendix sets. ' Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress ' Kairon Battle 'Dororo' Double-sided poster, ' Arazanmai ' ' Inazuma Eleven Orion of the stamped ' double-sided poster, 'Hypnosis Mike' ' Dororo ' double-sided poster, ' Kidou Sentai Lupine Ranger vs Police Squadron Patranger 'Hypnosis Mike' double-sided poster, 'SSSS. GRIDMAN' ' zombie land saga ' in addition to double-sided poster,

'Hypnosis mike' clear file three kinds, 'corch' clear file,


HUG Tsu! Pretty Cure ' Clear File, ' Futari wa Pretty Cure ' Clear File, ' Star ☆ Twinkle Pretty Cure' ' HUG Tsu! Pretty Cure Two Star Pretty Cure ~ All Stars Memories ~ ' Clear File, 'zombie land saga' shitajiki 2 It is a set of seeds.

◆ 44:

MonoMax (monomax) July 2019 issue (for one person)

The special appendix for the July issue is a SHIPS rucksack!
Finished in a two-tiered with two luggage compartments.
The front pocket is also useful for organizing.
We were particular about design & size which was easy to use regardless of gender.

Special feature is from luxury watch to aim before tax increase to casual watch!
It is a watch to earn. looking forward to.

The appendix '

SHIPS rucksack' is the size that laptop computer XPS13 of width 302mm x depth 199mm x height 11.6mm fits in easily.

◆ 45:

'UNO FLIP' (one person) for both front and back one-on-one card where dark side starts suddenly from usual 'UNO'

◆ 46: Amazon gift certificate 30,000 yen (for one person)

The present project has ended. Thank you for your many submissions!

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