GIGAZINE year-end and New Year gift large release plan 'Please answer the questionnaire and bring it all together!'

There were a lot of things going on by the end of 2018, and there should be a feeling that 'I've been working hard this year, so I want a reward!' Therefore, GIGAZINE editorial department gathers various things reviewed and collected from summer to winter in 2018, and souvenirs that have been acquired at numerous coverage destinations, and carries out a large-scale release project that combines Christmas gifts and new year's gifts I decided to.

The present gift is '

iPhone XR ' just released in October 2018, transformation smartphone ' OPPO Find X ' where camera unit jumps out due to not-behind true bezelless, and visitor response at home by smartphone on the go ' Door camera with monitor VS-HC400K-W ', a digital memo ' Pomera DM30 ' packed with comfortable functions for people who just write texts, Anker's robot that cleans the room even while away from the smartphone vacuum cleaner ' Eufy RoboVac 30C ', Nadenade and cushion-shaped robot 'that with a tail like that heal and be the cat Qoobo ' that ', the half-dried odor of dry room for deodorant in the oxidizing power of ozone room There are 68 kinds in total, such as 30,000 yen for the Amazon gift card , and Ozoneo for drying .

And who are the people reading GIGAZINE? It also doubles as a questionnaire for researching points that can not be understood only by access analysis, but it would be highly appreciated if you could also respond to people saying, 'I don't need a gift but I can cooperate with the questionnaire!' Then, application method and present list please from the following.

◆ Application period
From Monday, December 24, 2018 to 23: 59, January 7, 2019.

◆ Winner announced
The winner will receive an email from the GIGAZINE editorial department to the email address at the time of application after January 8, 2019 (Tuesday), so if you can reply to the address etc. of the shipping address from the form described in the email OK. Also, be aware that the notification emails for winning are treated as spam at a high probability, and despite the fact that they have been selected, sad cases have not been received because they were late to notice .... According to the schedule, the notification to the first winner will be delivered on Tuesday, January 8 and thereafter, if the first winner does not reply, the second winner, third winner ... right Is moving. So it is 'after January 8, 2019 (Tuesday)'.

So the present list is from below. Make a note of the present number so that you can enter the number you want in the survey.

◆ 01: iPhone XR (for one person)

SIM free version, color is white.

◆ 02: Tempered glass liquid crystal protection film 'for

Anker GlassGuard XS / X ' 'for iPhone XS Max ' 'for iPhone XR ' set (one person) of Anker's tempered glass liquid crystal protection film which protects the screen of iPhone from shock with strength 9H .

Supported size is not model name but in inch notation, and 'X' corresponds to 'iPhone X / XS', '6.1' to 'iPhone XR', '6.6' to 'iPhone XS Max' respectively.

◆ 03: Transformation smartphone 'OPPO Find X' (one person) where camera unit pops up for true bezelless notched
SIM free aircraft.

The back side looks like this. It has a glass surface finish with a beautiful purple gradation.

The following is a movie that allows you to check the movement of the 'Oppo Find X' camera 'Stealth 3D Camera'.

The motion of the camera 'Stealth 3D Camera' jumping out of the full screen smartphone 'OPPO Find X' looks like this-YouTube

◆ 04: A digital memo 'Pomera DM30' (for one person) packed with comfortable functions for people who just write sentences

◆ 05: Personal Document Scanner

'ScanSnap iX 1500' that performed a full model change for the first time in six years & 'Photo carrier sheet FI-X 15 CP' set (one person) that can be scanned across photos and cutouts

Below is a full-color, double-sided movie scan of movie flyers with 'ScanSnap iX 1500'.

I tried B5 duplex color scan with ScanSnap iX1500-YouTube

◆ 06: Maxell's “Ozoneo for Room Drying” (single-person) that deodorizes the dry odor of room drying with the oxidizing power of ozone

You can check the swing function of 'room drying ozoneo' in the following movie.

I examined the swing function of Maxell's 'Ozoneo MXA-ARD100 for room drying'-YouTube

◆ 07: Panasonic 'Door camera with monitor VS-HC400K-W' (for one person) who can respond to a visitor at home with a smartphone on the go

◆ 08:

A cat-like tailed cushioned robot 'Qoobo' (1 person) who is healed and healed

Please see the following movie to see what kind of response the 'Qoobo' is made to react.

I sat on the knee with a cushioned robot 'Qoobo' with a tail on the knee-YouTube

◆ 09: 'OWC Thunderbolt 3 10G Ethernet Adapter' (for one person) connecting decelerating speed 10Gbps to notebook PC by USB

◆ 10:

Sanko 'table-top single-grilled meat plate' (one person) that space-saving simmering rice in a space-saving office

Because it is used in the review, burnt remains in a part of the grilled meat plate. It has been cleaned and disinfected.

The movie I tried to burn meat with 'Tabletop Barbeque Plate' actually looks like this.

I tried using Sanko 'Tabletop Barbeque Plate'-YouTube

◆ 11: Coffee machine 'AeroPress' (for one person) to bring out the fullness of beans by the power of air
It will be the product used for the review. It has been cleaned and disinfected.

◆ 12:

Super lightweight wireless earphone 'BOSE NOISE-MASKING SLEEPBUDS' for sleepiness to prevent noise by healing sound (for one person)

◆ 13: '

Iwashita's Newborn T-shirt' T-shirt (for one person)
The Iwate no Shine Aoi package is a full printed T-shirt, and can be purchased from Iwashita Ao Shine Museum and Iwashita Food Online Shop . The size is L, and it feels like this when a 178 cm tall man wears.

The batch component list is printed on the reverse side.

◆ 14: ' Canon iNSPiC ' and ' 20 pieces of ZINK photo paper for smartphone printers ' set that can print and sticker on smartphone screen with one button (for one person)
The body color is gold.

◆ 15:

Write a schedule by handwriting You can easily manage daily routine 'Lucuru' (for one person)

◆ 16:

Lightweight, easy-to-use Bluetooth earphone “JVC HA-FX23BT wireless earphone” for beginners (for one person)

◆ 17:

Anker mobile projector “Nebula Capsule Pro” (one person) for easy carrying in 350ml can size

◆ 18:

All-purpose car charger 'Anker Roav FM Transmitter F2' (for one person) that can play music and make hands-free calls

Below is a movie of streaming smartphone music from a car stereo via 'Anker Roav FM Transmitter F2'.

I tried playing music with the versatile car charger Anker Roav FM Transmitter F2-YouTube

◆ 19: Electronic memo pad 'boogie board BB-11' (for one person) that can be erased completely with pen pressure sensing & partial erasing & one push by semi-transparent liquid crystal adoption

You can see the movie you actually drew on the boogie board below.

I tried using the semi-transparent liquid crystal electronic memo pad 'boogie board BB-11'-YouTube

◆ 20: Anker's Bluetooth speaker 'Soundcore Motion B' that can be played continuously for 12 hours with a waterproof standard of IPX 7 class (for 1 person)

◆ 21:

Anker's robot vacuum cleaner 'Eufy RoboVac 30C' (one person) who cleans the room even when you are away by smartphone cooperation
It will be the product once used for review.

The movie 'Eufy RoboVac 30C' cleans the room of the editorial staff is this.

I tried using Anker's robot cleaner 'Eufy RoboVac 30C' at the editor's home-YouTube

◆ 22: Anker's robot vacuum cleaner “Eufy RoboVac 11S” (1 person) that has evolved after two years
This product is also review used.

Below is a movie that compares 'Eufy RoboVac 11S' with the previous model 'Eufy RoboVac 11'.

We tried to compare and verify the 'BoostIQ mode' of the robot vacuum cleaner Eufy RoboVac 11S, which can be purchased for 20,000 yen at Anker-YouTube

◆ 23: Anker's entry model robot vacuum cleaner 'RoboVac 11' (for one person)
Here is the 2016 edition. It has been opened for comparison shooting in the ' Eufy RoboVac 11S ' article, but it has not been used.

◆ 24:

Anker's portable speaker 'Soundcore Model Zero' (for one person) that can be used both indoors and as a waterproof & full wireless interior

You can check the waterproof performance of 'Soundcore Model Zero' in the following movie.

Anker's Portable Bluetooth Speaker 'Soundcore Model Zero' Waterproof Test-YouTube

◆ 25: Bluetooth-adaptive sound bar Anker 'Soundcore Infini Mini' (one person) that attractive sound is attractive

The movie that actually tried the sound quality switching function installed in 'Soundcore Infini Mini' is Kore.

Listen to Soundcore Infini Mini's MOVIE and MUSIC modes-YouTube

◆ 26: Nervous card game where “Gatstall collapses” 24 kinds of “Watanabe” such as “Watanabe” and “Watanabe” “The world is only the nabe” (One person)

◆ 27: 7 pieces of one person can be played full-scale battle card game 'to fight with the girl with a sword

Blade Rondo ' and the expansion pack to play in rules add & single ' Blade Rondo Night Theater ' set (one person)
It is a set of 'Blade Rondo' 'Blade Rondo Night Theater' body and flyers, 'Blade Rondo' clear files 2 types, 'Blade Rondo' promotion card 'Crush of intention', ' DOMINA GAMES 2019 calendar'.

'DOMINA GAMES 2019 Calendar' uses beautiful card illustrations of 'Blade Rondo' and 'Blade Rondo Night Theater'.

◆ 28: A

card game 'Miraris' set (for one person) that enjoy the bargain of one-shot reversal by making full use of the effects of beautiful characters
It becomes a set of 'Miraris' main body and a flyer, 'DOMINA GAMES 2019 calendar'.

◆ 29: A

battle-type card game 'Argoat' set (for one person) that runs through to Eden while letting the rabbit eat emeralds and share knowledge
It is a set of 'Argoat' main body, flyers and colored paper.

◆ 30:

'Pralaya revised edition' set (one person) to collect more treasures than anyone from the sinking island and escape
It is a set of 'Pralaya revised edition' main body, a flyer, 'DOMINA GAMES 2019 calendar'.

◆ 31:

New card game “DOS” (for one person) following “UNO” where the shout and addition of “Dos!”

◆ 32: Get the

strongest voice and body! Muscle Boytre (one person)

Voice training can even change your body!
A completely new Boytre that overturns common sense!

Change from the voice? Change from the body? Change both!
A unique method that has enough impact for both appearance and effects to create world-level voice and body.
Featuring 44 trainings that create a compelling voice, a forgiving voice, a voice-driven throat, and a tight, hard-to-wear body.
Training your voice will strengthen your body, and strengthening your body will improve your voice
I want you to experience such a surprise method!
Train from the inside of the body to the beat.

◆ 33:

Infectious disease illustration pictorial book (one person) to learn with my daughter

A pictorial book that allows you to learn about the characteristics of infectious diseases and how to prevent them, along with the character 'Kinmusu', who is anthropomorphizing the fungus into a beautiful girl.
From something in the immediate vicinity such as bifidobacteria, Welsh bacteria, influenza virus,
Although we listen to P. aeruginosa, syphilis, typhoid etc., we can know all 79 kinds of things that do not know much about their features, threats and prevention methods!
Let's enjoy and learn the knowledge you want to acquire in times of emergency with illustration pictorial book & comics.

◆ 34:

Communist techno Eastern Europe (one person)

East Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary following the Soviet Union
Thorough survey of cold war electronic music from people who excelled in science, technology, music, art and mathematics!
Even if the punk is not working for 4 weeks jail time, band pay is calculated by the weight of the equipment etc etc

■ 'Ostlock', which embodies the spirit of disapproval in East Germany, Puhdys, City, Silly, Karat
■ 'True underground' who had to do underground publication with cassette tape Dee Anderen Bunds
■ Electronic instrumental key of US detective drama cover while refusing the lyrics for escape from censorship Key
■ Nina Hagen, a spiritually punk queen exiled on the west side while being ranked first in East Germany's charts
■ A punk band Die Firma where two of the members were informants to Stasi
■ The idol-like electro pop band Papa Dance that played in the USSR and the US
■ Debuted in white-painted, karate-style Chinese-style disco 'Blues Lee' Franek Kimono
■ A techno pop Mluví K Vám Robot written by the Czech ambassador to the US
■ Slovak Žbirka who had a British mother and sang in English but also traveled to Vietnam and Laos
■ Hungarian candy pop Newton family that gained popularity in Japan and Korea where there was no diplomatic relations

● Community hobby spots, columns such as Neue Deutsche Velle re-verification

◆ 35:

Manga version Horie Takafumi's 'New capital theory' (for one person)

'Money is credit' 'If you have credit, you can manage without money'
'Communication produces credibility' 'If you do not see the nature of money, it will be exploited'
'A mortgage loan,' 'You can start your business anytime, anywhere.'
A commentary on the theory of money by Takafumi Horie who gathers tremendous support from young business people in manga.
A commentary has been newly added to the 'manga version new capital theory' released in 2010 and it has been greatly renewed.
Here is the origin of the 'Holiemon philosophy' without blurring!

◆ 36:

Crock. --- My way of living a super positive life (one person)


It was a word that came out of my mouth immediately when I knew that fact.
In terms of the standard language, 'What is it?'
I used to spend money on people I trusted.
It is not a level of 1 million yen or 2 million yen.
It is 2 billion yen-.

'Star Shinjo' now talks about everything, an unprecedented 'breakout' experience!
It is a book full of super positive 'How to Start Life' that will definitely get better if you read it.

◆ 37:

Recommend cheating 'Monopoly Game: Cheaters Edition' (one person) that can be really handcuffed when caught
Please note that all accessories, such as the rule book and cards, are written in English for the international version.

◆ 38:

“Super Karom Starter Set” (three people), an Egyptian-originated board game “Karom” achieved its own unique evolution in Japan

You can see how the 'Super Carom Starter Set' is played by one game from the following movie.

I actually played one game of 'Super Karom'-YouTube

◆ 39: 'Koguma shop manager' and 'salesman' are cute 'Koguma cake shop Katarrai set' & 'Candup set' set (for one person)
A set of wooden plates, spoons and forks that can be purchased exclusively for Loppi & HMV . The diameter of the plate is about 18 cm.

The pattern of the spoon and fork is like this.

◆ 40:

'Roav Bluetooth receiver B2' (for one person) of Anker that supports Bluetooth 4.1 and is equipped with CVC noise canceling and a handsfree microphone

◆ 41:

Bluetooth FM transmitter 'Anker Roav Transmitter F0' (for one person) of Anker's BluetoothFM transmitter that is easy to handle even for beginners .

◆ 42:

World's largest game event 'BlizzCon 2018' souvenir set (for one person)
' Heroes of the Storm ' magnet, ' Diablo ' figure, ' StarCraft ' 20th anniversary pin, ' HearthStone ' magnet set, ' OverWatch ' challenge coin, ' World of Warcraft ' faction key chain, B4 which summarized the trajectory of BlizzCon A set of deformed hardcover booklets and long balloons with BlizzCon logo.

The contents of the booklet look like this, and the contents of the exhibition from 2005 are explained along with many photos.

◆ 43: cash register without convenience store '

Amazon Go ' logo thermal insulation bottle and mug set (one person) with logo

The size is like this compared to the iPhone XR. The capacity is about 500 ml for the thermal bottle and about 300 ml for the mug.

◆ 44: A

magical knife 'Sakaknife SAKAKNIFE' (One Person ) that makes it easy to shoot any fish
It will be the product used once in the review. It has been cleaned and disinfected.

◆ 45: '

Yuru Can △ ' set (for one person)
'Loose-scan △' Crisp and human wolf game to enjoy while enjoying the view of the world of ' Who is the culprit that spilled curry on one night's wolf × loose scan △ ~ middle of the night!? - ' three, ' loose-scan △ Dee 'Rich strawberry taste, grape milk taste 2 pieces each,' Yuru can カ レ ー-curry noodles ... 'It is a set of 4 stickers of the bonus, Chiaki Ogaki polaroid (not for sale).

The expiration date of “Yuru Candy” is strawberry flavor in August 2019 and grape flavor in July 2019.

◆ 46:

High-rise building building 5 South Korea (one person)

Near future urbanization while Japanese people do not know !!
Contains about 700 skyscrapers throughout Korea!

■ World's 5th Lotte World Tower at 555 m
■ Incheon cutting edge smart city Matsushima new city
■ Buildings of Busan, Haeundae, and so on are mistaken for Dubai
■ 63 Building was the tallest in Asia after Ikebukuro Sunshine 60
■ Trade Tower was the second tallest skyscraper in Korea after the 63rd Building
■ The bell road tower where the floor is supported by three columns and is hollow

It is like a super-high-rise community group which was killed like North Korea!

◆ 47:

'SESAME mini' (One Person ) You can unlock your house by operating from a smartphone

From the movie below, you can use the voice recognition function of 'SESAME mini' to unlock the key with 'Hiragoma'.

I tried to unlock the door locked with SESAME mini by voice operation-YouTube

Please note that the GIGAZINE 'G' mark is included because it is the product used for the review.

◆ 48:

Anker's high-performance drive recorder 'Anker Roav DashCam A0' (one person) that uses a 170-degree wide-angle lens and can capture high-definition images with 1080FHD and 2 million pixels
When using it, a microSD card is required separately.

◆ 49: Glasses '

FOR Yu ' set of five glasses (one person) for exclusive use of bath of love eye of glasses
Five different glasses of different degrees are set.

Because they do not use metal parts, they can be worn with confidence when entering a bath or sauna. It will be reviewed later.

◆ 50:

Apt eyeglasses that won't break even if you fall asleep Eyeglasses for glasses ' Success caterin ' 6 frames & lens exchange ticket set (for 1 person)
Even if I fell asleep, I was wearing glasses. This will also be reviewed later.

The frame like a cat's meat ball is so cute. All the lenses in the frame have no degree, so there is a set of exchange tickets where you can put in the lenses that you have with your favorite eyeglasses near you.

◆ 51:

Google Goods Set (One Person)
A set of logo tote bags, logo shopping bags, T-shirts and logo tablet pouches.

T-shirts are a bit oversized because they are M sizes of

international standards . It feels like this when a 160 cm tall man wears.

The black tote bag is 38 cm long by 38 cm wide, with a wide gauze size of about 10 cm wide. It is such a feeling when a woman of height 151 cm has.

The raw colored shopping bag is thin. There is no gusset width at 41 cm long and 38 cm wide. The photo shows a man with a height of 181 cm.

The tablet pouch is 26 cm long and 20 cm wide, and the iPad Pro (11 inches) fits in easily. Inside is velor material, gently guard the tablet.

◆ 52:

'You've met your eyes now! Save money!' A smart bank 'Bank One' 'Bank Nyan' set (for one person) that can claim money on the way and steadily achieve the target amount
Please note that 4 AA batteries or Micro-USB B-type AC adapter is required for operation.

The following is a movie that 'Bank One' equipped with a human sensor senses passing people and prompts savings.

'Young smart savings box Bank One'-YouTube

In the following movie, you can see where 'Bank Nyan' is talking.

'Young smart savings box Banknyan'-YouTube

◆ 53: 'The ultimate NTO' (one person) who can turn the handle to make fluffy natto .
It will be a renewed product of the previously reviewed ' Sasanjin Nattobachi '. It is opened for shooting, but it is an unused item.

◆ 54: 'Missed Pokemon Original Mug' set (for one person)
It is a set of mugs that could be purchased at Mister Donut '

misdo Pokémon Winter Collection '. The volume is about 200 ml.

◆ 55: Cafe goods set (for one person)
Starbucks 'Artful Autumn @ Starbucks®'

the first series , the second series of the wristband, of Tully's Coffee Halloween specification Bear full-sleeve set.

◆ 56:

A cassette tape type playing card that allows you to play karaoke songs and songs / cassettes “Cassette lamp-with karaoke, game and chess game” (for 2 people)
It has a cassette tape as a motif and has a design with two holes in the center.

It is possible to play karaoke selection game, chess, and humanitarian games with the marks and words written on the card.

◆ 57: Movie version '

furikuri alternativea / progure ' goods ' furi clip ' (three people)

It is a clip shaped guitar and bass that appear in the play.

◆ 58:

'Oso Roshi ロ Hanko series' (one person) who can mark Russian key figures such as Putin's 'processed' mark

It is a set of 6 types: 2 types of 'Pochi Mark', 2 types of 'Leni Mark', 1 type of 'Stari Mark' and 'Gagari Mark'.

◆ 59: Movie set (for one person)

Marvel Studio Poster, Venom Poster, Movie Sun Tower Clear File, Oceans 8 Press Sheet, Magadera Brave Transplant Press Sheet, Fantastic Beast and the Birth of the Black Wizard Press Sheet, Fahrenheit 119 'Press sheet,' Grinch 'is a set of Baby Grinch Himekawa strap.

◆ 60: Machi ☆ Asobi set (for one person)

Idolish 7 ' poster, Machi-Asobi album , ' Emiya Sanchi no rice ' coaster, ' Devil Blade ' coaster, ' Oenro '. A set of can badges and stickers.

◆ 61: Anime set A (for one person)

Theatrical version Dungeon asking to meet is wrong-Orion's Arrow- ' poster, ' Apple Seed Alpha ' Clear File, ' GODZILLA Battlefield Mobile Growth City ' Clear File, ' Attack on Titan Season 2 ' Clear File, ' Yuna Yuki is a brave-Chapter of Sumi Oo- ' Entrance privilege clear file holder, ' Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion of reverse ' clear file & admission privilege film, ' Re: life in another world starting from Zero Memory Snow ' clear File, ' LUPIN THE IIIRD Blood and smoke Ishikawa five gate ' clear file, ' Theatrical version yes through the passing second part-Tokyo University Roman of flower- ' clear file, ' Alañice's bug ' clear file, ' Eiga no Osomatsu-san 'clear file,' Chapter VI regenerative ed warriors of the space Battleship Yamato 2202 love 'flyer,' trick Circa 'Flyers,' Penguin Highway 'book cover,' Future of the Future 'book cover,' Kamen Rider build Be The One ',' Kaito squadron Lupine Ranger VS police squadron Pato Ranger en film 'real hero card kit,' Space Squadron Cyuranger vs Space Squad ' Attack Privilege Character Card,' Monster Strike THE MOVIE Soranokanata 'Admission Privilege Card,' Degimon Adventure tri. ' Attendee Privilege Card,' The Prince of Tennis BEST GAMES !! Tezuka vs Atobe ' It is a set of admission privilege coaster, ' Theon edition nonnon Biyashukeen ' admission privilege mini colored paper, ' Kemono Friends Man Chocolate ' sticker, ' The story of the Movie version Pocket monsters everyone ' admission bonus special Gaore disc.

'Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Imperial Way' entrance bonus film is this scene.

◆ 62: Anime set B (for one person)
An appendix of '

Monthly New Type ' is summarized. ' Code Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection ' ' Free!-Dive to the Future- ' Double-sided poster, ' Angel of Angels ' ' PERSONA 5 the Animation ' Double-sided poster, ' Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Detonation ' 'Re: Life in a Different World from Zero Memory' 'Snow' double-sided poster, 'angel of slaughter' underlayment, ' KING OF PRISM-Shiny Seven Stars- ' ' Fate / EXTRA Last Encore ' double-sided poster, 'Gegge no Kitaro (the sixth term) ' booklet, 'PERSONA 5 the Animation' clear File, a set of ' Sword Art Online Arbitration ' clear files.

◆ 63: Anime set C (for one person)
It is a summary of the appendix of '

Animation '. ' Yowamushi Pedal GLORY LINE ' ' Inazuma Eleven Ales Balance ' double-sided poster, 'Aidlish Seven ' 'Free!-Dive to the Future-' double-sided poster, 'Hypnosis Mike' 'Free!-Dive to the Future-' double-sided poster , 'Hypnosis microphone' ' Shinkansen deformation Robo Shinkarion ' double-sided poster, ' Yu Yu ☆ Hakusho ' ' BANANA FISH ' double-sided poster, 'Gegege no Kitaro (the sixth term)' 'Inazuma Eleven Ales balance' double-sided poster, 'Free ! -Dive to the Future- 'is a set of clear files.

◆ 64: Anime set D (for one person)
Appendix set of '

animedia '. ' HUG Tsu! Pretty Cure ' 'Shinkansen transformation Robo Shinkarion' double-sided poster, 'Gegege no Kitaro (sixth period)' ' Inazuma Eleven Orion of engraving ' double-sided poster, ' Attack on Titan Season 3 ' Clear File, 'Free!- Dive to the Future-'Clear File 2 types,' Free!-Timeless Medley- 'Clear File,' Working Cell 'Clear File,' Fate / Apocrypha 'Clear File Set.

◆ 65:

'2019 Kyoto Aquarium Original Calendar' for two people with colorful cut pictures of dolphins and penguins
The linked articles are from 2018, but the cut-out animals and the order have not changed.

◆ 66:

Simple and stylish 'March age calendar' 3 types set (for one person) to understand moon phases and moon age at a glance
It is a calendar set that you can place in three places in a family, or distribute it to family members and friends.

◆ 67:

Desktop house calendar of miniature house type that becomes a cute accessory case '2019 house box calendar' 3 types set (for one person)
This calendar is also in a set of three.

◆ 68: Amazon Gift Card 30,000 yen (for one person)

The present project has ended. Thank you for your many submissions!

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