GIGAZINE New Year's Holiday gift release project 'Please answer the questionnaire and bring all together!'

Many things are coming to an end in 2019 when many things happened, and many people feel like 'I've worked hard this year and want a reward!' The GIGAZINE editorial department gathered various things that were reviewed and accumulated from the summer to winter 2019, goods provided by the manufacturer, things that were sleeping in the editorial department, and souvenirs that had been obtained at numerous interviews, We decided to carry out a large gift release project that doubled as a Christmas present and a New Year's ball. Unless otherwise stated, they are used for review articles.

This gift is a 21.5 inch full HD liquid tab '

Wacom Cintiq 22 ' that can widely use the screen over 100,000 yen, a futon dryer ' Smart Dry RF- EA20 ', a super convenient home appliance' Electric pressure cooker SR-MP300 'that can be realized with only one button, pressure / low temperature / anhydrous / stew cooking, a new sense that combines training and games that advance muscle to a partner Game Nintendo Switch ' Ring Fit Adventure ', ' Hakkin Cairo ' that can be reused many times & keeps warming for up to 24 hours with 13 times the calorific value of disposable Cairo, Board to create beautiful birds and create 'Bird Paradise' game ' Wings bread ', Yoshinoya's first emergency preserved food ' Kanmeshi ', water wipe & sucked into the double cleaning of overwhelming such as washable dust container of an There are a total of 66 types including ker's robot vacuum cleaner ' Eufy RoboVac L70 Hybrid ' and Amazon gift card 30,000 yen .

And who are reading GIGAZINE? Although it also serves as a questionnaire for researching points that cannot be understood only with access analysis, it would be greatly appreciated if someone who answered, 'I do not need a gift but can cooperate with the questionnaire!' Then, the application method and the list of presents can be found below.

◆ Application period
From Wednesday, December 25, 2019 to Tuesday, January 7, 2020, 23:59.

◆ Winner Announcement
The winner will receive an e-mail from the GIGAZINE editorial department to the e-mail address at the time of application after Wednesday, January 8, 2020, so if you can answer the shipping address etc. from the form described in the e-mail OK. Also, beware that the winning notification emails are treated as spam with a high probability, and despite the fact that they won, they have not been able to get noticed because they were late to notice. According to the schedule, notification to the first winner will be received by Wednesday, January 8, and after that, if the first winner does not respond, the right to the second winner, the third winner ... Is moving. So it is 'After January 8, 2020 (Wed)'.

So, the present list is from the following. It is a good idea to write down the present number so that you can enter the number you want in the questionnaire.

◆ 01: Full HD liquid tab 'Wacom Cintiq 22' exceeding 100,000 yen that can use the screen widely at 21.5 inches (1 person)
This product was provided by Wacom for a gift. To use 'Wacom Cintiq 22,' a PC with an HDMI video output terminal is required, so please be careful when applying.

◆ 02:

New sensation game Nintendo Switch “Ring Fit Adventure” (1 person) that combines training and games that move forward with muscles as partners
Belt and ringcon sterilized. The Nintendo Switch itself is required to play 'Ring Fit Adventure'.

You can check where you are actually playing 'Ring Fit Adventure' in the following movie.

When you actually play `` Ring Fit Adventure '' that moves forward with your feet, it looks like this-YouTube

◆ 03: 'Hakkin Cairo' that can be reused any number of times and keeps warming for up to 24 hours with a calorific value 13 times that of a disposable body warmer (1 person)
Hakkin Cairo provided it as a gift.

To use 'Hakkin Cairo', you need a

benzine sold separately, a match and a lighter to ignite benzine.

◆ 04: Anker Nebula Apollo, a mobile projector equipped with Android that can project a large screen of up to 100 inches with brightness of 200 ANSI lumens (1 person)
It is an unused item.

◆ 05:

Vertical table storage “PEGGY” set (one person) that can customize storage space freely with zero tools
This product is provided by King Jim for gifts.

The set consists of one “PEGGY” body (charcoal black), eight L-shaped hooks included with the body, one set of mini shelves, one pen stand, four additional L-shaped hooks, and two mini containers.

The movie that changes the arrangement of 'PEGGY' parts quickly is kore.

Rearrange `` PEGGY '' that can customize storage space freely-YouTube

◆ 06: Akumajo Dracula-style action RPG “Blood Stain: Ritual of the Night” set (1 person)
It is a set of Nintendo Switch version software, posters, two can badges, charms, stickers, soundtracks that are rewards funded by Kickstarter .

◆ 07:

Multifunctional and thinnest class smartphone & tablet stand “MOFT X” set (1 person)
A smartphone stand, tablet stand, tablet stand mini that sticks to the terminal with an adhesive sheet, and a magnet sheet that attaches to the kitchen or car and attaches “MOFT X” to it. Specifications may differ from the finished product due to sample products.

When you attach the smartphone stand to Pixel 3a XL and place it vertically, it looks like this. The adhesive sheet can be re-stretched about 500 times.

Horizontal installation is also OK. Switching from portrait to landscape is a time-consuming task for notebook-type cases and bunkering, but it's nice to be able to switch quickly and intuitively.

If you insert your finger into the stand, it will also be a holder, so you do not have to worry about falling on your face even if you look at your smartphone while sleeping. The card case has a skimming prevention function and can hold up to three cards.

The tablet stand and tablet stand mini also support both vertical and horizontal placements.

◆ 08:

Board game “Dominate Grail War -Fate / stay night on Board Game-” that becomes the master of “Fate / stay night” and fights the Holy Grail War with servants (1 person)

◆ 09: IPX5 waterproof standard, up to 100 hours playback is enabled wireless earphones 'of Anker in the charging case available

Soundcore Liberty ' & IPX waterproof standard sound with more powerful even in the outdoors can enjoy Anker wireless earphones 'of Soundcore Liberty Neo ' set (one person Mr)
Unused items. You can use it for everyday use or for outdoor use, or you can give it to someone.

◆ 10:

Convenient home appliance 'Electric pressure cooker SR-MP300' that can be realized with just one button and can realize the full potential of meat & pressure / low temperature / anhydrous / boiled cooking (1 person)
Apart from the review products, we had Panasonic provide them for gifts.

You can check how the 'Electric Pressure Pan SR-MP300' is running from the movie below.

`` Electric pressure pan SR-MP300 '' Cooking-YouTube

This is how the pork cutlet made with the electric pressure pan SR-MP300 looks like.

I made pork simmered with `` electric pressure pan SR-MP300 ''-YouTube

◆ 11: Mobile battery 'Anker Roav Jump Starter Pro' that can charge the smartphone with jump start and smartphone with large current (1 person)

The movie that actually starts a car jump start with 'Anker Roav Jump Starter Pro' is Kore.

I tried a car jump start with `` Anker Roav Jump Starter Pro ''-YouTube

◆ 12:

Yoshinoya's first emergency food “6 types of canned rice, 6 cans set” (2 persons)
This product was provided by the Yoshinoya for gifts. From the upper left, one set of “pork ginger fried bowl”, “beef grilled beef bowl”, “grilled chicken bowl”, “pork bowl”, “gyudon” and “yakisoba mackerel bowl”.

Shelf life varies from July 2022 for the earliest can and October 2022 for the latest can.

◆ 13: Mahjong set (1 person)

This is a Mahjong pie + mat set used in the 'Mahjong Camera' app that automatically calculates the score just by shooting Mahjong's rising hand on the iPhone . The size of the mat is 690mm x 690mm.

◆ 14:

Oreo Music Box, a turntable that plays music when Oreo is placed (1 person)
The gift is only the 'Oreo Music Box' body.

From the following movie, you can check where the music actually flows with Oreo on it.

Turn table `` Oreo Music Box '' where music flows when Oreo is placed-YouTube

◆ 15: 'Sakudai Motivation Pen' to escape from homework hell and wake up children with positive feedback (1 person)
This product was provided by KOKUYO for gifts.

This is how it looks like you are actually using the 'motivation pen'.

State when using `` Shukudai motivation pen ''-YouTube

◆ 16: Anker robot vacuum cleaner 'Eufy RoboVac L70 Hybrid' with a mapping function for water cleaning and double cleaning with suction and a water-washable dust container (1 person)
Mopping cloth and filter have been cleaned.

Here is a movie that shows how 'Eufy RoboVac L70 Hybrid' is cleaning.

Anker `` Eufy RoboVac L70 Hybrid '' double cleaning with water wiping & suction looks like this-YouTube

◆ 17 : Starbucks cup holder set (1 person)
Cup holder sold as a set when ' Halloween Dark Knight Frappuccino ' is released. Set of two, white and black.

When I actually put a Starbucks drink in the holder, it looks like this. Height about 10cm, diameter about 8cm. Only tall-sized ice cups can be placed in the holder.

◆ 18 : A

game to unravel the culprit of the food killing that occurred in “BEASTARS” only for one night “Bee Stars x One Night Werewolf” (1 person)

◆ 19: Anker charger '

PowerPort Atom III (Two Ports) ' equipped with USB-A / USB-C port and capable of high-speed charging up to 60W & high-speed charging up to 18W, large capacity & thin type of 20000mAh Anker's mobile battery `` PowerCore Essential 20000 PD '' set (one person) that can be carried anywhere
It is an unused item.

◆ 20:

“Shibuya struggle” (1 person) who conquers the underworld as the head of a gang while spitting exquisite lines such as “I'm empty!”

◆ 21 :

Even if it is shocked or bent, it is easy to bend, glasses with meat balls for dogs “Sequel / Nekorin-After all I like dogs” set (1 person)
Set of eyeglass frames 'Toy Poodle', 'Dax', 'Pomeranian', 'Shiba Inu', and glasses stand 'Dax', 'Toy Poodle', 'Shiba Inu'. Since all the lenses in the frame are not precious, there is also a set of exchange tickets that allow you to insert a lens that suits you with your favorite eyes of nearby glasses.

You can see in the movie how naughty even if you bend the frame.

I tried bending 'Continuation / Nekorin-After all I like dogs-' to Gunyagunya-YouTube

◆ 22 : Even if you fall asleep or lay on your hips, you can safely use 4 “ Nekorin ” frames and a lens exchange ticket set (1 person)
Recommended for cats, the cat motif 'Nekorin'. From the top, 'Kuroneko', 'Mike', 'Tora cat' and 'Scott'. Since all the lenses in the frame are not precious, there is also a set of exchange tickets that allow you to insert a lens that suits you with your favorite eyes of nearby glasses.

◆ 23:

Anker's Wireless Earphone “Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro” that supports wireless charging and allows you to enjoy realistic sounds for up to 32 hours with its unique coaxial acoustic structure (1 person)
Will be unused.

It looks like this when actually worn.

◆ 24 :

Amano Foods Set (2 persons)
One set of ' Freeze-dried Takumi Hot Pot Nabeyaki Udon with Shrimp Tempura ' and ' Usually Miso Soup Natural Fugu'.

Pour hot water into 'Freeze-dried Takumi Hot Pot Nabeyaki Udon with Shrimp Tempura' and a movie to make a nabeyaki udon in 1 minute is as follows.

I tried to make `` Freeze-dried Takumi Nabe Ebi Tempura Nabeyaki Udon '' that can make nabeyaki udon in 1 minute-YouTube

This is a movie where 'Usually miso soup natural fugu' becomes miso soup in 10 seconds.

Freeze drying `` Usually miso soup natural fugu '' changes to miso soup in 10 seconds-YouTube

The expiration date is “Freeze-dried Takumi Hot Pot Nabeyaki Udon with Ebi Tempura” in March 2020, and “Usually Miso Soup Natural Fugu” in July 2020.

◆ 25:

Smart speaker 'Zolo SonicG' of Anker which can enjoy clear sound anywhere in the house with a compact design and Google Assistant (1 person)
It is an unused item.

◆ 26:

Wonder Festival 2019 Summer Souvenir / Acrylic Figure Set (1 person)
This is a set of acrylic figures that use the image illustrations of the ' Wanda-chan NEXT DOOR Project ' 2019 summer figure and the illustrations of the Wonder Festival 2019 summer brochure.

The height alongside the iPhone 11 Pro looks like this.

◆ 27 : Anker's “

Alkaline dry cell AA (24-pack) ” and “ Alkaline dry cell AA ” perfect for disaster prevention with interlocking structure and rubber seal to prevent liquid leakage and for long-term storage up to 10 years. (24 packs) '' set (1 person)
It is an unused item.

◆ 28 :

Wingspan, a board game that creates beautiful “bird paradise” by inviting beautiful birds (1 person)

◆ 29 :

Futon dryer “Smart Dry RF-EA20” which is easy to carry and easy to carry by just inserting it .
This product was provided by Zojirushi for gifts.

The operation sound when the bedding is drying with 'Smart Dry RF-EA20' can be confirmed from the following movie.

The operating sound of Zojirushi's futon dryer `` Smart Dry RF-EA20 '' looks something like this-YouTube

◆ 30: A game that creates the strongest proposal in 10 seconds and presents a ring “I will devote the words of the proposal I just thought to you.” (1 person)

◆ 31:

Anker's ultra-large capacity mobile battery “PowerCore Essential 20000” that can charge iPhone 11 and Galaxy S10 four times and can charge up to two smartphones simultaneously (1 person)
It is an unused item.

◆ 32:

Red Bull Air Race Chiba 2019 Souvenir Set (1 person)
It is a set of 2 caps, Air Race Magazine 2019, 2 English version media kits, 2 Japanese version media kits, Chiba guidebook, and neck strap.

Air Race Magazine 2019 is written entirely in English.

The cap is made shallow and looks like this when put on.

◆ 33:

Tokyo Game Show 2019 Souvenir Set (1 person)
' Rockman Zero & Xechs Double Hero Collection ' B3 poster, ' Resident Evil Resistance ' B3 poster, ' Monster Hunter World: Iceborn ' B3 poster, ' Keiyotsuki ' sticker, ' Brigandine Luziana Senki ' clear file, ' Rakugaki Kingdom ' clear File, `` Ash and Magic Brush '' A5 Notebook, `` New Sakura Wars '' booklet, special bromide (Hatsuho Shinonome), `` Dance Dance Revolution ULTIMATE MOBILE '' fan, 2 `` Call of Duty Modern Warfare '' stickers, T-shirt Set of.

The 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare' T-shirt is large. This is what a man around 180cm tall wears.

The title logo is printed on the back.

◆ 34:

'Phonster X' set (1 person) that can store smartphone and wallet like a gun holster

The set consists of a wallet, pouch, multi-size pouch, back strap, and three straps.

Although it is an unused item, since it was sleeping in the warehouse of the editorial department, some buttons and parts have scratches and deterioration.

◆ 35:

Ad Generation set (1 person)
A set of two T-shirts and stickers.

Both T-shirts are medium size, and when a woman with a height of 151 cm wears it looks like this.

◆ 36:

Robot picture book that changes the future (1 person)

In the latter half of the 20th century, with advances in computers and science and technology,
The field of robotics has exploded.
Robotics and artificial intelligence are already part of our lives.
This book includes humanoid and animal / insect robots that resemble humans,
A robot arm that can work with accuracy and speed that humans can not do,
Robots that can work in harsh environments such as space and the sea,
Robot helpers who care for patients in hospitals, rescue robots that are active in disasters,
From the latest drones to future cars and micro robots,
Various types of robots will appear.
How will our lives change in the future?
Let's stay ahead of the future of living with robots!

◆ 37: A

board game that guides zombie idols and saves Saga 'Zombie Land Saga-A Nice Game for Your Heart-SAGA' (1 person)

◆ 38:

Yanmar Museum Souvenir Set (1 person)
A set of notebooks, ballpoint pens and tote bags.

The size of the tote bag is about 40 cm in length and 23 cm in width. The gusset is about 13cm and it looks like this on the shoulder.

Notes are B6 size ruled lines, and ballpoint pen ink is black.

◆ 39: '

Mac Card ' for 3,000 yen (1 person) that can be used at McDonald's nationwide

There is no expiration date.

◆ 40:

Adobe MAX 2019 souvenir set (1 person)
Adobe Photoshop logo cap, Adobe logo socks, MOO promotion kit, 5 types of promotion cards, stickers, notes, asana stickers, ArcGIS Maps for Adobe Creative Cloud promotion cards, stickers, Fonts by Hoefler & Co. New font summary booklet, Adobe logo included It is a set of USB charger and soft case.

The contents of the booklet summarizing the new fonts at the time of article creation are like this.

The USB charger is '

ACA-IP54 ' from Sanwa Supply . Four USB-A ports are provided.

Please note that the zipper inside the suitcase of the soft case containing the USB charger has been broken when you bring it back from the event.

The notebook is a

modified A5 size, and the ruled line is a dot grid (5mm).

The cap has a flat visor portion and is made wider.

Socks look like this.

It is a product for children because there are 'Man 6-12' and 'Woman 7-13' under 'One Size Fits most'. The length from the toe to the heel is about 16cm.

◆ 41:

“Blade Rondo Frost Veil” set (1 person) fighting with seven swords with a beautiful girl in a frozen world
It is a set of 'Blade Rondo Frost Veil' main body, promotion card 'Diamond of desperate rejection' and flyer, two DOMINA GAMES 2020 calendars.

The DOMINA GAMES 2020 calendar uses beautiful card illustrations from the Blade Rondo series.

◆ 42:

Card game “Margot” set (1 person) to rescue the fairies drawn by beautiful illustrations and recover the lost story
'Margot' main body, flyer, set of DOMINA GAMES 2020 calendar one book.

◆ 43:

Nose training that revives your body in one minute! (1 person)

Upsets such as chronic fatigue, insomnia, stiff shoulders, and headaches result from poor physical circulation. Improve your body with 'nose breathing'.
Approach your symptoms by controlling your breathing, adjusting your physical condition, and calming your mind.
`` Nose just smells '' `` You can breathe with your mouth ''
* This book is based on yoga breathing techniques.

◆ 44:

Calendar 'Innovator Desktop Slim Size' that fits perfectly under the PC display and does not disturb the screen (1 person)

◆ 45:

Board game “PIECE o 'CAKE more whip!” (1 person)

◆ 46 :

Writing OK like a whiteboard with a disappearing ballpoint pen. ・ Magnetic board “Notes by Butterfly Board” set for compactness (1 person)
A set of 'Notes by Butterfly Board' (ivory), special case (white), and friction point 04 . This is a product that has been improved by making the ' Butterfly Board ' reviewed in the past compact. Specifications may differ from the finished product due to sample products.

When you open the main unit and compare it with Pixel 3a, it looks like this.

'Notes by Butterfly Board' can be written with a ballpoint pen that disappears with heat, such as

friction . The writing board is made of a water-resistant material, so you can wipe it off with a wet tissue or wipe it off with a faucet.

◆ 47:

Cardboard saw “Logistics-kun” set (for one person)
It is a set of 'Logistics' body and two fluorine replacement blades .

Here is a movie that cuts two layers of cardboard with 'Cardboard saw logistics'.

I tried cutting the cardboard piled up twice with `` Cardboard saw logistics ''-YouTube

◆ 48: Pokemon goods set (1 person)
This is a set of Laplace soda bottles that you can get with Misug x Pokemon collaboration mug, two plates, two coasters, three tapioca drink cups, and ' Laplace + Miyagi tour '. Cups and bottles have been cleaned.

◆ 49: USB-C quick charger '

PowerPort Atom III Slim ' which can charge not only smartphones but also MacBook Air with a thickness of 1.6cm & large capacity mobile battery ' PowerCore Slim 10000 PD which can charge iPhone 11 twice though it is thin. '' Set (1 person)
It is an unused item.

◆ 50:

The contents of the bag can be seen at a glance with a transparent case & the “Flatty” set (1 person) that is super convenient and can save space by storing the petanko
It is a set of A5 size (blue gray) and A6 size (mint green).

◆ 51:

Anker's compact quick charger 'PowerPort III mini' that can charge iPad Pro and MacBook Air with a maximum output of 30W for high-speed charging (1 person)
It is an unused product.

◆ 52 :

Star Wars Set (1 person)
A set of two Star Wars bean dishes (not for sale), paper bags, and a Disney Studio lineup brochure.

The size of the bean dish is about 87 mm, and it looks like this compared to a transportation IC card.

◆ 53: Anker charger '

PowerPort Atom III 60W ' compatible with iPhone 11 Pro, Galaxy S10, MacBook Pro, etc. at a maximum of 60W & Anker's mobile battery that can charge various smartphones about twice and tablet terminals about once PowerCore 10000 PD Redux '' set (1 person)
An unused charger and mobile battery set.

◆ 54: Movie '

Geminiman ' set (1 person)
It is a set of autographed posters, press sheets, and clear files of Will Smith, directed by Ann Lee, and producer Jerry Bruckheimer.

The poster is a 1030mm x 728mm B1 size, and the whole looks like this.

When applying, please note that the poster has a fold in the lower right corner.

◆ 55 : Movie set (1 person)

Joker ' A3 Poster, ' Once Upon a Time in the West ' Postcard, Can Badge, ' Free Solo ' Postcard, ' First Man ' B5 Clear File, ' Pet 2 ' Advance Bonus Character Strap (Chloe), ' Terminator: New Fate ' 2 mini-figure for overseas edition visitors.

◆ 56 :

gusset ★ asobi set (1 person)
' Devil Blade ' Meishan Ropeway Announcement Poster (Shinobu, Yoshihiro), ' Capsule Sabanto ' Sticker (Lin), 9 ' Tokyo Chronos ' Stickers, ' Ohenro. ' 2 Can Badges, ' Void Terrarium ' Set Of Can Badges. '

Please note that the 'Devil Blade' Meishan Ropeway Announcement Poster has a fold at the bottom right when you take it home.

◆ 57: '

Advisor to Kosaku Shima ' bean plate set (1 person)
This is a set of two beans plates included in the publicity kit for ' Toranomon Minatoya Hot Chili Soba Chicken Soba ' released in collaboration with Nissin. The size of the bean dish is about 8.5cm.

◆ 58: Anime Set A (1 person)

Pocket Monster '' Clear File, `` GODZILLA Star Eater ' ' Clear File, ` ` Promare '' 100th Anniversary Commemorative Illustration Card, Visitor Bonus ID Card (Gallo), `` Fafner in the Azure THE BEYOND '' Mini Figure (Mark Zine), ' Mewtwo Strikes Back EVOLUTION ' visitor benefits Pokemon card game 'Armored Mewtwo', Special moth Ole disk 'Mewtwo', ' theater version of the seven deadly sins sky Bond's ' advance privilege clear file, ' Kamen Rider rehmannia Over Quartzer ' ' Knight Ryu Sentai Ryusouja THE MOVIE Time Slip! Dinosaur Panic !! ' Visitor Bonus W Hero Changing Card Set (Jiou Zero One) (Ryusou Green Ryusou Black), Advance Bonus Jumping Hero (Jiou), ' Kamen Rider Heisei J Nerations FINAL Build & Ex-Aid with Legend Rider 'Visitor Bonus' Takumi Katsuragi Data Card 'Design Ganba Rising Card (Build Smartphone Wolf Form) (Grease),' Sencolor Connect 'Visitor Bonus Clear File,' Movie Yokai Gakuen Y Cat It is a set of booklet booklet for “ Are you a Hero? ” Advance Advance Youkai Arc “Jinpai” and “One Piece Theater Stampede for Theater ”.

◆ 59: Anime set B (1 person)

Bang Dream! FILM LIVE ' Mbichike Bonus Clear File, Pamphlet Bonus Clear File, Visitor Bonus Shikishi (Arisaki), ' Fate / kaleid liner Prisma ☆ Illya Prisma ☆ Phantasm ' Advance Bonus Clear File, Pamphlet Bonus Clear File, ' Theater ' `` Alchemist for Whoga ' ' Admission Bonus 7 Premium Mini Figures (Canon (Adolescent), Kagura, Kudanstein, Basini, Bud, Orion, Suzuka) Set, Visitor Benefits (2nd) Trump Style Postcard ( `` Diamond '', `` Mirai Daiba '' Christmas raw live acrylic key chain, `` Frame Arms Girl ~ Kyukky Ufu-Funa Wonderland ~ '' Visitor benefits (1st week) Ticket holder (Baselard), `` Blessing this wonderful world! legend 'visitors privilege (the first series) short booklet,' Pandora and yawning 'admission Benefits (2nd) sticker, ' I wonder is wrong to ask the meeting to the theater version dungeon - Orion arrow - ' visitor benefits (1 week) short booklet, ' The Movie PEACE MAKER Kurogane after the hen Tomoinochi -Yumei-] A set of visitors bonus comic booklet.

'The Movie Alchemist for Whom' premium mini figure looks like this. The attached 'In-Game Bonus QR Code' has expired on August 31, 2019 and has lost its effect.

◆ 60: Anime Set C (1 person)

It is a set that summarizes the appendix of the monthly new type . ' Re: Life in a Different World Starting from Zero, the Bonds of Freezing ' ' Sleeping Her Raising Fine ' Double-sided Poster, ' Idol Master SideM ', ' Bungo Stray Dogs Dead Apple ' Double-sided Poster, ' Dungeon Mistakes I wonder if you are II 'and' A person who knows the blueness of the sky '


Bungo Stray Dogs '' `` Weather Child '' Double-sided Poster, `` Bungo Stray Dogs '' Clear File, `` Dear Girl's Raising Her Fine '' Clear File, `` Star-Mu (3rd Term) '' Clear File, `` Weather Child '' Clear File, ' Fate / Grand Order-Absolute Demon Beast Front Babylonia- ' 2 clear files and a set of 'GeGeGe no Kitaro' booklet.

◆ 61: Anime Set D (1 person)
Appendix set of

Animedia . ' Shinkansen deformation Robo Shinkarion ' ' Attack on Titan ' two-sided poster, ' Ai bonito down parade! ' 'Gegege no Kitaro' two-sided poster, ' Urashima Sakata ship of the day-to-day ,' ' Ojamajo ' two-sided poster, ' Zombieland Saga revenge ' Inazuma Eleven Engraved Orion ' double-sided poster, ' Bang Dream! ' Voice actor handwritten data file, 'Pokemon' 'Urashima Sakata Ship's Daily Life ' double-sided poster, ' Star Twinkle Precure ' clear file, ' Sarazanmai ' clear file , ' Theatrical Version Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love Kingdom ' Clear File.

◆ 62: Anime Set E (1 person)
The appendix of

Animage is summarized. 'Gegege no Kitaro' double-sided poster, ' Kamen Rider Geo ', ' HUG! Pretty Cure ' double-sided poster, 'Gegege no Kitaro' 'Movie version Kamen Rider Geo Over Quartzer' double-sided poster, 'Gegege no Kitaro' 'Inazuma Eleven Orion's Engraving 'double-sided poster,' Inazuma Eleven Orion's engraving ',' Gegege no Kitaro 'double-sided poster,' Kamen Rider Geo ',' Build NEW WORLD Kamen Rider Grease 'double-sided poster ...


tights ' 'Fate / Grand Order-Absolute Monster Front Babylonia' double-sided poster, 'Sarazanmai' 'Gegege no Kitaro' double-sided poster, ' Hypnosis Mic ' 'Fate / Grand Order-Absolute Monster Front Babylonia-' both sides This is a set of posters, 'Do not raise her dull Fine', 'Fate / Grand Order -Absolute Demon Beast Front Babylonia-' double-sided poster, 'Sarazanmai' clear file, and 'Hypnosis Mike' clear file.

◆ 63:

Nescafe coffee machine “Dolce Gusto Genio 2 Premium” (1 person) that can enjoy various kinds of coffee at any time with a special capsule
It is an unused item. To enjoy coffee with Dolce Gusto Genio 2 Premium, you need a special capsule for Dolce Gusto .

◆ 64:

chick set (1 person)
It is a set of tote bag and towel handkerchief that you can get by purchasing “Chicken Ramen Donburi Chiki Gyu Chicken Gala Pepper Beef Taste” and “Chicken Ramen Big Cup Chiki Ton Chicken Gala Pepper Pork Bone Taste” at the same time.

On the back of the tote bag is a large chick face.

◆ 65:

An exquisite design calendar “City” with colorful illustrations of cities around the world (1 person)

◆ 66: Amazon gift card worth 30,000 yen (1 person)

The present project has ended. Thank you for many applications!

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