GIGAZINE Summer big release project 'Please answer the questionnaire and bring it all!'

GIGAZINE provides it from the manufacturer to support people who want to enjoy summer as much as possible without losing the sweltering heat! “I would rather not go out and enjoy indoor life at home!” We decided to carry out a plan to release the review items we received, the souvenirs of the interviewee, and various items sleeping in the editorial department as presents. Those not specifically mentioned are the ones used for the review article.

This gift is Apple's latest smartphone ``

2nd generation iPhone SE '' released in April 2020, ``Varia RTL515 '' that can detect the approach of a car with a millimeter wave radar and also becomes a bicycle taillight, automatic ' Tondori Oven ' that can rotate various ingredients from beef to coffee by rotating with, the Yamazen Inverter Generator ' EIGG-600D ' that can be used in ordinary typhoon seasons and outdoors and at home with an ordinary cassette cylinder, ozone Ozoneo Aero that removes foul odors, germs and viruses with the oxidizing power of ' Ozoneo Aero ', ' Big Stream Somen Slider Custom ' that allows you to realize Nagashi Somen at home and freely customize it , Hot summer visit from GIGAZINE , Amazon gift certificate 30,000 A total of 45 items including yen .

Also, what kind of people are reading GIGAZINE? Since it also serves as a questionnaire for researching points that can not be understood only by access analysis, it would be greatly appreciated if people who answered 'I do not need a gift, but cooperate with the questionnaire!' Then, please see below for the application method and present list.

◆Application period
From Thursday, July 23, 2020 to Wednesday, August 5, 2020, 23:59.

◆Winner announcement
Winners will receive an email from the GIGAZINE editorial department to the email address at the time of application after August 6 (Thursday), so it is OK if you can reply to the email with the shipping address etc. Also, the winning notification email is treated as spam with a high probability, and despite the fact that we won the prize, we did not receive it because we were late to notice it. According to the schedule, the notification to the first winner will arrive on Thursday, August 6th, and after that, unless the first winner does not reply, the right to the second winner, the third winner... Is a mechanism that moves. So, it means 'after Thursday, August 6th'.

So, the gift list is from the following. You will need to enter the present number when you apply for the questionnaire, so be sure to remember the present number.

◆01: Second-generation 'iPhone SE' that can be obtained from the 40,000 yen range (1 person)
SIM free version with 64GB capacity and black color.

◆ 02:

Palm-sized 'Tepura' Lite LR30 set (two people) that can be printed from a smartphone
I got it from King Jim for gifts. A set of a Tepla body and a 15 mm wide tape.


'Mosquito repellent LED solar lantern rechargeable' that can be used as an LED lantern for outdoor use by attracting and repelling annoying mosquitoes with UV light (1 person)

In the movie below, you can check the action when you actually repel insects.

The sound when ``mosquito repellent LED solar lantern rechargeable'' repels insects is like this-YouTube

◆ 04: 'Varia RTL 515' (1 person) that can detect approaching cars with millimeter-wave radar and can also be used as tail lights for bicycles

You can check how the 'Varia RTL515' is attached to your bicycle from the following movie.

Garmin's rear view radar ``Varia RTL 515'' for bicycle looks like this when attached to a bicycle-YouTube

◆05: 'Tondri Oven' (1 person) that automatically rotates and cooks when you add ingredients, from grilled meat to roasted coffee beans .
This product was provided separately from the review product by noted .

In the following movie, you can check the state of roasting meat while turning it in the 'tondri oven'.

I tried roasting meat in a rotating pot ``Tondri oven''-YouTube

◆06: 'Big Stream Somen Slider Custom' by Takara Tomy Arts that allows you to realize Nagashi Somen at home and customize it freely (1 person)
A product that you can enjoy Nagashisomen in four styles both indoors and outdoors.


“Magical Maze”, a super-muscle-friendly board game aimed at cooperating in a limited time and trying to escape in a timely manner (1 person)

This is how you actually play 'Magic Maze'.

Conversational real-time cooperation escape game ``Magic Maze'' playing-YouTube

◆08: Anker A new era manufacturer (1 person) that continues explosive growth

The Amazon review looks like the following.

On the contrary, it is important to look at an amateur

Although it is basic for marketing, it turned out that it was a company that embodied the idea of putting all the necessary and sufficient resources in the right places and making a thorough attack. However, even if I understand it, it is something I can not do easily. The attachment of each and every employee will be unbearable. It is a book that you can read and feel that it seems to be fun even if it is hard.

◆09: Sanko's “Homemade Yakitori Maker 2” (10 people), where 10 skewers automatically rotate and burn

This is how the skewers roasted at 'Homemade Yakitori Maker 2' turn.

The sound of meat being burned at Sanko ``Homemade Yakitori Maker 2''-YouTube

◆10: “Pandemic: Hot Zone” (1 person) that saves humanity by cooperating with everyone from the spread of new virus infection
I was provided by Hobby Japan for a gift plan.


'Bake it!' (1 person), which allows you to easily make a hot-sand with a crisp texture in the microwave oven .


PS4 dedicated software 'Predator: Hunting Grounds' (1 person) that can become a predator and destroy special forces with overwhelming power, or cooperate with four to challenge a powerful predator

It has been opened because it was used for review. 'Predator: Hunting Grounds' is a work of '

CERO: Z (applicable only to 18 years old or older)', so you cannot apply under 17 years old.

The early purchase privilege enclosed with the software is unused. The expiration date is April 23, 2021.


Deck-building game “Looking for El Dorado” (1 person) searching through the jungle and overlooking the river to discover the unseen golden town
This is a new board game released in June, provided by Ark Light as a gift.


Yamazen's inverter generator “EIGG-600D” (1 person) that can be used with an ordinary cassette cylinder and seems to be useful in homes such as typhoon season and outdoors
It is a product that Yamazen provided for a gift separately from the review.


'Extreme Shogi' (3 people) with a strange board that creates 'Shogi packed every turn'
A board game for two to play by drawing cards and deciding the shape of the board and the number of pieces.


“Ozoneo Aero” that removes offensive odors, germs and viruses by the oxidizing power of ozone (1 person)

The movie that allows you to check the operating sound of 'Ozone Neo Aero' is here.

The weak, medium and strong driving sounds of ``Ozoneo Aero'' that removes foul odors, germs and viruses by the oxidizing power of ozone are like this-YouTube

◆17: Relay novel production game 'Jarehon' set (3 people) that continues from the title and the contents written by the previous person
This is a set of 2 bags of 'Jare Books' which are provided by the Jare Books Official as gifts. There are 4 books in 1 bag, and you can play a total of 16 times in a set. You can change the members and enjoy it, or you can aim for the ultimate relay novel with the same members.

◆18: A card game

'Eresia' and a clear file set (1 person) where 5 beautiful girls split into 'bad school students who skip school' and 'honor students who secretly inform'
It is a set of 'Eresia' main body and all 2 types of clear file for purchase bonus at HOBBYBASE Yellow Submarine .

◆19: Competitive card game

'Blade Rondo Lost Dream' with a sword and magic that became a beautiful girl .
'Blade Rondo Lost Dream' main unit and HOBBYBASE Yellow Submarine purchase privilege clear file are set.


Dolby Atmos compatible, Anker sound bar 'Soundcore Infini Pro' (1 person) that can enjoy powerful sound with built-in subwoofer


Amano Foods Freeze Dry Curry Set (1 person)
It is a set of 'chicken cutlet curry' where you can eat chicken cutlet curry with crispy clothes in 1 minute by pouring hot water and '1 field vegetables and chicken '. At the time of writing the article, 'Chicken Cutlet Curry' is sold out on the official online shop .

This is the movie of pouring hot water into 'Chicken cutlet curry' and cooking.

Freezing dried food Amano Foods ``Chicken Cutlet Curry'' actually cooked-YouTube

The expiration date is May 2021 for chicken cutlet curry and February 2021 for field curry.

◆22: Red Bull Set (2 people)
A set of one regular red bull and one

summer red gold 'Summer Edition' .

The expiration date is early, January 2021.


'Camel Up' (1 person) who expects to win or lose in a big incandescent camel race in the desert and makes a lot of money
I was provided by Hobby Japan for a gift plan.

◆24: '

Detective Conan Cider 3rd ' 6 types set (1 person)
The third set of cider cans in which the characters of the 'Detective Conan' series are packaged. Conan, Kid, Sorrow, Agasa, Heiji, and Waba are all 6 types.

The expiration date is April 2021.


Display color can be freely selected from 70 colors & Seiko's digital clock 'DL307W' (1 person) that always displays accurate time with radio waves
The body color is white.

You can check the colorful gradation of 'DL307W' from the following movie.

Seiko's digital clock ``DL307W'' with 70 colorful gradations-YouTube

◆26: A box garden board game “Caverna: Cave Farmers” where the whole family works together to cultivate farmlands and caves & an expansion set “Caverna” where elves and trolls cultivate fields to grow livestock and dig caves : Forgotten Tribe' set (1 person)
It is a product provided by Hobby Japan separately from the review product.

◆27: Dydo Drinko Dragon Ball Set (1 person)

Dragon Ball Z -Desktop Tool Collection- ' is a set of 7 types, and 'Dydo Blend Super Sugar Supervised by the World's Best Barista' and 'Dido Blend Black Supervised by the World's Best Barista'.

Son Goku (Super Saiyan) Card Stand

Freeza (4th form), eye drop stand, vegeta (great monkey), cotton swab holder

Radits Pen Stand

Guinyu/replacement stand, cell (first form), clip holder

Majin Buu (pure), smartphone stand

The expiration date of 'Dydo Blend Super Sugar Supervised by the World's Best Barista' and 'Dido Do Blend Black Supervised by the Barista' is January 2021.


Sleep better! Refreshing awakening! Shiokura BOOK (1 person) to create deep sleep supervised by a good sleep professional .
BOOK with pillows. The pillow is 'a sleepless night's ally, the name is 'Shio-Makura'', and it is an item that the good sleep therapist Miho Mihashi 'supervised with an idea from the good sleep method 'Head cold foot heat' that has been handed down from ancient times.'

Comparing the size of Shiokura to the 144 mm high iPhone 11 Pro, it looks like this.

This is the height.

◆29: This manga is amazing! comics 'cat and dragon' 4 volume set (1 person)

This manga is amazing! comics cat and dragon ' ' This manga is amazing! comics cat and dragon 2 ' ' This manga is amazing! comics cat and dragon 3 ' ' This manga is amazing! comics cat It is a four volume set of ' and Ryu 4 '.

Hey, uncle of the feathers. I want to teach human children about magic.
A fire dragon flew down in the depths of the forest where the demon beasts fell.
The dragon dropped one egg, buried it in the soil, went hunting, and died.
A cat came over the egg.
The cat laid a kitten on the buried egg, and the kittens unknowingly kept warming the dragon's egg.
Dragon cubs hatched four days after the kittens were born.
The cats live by adding a little strange 'cats that fly in the sky and blow fire' to their families...

◆30: '

Wancle Portable Smoker ' & ' SOTO Smoked Chips Sakura ' set (1 person) that is compact and allows you to easily smoke on the table

You can see the place where you smoke instantly sausage using 'Smoking Gun' from the following.

Instant smoking of sausage with ``Smoking Gun''-YouTube

◆31: Powered by Anker's USB-C charger 'PowerPort Atom III 45W Slim' (1 person) that supports quick charging and can be carried compactly with a foldable plug .

◆32: A

super-easy convenient freezer bag 'Stasher' set (1 person) that can be used as a cooking utensil and a storage container and can be frozen and stored as many times as you like
One set of 4 sizes, half gallon, sandwich, snack, and stand-up.


Kyoto Aquarium Souvenir and Jellyfish Set (1 person)
This is a set of two original ' jellyfish wonder ' with a new jellyfish area, which was renewed from the Kyoto Aquarium, and 'Kapurium Collection Jellyfish'.

With a jellyfish cushion in your hand, it looks like this.

'Caprium Collection Jellyfish' is a mini diorama that reproduces the habitat of jellyfish. It is a set of 'Pacific Sea Nettle' and 'Red Jellyfish' out of all 5 species.

Compared to the iPhone 11 with a height of 150.9 mm, it looks like this.


Turn around to effectively utilize the outlet & power tap that can charge smartphones with two USB ports 700-TAP020 Rotating Power Tap (1 person)


'Robinson Crusoe Adventures on the Cursed Island' (1 person) sending together a fierce survival life on an uninhabited island where storms and predators attack
A product provided by Ark Light for a gift plan.

◆36: App Store & iTunes Gift Card 3000 yen worth (1 person)
A prepaid card that you can use to purchase apps, games, music, movies, books, and iCloud from the App Store.


'HARIO teapot clear without lid', which is easy to clean even if you brew tea from the tea leaves by integrating the spout and tea strainer (1 person)
The capacity is 450 ml. A convenient item that was unlikely to exist.

◆38: Google Play Gift Card 3000 yen worth (1 person)
A prepaid card that you can use to buy Android apps, games, music, movies, and books.


Tumbler 'Stojo' set (1 person) that is easy to carry because it can be folded into a Pechanco
Two sets of 355 ml (sky) and 470 ml (carbon) with a straw.

You can check from the movie how compact 'Stojo' is.

How compact is the tumbler ``Stojo'' that becomes a Pechanco-YouTube

◆40: Anime Set A (1 person)
The new type appendix is summarized. ' Fate/stay night [Heaven's Feel] Ⅲ.spring song ' ' Magia Records Puella Magi Madoka Magica Gaiden ' double-sided poster, ' Bang Dream! 3rd Season ' ' Argonavis from BanG Dream! ' Double-sided poster, ' Sword Art Online Alishi' 'Zation War of Underworld ' ' Koi to Producer -EVOL x LOVE- ' double-sided poster, 'Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld' clear underlay, 'Magia Record Puella Magi Madoka Magica Gaiden' 'Fate/stay night [Heaven's Feel ] Ⅲ.spring song' double sided poster, 'Fate/stay night [Heaven's Feel] Ⅲ.spring song' 2 clear files, ' A3! ' ' Theatrical version Violet Evergarden ' double sided poster set.

◆41: Anime Set B (1 person)

Animage 's appendix set. The breakdown is a double-sided poster of ' Ishiga will die if you go to the Budokan ' and a clear file, ' Flame Flame Fire Fighter Vol. 2 ', ' Millionaire Detective Balance: UNLIMITED ' two-sided poster, 'Millionaire Detective Balance: UNLIMITED' 'A3!' two-sided poster. , ' Dogengers ' pamphlet, 'Magia Record Puella Magi Madoka Magica Gaiden' ' Harako-kun , Earth- bound Boy ' double - sided poster, 'Hanako-kun, Self -bound boy ' Clear File, ' Himitsu x Warrior Phantom Mirage the Movie! ' It's a double-sided poster of 'The Movie Version Violet Evergarden'.

◆42: Anime Set C (1 person)

This is a summary of the Appendix of Animedia . ' Princess Connect! Re:Dive ' ' Idolish 7 Second BEAT! ' double-sided poster, 'Idolish 7 Second BEAT!' clear file, ' Pokemon ' ' Paradox Live ' double-sided poster, 'Pokemon' clear file, 'A3!' clear file, 'self-locking boy Hanako-kun' mini clear file, 'self-locking boy Hanako-kun,' 'Pokemon' two-sided poster, 'A3!', ' Urashima Sakata ship of the day-to-day ' double-sided poster of the set.

◆43: Anime Set D (1 person)

Yamano Susume Omoide Present ' visitors bonus original picture sheet (here, Aoi, Kaede), ' ANEMONE / Eureka Seven High Evolution ' advance sale clear file, ' Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya Prisma☆Pantasm ' attendant benefits ( (1st week) Mini Shikishi (Ilya), ' Theatrical version Free! -Road to the World- Dream ' visitors privilege (1st week) Mini Shikishi (Makoto, Nagisa, Rei), ' Time travel of Dilili and Paris ' Press Seat, ' Dragon Ball Z Resurrection'F'' visitors bonus Dragon Ball Comics Volume 'F', ' Asagaoto Kase-san. ' Advance sale clear file, ' Code Geass Revival of Lelouch ' visitors bonus short story card (Jirkstan), ' Torashinkan ' ' Yotanata Aoshigure ' double-sided pamphlet, ' Girls & Panzer final chapter 2nd episode ' visitors benefits (1st week) mini colored paper (Miho Marie), ' Theatrical version Uta no Prince Sama♪ Maji LOVE Kingdom ' Visitor benefits (1st week) Postcard set.

◆44: Summer visit from GIGAZINE (10 people)
I'm looking forward to seeing what the design is.

◆45: Amazon gift card set for 30,000 yen (1 person)

The present project is over. Thank you for many applications!

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