GIGAZINE Summer gift big release project "Please answer the questionnaire and bring them all!"

GIGAZINE appreciates your daily efforts to have people enjoy summer vacation, people who are planning a summer outing plan, people who are planning a summer vacation, people like "summer holidays? Urban legend?" I decided to release a large present as a gift that will help you to enjoy the summer. Furthermore, even if you do not receive a gift, everyone can get "GIGAZINE Secret Club Free Trial Code" by just applying. Paid functions for members who support GIGAZINE such as "Advertisement non-display", "Advanced search function", "Favorite article summary function", "Full-text RSS", "Old design" etc. are now specially available for trial experiences for a limited time I will. If you like it and you like it, if you just register it and support GIGAZINE, all the editorial department will dance and it will rejoice.

This gift is a wide variety of lineups from products that I reviewed at GIGAZINE from winter to spring and souvenirs gotten by coverage, VR headset that can immerse in the virtual world "HTC Vive"And Xiaomi's high-end smartphone with overwhelming performance"Mi 5"An overwhelming alarm clock wearing an electric shock when you oversleepPavlok Shock Clock",Ice monsterLike Taiwan shaved ice can make Doshisha's "Electric soft fluffy snow shaker"Anker's robotic vacuum cleaner"RoboVac 10"Ultra-compact Game Boy style game machine that can play homebrew games with Creca size"Arduboy"You can create stylish whiskey glasses that melt slowly ice"Whiskey Wedge"Bake meat with the same infrared rays as charcoal without smoking"Ziggle handsome","Amazon Gift Certificate ¥ 30,000"67 products in all.

Also, who are you reading GIGAZINE? Although it also serves as a questionnaire to research points not known only by access analysis, it is very much appreciated that people who answered "I do not need a gift but can cooperate with the questionnaire!" Then, please see the application method and gift list from the following.

Application period
From Thursday 21 July 2016 to Wednesday, August 3, 2016 until 23:59.

◆ Winner announced
For winners, since August 4 (Thursday) the mail arrives from the GIGAZINE editorial department to the email address at the time of entry, it is ok if you can reply to the address of the shipping address in the form of replying to the mail. In addition, the election notice e-mail is treated as spam with high probability, so despite having won the prize carefully, it has been delayed to realize that we did not receive it .... so sad cases are increasing considerably, so be careful. At the schedule, the notification to the first winner arrives during Thursday, August 4th, after that the first winner will not reply to the second winner, the third winner ... It moves according to the mechanism. So, it is "after August 4 (Thursday)".

◆ Gift list
Please enter the number as "01" or "02" in the "number of gift you want" on the application page. If you do not need a gift, write "None" is okay.

So, the gift list is from the following.

◆ 01:VR headset "HTC Vive" where hand controller that recognizes hand movement in virtual space is too strong(1 person)

◆ 02:Xiaomi's high-end smartphone "Mi 5" capable of 4G / 3G dual standby with overwhelming performance(1 person)

◆ 03:Xiaomi's top tablet with Windows 10 "Mi Pad 2"(1 person)

◆ 04:Xiaomi "Redmi Note 3 Pro" with 5.5 inch large screen & fingerprint authentication function(1 person)

◆ 05:An alarm clock watch "Pavlok Shock Clock" of fear that oversleeps electric shocks(1 person)

◆ 06:Creative Bluetooth speaker "iRoar" set which can also add subwoofer and two units(1 person)
In addition to Bluetooth speaker "iRoar" which is the top model of Creative, it is set with dedicated docking subwoofer "iRoar Rock" and wireless microphone "iRoar Mic".

◆ 07:Anker's first robotic vacuum cleaner "RoboVac 10"(1 person)

◆ 08: "シェア <共有>からビジネスを生みだす新戦略"When"New strategy to generate money from free ~ Set of(1 person)
「シェア <共有>からビジネスを生みだす新戦略」はこんな感じ。

From the share of cars, bicycles and tools to recycling of goods, reuse, and the share of money, space and skills, the diversified share business which has never been before now is beginning with the Internet and social network. The new sharing · economy in the face book era that large collaboration and the community generate will change the social and economic rules of the 21st century!

Suggest new business opportunities following the economy

Here's a new strategy to generate money from "free ~ "

Why should not the most popular content be paid?
Why is it possible to do business in the bit economy even if you can free 95%?

Whether you are in any industry, competition with is waiting.
That is not a matter of possibility but a matter of time.
Then you can be creative or destructive
Can we put on this extreme price as free?

● Free rules
1. Digital ones will be free sooner or later
2. Atom also want to become free, but it is not a strong gait
3. Free does not stop
4. You can make money from free
5. Revaluate the market
6. Set to zero
7. Sooner or later competing for free
8. Let's accept waste
9. Free increases the value of another thing
10. Let's manage rich ones, not rare

The latest work released by the editor - in - chief of Wired Magazine.

◆ 09:Anker's portable waterproof Bluetooth speaker with smart charging function & Bluetooth earphone(1 person)

◆ 10:Travel compatible backpack "GOBAG" which can store packages compactly(1 person)

You can see how it is actually compressed from the following movie.

Try removing air with GOBAG - YouTube

◆ 11:Stylus pen "Adonit Pixel" which can write a slurra on the iPad or iPhone screen with 2048 levels of pressure sensing(1 person)

◆ 12:Bike lock thoroughly against bicycle thief, bicycle lock which is super hard to be bent for being soft "LITELOK (light lock)"(1 person)

◆ 13:Ultra-compact Gameboy style game machine "Arduboy" that you can play your own game with Creca size(1 person)

◆ 14:Ultra-small knife "X-Blade Pocket" which can be attached to a bag or key case and can also cope with sudden survival(1 person)

◆ 15:God speed Photoshop [graphic design edition] CS 6 / CC / CC 2015 correspondence(1 person)

Essential to graphic design, clipping, retouching, material making is surprisingly fast! The highly anticipated revised version appears in the popular Photoshop Short book "God speed Photoshop".
In revising, in addition to adding Photoshop CC 2015 new technique for 32 pages, we reviewed the operation method and example for all techniques, and evolved faster, easier to understand, more beautifully.
It is a book full of know-how that only professional designers know, improving efficiency without compromising the quality of design.
* This book is based on Photoshop CC 2015. Features that are not available in previous versions are also included.

◆ 16:World history of the virgin: great men who have never had sex(1 person)

Human talent and instruments are not determined by presence or absence of a special local friction experience of the human body.

Tells us the appearance of praised fellows "living alone and what is bad"

■ Robespierre The one I loved was a revolutionary cause than women
■ Yoshida Matsuno As a magistrate to the will of Rakuten, an educator who does not know a lifetime woman
■ Is the founder of the Christ the world largest religion considered as purity of life?
■ Da Vinci multi-talented versatile "universal man" its mysterious its sexual orientation
■ Kant You gave up love because of the poor and philosophers who have died in pain
■ Miyamoto Musashi Mysterious master of the famous swordsmen Life long, whether the lifelong is unfair or not in the bush
■ According to Nightingale "God's announcement", fulfill the mission with lifelong purity
■ Kenji Miyazawa The fairy tale writer who pursued "Honto no Hare" is a habitous sexual disgust
■ Mother · Theresa Receiving the revelation of God who persevered chastity and worked for the weak people Nuns
■ Wright brothers brothers brothers with a bond that has no room to even enter marriage
■ Andersen's fairy tales king's result of continued loss of love is what pure body, pure spirit and life
"You can be a wizard if you penetrate a virgin until a certain age" Why the virgin in the UK
Are there many great people? "" Last Emperor is a lifetime virgin? "

Whether you are non-motivated, not interested in opposite sex, you do not have to leave descendants
It is possible to leave a name in history!
Take 82 historical celebrities who died without physical experience

◆ 17:Composition girl ~ medieval story that I became able to make songs in 14 days ~(1 person)

There are no books from the beginning which is the first such as ~ from zero to composing, DTM, vocalo etc. from zero at all, it is written only as a prerequisite that music and instruments can be created.
Actually, even though I can not read musical instrument experiences and notes, I have experienced a spectacular setback (laughing) after I started composing.

The heroine of this work is truly no music knowledge, no instrumental experience.
There were also books such as composition and theory which the heroine coming out in the work threw out, and the sense of existence did not stop.
(Even so, I say English and good music, why do Japanese education want to enter from logic as well ...?

Although I wasted a lot of time and money, it was the ear copy of the existing song, but after reading this story the answer seems to have been wrong.
Also the story of the texture was shocking inside of me and I got very helpful.

Although this work focuses only on composing excluding difficult things, I hope that you will also be able to do arrange edits as a sequel.

◆ 18:The idea of ​​programming is "Ruby's Weapon" acquired with a picture book of age 5 years old(1 person)

◆ 19:Kit "Flotilla" which can program the electronic parts connected to Raspberry Pi without code input(1 person)

◆ 20:CASIO sturdy smart watch "WSD-F 10" specialized for outdoor(1 person)

◆ 21:Doshisha's "Electric Fluffy Iroquest Snow Ice Bowl" that can make fluffy Taiwanese shaved ice like strawberry milk ice and mango shaved ice, like an ice monster(1 person)

The body is about this size.

◆ 22:Helping people in the literature surprisingly useful! Knowledge of the science(1 person)

It is one book that anyone can explain the story concerning the science which the person of the liberal arts is a little weak and tend to shy away.
From simple questions such as "What is the edge of the universe?" "What kind of relationship is the atom and element?" From advanced simple questions such as "What is amazing?
Even familiar tribes such as "How do portable warmers get hot?", When children asked, and chat in everyday life,
It is an easy science lecture for a useful arts institution.

◆ 23:The original mini can comes out when you push the button Daido Drinko "Paper Craft Vending Machine" 2015 Edition & 2016 Edition Set(1 person)
Please note that both have already been assembled.

◆ 24:Death Metal Indonesia: the second largest world of Brutal death metal superpowers (world extreme music)(1 person)

Not only elementary school students but also Mayor · prefectural governor · · · ... President Dico · Widdo even death meter! Troops the United States with the number of bands, the world's number one brudens superpower in the increase rate! Gamelan DNA transcendence drummer a lot !! A country with 450,000 people in the world is entering the population Boner period! Gamelan · Dandut · Funkot · Progress is thriving and hands are dexterous nationality! By the good governance of Susilo · Bambang · Yudhoyono Increase in middle class !! Everyone blooms entirely in a climate where everybody wants to join the band !! Sulawesi and Kalimantan will of course report frontiers of Aceh and East Timor! Japan Defiled tour report · RNR TOURS punk name board introduction ! Islamic Metal Exercise One Finger Movement etc. Columns are also plentiful!

◆ 25:I will go to Rakugo again today!(2 people)

There are people saying "Rakugo has high hurdles ..."
Rakugo is the best entertainment anyone can easily enjoy.
This book is a rakugo like illustrator
I love classic Rakugo classic love and masterpieces of my favorite rakugo
It is an introduction to rakugo introduction with a light and cheap illustrations.
For those who have never listened to rakugo, as a catalyst for knowing its interest,
In addition, to Rakugo fans, flowers blossom in enjoyable rakugo talks
It becomes one volume.

◆ 26:Lovely too cute cats, meat balls Castella, cat-covered meat "Hotan sweets & dishes"Extra pencil's Kurutto Memo × 10 · Madam Sinco's Cat Paper Bag Set(1 person)

This is a cool memo.

When rolling in a kurarin, the wind enters into the hot spring.

◆ 27:Anytime and anywhere Transcendence "Air sofa" that makes it easy for a few people sofa(1 person)

◆ 28:Cooler box "Coleman Take 6" which is compact and can be carried with one hand even by one person(1 person)

◆ 29:Xiaomi's super-discount action camera "Yi II" that can be mounted with LCD monitor and 4K shooting(1 person)

◆ 30:Game Strategy "Japanese salary & amp; Career Encouragement Plus" which explained 375 kinds of occupations in book style(1 person)

◆ 31:Soy sauce book(1 person)

01. Knowing as you know "Knowledge of soy sauce"
The charm of soy sauce is "rich taste" and "plump smell" and "beautiful color". It has sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami of five flavors, and when cooked it smells a fragrant aroma and arouses appetite. How is a magic that makes food ingredients more deliciously transformed so that it is called "universal seasoning"? The secret is made clear.

02. To those who can choose soy sauce! "Type of soy sauce"
"Kombu soy sauce" as "reduced salt" to "special selected maru soybean". Various notation dances on the label of soy sauce lining up in the store. A thorough dissection of each difference and role.
Brewing law / grade / presence of heating / exclusive soy sauce / salt countermeasure / allergy measures / preparation vessel etc.

03. Proud Japanese Procedure "Build soy sauce"
Soy sauce material is soybeans and wheat. Why does it become a red liquid when putting stiff and yellow-baked material in a tub? Where does the appetizing aroma and taste come from? All thanks to "fungus". Introducing the attention of fungi indispensable for delicious soy sauce creation and the Kuran who faces this.

04. "A piece of soy sauce knowledge" on a piece of drinker's seat
What is the difference between soy sauce and other fermented foods such as miso, taste, sake, vinegar? Published a lot of knowledge about soy sauce including talk about raw materials and additives on the label of soy sauce. Full of useful information.

05. After all this must be soy sauce! "The god of wishes to the heart"
Paying respect to the predecessors and locals, studying hard, building soy sauce that is loved by many people from the accumulation of daily experiences. Introducing the soy sauce collections of 62 sites throughout the country where such artists are active.

06. Thorough verification of delicious and beautiful techniques to cook "Delicious taste"
Difference in soy sauce, this deliciousness will change! I wanted to know earlier Introducing how to choose and use soy sauce for taste improvement.

◆ 32:Correct interpretation of the newspaper: Information pros read like this!(1 person)

There is "rule of expression specific" in the newspaper, and the quality of the information of knowledge obtained from the newspaper is quite different depending on whether it knows it or not.
Nevertheless, I did not tell the "basic reading" such as the meaning expressed in the reader to the reader and what kind of constraint it was written in spite of the fact that I left the newspaper and got information gaps.

There was only a book born from such reflection, polite commentary, I liked the place with a low attitude above all, haha.
Other authors' books and sites that are likely to be helpful are also introduced, and they are fully revealed.

Beginning with the basic composition of the newspaper, heading and reading of the lead, the report is not necessarily correct as it appears on one side, and how to comment on the company's comment on the news It is exactly the newspaper "Triesets" as explained.

Moreover, it is written to the reporter's psychology, what kind of interview of the reporter who is the creator of the newspaper, the way of the special taste, what kind of reporter is evaluated inside the company. It is a person who quit, so it may be written so far, but this is also interesting as a reading material.

Three chapters out of the seven chapters to read information in three dimensions, to train the information literacy in chapter 7 is written in a simple way, but before actually handling information and making it useful for work It seems to require considerable training, but other chapters seem to be useful from tomorrow.

It is not necessary to read Nikkei. Even in local newspapers, it is important that it meets your own life and goals.
The newspaper is expensive, so if you subscribe anyway, you will not lose this book if you read it.
I'd like to recommend it with reflections I've read through my own years for years.

◆ 33:Probation premise! "Tentative reservation only" 700 million dream catalog(1 person)

When you turn over the page, expensive items such as "Nishikigoi swimming 3,658,000 yen" are ordinarily arranged side by side, and inflate the dream of "What would you buy if you hit 700 million yen?" can do.

◆ 34: Softbank's high responder earphone "SoftBank SELECTION SE-5000HR"(Gold, Black, Copper for 1 person each)

When opening the box with Pakari, it is like this.

Inside earphone main body · Instruction Manual · Earpiece (XS · S · M · L) · Pouch was included.

The placement of the driver unit is optimized for the earphone, and the expanse of the high frequency range and the low frequency range which is natural and depth realize the overwhelming sound quality and realism.

Black is like this.

This is Kappa.

By adopting the "Floating Cabinet structure" which makes the housing part including the driver unit independent, clear sound with little noise can be reproduced.

◆ 35:SoftBank SELECTION Clip Lens Wide & Macro for iPhoneWhenSoftBank SELECTION clip lens 3 times telephoto for iPhoneSet of(1 person)

Clip lens wide & macro for iPhone was bundled with pouch and instruction manual etc. in addition to the main body.

By attaching it to the camera of iPhone like this, it becomes possible to shoot with wide lens · macro lens.

The clip lens 3 times telephoto for iPhone is also basically content, the pouch and the instruction manual are included.

When clip lens is assembled it is like this.

Telephoto shooting is possible with an optical triple lens if attached to the iPhone.

◆ 36:Singularity is near [Essence version] When humanity transcends life(1 person)

Ray Kurzweil, who is at the forefront of AI development at Google Corporation as the global authority of artificial intelligence (AI), foreseeing the arrival of technical singularities as a future scholar early. Essence of the masterpiece "Post-Human birth (e-book version · Singularity is close") (2007 small company publication) which he shocked the world was one! AI surpasses the intelligence of mankind and we reach singularity finally beyond the limits of life.

The original book "The Singularity Is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology" was published in 2005 (Japanese translation is 2007) and it is a book that should be said to be the origin of the 2045 problem which is often raised in recent times, this book is its essence version .
There are many previous books such as Alvin Toffler's "The Third Wave", but it was not the first time Kurzweil wrote outlines (and due dates) up to the achievement of human transcendence by machines Could it be? The content of this book is only the important part from the contents which extends to 600 pages of "When Post-Human Birth ~ Computer Exceeds Intelligence of Human" published in 2007 (omit redundant parts) , The editorial department's "postscript" is newly written.

◆ 37:The ultimate trick to nurture a "smart child" that a brain medicine teacher who has seen the brain image of 160,000 people teaches(1 person)

This book is a child-rearing book that maximizes the brain's power by Professor Yasuyuki Taki who has analyzed and studied MRI images of 160,000 brains.

From the world's most advanced brain research, the difference between "child growing gently" and "not child" has come to light. Every "smart child" and "highly capable child" has a higher level of curiosity than other children.
There are only 3 tips to increase curiosity. By incorporating "secret tool 1 illustration book", "secret tool 2 insect repository", "secret tool 3 piano and other instruments" according to child's growth, the child becomes more fond of learning and knowing, the brain Mikuru Mikumi will grow up wisely. Furthermore, with lessons learned according to the development of the brain, artistic sense, motor skills and language skill will also become easier to grow.

Such a science-based parenting law, Professor Taki himself is also in the midst of raising his son in that way. It is full of ideas of how to incorporate good habits into the brain, which we have developed in our own experiences.
Why do not you take in "your brain medicine's parenting wisdom" at your home?

◆ 38:Ultra-tough LED & battery "IZAT (Isat)" to survive the night after the earthquake(1 person)

◆ 39:Star Wars' TIE Fighter and Lego Block(1 person)

◆ 40: Kyoto Aquarium Souvenir Dolphin Clear File & Note(1 person)

Both clear files and notes, polka dots on the back.

The note is a dolphin handle through the inside.

◆ 41:Accessories to power up RICOH THETAOmake Tote Bag(1 person)

♦ 42:"Omoidori (Omoi Dori)" which can scan the album film photographs clearly with the iPhone clearlyWhenPhoto presserSet of(1 person)

Omoidori body and a photo presser & special case for holding an album are set as a set.

This is a photo presser.

◆ 43:All the inner curtain of SMAP dissolution trouble(1 person)

Looking at the title, I misunderstand that it is written only about "SMAP", but the actual state of Johnny's formation, inner curtain, taboo, mass media control,
There are also quite a few pages on it.
This book is divided into 7 chapters, an introduction and a final chapter, but the chapters other than the introduction, chapter 3, chapter 7 are the articles distributed by "Clara"
It is summarized by adding extensive correction, editing. And it is written by Yuji Tsunoda, former "the truth of rumor".

◆ 44:Community Techno-Soviet Union (Community Hobby International)(1 person)

Prior to Glasnost, for example, the Soviet space development history was hidden behind a mysterious veil. When this is made public, a really interesting fact will be shared all over the world. The ripple effect of perestroika is immeasurable. You can say the same thing with pop culture.
Of course this is never in the mainstream of the Soviet 80's music. A guide book of Soviet Mondo music collected as a contrast of Western New Wave. It is absolutely recommended for those who can share such values, even smiling just by imagining whether such a sound was in the east side of those days. interesting. If Eastern Europe version comes out, I will buy it again

◆ 45:Yanmar's mother factory tour to manufacture various types of engines at a stroke with high automation rateSouvenir brochure & set of clear file and Tomica(1 person)

Tomica is a set of two.

Both Yanmar tractors YT 5113 are included.

◆ 46:Umeda · Namba Terminal solid MAP(1 person)

Map has become a set of 10 pieces.

◆ 47:"Ice cream ball" that you can make anytime as you prepare ice cream unnecessary(1 person)

It looks like this indeed a ball.

◆ 48: Let's note SZ series PC case (made of real leather)(1 person)

Inside is like this.

◆ 49: "OdnalotopeRecords and lyrics cards(1 person)

The record looks something like this.

◆ 50:Zoku "Iced Coffee Maker" can make time without shortening ice coffee with ice(1 person)

◆ 51:Red Bull Energy Drink SUMMER EDITION newly appeared in Japan original tropical tasteCan 1 & Radio Type Case(1 person)

A red bull can comes from the part where the cassette is inserted.

◆ 52:Misudo's "Rilakkuma Odekake Goods Collection Original Cooler Bag"(1 person)

◆ 53:"Kyoto Railway Museum" that you can experience the history of railway and can also ride on SLSouvenir lunch box(1 person)

◆ 54:"Whiskey Wedge" which can make fashionable whiskey glasses where ice melts slowly(1 person)

When opening the box it looks something like this.

Some of the following glasses and rubber parts are included.

◆ 55:Omron's "Upper arm sphygmomanometer HEM - 7510 C" which can also transfer blood pressure data to a smartphone easily and record it in a graph of an application(1 person)

◆ 56:Easy to make a rolled egg just by lentin 'Easy range! Egashi rolled egg'(1 person)

You can make tasty sushi rolls with the following feeling.

◆ 57:Compact and lightweight folding chair that folds in a thinness of only 1 cm and can be carried with one hand "PATATTO"(1 person)

Three sets of PATATTO mini, PATATTO, PATATTO 300.

◆ 58:A tabletop cooker "Zai Guru handsome" that can sustain unusual juicy meat without smoking(1 person)

◆ 59:Sio Colors and new color girls & boy "Splatoon (Splatoon)" new work amiibo & Diorama kit(1 person)

◆ 60:Set of original goods of Lotteria "Shin · Godzilla Set"(1 person)
Masking tape, memo clip, notepad with case of french fries are set.

Notepad King Gedra

Masking tape is Mothra

The clip is Godzilla.

The memo clip is made of magnets, and you can bundle paper like this.

The cup holder is omake.

◆ 61: Various movie-related summary set(1 person)
"X-MEN: ApocalypsePress sheet, "Citizen for Snowden's exposurePress sheet, "Finding DollyA set of leaflets & stickers, "MONEY MONSTER (MONEY · MONSTER)"Flyer

◆ 62: Anime set A(1 person)
"Zegapain"A set of stickers, press sheets, flyers.

◆ 63: Anime set B(1 person)
Gusset ★ AsobiSouvenir's "Tales of Zestria the CrossPoster, Tokushima StationMemorial admission ticket, Two kinds of fans, "ALL OUT !! All Out"&"PlanetarianPost card of 'tell me! Gyuko-chan"clear file,"Poppin Q"&"Witch Master"Button Badges,"Strike Witches"card,"Fate / Grand OrderSet of stickers

◆ 64: Anime set C(1 person)
· Animage & New Type Appendix Poster Set ("Osomatsu"+"High ☆ Speed! - Free! Starting Days -"+"KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm")
· Animage & New Type Appendix's Clear File Set ("Durarara !! × 2"+"Free!"+"High ☆ Speed! - Free! Starting Days -"+"Diamond A"+"Wimpy pedal GRANDE ROAD"+"Bungo Stray Dogs"+"KING OF PRISM"+"Eidish seven"+"You're a high school earth defense department LOVE! LOVE!")
· Monthly New Type 2015 March issue Appendix "Uta no Prince-sama ♪Special feature "New ☆ type ♪ R"
·Monthly AnimageJanuary 2015 Appendix 2015 Calendar

◆ 65: Anime set D(1 person)
· Animage & New Type Appendix Poster Set ("Idolmaster Cinderella Girls"+"Sound! Euphonium"+"Classroom ☆ Crisis"+"Magical Girl Madoka ☆ Magica"+"Sword Art · Online - Ordinal · Scale -"+"The Five Star Stories"+"Go! Princess Pretty Cure"+"Fafner of the Azure"+"Sword Art · Online II"+""+"Mobile Suit Gundam Series"+"Fate / stay night"+"Kantai Collectrion-Kancolle-"+"Prepare"+"I Kato's Stars!")
· Animage & New Type Appendix's Clear File Set ("Kantai Collectrion-Kancolle-"+"Prepare"+"Mika-gaku school suite"+"SHOW BY ROCK !!+ "Sounding! Euphonium" + "Card fight !! Vanguard")
· Monthly New Type Appendix Booklet Set ("Empire of the deadFeature"+"Movie Newtype"+"ImmasuLooking back on the 10th anniversary as the main staff "THE IDOLM @ STER PRESS""+"Genocidal organ& Harmony cartoon version"+"CREATOR'S CALENDAR 2015-2016"+"CREATOR'S CALENDAR 2016-2017"+"Fate / stay night feature"+"Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Feature")
· Animage Appendix Booklet Set ("Pretty Cure All Stars Spring Carnival ♪ Commentary"+"I Kato's Stars! "Starlight communication" & "Fashion Style Book""+"That is a voice actor! Voice work BOOK")

◆ 66:"Respra" which can easily use a physical cash register at events & spot sale such as Comiket(1 person)

◆ 67: Amazon Gift Certificate 30,000 Yen(1 person)

The present article is closed. Thank you very much for your entries!

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