GIGAZINE New year's holiday gift big release project "Please answer the questionnaire and bring them all!"

In the end of the year, the end of the year is getting closer and there are many people who are feeling that "I want you to praise myself who did my best for one year unconditionally, and if possible we want a reward ...!" The GIGAZINE editorial department is incorporating the items reviewed in the summer and winter of 2016, plus, there are souvenirs that have gotten from a number of interviewees! So I decided to implement a gift like a giant ball like a Christmas gift for a big release project.

This present is a high end fibre made by Xiaomi adopted double-sided 3D glass for Snapdragon 821Mi Note 2"And VR headset made by optical equipment maker Carl Zeiss"ZEISS VR ONE Plus"Smartphone that can greatly expand functions with external modules"Moto Z"You can make" anhydrous curry "etc with taste condensed by putting ingredients and pushing buttons"Automatic cooking pot without water"Anker's robot vacuum cleaner with the seven cleaning modes 2nd"RoboVac 20"Weight Approximately 1 kg & Xiaomi's first notebook PC of a fiery body"Mi Notebook Air",Starbucks gift cards for 10,000 yen and limited mugs, Power supply unnecessary · Easy to carry Espresso can be tasted any time Espresso machine "Handpresso",Amazon Gift Certificate ¥ 30,000,GIGAZINE Original CalendarThere are 62 products including such as.

Also, who are you reading GIGAZINE? Although it also serves as a questionnaire to research points not known only by access analysis, it is very much appreciated that people who answered "I do not need a gift but can cooperate with the questionnaire!" Then, please see the application method and gift list from the following.

Application period
From Sunday, December 25, 2016 until Monday, January 9, 2017 until 23: 59.

◆ Winner announced
The winner will receive an email from GIGAZINE's editorial department until the email address at the time of entry on or after January 10 (Tuesday), so it is OK if you reply to the mail address in the form of replying to that email. In addition, the election notice e-mail is treated as spam with high probability, so despite having won the prize carefully, it has been delayed to realize that we did not receive it .... so sad cases are increasing considerably, so be careful. In the schedule, the notification to the first winner arrives during Tuesday, January 10 (Tuesday), after which the first winner will not reply to the second winner, the third winner ... It moves according to the mechanism. So "It is after January 10 (Tuesday)".

So, the gift list is from the following.

◆ 01: VR experience can be experienced using smartphone "ZEISS VR ONE Plus"(1 person)

When installed it is like this. ZEISS VR ONE Plus will review the appearance and usability later, so please look forward to it!

◆ 02:Weight approx. 1 kg & Xiaomi's first notebook PC "Mi Notebook Air"(1 person)

◆ 03: Starbucks cards that you can shop at Starbucks 10,000 yen worth of set & holiday limited mugs set(1 person)
Opening a gift box like a holiday ......

There is a Starbucks card and a mug cup in which squirrel illustrations are drawn. The mug is limited to the winter season in 2016, and the capacity is 355 ml.

◆ 04:Smartphone "Moto Z" which can greatly expand functions with external modules(1 person)

As described in the following article, Moto Z can enhance the camera function, projector function, speaker function, etc. by combining with an external module. In addition, it is only Moto Z body that is a gift.

Module "Moto Mods" review that greatly extends the functions of smartphones - GIGAZINE

◆ 05:Anker's robot vacuum cleaner with seven cleaning modes 2nd "RoboVac 20"(1 person)

◆ 06: Anker's 5th anniversary gift box(1 person)

When opening the box it looks something like this.

Some Bluetooth speakers'Anker SoundCore nanoAnd ...

USB quick charger "Anker PowerPort 5 USB-C"

Car charger's "Anker PowerDrive + 3"

"PowerLine + Micro USB cable"Is in a case.

When opening the case, the USB cable was stored.

"Anker PowerCore Slim 5000Also attached.

◆ 07:Xiaomi high-end fabret "Mi Note 2" adopted double-sided 3D glass for Snapdragon 821(1 person)

Mi Note 2 is 2 sets of 6 GB memory + 128 GB storage premium edition and 4 GB memory + 64 GB storage version, but please understand that the Premium edition has been damaged during the review of the top of the display.

◆ 08:Adult SMAP theory(1 person)

On December 31, 2016, at last the SMAP is dissolved. News of "SMAP dissolution" was swept as NHK's preliminary report, "Apology Interview" received dissolution report recorded an audience rating of more than 37% at the moment. The dissolution of one idol group became a "national concern" an "abnormal situation". Mr. Kenro Hayami, an up-and-coming critic, Mr. Tedei Toba (Terabayashima) known as a paranoid TV watcher, Mr. Kenji Hayami, an up-and-coming critic, why Johnny's "falling-out" group was said to be " "Janiota · Evangelist" Mr. Mikiru's three people talk about revolutionary idol's "miracle" and "feat". Adults are convinced, the definitive version of "SMAP theory"!

◆ 09:Introduction to Bit Coin in 1 hour ~ Sending from 1 yen · Using · Investing ~(1 person)

As the title, the perfect book for beginners of bit coins. It is very easy to understand with simple examples. I could read in about 40 minutes.

◆ 10:Sitting position and standing position standing desk where height can be adjusted by the explosion speed, Ergotron's "WorkFit-TL" & "WorkFit-TL + WorkFit floor mat"(1 person)
When installed on the desk it is like this.

If you further adjust the height, you can transform it into the following standing desk.

◆ 11:Apple × Nike running-specialized "Apple Watch Nike +"(1 person)

◆ 12: Kyoto Aquarium's2017 Original Calendar(1 person)

◆ 13:The design deck "The Design Deck" which can understand the design strategy and the history of typography etc. while playing games(1 person)

◆ 14:ASUS's "ZenFone 3" that glows dual standby compatibility(1 person)

◆ 15:"Udon Bakery" that allows you to keep your own udon information finely as data(1 for 2 books set)
Please be aware that there are already written pages because it has been reviewed.

◆ 16:Giant Gumitrey jointly developed "Deep sea fish research institute" which can reproduce deep-sea fish and deep-sea fish with 360 degrees perfect solid(1 person)
Gumitrey and the giant squid ......

It is a set of two of Mega Mouse.

◆ 17:24-inch LCD gaming monitor "24 GM 77-B" that enables accurate operation in game play(1 person)

Specs etc. can be confirmed from the following page.

Gaming monitor 24 GM 77 B | LG Electronics Japan

◆ 18:An 18-year-old player gets 25 million yen in prize money and the e-sports "Haasstone" with an extraordinary scaleofOriginal goods(2 people)
Herstone Target T-shirt is L size for men's.

Logo on the back side.

Cushion looks like this. IPhone SE is for size comparison and is not included in gift content.

Cap is below.

Illustrations are drawn on the back of the part of the brim ... ...

Embroidery on the cap side.

On the back is the letter "HEARTHSTONE" written.

◆ 19:365 days 365 font to refine sense every day Fulfilling design as a day-end calendar "Typodarium 2017"(1 person)

You can check the design of "Typodarium 2017" from the following article.

365 days 365 font day calendar "Typodarium 2017" turned over - YouTube

◆ 20:6 buttons mounted on the side, click switch exchangeable & both wired and wireless gaming mouse "ROG Spatha"(1 person)

◆ 21:A new 5-stage roll type keyboard "Rolly Keyboard 2" that can be wrapped and compactly carried around(1 person)

When you roll it round you will feel like the following.

◆ 22:"Rainbow candle" which acquired the patent which the flame sways to the world's first rainbow color(1 set in 3 sets)

◆ 23:A USB cable "InfiniteUSB" that can be inflated into one USB port indefinitely and charge smartphones and tablets all together(1 person)
There are a total of five items of Micro-USB terminal (green / 120 cm, gray / 20 cm) and Lightning terminal (pink / 20 cm, orange / 120 cm, blue / 20 cm).

◆ 24:A floor wiping robot "Blurbajet" that scrubs dirt by spraying water(1 person)

◆ 25:With palm size Windows 10 and Android dual OS compatible all-in-one PC "GOLE 1"(1 person)

◆ 26:Works SD pistol type electric screwdriver(1 person)

◆ 27:McDonald's limited "Donald nanoblock collector kit"(1 person)
Three body of Donald · Humbergler · bar · birdie are set.

The size fits snugly into the hands of women.

◆ 28:"Osomatsu-san" 6 chicken chocolate and caramel complete silicone tray(1 person)

The tray looks something like this.

◆ 29:"Kirby Cafe" which expressed the world of Kirby of the star to heal the tired body by Kirby who became a chef Souvenirs, BGM flowing at the shop "The Sound of Kirby Cafe / Sound of Kirby Cafe CD(1 person)

◆ 30:Cat-like heaven gathering over 100 cat goods, "Felissimo cat part" Various souvenirs(1 person)

"ClumsinessCollaboration with Pussy's Puckkan! Cats open pouch ", the name tells everything, and when you open the pouch it will look like this.

The cat who weakly pulled away is not a stuffed animal, but an eye cushion.

Because the towel handkerchief has a ring in the middle, when you put it on a hook with it folded in quarters, a trilogy cat appears.

T - shirts look like as if cats are leaning as if turning their hands forward.

◆ 31: It is effective to prevent dietary restriction and eat "Slimming chopsticks (bean sprouts)"(1 person)

Chopsticks that "It takes time for each action to cut foods, squeeze, and carry, by using a special material elastomer that bends at the tip of chopsticks and prevents quick eating". When I actually touched it, the tip end bent so hard that I certainly did not want to cut or pinch the food.

It is 2 color set of blue and pink.

◆ 32: I won an appeal from Frank MullerFranck Miura Official Wrist Watch(1 set in 3 sets)

It is pleasant just to read a guarantee that does not guarantee various things.

◆ 33:"Highsawa Nice Bottom Cleaner" printed on microfiber cloth with Nice Bottom that won the super difficulty of 120,000 times magnification(1 person)

◆ 34: Built with Creative's powerful multi-core audio processor "SB-Axx 1", you can enjoy high-power gaming sounds "Sound BlasterX Katana"(1 person)

◆ 35: Kuroneko Yamato "Nekoffan" It's the second volume of revival,Miro'S autographed CD + music score(1 person)

◆ 36:A smart instrument "Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1" capable of playing guitar, piano and drums with one piece(1 person)

You can watch the actual playing from the following movies.

I tried playing smart instrument "Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1" which can produce various sounds on one unit - YouTube

◆ 37:No need for power supply · Easy to carry Espresso at any time Manual espresso machine "Handpresso"(1 person)

The body is about this size.

◆ 38:"Mysterious slippers that do not get cold feet" reviewing powerfully from the feet to the ankles made by Tung ash of Cairo Review - GIGAZINE(1 person)

◆ 39:Long covers with extreme warm feet(1 person)
I plan to review this as well to see how useful it is on a cold day.

◆ 40:Seal lens "Blips" which can be attached to a camera lens and transform smartphones into magnifying glasses(1 person)

The lens is a set of three types that stick with a seal with the feeling as shown below.

◆ 41: Holland souvenirs, Starbucks mugs(1 person)

♦ 42:"" Netherlands headquarters souvenirs tote bags & notes & ballpoint pens(1 person) is 3 original ballpoint pens, 5 notes is a set of 5 books.

Two tote bags.

◆ 43:Party game "People Wolf" and "Ancestor" Combined "Submarine Wolf ~ Find an Invulnerable Submarine!"(4 sets for 1 person)

The inside card is like this.

◆ 44:Electric kettle of stylishness which has never existed "BALMUDA The Pot"(1 person)

◆ 45:One festival souvenir · Part 1(1 person)
Edo settledBusiness Card Case, Contingent Postcard, "Consular Bag" Wind Drawstring is a set.

On the back of the drawstring is written "Navy Comrade Officer Comfort".

◆ 46:One festival souvenir · Part 2(1 person)
Wanda chan NEXT DOOR project will become the second "FILE: 02"Figures

Looking out from the box looks like this.


◆ 47: Garigari's cool insulated bag(1 person)

◆ 48:Daido Drinko's Coffee & Fujiko Fujio Ⓐ Desktop Items(1 person)

Fujiko Fujio Ⓐ Desktop Items looks like the following. Sorry to make you smile is sucking on the fingertip ... ...

It can be used as a smartphone stand.

Ninja Hutririku isCup's FutsikoPossible usage is possible.

Shishimaru to put a pen.

The professional golfer monkey becomes a card stand.

Monster Kun is said to be a Hanko stand.

◆ 49:Simply press the button to fully automate the condensation of umami "anhydrous curry" etc, and make convenient home appliances "hot cook" that can also make shop-level dishes as a vacuum cooker(1 person)

◆ 50:World of Warcraft"Arthas" figure(1 person)

Looking out from the box looks like this.


◆ 51:Garrett popcorn 'Mexican tacos'&"pumpkin pie"Can case & '2017 Garrett FukushiSet of(1 person)
Since contents are not contained, please be aware of that point.

◆ 52:The main body itself turns into a propeller and fly with a lift, flying with a strange "maple dragon" "adult science"(1 person)

◆ 53:Art of J. C. Leyendecker: The Art of J. C. LEYENDECKER(1 person)

JC Raiendeckka who painted numerous works in the golden era of American illustration and still one of the biggest popular artists was stylishly and impressively depicting handsome men and glamorous women, grabbing the public's mind It is. It is said to be , the picture that you can see immediately, if you look at it, helps to build up the face of the country called America, many designs that are now well-known are born, creating brandiness in advertising It was decided to do. Until now, however, the person himself behind the art is not known so much. Illustration drawn by Rien Decker, which is called "magazine cover book" in Norman · Rockwell and will be later revealed, decorated the cover of every major magazine. Also in advertising, she painted works supporting the promotion of a wide range of products ranging from state-of-the-art men's clothing to ivory soap and Kellogg's cornflakes. However, perhaps the portrait of is the best known, which became the first sex symbol for men and became the first advertising star to gather popularity from both sexes. The image of this sophisticated elegant gentleman shook the hearts of millions of people who saw it and sold a gorgeous luxury lifestyle to a frenetic society. However, few people know that this Arrow-color man's model was Rai Decker's longtime lover Charles beach. Riendecker did not tell the details of her private life so that it escapes from prying the world against homosexuality. In this book, along with the cover of over 600 original drawings, photos, advertisements and magazines of Leyendecker, we elucidated a lot of the mysteries that have been left until now, and is blowing out the figure of the truth.

◆ 54:Brutal Death Metal Guidebook: The world's most intense music(1 person)

There are a number of metal books, I think that there are no books written from disc review to interviews, until the formation, regardless of only Brutal, Death Metal so far.
Even Cannibal · Corpse and Obituary are hard to say as Brutal · Death · Metal, saying absolutely that they do not review at all, only things that are brutal!
If you are a die-hard death metal fan who buys a CD from overseas sites, it is always a must-read book to purchase.

Those who already have considerable knowledge have also posted many valuable interviews as information arrangement, so there is no loss by purchasing!

However, it seems that the number of copies to be issued is small, so we recommend purchasing early. The price of 3500 ~ 4000 yen already attached by used book already.

◆ 55:Work technique to throw myself - Methods of "Imitation" and "Organized" taught by Toshio Suzuki(1 person)

Directed by Isao Takahata, Director Miyazaki, producer Toshio Suzuki, and a book introducing the work technique of Studio Ghibli inherited by the author.

"One thing I want to tell in this book is one.
I can not find myself anywhere.
Nothing in myself.
If there is something, it is outside, among others. (P 11) "

For 21 years from 7 years, the author supported Toshio Suzuki's work at Studio Ghibli. What such authors were taught was a technique of abandoning myself and imitating others.

"It was said that" Three years, abandon yourself and imitate me "(P22).

The author is an animation film producer.
Mr. Hayao Miyazaki served as a producer supporter under Mr. Suzuki, producer of "Spirited Away" and "Howl's Moving Castle". Currently it is independent, and as a producer of Steven Steven / Cluster 's director, he has made numerous successful works.

Why, Isao Takahata, director Miyazaki, producer Toshio Suzuki, did the author succeed in abandoning himself?

◆ 56:As a salaried worker, a side job of 10 million yen(1 person)

I want 10 million yen, but hard work is serious cash
Stress-free loose way of life that does not sacrifice private life in a competitive society

Annual income 2.9 million yen ...... Is this number an evaluation as my salaried worker?

Working at an IT company, suffering from suffering, Neet can not work, annual income 3 million yen ... ...
I can not get married if I stay like this!

Author who became able to obtain annual income of 10 million yen in side work by various investment through trial and error.

I compiled from the author's experience how to control my own life by "having parallel income with" double income ".

"I want 10 million yen, but hard work is serious pleasure." Such a book is perfect for those aiming for a stress free way of life.

◆ 57: Film Set(1 person)
Warner Bros. 's 2017 recommended movie list, "Batman vs Superman Justice Birth"clear file,"007 SpecterPress sheet, "Thomas the Tank Engine "Search! It is! A mysterious pirate ship and a lost treasure ""Thomas and friends of mini-mini size of visitor benefits,"Hottarake island"strap,"Parasitic beastA set of Migieseel anywhere.

◆ 58:"Daisuke and rack" which displays doujinshi three-tiered and even if it is seen in a distant view, the cover becomes obvious(1 person)

When assembled, it is possible to display doujinshi three-tiered by the feeling as follows. We will be reviewing this soon so please look forward to it.

◆ 59: "Jojo Tanabata Festival in S City Dryu TownSouvenir(1 person)
Kumitomo MarketOfficial guidebook, OWSON original B5 notebook & ballpoint pen & magic, Week forest, Ole fan, Sendai Airport access railway commemorative ticket set.

◆ 60: Anime set(1 person)
Mini colored paper set (Theater version "Attack on Titan",Movie version"Sound! Euphonium", OVA"Tokyo Bottle Tokyo Ghoul","Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGINTwo species, "Code Geass Akito of the lost country2 kinds, theatrical version "Persona 3Two species, "Exposed paradise - Expired from Paradise-",Movie version"Girls und Panzer",Movie version"ARIA The AVVENIRE","KINGSGLAIVE FINAL FANTASY XV",Movie version"Selector destructed WIXOSS")

Post card set ("Paragraph · Fourteen"Hino Hori signed postcard,"Ultra MOVIE Wars Genesis","Machi ★ Assovi "Tokushima Gourmet Hunt, "Ugino-chan","Mobile Suit Gundam Char's Counter Attack","The story of the night's guts","HILL CLIMB GIRL","Azumanga Daioh")

"Tamayura ~ Graduation photo ~"Admission privilege color paper 4 sheets set (Kana Aumi·Yuka Iguchi·Ai Kinano·Aya UchidaSigned), theatrical version "Fragrance "And the movie version"Cyborg 009VS DevilmanBookmark of "The Movie version"TIGER & BUNNY - The Rising -"HEROES COLUMN CARD, The Movie version"classmateClear Bookmark, Theatrical Version "K MISSING KINGSWriting Side Story Collection & Card, Movie version "Wounded story"Nishio Ishin Seikatsu novel" Mixed word "& coaster," Theater version "fresh pretty Cure!"Pouch,"TAMASHII NATION 2012Soul Radio CD, "Digimon Adventure tri."Clear file & bookmark, theatrical version"Tantei Opera Milky Holmes - Counterattack Milky Holmes -"clear file,"Kamen Rider AtsumeFanawa, Movie version "Toaru Majutsu no Index - Miraculous Enduomion -Original author · Kazuyoshi Kamike A drawn novel, "Kamen Rider ExceedMedals,Oto Culture 001 & 002, Theater version "Persona 3"Super P3 seal&Metallic card,movies"Berserk Golden Age story"Tattoo sticker,"Mobile Suit Gundam Char's Counter Attack"coaster,"Dragon Ball Z Revival "F""Ultimate Card Set & Momoiro Clover Z Postcard,"lovelive!Ho Muramimu Coaster, Movie version "High queue !! End and beginning"High queue! Winners and losersAdmission privilege can badge, "High Queue! It is! Baboka! It is!","Tales of VesperiaKey holder, movie version "Pretty Cure All Stars NewStage 3 Eternal Friend"A friend of mine,"Empire of the deadShiori, Movie version "Start aiming for a living prepics! Idol ☆ Grand Prix"Visitor benefits Pretike, theater version"Eve's timeSpecial bonus award DVD, theater version "Sengoku Basara"Date ticket privilege Date Military Vice-chair certificate,"Fragrance - Engraving of fire -Bookmark,PizzeraHalloween campaign bonus bonus "Yokai watch" body seal,Hot more "Gibanian Bento"Bonus fortune sticker, theater version "I Kato's Stars!"Admission privilege Aikatsu! Card, Movie version "Harmony /Bookmark, movie ""High ☆ Speed! -Free! Starting Days-"Visitor benefits coaster, movie"Doraemon New · Nobita's birth in Japan"Pet Dora running the visitor benefits, theater version"Wimpy pedals"Rubber key holder of visitor benefits, theater version"Fang Wolf - GARO - - GOLD STORM - XiangBookmark, movie "Wizard of the wizard"Visitor benefits Trading card,"Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt DECEMBER SKY"Duplicate original picture of visitor benefits, movie"One piece film goldAll-Star Gold Trump of visitor benefits, "Prepare"3 coaster sets, gore ★ Assobi"Orange.Two can badges, "Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters"Trading cards,"Tamayura ~ Graduation photo ~"Takehara Minami High School student card of Sawatari Kaede,"Tales of Berceria"When"Fate / Grand Order"Machi ★ Assobi Poster

◆ 61: Original calendar of GIGAZINE(10 people)
The actual thing is being printed at the time of article creation. This is the front cover ......

Contents is like this. At the beginning of Sunday, calendars of the previous and next month are arranged along with the main calendar.

◆ 62: Amazon Gift Certificate 30,000 Yen(1 person)

The present plan was closed. Thank you very much for your entries!

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