GIGAZINE Summer gift big release project "Please answer the questionnaire and bring them all!"

Summer vacation came! People like that, there is no summer vacation! People who would like to enrich the summer of 2017 as much as possible to the fullest. So, GIGAZINE will release a lot of items as gifts for people using it as a gift that may be able to enrich the summer.

This present is a flagship of Xiaomi which adopted the "4 surface 3D glass" design with overwhelming luxuryMi 6"ASUS SIM free smartphone just launched"ZenFone Live"SIM free smartphone" BLU "of touched as nationwide share No. 1"GRAND X LTE" & "GRAND M"Anker's portable Bluetooth speaker which starts with 4 smart phones, waterproof & small but powerful and clear sound quality"SoundCore 2" "SoundCore Boost", A mobile battery with a capacity of 10000 mAh that can be lowered from the waist with a real monster ball size "Monster Ball Mobile Battery"Potion that can change drinks and food to Royal Blue simply by dropping it from the dropper"Blue forest natural blue apples concentrate",Starbucks gift card 10,000 yen worth&Water bottle tribalA set of modular expression that will also be a hovercraft for dronesAirblock",Amazon Gift Certificate 30,000 yenThere are 58 items in total including minutes.

Also, who are you reading GIGAZINE? Although it also serves as a questionnaire to research points not known only by access analysis, it is very much appreciated that people who answered "I do not need a present but can cooperate with the questionnaire!" Then, please see the application method and gift list from the following.

Application period
From Friday 21 July 2017 to Thursday August 3, 2017 until 23:59.

◆ Winner announced
For winners, since August 4 (Friday) the mail arrives from the GIGAZINE editorial department to the email address at the time of entry, it is OK if you reply to the mail address in the form of replying to the email. Also, the election notice e-mail has been treated as spam with high probability, so despite being given a lot of prizes, I was not able to receive it because I was late aware ... so sad cases are increasing considerably, so be careful. In the schedule, the notification to the first winner arrives during August 4 (Friday), after that the first prize winner will not reply to the second winner, the third winner ... It moves according to the mechanism. So, it is "after August 4 (Friday)".

So, the gift list is from the following.

◆ 01:Xiaomi's flagship "Mi 6" which adopted the "4 surface 3D glass" design with overwhelming luxury(1 person)

The back is as follows.

◆ 02:ASUS SIM free smartphone "ZenFone Live"(1 person)
A terminal just released on July 14, 2017 (Friday).

The main body color is gold. It is said that it is a terminal full of camera functions such as "Beautiful Effect Live" function which can deliver video by live streaming while doing facial treatment in real time.

◆ 03:A mobile battery with a capacity of 10000 mAh that can be lowered from the waist with a real monster ball size "Monster Ball Mobile Battery"(1 person)

◆ 04:SIM free smartphone "GRAND X LTE" of "BLU" touched as the No. 1 share of the US market(1 person)

Rose gold coloris.

◆ 05:Amateur refusal, professional & mania wish-done "BLU" smartphone "GRAND M"(1 person)

This isblackHas become.

◆ 06:A large capacity "Pokemon battery" set that imagined Pikachu and the legendary Pokemon set(1 person)

PowerCore Pikachu / Lizard's 5200, PowerCore Thunder / Freezer / Fire 10000, SoundCore Pikachu, SlimShell Evey Protection Case.

◆ 07:Dedicated ice-ice machine that can cut "Azuki bar" boasting hardness like weapons "Funny shaved ice Imuri Azuki bar"(1 person)

◆ 08:Mug cup "Game Boy Heat Change Mug" which pours a drink and the screen turns on and the tea time becomes too fun(1 person)

◆ 09:Anker portable Bluetooth speaker "SoundCore 2" with waterproofing and small but powerful and clear sound quality(1 person)

The sound looks like the following.

Mink & Max volume of Anker's portable Bluetooth speaker "SoundCore 2" - YouTube

◆ 10:Anker's portable Bluetooth speaker "SoundCore Boost" with waterproofing and small but powerful and clear sound quality(1 person)

You can see the movies played with SoundCore Boost's volume set to minimum and maximum from the following.

Mink & Max volume of Anker's portable Bluetooth speaker "SoundCore Boost" - YouTube

◆ 11:Full seg tuner "PIX-DT350N" that can watch and record terrestrial digital broadcasting on iPhone / iPad with high image quality(1 person)

◆ 12:A foldable keyboard "iClever IC-BK03" that connects wirelessly to a smart phone and can hit characters like a PC(1 person)

◆ 13:Kira Sushi's magical carbonated drink "Shari Coke" 12 pieces(1 person)
In addition, Kura Sushi's Shari Cokefrom hereYou can also purchase.

It is 150 ml entrance.

◆ 14:"GoPlug Bags" that can charge PCs and smartphones anywhere with built-in power supply and outlet in backpack(1 person)

Try carrying it like this.

◆ 15:"Font Karuta" that distinguishes tags by type of font rather than words(1 person)

◆ 16:First male's husbandry manual(1 person)

What do you think is the characteristic common to men who can not get married, despite their desire to get married, especially "men in their mid-30s"?
That 's too much to know' absolute rules in communication with women '. This is exhausted. It is a problem before techniques and skills.
Extreme story, "What kind of pose should I stand at the meeting place?" Or "What kind of coffee shop should I tea?" Or "What is the first greeting to say?"
There is a man who has done a good year who does not know at all from such a level.
This is reality.
What is necessary for such a "married man who can not do"?
That is a detailed "manual".
A manual for beginners taught from ichi thoroughly about "communication with women for marriage," taking handsome steps from the stage of "getting to such a thing" and using illustration abundantly.
A manual like a mother, sometimes severe and sometimes gentle, leading the stray guys to the goal "marriage".
That is the book "First male's husbandry manual".

Full cooperation by marriage counselor, boasting the best marriage rate in the industry, partner agent Co., Ltd.!

◆ 17:Unique lifestyle that can be realized with Airbnb (Air B & B)(1 person)

"Airbnb" connecting travelers around the world with hosts that provide vacant rooms as accommodation places.
First official book in Japan of services the world is paying attention to.
The real lifestyle of the host, and practical things such as how to host guests from the host registration method, to practical things, people who want to become hosts can also enjoy content that can be enjoyed for the first time!
In the head start plan, the former wrestler and Konishi who is active as an airbnb host appeared. I will visit my home in Hawaii and Oahu, and stay close to the unique life as a host there.

◆ 18:A dedicated stage & sense of Lake Ikebaya "SUGOEN" which was rich in flavor and definitely wonderful(1 person)

◆ 19:Optimized PC to keep tuning & security Transcend specialized and almost fully automatic OK "PC Matic"(4 people)

◆ 20: Set of YouTube T-shirts & stickers(1 person)

The size of the T-shirt is XL and it is like this when a man with a height of 175 cm wears.

Play button on the back.

When a woman with a height of 154 cm wears it pretends to be pretty.

◆ 21:【World's First】 Natural Blue Apple in Blue Forest Concentrate (Concentrate)(1 person)

Enriched apple flavor concentrate spreading royal blue like gem just hanging on a drink. I will post an appearance that I actually used.

◆ 22:50 dishes in one dish guide 50 meals the main characters had eaten(1 person)
The contents of this book will also be reviewed at a later date. looking forward to.

◆ 23:I-O DATA Wi-Fi wireless LAN router WN-AX1167GRWhenBUFFALO wireless LAN parent machine WXR - 1750DHPSet of(1 person)

◆ 24: Neck strap with Dido Drinko's iPhone charging cable(1 person)

When removing the cap, two USB and lightning terminals appeared.

It will look like this when you lower your neck.

◆ 25:A two-foldable clear file "Compaq"(1 person)
The size is 241 × 168 × 18 mm, at first glance it is a clear file of size A5 ... ...

You can fold A4 documents and put them in.

A mechanism that turns the page vertically with such a feeling. It is designed to accommodate 10 A4 copy sheets.

◆ 26:Vita craft two handed pan special set double grill with silicone grip(1 person)
You can use the main body · lid as "shallow grill" and "deep grill", steamed dish · fried dish · tabletop sauce · pan for eggs ·Anhydrous cookingCooking utensils that can be used in various ways such as. It will be reviewed soon.

◆ 27:Metamorphose cooking scissors with chopping boardWhenKaigi no Ka kitchen scissorsSet of(1 person)
The usability of the two kitchen scissors will be posted in articles after comparing later.

◆ 28: Shogi board(1 person)
Shogi 's piece type Ichigo chocolate collaborated with "Lion in March" and "Shogi de Chocolat"I used it in shooting.

◆ 29:A huge praise by 1 million people! We gathered legendary infinite recipes(1 person)

"Infinite recipe" from the net that it can be made with only what is in the house and it is super easy, the rice stops stopping! TV is also talking about on TV.
It's devilishly delicious 'that recipe' also becoming snacks, evening meals, regular meals.
From a bowl of rice dishes to snacks, corporate official recognition recipes, which the 1 million people praised extensively, I compiled the legendary cuisine I want to make right now in one volume.

◆ 30:Science Law and Theore to Redo in 4 Hours 100(1 person)

"Please explain Mendel's law" "Which will change depending on gravity, mass, and location?" Are many people who can not answer quickly?
This book introduces 100 kinds of laws, theorems and formulas of "Physics" "Chemistry" "Biology" "Earth Science" learned in middle and high school for adults who want to raise scientific literacy as education.
I will explain not only the illustration, but also the comic books, from the history of research in each field to the latest technologies in which theorems / laws are utilized.

◆ 31:Quack toy toy large picture book 2: comical character · deformable united robot · animal character version&Quack toy Toy Great Figure 3: Hero Character · Robot Hero · Toy for Girls EditionSet for 1 person

◆ 32:I live myself by breaking the frame. : Tips for thinking with your own head and moving(1 person)

The talk of boiling on TV and media!
That Soseki Android, Hiroshi Ishiguro, the creator of Matsukoloid, revealed,
Tips for thinking to live more freely.

Trying out all the bias ... ...

◆ Dream - Is it really necessary? It may limit the future
◆ Friends - Not necessarily required. Because ... ....
◆ Yourself - Do not narrow down to one, create infinitely
◆ People Society - "People I do not like" is your property from "Favorite people"
◆ Living worth - think about how you can use yourself in society ... etc etc.

How the world looks, the eyes that see yourself changes to luxurious!

When creating a "human-like robot"
You will see "What is a human being?"
I will continue to think about "Who are you with who you are" until you die.
As long as you keep thinking, humans should be different from other animals and robots.

◆ 33:Shaved ice specialty store "Sorubin"Original spoon of(1 person)
It is in the following case. One set of two spoons.

In the box is a golden spoon. The total length was about 20.5 centimeters.

◆ 34: Starbucks gift cards for 10,000 yen &Water bottle tribal(1 person)

The capacity of the water bottle tribal is 724 ml. Although it is a bottle type, it separates in the middle so it is easy to put in water etc.

◆ 35:HearthstoneOriginal goods (2 people)
A box like this ......

When opening it contains a set of purse, coin, bow tie, potion, newspaper and so on.

◆ 36:Sleeping Limited Express Hokutosei Emblem Mug Cup(1 person)
Size is 78 x height 90 mm, capacity is 300 cc.

◆ 37:Splatoon 2 and the Kyoto Aquarium collaborated "Suizokukaan ~ Ikasu Summer Vacation ~"Souvenir set(1 person)
Bag · T-shirt · Cookie · Ten Ten Ten · Clear File 2 sets.

T-shirt is L size. It is like this when a woman with a height of 153 cm wears.

The size of the bag is roughly 35 x 59 x 11 cm.

♦ 38:Also leave sanko towel! Adjustable quick-drying hanger dryer HANGSHD 4(1 person)
Usually it is compact like this ... ...

If deployed, two clothespins appeared, it is possible to dry the laundry with a dryer. We are planning to review usability later, so please look forward to it!

◆ 39: ASUS neck strap × 2 andASUS Aura: Outshine the CompetitionSet of original goods(1 person)
A set of two coasters and two neck straps.

The coaster lights red when the object is put on.

When neck strap is sent from the neck, it looks like this.

◆ 40:"HINGE Black" that can be converted into notes on A4 copy paper(1 person)
How can we use it? I will review it afterwards as much as possible.

◆ 41:Gray zone tactics that you want to use unintentionally 500(1 person)

Attractive enough to make you want to use without thinking!
Misuse / abuse is strictly prohibited, but we collected 500 gray zone signatures and innovations that we would like to have as knowledge.
Law loopholes that the scales fall from the eyes, discrepancies that you do not know, behind the discounts, discounts,
A secret technique to freely manipulate smartphones, a book full of ways to be useful in every scene of life.
It is up to you whether you use or not use gray zone techniques that your life may change dramatically just by knowing.

♦ 42:A modular expression "Airblock" that will be a drone and a hovercraft, too(1 person)

Please be aware that one of the two aircraft is damaged in the hinge of the battery, and one spare propeller is missing.

◆ 43:Sankore's "mosquito stick stick" that sucks mosquitoes with fans and kills with electric shocks(1 person)
A mosquito stick that can suck up disgusting insects such as mosquitoes with a fan and can get rid of by electric shock. It is an item to be reviewed from now.

◆ 44:If the writers wrote how to make cup fried noodles(1 person)

If Haruki Murakami wrote "How to make" in a cup of yakisoba -

That neta that was sent by Twitter and spread out on the net was taken from a literary writer such as Osamu Dazai, Yukio Mishima, Soseki Natsume,
Hoshino Gen, Kenji Ozawa and other musicians were upgraded to 100 patterns of style and booked.
If you read it 100 episodes imitating the inevitable burst of laughter.

◆ 45:AKB48 Costume Illustration Closet after school ~ In those days, if she were there ~(1 person)

Even if it is not an AKB fan, it is a must-see book anyway, for those interested in clothing culture, illustrators, etc. for materials as well.
I really can not believe that this quality book is available for 1500 yen. It is overwhelming cost performance.
(Although you may have temporarily with a high causing out-of-stock, the price Please note that a tax 1,512 yen)
Especially people who are doing creative activities of idol things think that they can receive a lot of stimulus.

Looking at the cover, it is a feeling that "Photo collection of members?", But wearing photographs are 30 pages at the beginning,
The remaining 240 pages are all catalogs of the costumes worn by torso. What a full color full color.
(In order to prevent a matching accident, I think that it is best if you can replace some of the samples with a costume page)
Single songs, performance songs, special costumes such as red and white and Mste, contents of fulfilling up to the graduation ceremony dress.
The second half is a configuration that categorized for each type of costume (Napoleonic style, flower motif type, uniform uniform etc.), the hand reaches the itching place.

In addition, although wearing pictures taste in film shooting, it may be unsatisfactory for those who expect colorful gravure.

◆ 46:Animals and threatened species (TJMOOK Owl BOOKS)(1 person)

It is said that the extinction speed of organisms is increasing around the world nowadays. It is said that 100 species of living things are extinct every day. Japan is no exception, and familiar animals such as owls are also in danger of extinction. In this journal, from valuable Japanese species such as Yambaru Quinna of near extinct species, to the world animals such as Amur leopard are explained with valuable photographs. Organisms that have already been extinct such as Japanese wolf will also explain with data + episodes.

◆ 47:Beyond Human To the era of super-human beings At the cutting edge of medical technology now(1 person)

I was goose bumping while reading
Near Future It may be that things that I thought only to be a distant future novel are actually coming to the end of my eyes.
Anti - aging (anti - aging) may become scientifically feasible in the context of rejuvenation.
And transplantation of organ replaces artificial organ transplantation, blood transfusion with artificial blood.
Already in shogi world the artificial intelligence (AI) is certainly stronger than humans, it will be possible for AI to be involved in human behavior.
Of course, labor is also replaced by robot. Regarding robots, it is written about technology development in Japan.
What is the difference between humans and machines? The boundary line is becoming obscure.
How will the bioethical issues go?
Age of manipulating artificial organs with applications
Will the solution be answered by the technology of the cardiac brain (in which the substance's brain makes heart)?
And will the world be peaceful?

◆ 48:Millimeter of the manga world(1 person)

For combat rations of soldiers that are commonly referred to as "Mirimeshi", a book that describes an easy-to-understand by using the cartoon.
Also, a comment page is set up together with comics, and detailed descriptions are provided by texts, photographs and illustrations.
Meals are the most important things to keep or improve the morale of soldiers placed in the extreme state of battle.
We will be unaware of the unknown Milmesse situation such as the characteristics of the food that each country's food culture appears clearly, the dietary situation of the SDF, cooking in the camp.

◆ 49:Time lapse movie shooting technique: Represents the light trace of stars and takes the movement of the Milky Way(1 person)

A time lapse movie that condensed a long time transition of natural scenery into a picture of several minutes.
The popular time-lapse movie with its unique force is impressively used in TV commercials and various video works,
Recently, many amateur photographers are also trying to shoot.
This book introduces photography technique of the genre "Hoshizora's time lapse" movie which is particularly popular in time lapse movies.
It is a book that you can grasp the tricks of time-lapse movie production, editing still images taken continuously with a single-lens reflex digital camera.
For example, "time lapse of the Milky Way", "time lapse that stars draw a light trace", how to choose a location, shooting method,
The contents of this book can be confirmed from the special web page), selection of editing production application and video editing work are explained in an easy-to-understand manner.

The example movie introduced in this book can be viewed from the web page, so while confirming the finish as the actual movie,
You can master the techniques you need for each process.
It is an ideal primer for those who want to take time-lapse videos.

◆ 50: Movie "Wonder WomanGoods Set(1 person)
A set of collaboration stickers, key holders, tiaras and gauntlets with leaflets and kitty.

As Gautret tried shooting, the belt parted off, so please be aware of that point.

◆ 51: Film Set(1 person)
"LOGAN / Logan& &Hakuso Ridge& &Song of Ru says dawn& &Short walk in the evening Maiden'Press sheet, a short walk in the evening Set of girls' admission privilege stickers.

◆ 52: Anime set A(1 person)
It was produced as one of Hakone Town PR"Evangelion Hakone Complementary Map" 2009&2010 versionSet.

◆ 53: Anime set B(1 person)
Fujiko · F · Fujio Osamu Museum "Doraemon × Coro Koro Comic 40th Anniversary Exhibition"Official catalog of goods, two clear files, W ticket holder, memo pad, pin badge, "Movie Doraemon Nobita's Antarctica Kichikochi Great AdventureA set of admission benefits.

Ping badge and movie entrance privilege "Patapata dash! Pao Pao Dora" is like this.

◆ 54: Anime set C(1 person)
"Komimizuk (コ ミ ミ ク ク)"&Japan Amusement ExpoLimited Osomatsu Sanrio characters Clear file,"Amour du Chocolat!" Collaborated with the rose of VersaillesProduct catalog, "Kuroko's Basketball Winter Cup Seminar - Shadow and Light ~& &Kuroko's Basketball Winter Cup Seminar - Beyond the Tears ~& &Kuroko's Basketball Winter Cup Seminar - Beyond the Door ~"Bonus coaster set and postcard collection,"Kuroko's Basketball The Movie LAST GAMEBonus can badge, "Theater version Free! - Timeless Medley-"Bonus coaster set,"KING OF PRISM - PRIDE the HERO -Name Scene Film style bookmark, "Kuroko's Basketball The Movie LAST GAMEVisitor benefits can badge.

◆ 55: Anime set D(1 person)
"Centaur's troubles"Acrylic badge set of 7,"Space Battleship Yamato 2202 Ai no Senshi"2 leaflets & press sheets, theater version"Knight of Sydney"Visitor benefits, theater version"overload"Writing down of visitor benefits" Play Ades Day ","Saint Seiya Legend of Sanctuary"Admirer privilege" New · sacred clothes ",AnimeJapan 20172017 Guidebook,Tankyu Sentai Tokusyuja VS Kyo Ryuga THE MOVIEVisitor benefits notes, "Message from the future from the theater version animal squadron jewel vs VS ninninger from super squadron"Visitor benefits Men's set, theatrical version"planetarian (planetarian)"Colors of benefits, theater version"Fairy tail - DRAGON CRY-A bonus postcard, theatrical version "Sword Art · Online - Ordinal · Scale -Visitor's privilege post card, Movie version "Assassination classroom 365 days timeBenefit seal set, "Lego Batman The MovieA reward sticker, "Masked Rider x Super Sentai Super Super Heroes BattleVisitor benefit card set, "Monster Strike (Monst) THE MOVIE"Visitor Reward Card, Movie Version"Kabaneri of Iron CastleDistribution CD "Dream of rainy dreams"Pokémon GO PlusAttached sticker, Theater animation "BLAME! (Bram)Bonus Figure (Sanakan), "Ghost in the shell REALIZE PROJECTSticker, "Preface in the movie version - Kagayake! Kirarin star live!"Pretike,"Masked Rider Buttoba SoulMedals,"McFluely Pikachu's chocolate banana" which reproduced Pikachu color in chocolate banana tasteA set of cups.

◆ 56: Anime set E(1 person)
Machi ★ AsobiSouvenir set. "Tales of Zestria The Cross"Clear File & Luncheon Mat & 2 Coasters,Fate / Apocrypha Report,Tokushima ken travel ★ Asobi BOOK(2nd volume, 2 volumes), "Intuition × algorithm"Clear File & Flyer," Orange. "88 places Stamp Rally Mount, & Department Certificate & Can Badge, Recitation Reading"Saku eveThe script of vol.1,Machi ★ Asobi vol.17"Awa specialty Kawada manju cherry blossom flavor" included in the theater version "Fate / stay night Heaven's Feel"Postcard,"Fate / Zero CafeIt is a set of two coasters.

◆ 57: Anime set F(1 person)
"Detective Conan" Hattori Heiji hijacked "Name Detective Hage" original book cover all five typesSet.

◆ 58: Amazon commodity ticket 30,000 yen(1 person)

The present project has ended. Thank you for many entries!

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