"Pokemon GO (Pokemon GO)" first anniversary Pokemon of the legend appeared soon

Smartphone game "Pokémon GO (Pokemon GO)There are several projects commemorating the first anniversary from the start, but it became clear that "legendary Pokemon" will soon appear in the plan.

The legendary Pokemon comes to Pokémon GO ...! - Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO - Adventure Together! Challenge the legendary Pokemon! - YouTube


"The Pokemon Company"



A gym floating in the sky of the building

Men placed Maril

Get a gym budge with this

"New gym budge"

Ringma in battle at the gym

No matter how many fights ......

Only needing to be a child.

"Zuri only" to be thrown there

It was given by a trainer who is not the owner of Ringma

"Jim rank up"

"Team Battle"

Reach to the original town yuku trainer "invitation"

It was an invitation to a raid battle

Trainers waiting for the start of the battle

When the countdown becomes zero ......

"Legendary raid"


Egg broke and Thunder appeared

Here is Lugea's bomb

This is the legendary raid

Trainers put in Pokemon thoughtfully into the battle

At the end of a fierce battle ......


"Let's adventure together"

"Pokémon GO"

...... So, first legendary Pokemon appears at the venue of 'Pokémon GO Fest' in Chicago on 22 July local time when conditions are satisfied. If the trainers at the Chicago venue succeed in the suppression, legendary Pokemon will appear in the raid battle all over the world from July 23 in Japan time.

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"Trainer who participated in" Pokémon GO Fest Chicago "held at Grant Park in Chicago and many trainers around the world got caught all over the world, resulting in many in the game" Pokémon GO " Bonus was released, and the legendary Pokemon "Rugia" and "Freezer" appeared in the gym in the world ". In the event, conditions that can not be connected due to server and network problems frequently occurred, event ticket fee and refund of 100 dollar poket coin and addition of Rugia to account were done for event participants.

With this, it has become possible to fight and get "Rugia" "Freezer" with the raid battle other than event participants. In addition, also "legendary Pokemon" "Thunder" "Fire" will also appear soon.

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