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' Machi ★ Asobi vol. 21 ', a large combined event of anime and games held under the theme of ' Attack Tokushima, ' began on September 22, 2018 (Saturday). September 22nd (Sat)-28th (Fri) is a first run, September 29th (Sat)-October 5th (Fri) a second run, October 6th (Sat)-8th of the period There are many events held in the climax run, which are called climax runs.

Machi ★ Asobi vol. 21 2012.09.22 ~ 10.08 held


Climax Run Day 1
Typhoon No. 25 approaches during the climax run period. In order to avoid the wind and rain problem, the event scheduled to be held at Sasayama Summit Stage and Shinmachibashi East Park on the first day was transferred to the Awagin Hall. However, on this first day, it was a fine day, just a typhoon.

However, even if Tokushima was fine, it had a great impact on people on the move. First of all, the flight between Tokyo and Tokushima was canceled one after another, and Kleisiss and Live Lebolt had to cancel the live because the performers could not move.

[Live Rebolt] Message from the cast after cancellation of cast participation to Machi ★ Asobi Vol. 21-YouTube

Opening ceremony ・ Anime holy place 88 plate presentation
At the opening ceremony, the mobile library's lapping show , the unwrapping vending machine, and the business card with a voice card with character sound were presented, and then Gachi ★ Asobi was selected as Japan's Anime Holy Land 88 by the Japan Animation Tourism Association. The presentation of the plate was carried out.

Commemorative photo with people who gathered at the opening ceremony. A crowd of customers packed up to the back of the hall.

Finally, the announcement of the release decision of Jyungin Ginjo Sake 'Eriko' was made from Tokushima anime ambassador, Erika Nakamura.

On the label is Satoko Nakamura, an illustration. Pre-ordering has been done from September 17th, and the general sale is after “Akari Nakamura Talk Show” held at Amanohashi on November 24 (Saturday).

Junmai Ginjo Sake 'Riko' released-Arts Vision Inc.

Shiraito Shuzo Co., Ltd. Junri Ginjo sake 'Ruriko' reservation sales based on the image of Nakamura Riko

Machi ★ Asobi ACTF business trip course
JAniCA (General Association Japan Animator / Directive Association) holds “ACTF (Animation Creative Technology Forum)” once a year with Celsis and Wacom to present digital production examples of animation, exhibit tools, and technical seminars. I have opened the business trip course in Machi ★ Asobi.

In Machi ★ Asobi vol.21, director Hirohiro Irie who worked on ACTF secretariat Yasuhiro Kakigi and director of ACTF representative director “Fullmetal Alchemist of steel” “Table tennis daughter of scorching heat” will be on stage.

While Mr. Inoki explains animation flow, etc., Director Irie asks participants to make small movements before the event starts and during the event, shoots the situation, and immediately outlines the picture on the underlayment and animation Made of

Director Irie asked some questions about the merits of digital drawing from Mr. Inoki, and gave some answers such as easy preview even if the number is increased. In the meantime, I almost never stop my hand.

About an hour after the start of the event, Irie completed the animation for a few seconds.

That's it. The logo part was created in advance, and the first person was taken by Director Irie using a mirror at the hotel to shoot himself, but from that point onwards, they all cooperated at the entrance of ufotable CINEMA where the event took place Drawn based on the photos taken by

As I said, 'I will move with the colored paper in the hall, so I will draw a portrait if I give a voice,' said Irie, who drew a portrait for the next seven.

This is an illustration of the director's original work 'Halloween Pajamas' left on the drawing board.

22/7 live stage & Shoko Nakagawa 'blue moon' release memory live
After the charity auction, the Sasayama Summit stage was composed of two live performances, ' 22/7 ' and ' Shoko Nakagawa '.

No longer where the typhoon is, where the sun is sunny.

This time, the summit stage of Kashiyamayama has been set up by the wind, and the large screen installed on the left side of the stage has disappeared.

Dragaria Lost
At the talk event of the action RPG 'Dragarias Lost' for smartphones by Nintendo and Cygames, ufotable's Hikari Kondo producer who was in charge of CM movie production, Cyusic's Satoman sound producer, and Cygames' director Hiroki Matsuura will be on stage. The game itself, of course, also spilled out a lot of casual stories about Saigames.

'Draggalia Lost' has been in service since September 27, 2018 (Thursday).

Two-dimensional area expansion communication
The first Friday Yoshida, editor-in-chief from being broadcast in the BS Fuji from 24 o'clock 'Japakon PROJECT two-dimensional region growing communication' each month (Nippon Broadcasting System announcer Yoshida, Naoki -san), Cerato reporter (Kazeotokojuku Cerato light yellow Mr. Ehara, Mr. Yuri Ehara, will be on stage.

There was a talk on “Kotome” and “DJ-NIGHT” with ufotable's

Hikaru Kondo producer as a guest. In particular, Mr. Yoshida, who has a large amount of collections, has already had an idea that 'If you lend out a library as people's residences, everyone would be interested?' It was going to be actually going as a plan.

The contents of this public recording will be broadcast from November 24, 2018 (Fri).

The same 'Japacon Project' '

Gildo Friends-Riho Iida's! Going to the World? Serious!- ' Is on air from 24:00 every third Friday. In this program, 'I Love Live!' Voice actor Iida Riho, who is known for his role as Hoshizora, produces a voice actor unit, and Ehara reporter Yuri Ehara is the leader of the unit 'Gill Drops'.

Theatrical version “Fate / stay night [Heaven's Feel]” II.
From 14:45 on the 2nd day of the climax run, the hit version of the second version of the movie version 'Fate / stay night [Heaven's Feel]' was held at Tenjin Shrine.

The prayers were held together with Shiro Emiya, Noriaki Sugiyama, Noriyuki Shimoya, Nori Shimodaya, Ilya, Mai Kojiki, Ryoma Takahashi, aniplex producer, and other fans who rushed in. .

The movie version 'Fate / stay night [Heaven's Feel]' II.lost butterfly is the road show on January 12, 2019.

Digital Creator Training Course
The presentation on the results of the lecture by ufotable for elementary school students to high school students, where active animators teach animation drawing, was held this time. The participants were about 30 to 40 people in total, and 8 people participated in the presentation.

In the beginner's class, animation animations of 'run' and 'original' were performed, and in the advanced edition, they were divided into teams to produce 'red riding hood' and 'Momotaro'. However, the scenario had quite some unique changes.

There are many voices that 'it was fun' when hearing the impression, and a promising opinion that 'I would like to participate again'.

Voice actor

Ayaka Shimizu and Sakura Nakamura 's unit 'Kiyoshisakura (Shizakura)' has conducted a drinking party that is the usual practice in the Machi ★ Asobi.

On the first day, in a pub ' Yoshiko ' in Ashiya-cho, entitled 'Let's break it with carbonated water', it is a drinking party that divides various kinds of liquor with carbonated water.

On the second day, at Awa Odori Kaikan, drinking canned food at the Awa Odori Kaikan title, 'Let's find the world of cold bite, canned omo.'

Industry Talk Talk Event
An annual event from Vol.1 was held on the second night, with great people gathered around the anime / game industry, and talking about this and other things. There used to be an attempt to deliver by Nico in the first half only in the first half in a two-part system, but now there is an iron jar that says ' do not say, do not write, do not crush ' and the content is banned It is continued on the premise that it will not be held from the next time if it leaks.

Since it is also the closing event of the Gachi ★ Asobi second day except for the late-night event that takes place in the movie theater, the commemorative photo is also a regular. Various talks jumped out from individual members this time.

Game Creator Talk Live
Machi ★ Asobi's annual event '

Game Creator Talk Live ' has appeared in the left and right ends are standing American MC Rigani Hirano Yoshiyuki Hirai and Cyber Connect 2 Hiroshi Matsuyama. Guests TV anime 'Angel of the slaughter' and Nintendo Switch for from the left ' Super Smash Brothers SPECIAL noisy cloak of Hideki Sakamoto Representative Director in charge of the main theme of the' new 'on November 29, 2018 Lapis Li Abyss Suganuma original producer of the Japan software that refrain from the launch of the 'new title' of the Nintendo Dora Gaul lost Cygames · Hiroki Matsuura director oversees the just released ', TV anime' Ace Attorney Season2 'is just a start broadcasting Capcom ・ Ejo Motohide producer, “ Rockman 11 gear of fate !! ” which is new title after 8 years of Rockman series, Capcom ・ Dainaka Nonaka producer who just began to release, Bandai Namco who became a new producer of Tales series Yusuke Tomizawa producer of entertainment 7 people Hiro Yoshimura director of Bandai Namco entertainment became the General Director of the God Eater series.

With topics such as “What did you get as a creator?” And “A recent incident at work,” we develop a talk that can be talked about because it is a gusset ★ Asobi. Matsuura Director General Manager of Cygames, who is from Tokushima, cited that he was called to a local event as 'What did you get as a creator?', And this time the plane was lost due to the influence of the typhoon. , I took a taxi from Kochi Prefecture and revealed that I came to Tokushima, and told me that it took 'hundreds of gachas'.

In “Recent Incidents at Work,” Capcom's tuning staff (game difficulty level was selected when Nonaka producer was creating “Kidori Hunter mode” to lower the level of difficulty added to the game at “

CAPCOM: Rockman X Anniversary Collection ”. I mentioned that the official document from the staff who confirms it was written '' I can't call out at all. ' Of course, when the game is released it is fixed firmly, and it is said that it is finished in a mode that even beginners can use.

Furthermore, in the middle of the event, Mr. Matsuyama of MC jumps into the spectator seat and one act is also to shoot something.

It was clear on Matsuyama-san's Twitter what exactly happened.

New type anime award look-back talk show
At the entrance of ufotable CINEMA from 12:00 on the 3rd day, a talk show was held looking back at the new type anime award held on the 2nd night.

The talk show will feature a new type of editor-in-chief Kiyohito Kado who has also been on stage at the anime award stage and Torikashima anime ambassador, Satoko Nakamura. New Type Anime Awards are held every year, but this is the first time a retrospective talk show.

As for the award-winning works in each category, the section on the day of the award was reviewed, and the parts that were not sufficient were discussed a lot.

Mr. Nakamura said that he would like to hold a talk show with the anime award from now on.

Closing ceremony
The final event of the third stage of Mt. From the left, Tokushima anime ambassador Nakamura Eriko, Cygames Akira Akihiro, 'Oenro.' A role of Chiwa, Yuri Ehara, Amasaka's role of 'Uma Musume Pretty Derby', Ayumi Akazaka, Machikane Fukitaru Role: Hiyori Nitta, role of Narita Taishin, role of Keiko Watanabe, role of Harurala: Shina Shudo, role of silence suzuka, Mari Takano, three-piece pop of rock band ' Spira Spica ', singer YURiKA , aniplex Ryoma Takahashi, Machi ★ Asobi general producer · Hikaru Kondo.

A commemorative photo was taken with the audience in the background. It is supposed to be published on Mr. Kondo's Twitter what kind of photo it became.

Now that all the events are over, Nakamura, Takahashi, and Kondo see off the customer's exit.

The next Machi ★ Asobi vol. 22 will be held in the spring of 2019. The schedule will be announced as soon as it is decided.

Itasha display
Machi ★ Asobi vol.17 and so on to become a pain wheel to Ferrari , 'Itasha' exhibition has become an example of Machi ★ Asobi. A lot of Itasha were lined up in Machi ★ Asobi vol.

' Kantai Collection ' Kuma's Itasha has a normal illustration wrapped in front of it ...

Kuma of season-limited costumes on the left and right doors respectively

The filler port is a familiar 'refill' icon.

The tires were somehow Rilakkuma models.

Pracha High School Itasha in ' Girls und Panzer ' has Katyusha and Nonna at the left and right doors

Not only the print but also the flag was impressive.

In addition, the bear character 'Boko-takuma' that appeared in the work was added to the casual work.

Among the cars decorated with glittering decorations, one of the most striking ones was 'It's a

rabbit? '

The cute character of a popular character, Chino-chan, was a wrapping that still overflowed.

Not only Itasha, but also the life-size plastic model 'Bright Star, Sky' exhibited by the game ' Border Break ' from TGS was also displayed.

Tokyo Kronos
The VR mystery adventure game 'Tokyo Kronos' has a trial booth, and general producer Kento Kishigami , Nikaido Yusuke Ishikawa , and director Haruki Kasakura on the stage on the third day's Kashiyamayama summit stage 'Product accomplices meeting' was held.

Charity auction
Various items such as illustrations drawn with illustrations and signed products, and huge tapestry that would probably never appear in other items appeared, and the price was given from several thousand yen to several hundred thousand yen.

In addition, although the charity auction has basically been conducted on the outdoor stage, when it was conducted at the Awagin Hall for the purpose of changing the venue on the first day of this Machi ★ Asobi vol. 21, the atmosphere is something different from usual. The producer Kondo, who was in charge of the proceedings, and Erika Nakamura got the idea that 'the auction is done outdoors'.

The three members of 'TEAM OHENRO.', Megumi, Mari Takano, Chiwa , Yori Ehara , Mao, Mr. Nanami Yamashita , the second term announced in Machi ★ Asobi vol. 19 is 2019 4 We announce that production began for the moon. In addition, a series of Tokushima Shimbun was also announced that the 'cycling edition' would begin after 'the history inquiry Awa dance edition'.

The event ended with the excitement of singing 'The Story of a Thousand and Two hundred'.

In addition, as the handshake event participation ticket attached in the five-piece set (2500 yen) of the

business card with character sound of 'Ohenro.' Announced at the opening ceremony (2500 yen) was bundled without consent, Producer Kondo reported that the handshake event itself was not conducted and apologized. This item is subject to refunds, so if you purchased the item, please check ufotable and the official website of the Word Brain that produced the goods.

Apology-creator's office ufotable

HOME of Tokushima Graphic Design | Words Brain WARSS BRAIN

Idolish 7 Special Stage ŹOO Ļ x ufotable Producer Talk Show
As ufotable created animation MV of the unit 'ŹOOĻ', a talk show by 'Aidlysh Seven' producer Shikichika Shimooka and producer ufotable and Hikaru Kondo was held.

When I was working on the MV, I was searching for a talented person in ufotable's 'idolish seven', and found that I was in charge of 'Actuate Token Ranbu Izumi Mamoru Isei Character Design' and 'Emiya's Today's Rice' Character Design Uchimura Hitoko. At this event, 'ŹOOĻ' illustrations drawn by Mr. Uchimura were released.

Wow, this illustration was displayed at the entrance of ufotable CINEMA after the event and it was OK to shoot, so many people were shooting it.

Pajamas! ~ Umamusumi Public Relations Department ~ Business trip version in Tokushima
The talk and live event of ' Uma Musume Pretty Derby ' is the start of the climax from the beginning of 'Umapiyoi Legend'.

The event will be held on the event by Mika Kanke Fukukitaru, Hiyori Nitta, Narita Taishin, Keiko Watanabe, Harurala, Shina Shudo, Silence Suzuka, Mari Takano, and live Akasaka, Akemi Aksaka. Umamusume talk and challenge to the race real condition were carried out.

September 22, 2018 17:06
Fate / HF Chapter 2 and GOD EATER 3 Appear in 'Machi ★ Asobi vol. 21' Airport Anime Jack-GIGAZINE

22:32 September 22, 2018

'Eri Yara x Naomi Minani collaboration live' at a cafe overlooking the night view-GIGAZINE

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We have challenged the 'Gourmet Hunt' of Machi ★ Asobi vol. 21 which eats out the deliciousness of Tokushima such as ramen, curry and parfait-GIGAZINE

September 26, 2018 00:52

Information summary and event schedule list announced in 'Machi ★ Asobi vol. 21 eve'-GIGAZINE

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The ropeway guide announcement of 'Machi ★ Asobi vol. 21' that Nanase Riku and Kujo Teng of 'Idolish 7' speak-GIGAZINE

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'Idolish 7' 'Fate' 'Emiya Sanchi's Today's Rice' and Machi ★ Asobi vol. 21 also collaboration sweet like this-GIGAZINE

12:33 October 06, 2018
The world's first (?) 'Card with character sound' appeared, 'Ohenro'. A short drama by the character flows-GIGAZINE

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I went to a meeting where I can meet new manga, I can read it, I can buy it on the spot-just manga-GIGAZINE

October 06, 2018 14:08
The work cheering party gathers at the stage 'Otome-Yengun Inauguration Ceremony' of the anime 'Ulysses Jeanne d'Arc and the Alchemy Knight'-GIGAZINE

15:45 October 06, 2018

'Lapping Mobile Library' real cars unveiled with works such as Fate, Ainana, Macross and I sister-GIGAZINE

October 06, 2018 17:13
I've met a character with a unique character and a female artist at the original painting exhibition 'Ryuo's Work!'-GIGAZINE

October 30, 2018 17:30
'FGO Man Choco' & 'Karagekun FGO Taste' appear in collaboration between FGO and Lawson-GIGAZINE

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What kind of efforts are being made in Japan to become an advanced country of 'e-sport' where the official event of the Olympics is also considered? -GIGAZINE

23:31 October 06, 2018
'Mekahde -MECHANICAL ARMS-' first screening meeting & talk show-GIGAZINE was told about the production secret story of shock such as 'I was becoming an animation director sometime when I drew something I like'

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How far has it been in the production of the movie version 'Fate / stay night [Heaven's Feel] II. Lost butterfly'? We have sneaked into the progress presentation-GIGAZINE

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'Animal Tourism' stage where Toru Furuya combined live and reminiscent of the cafeteria Poaro's food repo image-GIGAZINE

October 07, 2018 08:55

'GOD EATER 3' Wrapping Vending Machine Appears Newly in Collaboration with Coca-Cola and Machi ★ Asobi-GIGAZINE

09:25 October 07, 2018

The original animation 'RELEASE THE SPYCE' which combined high school girl × spy action just before broadcast-GIGAZINE

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Bagels based on the image of 'Okki ikon no suke' of Touken Ranbu are sweet and eaten-Zugsi-GIGAZINE

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Movie version 'Fate stay / night [Heaven's Feel]' II. Lost butterfly's latest key visual announcement, AbemaTV special number & related program delivery decision-GIGAZINE

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'The sick missing is location Han' and other inside stories popped out 'Working cells' retrospective talk show-GIGAZINE

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'New Type Anime Award 2017-2018' result announcement, work award 'Bungo Stray Dogs DEAD APPLE' & 'Idol Master Side M'-GIGAZINE

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What kind of work is it as a game music composer who makes BGM essential to games? -GIGAZINE

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A member of the TV anime 'Kill of Blades', acting as Kajiro Haruka · Natsuki Hanae, performs live audio recording while watching a trailer, and works well for April 2019 broadcasting-GIGAZINE

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I watched an 11-player match against the guitar, and I got a good idea of what was called 'e-sport'-GIGAZINE

October 08, 2018 20:20
Theatrical animation 'I would like to eat your pancreas' staff talk show in which effort was made to make a painful and kindly after-image read-GIGAZINE

October 09, 2018 00:26
Heroes of Justice & Yuru Chara vs Evil Legion Anything slapstick play 'Mave Asobi'-GIGAZINE

18:30 October 09, 2018
'Border Break' Fan Event with Life-sized Robot Exhibitions and Talk Shows with Too Much Information-GIGAZINE

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