Summary of all articles in 'Machi Asobi vol.19'

' Machi Asobi vol.19 ', where contents such as anime, manga, and games are gathered in Tokushima City to hold various stages, screenings, and live performances, will open on Saturday, September 23, 2017. did. Wrapping ropeways and wrapping taxis are starting to move toward the main 'climax run' from October 7th to 9th.

Machi ★ Asobi vol.19 2017.09.23 ~ 10.9 held

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◆ Opening Ceremony
◆ Wrapping ropeway
◆ Wrapping taxi
◆ Airport Anime Jack
◆ The day before the climax run
◆ Gourmet Hunt: Italian Cafe Pizza Royal Hat
◆ Ropeway guide announcement
◆ Climax Run Opening Ceremony
◆ Gourmet Hunt: ufotable Cafe TOKUSHIMA
◆ Gourmet Hunt: Yoake
◆ Gourmet Hunt: Mori Coffee Shop
◆ Gourmet Hunt: Wadanoya
◆ Gourmet Hunt: PATISSERIE CONCHA Patisserie Concha
◆ Gourmet Hunt: Le Chocolat
◆ Gourmet Hunt: Diner Jelly & Bonny
◆ Gourmet Hunt: Awa Shinmachigawa Brewery
◆ FLOW Special Live
◆ Awa Ai Pin Badge
◆ Industry-related talk event
◆ Gourmet Hunt: Takashima Coffee Shop
◆ Gourmet Hunt: Oz
◆ Gourmet Hunt: NEW ORIENT
◆ 'In this corner of the world'
◆ FullMooN Live
◆ Akira Ause & Tomoe Tamiyasu (Tami Knock) Special Live

September 23, 2017 17:01:00
I have seen Akio Otsuka's handprints at 'Machi Asobi CAFE Meishan' where swordsmen wait in line --GIGAZINE

September 24, 2017 23:30
I tried to follow the whole story of how the movie version Fate's 'Wrapping Ropeway' was born --GIGAZINE

September 30, 2017 00:42:00
'Tokushima Station Anime Jack' where the station was decorated with the decoration of the movie version 'Fate / stay night [Heaven's Feel]' --GIGAZINE

◆ October 07, 2017 13:47:00
A wrapping vending machine for 'Fate / stay night' and 'Ohenro.', A collaboration between Coca-Cola and Machi Asobi, has appeared, and I actually bought a hit drink --GIGAZINE

◆ October 07, 2017 16:22:00
'BEATLESS' will be animated, directed by Seiji Mizushima of 'Mobile Suit Gundam 00' and 'Expelled from Paradise' --GIGAZINE

◆ October 07, 2017 17:49:00
Newtype Anime Award 2016-2017 Results Announcement, Best Picture Awards 'Sword Art Online the Movie -Ordinal Scale-' and 'Fate / Apocrypha' --GIGAZINE

◆ October 07, 2017 20:52:00
The second production of the TV anime 'Ohenro.-88 steps-' has been decided, and crowdfunding will also be implemented --GIGAZINE

◆ October 07, 2017 21:06:00
'Fate / kaleid liner Prisma Illya' sequel production decision announced 'Theatrical version Prisma Illya Special Stage-Oath of Mt. Bizan-' Report --GIGAZINE

◆ October 08, 2017 00:09:00
'Aim for me ... Ban!' 'I've passed to the handle!' And other 'Katsugeki Touken Ranbu' broadcast end commemorative stage report --GIGAZINE

◆ October 08, 2017 06:03:00
Cast gathering of Sakura Matou and Noriko Shitaya at the 'Sakura Watching Party' of the movie version 'Fate / stay night [Heaven's Feel]', and a hit prayer Shinto ritual --GIGAZINE

◆ October 08, 2017 07:55:00
'Kiyosakura' who can drink with voice actors is almost full at the izakaya, and the animation is also unveiled --GIGAZINE

◆ October 08, 2017 12:34:00
A gusset where anyone can easily participate in a real auction and get rare items ★ Asobi's 'charity auction' looks like this --GIGAZINE

◆ October 08, 2017 17:29:00
Red carpet at Machi Asobi to coincide with the world premiere of the movie 'Fate / stay night [Heaven's Feel]' --GIGAZINE

◆ October 08, 2017 18:53:00
Voice actor office Mausu Promotion's Ryosuke Naya wrote the manuscript of his first book 'live writing' --GIGAZINE

◆ October 08, 2017 21:25:00
Report on '~ Machi ★ Asobi's too serious stage ~' to understand the upcoming anime 'My girlfriend is too serious' --GIGAZINE

◆ October 09, 2017 12:09:00
What is the work praised by Seiji Mizushima as 'the highest peak of hand-painted action'? 'Bonds Panel' where President Minami of Bonds talks about the recent situation --GIGAZINE

◆ October 09, 2017 12:59:00
I tried gusset limited gourmet such as 'Ramen Chazuke' which dive rice in ramen soup --GIGAZINE

◆ October 09, 2017 19:02:00

'Machi Asobi vol.19' will be closed, and Eriko Nakamura, Akio Otsuka and others will participate in the next milestone vol.20 --GIGAZINE

◆ October 09, 2017 19:24:00
What is 'Live Revolt' where the audience and the artist create a live together with wotagei OK? --GIGAZINE

◆ October 09, 2017 20:43:00
A mysterious live event 'Hop Step Live Broadcast!' In Machi ★ Asobi vol.19 --GIGAZINE where you can interact with virtual idols in real time

◆ October 10, 2017 00:05:00
Goddess & Touken Ranbu 6 swings and 'Digimon Adventure' Cosplay performance stage where Mimi & Lilymon danced --GIGAZINE

Opening Ceremony
The opening of Machi Asobi vol.19 was held in front of the newly opened 'Machi Asobi CAFE Bizan Store' on the summit of Mt. Bizan, one of the venues. This building originally had a coffee shop on the 1st floor and the 2nd floor was used as an observatory.

Governor Kamon Iizumi of Tokushima Prefecture said that Machi Asobi, which started in the fall of 2009, was greeted for the 19th time thanks to everyone who gathered in this way.

This is Mayor Akiyoshi Endo of Tokushima City. As a former Shikoku Broadcasting announcer, I heard that the heads of the cafe waiting for admission were lined up from 7:30.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony was carried out with the participation of Mr. Ichikawa (far left) of Machi Asobi CAFE and Mr. Hanano (far right) of the Tokushima City Tourism Association.

The inside of the opened Machi Asobi CAFE is a tatami mat, and four cushions are placed on a round table. The number of tables is 10, and there is a table for 2 people in the back.

In addition to the cafe space, there was also a product sales space, and panels of sword men were lined up by the window. According to Governor Iizumi, the Machi Asobi CAFE Meishan store has been set up as a demonstration experiment and will be available for a limited time until February 18, 2018 (Sun).

The ropeway will also be operated by wrapping '

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu ' and ' Theatrical version' Fate / stay night [Heaven's Feel] ' '.

Wrapping ropeway
Machi Asobi is held twice a year in spring (May) and autumn (October), except for the earliest period. In spring, the main stage is the park near 'Shinmachibashi' that spans the Shinmachi River that runs through Tokushima City, but in autumn, the main stage is set up on the summit of Mt. Bizan, which is 7 minutes away by ropeway. This main stage at the summit of Mt. Bizan has been used every time in Machi Asobi in autumn since vol.1, and the 'guide announcement' that flows on the ropeway is a perfect attendance project, but this is the first time to wrap it on the ropeway.

First, head to the

Awaodori Kaikan, where the ropeway departs and arrives.

From September 23 (Sat) to October 6 (Fri), Kunihiro Horikawa of 'Katsugeki Sword Ranbu' will be in charge of going up, and Tonbokiri will be in charge of going down. If you purchase a round-trip ticket at the time of boarding, you will receive a mini poster of one of the characters for each ticket.

The gondola wrapping is from September 23 (Sat) to October 15 (Sun), and will continue for a while even after the Machi Asobi is over. There are two wrapping works, 'Katsugeki Touken Ranbu' and 'Theatrical version' Fate / stay night [Heaven's Feel] ''.

So, when I was waiting at the platform on the 5th floor, the gondola of 'Katsugeki Touken Ranbu' came. The gondola is operated as a set of two, and the one at the foot of the mountain has a beard cut and a hizamaru.

Mikazuki Munechika is on the other side of the door, and because of the shape of the gondola, it is hidden, but next to it is Yamanbagiri Kunihiro.

At the beginning of the gondola on the mountain side are Mamoru Izumi and Yoshiyuki Mutsu. It was said that it was OK to shoot until the departure, but there are not many angles where you can shoot with all the characters well, so if you find one, please share it with everyone and shoot.

If you want to take an illustration of the mountain side, the mountaintop station was more suitable.

This is where the 'Fate' gondola comes up from the observatory on the summit. The upper gondola uses the second key visual, and the lower gondola uses the first key visual.

Wrapping taxi
With the cooperation of

Tokushima Daiichi Kotsu , six wrapping taxis will run through Tokushima this time as well. On the first day, a wrapping taxi was exhibited near the mountaintop station of the ropeway at the opening ceremony, so when you got off the ropeway and went up the stairs, the wrapping taxi was waiting in front of you.

What I was waiting for was a wrapping taxi for the movie 'Fate / stay night [Heaven's Feel]'. The upper part of the second key visual is used for the bonnet.

And on the trunk, the lower part of the same key visual 2nd, servants are drawn.

Next door is 'Katsugeki Touken Ranbu'. Key visuals of Mutsu no Kami Yoshiyuki & Izumi Mamoru Kanesada on the hood

On the trunk, Mikazuki Munechika, the previously released visual, was drawn.

Three more will be lined up. In the foreground is '

Touken Ranbu -Hanamaru- ', with a logo and scattered petals on the trunk.

Mamoru Yamato and Kiyomitsu Kashu are on the hood.

Next door is '

My girlfriend is too serious ' from the anime that started in October 2017 .

The heroine, Akiho Kosaka, was drawn on the trunk.


CODE VEIN ' wrapping taxi that shines in black.

The trunk is decorated with a logo.

The last is '

Super Sonico x Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight! '

'Soniko & Manabi' drawn by Santa Tsuji and 'Manabi & Soniko' drawn by Atsushi Ogasawara in the 10th anniversary collaboration are lined up.

Airport Anime Jack

At Tokushima Awaodori Airport, there is an anime jack that is decorated with numerous anime banners.

An anime banner is posted in front of you as soon as you enter the terminal building.


Katsugeki Touken Ranbu ' and ' CODE VEIN ' are a set of two, with one ' Fate / Grand Order ' in between, ' Theatrical version' Fate / stay night [Heaven's Feel] ' ' is Sakura, Shiro, Rin 3 Sheet set. And ' The Moving Pictures Festival vol.7 Newtype Anime Award 2016-2017 ' is also a set of two.

On the first floor, there was also a huge panel of three types of 2017 Awa Dance posters.

Looking down from the 2nd floor, it looks like this.

In addition to this, banners are attached to each pillar.


Girls Jockey ' whose radio program has been broadcast on Nippon Cultural Broadcasting since April 2017

Animation will start in October 2017 'Since

you became a couple '

Continues on the other side


First Girlfriend ' broadcast from July to September 2017 and ' Revolutionary Girl Utena ' where an exhibition commemorating the 20th anniversary of TV animation broadcasting will be held


Anime-Gatari ' to be broadcast from October 2017


Konohana Kitan, ' which also started broadcasting in October 2017


Symphonic Psalm Eureka Seven High Evolution 1 ', which has been released in theaters since September 16, 2017, and ' My girlfriend is too serious ', which started broadcasting in October 2017.


Princess Connect Re: Dive ', the sequel to ' Uma Musume Pretty Derby ' and the smartphone game 'Princess Connect!'

Game for smartphone '

Granblue Fantasy '


Pop Team Epic ' which was postponed for 3 months and started in January 2018. Even in the banner, the part of 'October 2017' of 'October 2017 animation start' is erased by magic and it is designed as if it is handwritten as 'January 2018'.

This is the banner you can see on the 1st floor, and the banner continues on the 2nd floor. This is the departure lobby in front of the security checkpoint, and the boarding waiting room is on the other side of the glass on the far left.


URAHARA ', which started in October 2017, is a 3-disc design using key visuals.

A 2-disc set of the smartphone game '

Tenka Hyakuken Zan '

Behind the scenes is '

Live Rebolt, ' which advocates 'entertainment works that perform multidimensional media mix.'


Yokai Apartment Life ' where TV animation will continue to be broadcast for the second cool

◆ The day before the climax run
Unfortunately it was raining in Tokushima on October 6th, the day before the climax run, but the setting of the venue was completed. This is the Shinmachi Kawahigashi Park stage.

The direction of Mt. Bizan was completely in the clouds, but ...

After that, the rain had stopped.

As an event held the day before, a live broadcast of the program ' Game Life Improvement Committee (Gekatsu) ' by voice actor Yui Nakajima and friends of Dengeki Online was held before ufotable CINEMA.

Gekatsu in Machiasobi Vol.19 --YouTube

Customers were rushing to the front of the camera to watch the live broadcast.

A red carpet is prepared in the Higashishinmachi shopping district, and preparations for the Itasha exhibition are complete.

I also found a leaflet for the 'Digital Creator Human Resources Discovery Seminar'. A lecture by director Sunao Katabuchi and anime critic Ryota Fujitsu will be given under the title of 'Aiming for the presence of characters in this corner of the world.'

Gourmet Hunt:

Italian Cafe Pizza Royal Hat
'Italian Cafe Pizza Royal Hat' is on the 2nd floor of Tokushima Station Building Clement Plaza.

The gourmet hunt limited menu is 'Choice of half & half pizza and drink set' (810 yen including tax)

Choose from two types: 'Teriyaki chicken' using Awa Sudachi chicken, 'Melty gratin pizza', 'Datterini tomato and buffalo mozzarella margherita', and 'Roast beef pizza'. This time, I chose 'Teriyaki chicken' and 'Margherita'.

The pizza is a small size cut into four pieces, but the freshly baked crispy dough is combined with the hot and torotoro cheese, which makes you want beer.

Ropeway guide announcement
One of the few 'perfect attendance events' in Machi Asobi is the 'Ropeway Guide Announcement' in which the character announces the Bizan Ropeway. You will receive a mini poster when you purchase a round-trip ticket for the ropeway. During the first fan second run period, there were two types of 'Katsugeki Sword Ranbu', Kunihiro Horikawa and Tonbokiri.

The back side is a narration manuscript.

This is Tonbokiri. Below is a placemat file sold at ufotable cafe and ufotable CINEMA. This poster fits perfectly.

◆ Climax Run Opening Ceremony
The opening ceremony of Machi Asobi Vol.19 Climax Run, which starts on October 7, was held from 10:00 on the 7th.

It was raining just before the opening ceremony, but a large number of Machi Asobi participants holding their umbrellas and waiting for the opening ceremony to start.

By the time the entrance to the venue started, the rain had stopped and the weather seemed to support Machi Asobi.

From the left, the speakers are Yuri Ehara, Tokushima City Tourism Association Chairman Hiroaki Kondo, Tokushima Governor Kamon Iizumi, and Machi Asobi's general producer Hikaru Kondo. The venue laughs at Chairman Kondo, who immediately spoils the fact that Coca-Cola was in charge of wrapping the vending machine in collaboration with Machi Asobi in the first greeting.

Producer Kondo tweeted that 'a special guest will appear at the opening ceremony' the day before the opening ceremony ...

The special guest was Annin Tofu (center of the photo), an illustrator from Tokushima who is in charge of character design for The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls .

Next, as one of the measures to prevent suicide, he showed an illustration that ufotale created for junior and senior high school students. It is said that it was designed by the ufotale staff in Tokushima, and will be distributed during counseling held at cultural festivals held in the western part of Tokushima prefecture.

In addition, the can badge that Governor Iizumi holds is the 'Ai Tokushima logo mark' badge that was designed by Asao Tokolo, who designed

the emblem for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics .

I was asked to have Mr. Noro take charge of the design because of the 'indigo' connection, but even though indigo dyeing is not only in Tokushima prefecture but all over the country, 'Why do you dare to recommend' indigo dyeing 'in Tokushima prefecture? Kondo producer said he had doubts. However, when I investigated, it seems that Tokushima Prefecture occupies 75% of the nation's acreage of indigo dyeing raw materials, and it seems that it has been noticed that it has a deeper connection with indigo dyeing than anywhere else in the country. The 'Ai Tokushima logo mark' can badge was created in Tokushima prefecture, and the price is 3000 yen per badge. Limited to 50 pieces are sold at the Tokushima Shimbun booth.

Next, the original illustration drawn by Mr. Annin Tofu, who appeared as a special guest, for this Machi Asobi is released. Annin tofu said, 'It's okay to be a personal sponsor,' and he drew an illustration that a high school girl in Tokushima is enjoying Machiasobi.

Annin tofu also exhibited the original illustrated colored paper at the charity auction held on the 8th, and the colored paper has the idol 'Nanjo Hikaru' from Tokushima drawn in the center.

Next, he announced the 'great guy' that had been spoiled earlier.

A vending machine with illustrations of 'Fate / stay night' and 'Ohenro.' Awa Odori posters printed in unveiling format has been released. If you purchase a drink from the illustrated vending machine, a part of the purchase price will be donated to the Tokushima City Tourism Agency.

The first memorable purchase was made by Chairman Kondo.

The bottle purchased by Chairman Kondo comes with Atari.

If you can get a drink with Atari, you can get a postcard, and the president of Shikoku Coca-Cola showed off the postcard.

In addition, Governor Iizumi bought a drink with pocket money. Atari has appeared here as well, and it seems that the probability of atari is quite high.

In the final greeting, Producer Kondo commented that the world premiere of the movie version 'Fate / stay night [Heaven's Feel] Chapter 1 presage flower' produced by ufotable will be held at this Machi Asobi. It seems that it was difficult to say 'Let's screen from Tokushima' from the mouth of the producer Kondo who was involved in the production, but the production committee said 'Let's do it in Tokushima', and Machi Asobi widely recognized it. It seems that he was able to realize that it has come to be done.

Gourmet Hunt:

ufotable Cafe TOKUSHIMA
At 'ufotable Cafe TOKUSHIMA', the 4th period of collaboration cafe with lively Touken Ranbu is underway until October 9th (Monday).

The swordsmen welcome you at the seat.

One of the collaboration drinks, 'Apricot Calpis with the Goddess and Konnosuke' (600 yen)

This is a collaboration dessert, 'Conversation at Umezono' (850 yen), which is based on the image of a dialogue between Mamoru Izumi and Kunihiro Horikawa in episode 10.

For the food menu, you can get one place mat for each item.

The gourmet hunt menu is 'Machi Asobi Curry'.

Comes with a postcard of 'Katsugeki Touken Ranbu'.

Gourmet Hunt: Yoake
One of the standard Tokushima ramen shops within a 5-minute walk from Tokushima Station.

I was hungry, so I ordered the char siu wonton noodles (large) in the state of 'all toppings'.

Inside the store, there were 'Ohenro.' And Awa Odori collaboration posters.

Gourmet Hunt:

Mori Coffee Shop
This is also a gourmet hunt at 'Mori Coffee Shop' near the station, which is for food and drink or take-out purchases of 800 yen or more.

We also cooperated with customers to collect postcards for gourmet hunts. If you find it difficult to collect by yourself but want to see the card list, please go.

By the way, the shop has a quiet atmosphere, but the postcard you can get is '

Pop Team Epic '.

Gourmet Hunt:

Wadanoya is a store known for 'Taki no Yakimochi', which is located on the B1F of Clement Plaza at Tokushima Station.

Yakimochi comes out baked on the spot.

Gourmet Hunt:

A candy store 'PATISSERIE CONCHA' near the Awaodori Kaikan.

The target of the gourmet hunt is this 'Shoo Rusk' and 'Wasanbon Langdosha'

Gourmet Hunt: Le Chocolat
'Le Chocolat' is a chocolate specialty store.

The target for gourmet hunt is 'Purchase 500 yen or more', but 'Machi Asobi Special Mix' (756 yen including tax) is available as a menu for Machi Asobi.

Gourmet Hunt: Diner Jelly & Bonny
Diner Jelly & Bonny is located in the 'Poppo-gai Shopping Street' near Tokushima Station.

The gourmet hunt menu is 'Machi Asobi Set'. A hamburger, french fries (half), fried chicken, and a drink are included in the set. There are two sizes of hamburgers, 800 yen for S and 850 yen for M. The photo is M size.

The surface of the buns is crispy, but the inside is specially made of fluffy. The buns are tightly packed with meat and go well with the sweet and spicy special sauce. Because it is a special product, it may be sold out at night, so it is safer for those who want to eat surely to go by the evening.

Gourmet Hunt:

Awa Shinmachigawa Brewery
'Awa Shinmachigawa Brewery', which is right next to Shinmachi Kawahigashi Park where one of the stages of Machi Asobi is installed, is famous as a local beer shop.

The target for gourmet hunt is 'butter chicken curry' (900 yen including tax). The richness of butter is rich.

FLOW Special Live
Machi ★ Asobi 2nd day ・ From 19:00 on October 8th (Sun), a special live performance of FLOW was held on the summit stage of Mt. Bizan. Immediately before the start of the live, people gathered tightly around the gate at the entrance of the mountaintop venue, and the heat that could not be thought of as a cold autumn night.

Customers were rushing to the top of the mountain, which is far from the stage, which could be called the 'second floor seats'.

With the appearance of FLOW members, the excitement suddenly reached its climax. The first number is 'BURN'

of ' Tales of Berseria ', which is also related to ufotable.

After that, FLOW fans and anime fans got excited, such as NARUTO's 'Sign' and 'Rainbow Sky', '

Durarara !! x2 Yui ' 'Steppin'out', and ' Tales of Zestiria the Cross ' 'INNOSENSE'. The song continues.

Since it is a live performance outdoors, the third major single 'Meteor' is also available. The fans were excited just by saying 'Under the night sky ...'.

FLOW is said to be the 15th anniversary of its formation, and announced that it will perform what is called 'anison tied up LIVE' for the first time in live viewing. Details can be found on the

FLOW official website . In addition, GRANRODEO partnered the tag ' FLOW × GRANRODEO to restart', also announced that in charge of the TV 'revival of the Seven Deadly Sins commandments' anime opening theme. Machi Asobi was the first information to appear, and the venue was filled with cheers.

At the end of the game, the excitement exploded due to the popular number 'GO !!!' in LIVE. Call and response, jumps, waves and so much heat swirled.

At the end, with the intention of running through the 15th anniversary with the soul of the chorus section 'We are Fighting Dreamers' of 'GO !!!' in mind, 'We are!' And 'Fighting Dreamers!' Tighten. The gathered fans raised their fists and screamed so high that the entire venue trembled.

On FLOW official Twitter, photos taken from the stage are uploaded, and it seems that the enthusiasm that was excited to the end is transmitted.

Awa Ai Pin Badge
Following the indigo-dyed T-shirt commemorating the completion of the first term of the 'Ohenro.' Serialization in Machi Asobi vol.18 , a pin badge featuring the 'Awa Ai' logo has appeared. One is 3000 yen.

Tokushima Prefecture is the home of making the dye 'Sukumo', which is the raw material for indigo dyeing. Sukumo from Tokushima is known as ' Awa Ai ', and we are doing its publicity activities.

Industry-related talk event
It is one of the few events that continues from vol.1 in Machi Asobi, and there was a time when it was broadcast on the net, but now it is a completely closed event with the rule of ' do not say, do not write, do not tweet '. This is a commemorative photo of some speakers gathered after the event.

In the center of the front row, President Hiroshi Matsuyama of CyberConnect2 pointed with a funny face to the book 'Wednesday, November 1, 2017'
A drug called entertainment-what the game creators delivered to a boy who loses light '. On the right side of the center row, Yusuke Tomizawa, a producer of Namco Bandai Games, appeals ' CODE VEIN ' scheduled to be released in 2018.

Gourmet Hunt: Takashima Coffee Shop
A long-established 'Takashima Coffee Shop' is located at the corner of the 'Yaoyamachi' intersection, about a 5-minute walk from Tokushima Station.

The main is hot sandwiches. 'Food and drinks of 900 yen or more' are eligible for gourmet hunting.

This time I ordered regular coffee (hot 400 yen) and special burger (500 yen). It's a hot sandwich shop, so it's a 'burger', but the shape is a sandwich.

Sandwiched with lettuce, ham, patties and fried eggs, it can be used for morning or lunch.

Gourmet Hunt: Oz
Oz, a handmade gelato shop, is a regular gourmet hunt shop.

Six types of limited parfaits are available for Machi Asobi gourmet hunts.

This time, I ordered 'Machi Asobi Big Whipped Parfait' (980 yen including tax) and 'Charcoal-grilled Blend Coffee' (430 yen including tax). Machi on the top of the parfait ★ Asobi star.

Plenty of whipped cream on top of ice cream.

There are two colors of ice cream, chocolate and strawberry. It's a restaurant where you want to relax during a snack, but it can be crowded during the gourmet hunt period.

Gourmet Hunt: NEW ORIENT
Cafe bar restaurant 'New Orient' located facing the Yaoyamachi intersection as well as the coffee shop 'Takashima Coffee Shop' participating in the gourmet hunt

The gourmet hunt is for 'homemade roast beef bowl' (980 yen including tax) or 2 kinds of cakes and ice cream + 1 drink (500 yen).


This Corner of the World ' Director Sunao Katabuchi Screening & Talk Event
Director Katabuchi of 'In This Corner of the World,' which was released in November 2016 and has become a long-running hit, visited Tokushima for the first time in two and a half years since Machi Asobi vol.14 . By the way, at the time of vol.14, I was still doing crowdfunding, and there was Machi Asobi vol.18 after the release, but the schedule did not fit. At the movie theater, a 'live commentary screening' was held in which Director Katabuchi explained the movie.

Director Katabuchi's previous work 'Mai Mai Miracle and the Magic of the Millennium' is set in Hofu City during the 1955 and Heian periods. It does not overlap with 'In This Corner of the World' set in Hiroshima and Kure from 1945 to 1945, but both works have in common that the original scenery does not remain much even after visiting the stage. I am. However, there are some roads that have survived for 1000 years. For example, if you continue on the road in Nakajima Honmachi, where Suzu-san carried seaweed on his back, he appeared in 'Maimai Shinko'. It seems that it is connected to the road that goes through the trace. From that point of view, Director Katabuchi is actively holding an event to talk about dance works locally, but in the case of 'Mai Mai Miracle', which is drawn within the range where the elementary school student Shinko can walk and move. It will be about 11km to walk, and it is difficult to do the same thing in 'In This Corner of the World', which is set in the mountainous terrain of Kure as well as traveling by train, so it is drawn in raw commentary in this way. It was an event to talk about the stage.

Some of what was said in the live commentary is like this.

It was an event that you can enjoy even at first sight.

After this live commentary screening, a lecture entitled ' Digital Creator Human Resources Discovery Seminar: Aiming for the presence of characters in this corner of the world' was given at Awagin Hall.

At both events, we are receiving tweets that convey satisfaction from the participants.

FullMooN Live
The live performance of the girls rock band 'Full MooN' on the stage at Shinmachi Kawahigashi Park was very exciting, and they were eager to do it again in Tokushima.

Akira Ause & Tomoe Tamiyasu (Tami Knock) Special Live
In addition to live performances, Machi Asobi vol.18 succeeded in challenging 'Mr. Tamiyasu sells 100 CDs by hand while Mr. Tamiyasu is singing one song', so this time we aim for a record that exceeds that. The challenge was made. The result is '137 sheets', and it seems that it is steadily spreading to Tokushima.

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