"Machi ★ Asobi vol. 19" All articles summary

Contents of animation, manga, games etc. gather together in the city of Tokushima and various stages, screening, live etc. will be heldMachi ★ Asobi vol.19"Started on Saturday, September 23, 2017. Lapping ropeway and wrapping taxis are beginning to move toward the "climax run" of the main October 7th - 9th.

Machi ★ Asobi vol.19 2017.09.23 ~ 10.9 held

·table of contents
◆ Opening Ceremony
◆ Rapping Ropeway
◆ Wrapping taxi
◆ Airport Anime Jack
◆ Climax Run the day before
◆ Gourmet Hunt: Italian Cafe Pizza · Royal Hat
◆ Ropeway guide announcement
◆ Climax Run Opening Ceremony
◆ Gourmet Hunt: ufotable Cafe TOKUSHIMA
◆ Gourmet Hunt: Yellow
◆ Gourmet Hunt: Mori Coffee Store
◆ Gourmet Hunt: Wada Yoya
◆ Gourmet Hunt: PATISSERIE CONCHA Patisserie Concha
◆ Gourmet Hunt: Le Chocolat
◆ Gourmet Hunt: Diner Jelly & amp; Bonny
◆ Gourmet Hunt: Awa Shinmachi River Brewery
◆ FLOW Special Live
◆ Awa Ai pin badge
◆ Industry Participant Talk Event
◆ Gourmet Hunt: Takashima Coffee Shop
◆ Gourmet Hunt: Oz
◆ Gourmet Hunt: NEW ORIENT
"In one corner of this world"
◆ FullMooN live
◆ Ayase Akira & Tomoe Minami (Taminock) Special Live

September 23, 2017 17: 1: 00 second
The swordsmen wait in line and wait "The Machi ★ Asobi CAFE Bashan store" to see the Otaka Akio's bills - GIGAZINE

September 24, 2017 23: 30: 00 second
I tried pursuing the whole story of the work as to how "Lapping ropeway" of the theater version Fate was born - GIGAZINE

September 30, 2017 00: 42: 00 second
"Tokushima station animation jack" where the station was decorated with theatrical version "Fate / stay night [Heaven's Feel]" decoration - GIGAZINE

◆ October 07, 2017 13: 47: 00 second
A wrapping vending machine of "Fate / stay night" "Ohoro." That Coca-Cola and Machi ★ Asobi collaborated appeared, I actually bought a drink with hits - GIGAZINE

◆ October 07, 2017 16: 22: 00 second
"BEATLESS" decided to animate, director Shizuji Mizushima of "Mobile Suit Gundam 00" and "Paradise expulsion" - GIGAZINE

◆ October 07, 2017 17: 49: 00 second
New type animation award 2016-2017 Result announcement, work prize "Theater version sword art online - Ordinal scale -" and "Fate / Apocrypha" - GIGAZINE

◆ October 07, 2017 20: 52: 00 second
TV animation "Oeno - Yachihachi Shinbashi ~" second stage production is decided, cloudfunding will also be planned - GIGAZINE

◆ October 07, 2017 21: 06 minutes 00 seconds
"Fate / kaleid liner Prisma ☆ Iriya" Sequel Production Decision Announced "Prisma ☆ Ilya Special Stage - Movie Oath" - GIGAZINE

◆ October 08, 2017 00: 09 minutes 00 seconds
"Aiming at Yo ...... Ban!" "Passed to the pattern!" Sword male rampage such as "Raikku Sword Ranbu" broadcasting end memorial stage report - GIGAZINE

◆ October 08, 2017 06: 03: 00 second
Cast concentration and hit prayer priest Shimoyagi Sakura role, Noriko Shimoya etc in the movie "Fate / stay night [Heaven's Feel]" at "The cherry-blossom watching society" - GIGAZINE

◆ October 08, 2017 07: 55: 00 second
"Qing cherry" which can drink voice actor and liquor is nearly fully occupied at a pub and animation is also announced - GIGAZINE

◆ October 08, 2017 12: 34: 00 second
Anyone can feel free to participate in a real auction and get rare items ★ Asobi's "Charity auction" looks like this - GIGAZINE

◆ October 08, 2017 17: 29: 00 second
Theater version "Fate / stay night [Heaven's Feel]" in accordance with the world premiere ★ Red carpet carried out with Asobi - GIGAZINE

◆ October 08, 2017 18: 53: 00 second
Mr. Noriya Naya, a voice promotion office mouse promotion "raw writing" manuscript of the first book - GIGAZINE

◆ October 08, 2017 21: 25: 00 second
The animated cartoons nearby "My girlfriend is oversimplified" is understood "~ Machi ★ Azabi's oversimplified stage incident" report - GIGAZINE

◆ October 09, 2017 12: 09 minutes 00 seconds
What is a work praised by Shizuzi Mizushima as "the highest hand-drawn action really?" The southern president of Bond talks about the "Bonds Panel" - GIGAZINE

◆ October 09, 2017 12: 59: 00 second
"Ramen Chazuke" which rice was drafted to ramen soup etc ★ Machi ★ I tried gourmet exclusive for Asobi - GIGAZINE

◆ October 09, 2017 19: 02: 00 second
'Machi ★ Asobi vol.19' closes, next will be the milestone vol.20 and Riko Nakamura and Akio Otsuka will participate - GIGAZINE

◆ October 09, 2017 19: 24: 00 second
What is "live revolt" where audiences and artists create live together with Otaku OK? - GIGAZINE

◆ October 09, 2017 20: 43: 00 second
A mysterious live event "Hop Step Live broadcast!" In Mathematica asobi vol.19 - GIGAZINE

◆ October 10, 2017 00 hours 05 minutes 00 seconds
Shigeru and swords male 6 Choreographed and "Digimon Adventure" Cosplay Performance Stage Mimi & Ririmmon danced - GIGAZINE

Opening Ceremony
The opening of Machi ★ Asobi vol.19 was held in front of the "Machi ★ Asobi CAFE Bashan store" which is newly opened at the summit of Meishan, one of the venues. This building originally had a coffee shop on the first floor and the second floor was used as an observation platform.

Governor Iikumi Kamon of Tokushima Prefecture who speaks greeting that it was thanks to all who gathered in this way that Machi ★ Asobi which started in the fall of 2009 was greeted like this.

This is Tokushima City, Mayor Endo Aki. There was also a former Shikoku Broadcasting announcer and I was asking himself that the head of the waiting entrance to the cafe was lining up from 7:30.

Mr. Ichikawa CAFE's Mr. Ichikawa (left) and Tokushima City Tourism Association Secretariat Hanano (right) joined and the tape cutting was done.

Opened gore ★ Asobi CAFE The interior is tatami flooring, and four cushions are arranged on a circular seat desk. The number of desks is 10, and there is a desk of two people in the back.

In addition to the cafe space there was also a space for selling goods, and at the window the panel of swordsmen 's panel was lining up. According to Izumi governor, Machi ★ Asobi CAFE Meishan store is set up as a demonstration experiment, and it is limited for the period until February 18, 2010 (Sunday) 2018.

Ropeway also "Momentum swords Ranbu"When"Theater version "Fate / stay night [Heaven's Feel]"It is operated by wrapping.

Lapping Ropeway
Machi ★ Asobi is held twice a year in spring (May) and fall (October) except for the first period. In the spring, the park near the Shinmachi River that flows through the city of Tokushima is the main stage, but in autumn the main stage is set up at the summit of Meishan at the distance of 7 minutes by the ropeway. Since this Meishan summit main stage vol.1, it is used every time in the autumn of Machi ★ Asobi, flowing in the ropeway "guide announcement" is's a perfect attendance planning, wrapping to the ropeway is this is the first.

First of all, the ropeway is departing and arrivingAwaodori KaikanWhat.

From Saturday, September 23 to October 6 (Friday), Korihiro Horikawa of "Livelihood Sword Ranbu" uploads up, and a dragonfly is responsible for downhill. If you purchase a round-trip ticket when you board, you can get either mini poster for each character for each ticket.

Gondola's wrapping is Saturday, September 23 - Sunday, October 15, and will continue only a little after gusset Asobi is over. Wrapping is two works "Raiku Touken Ranbu" and "Movie version" Fate / stay night [Heaven's Feel] ".

So when I was waiting at the 5th floor, the gondola "Raging Blade Swords Ranbu" came. The gondola is operated in pairs of two, and on the foot side there is a beard cutting and a figure of a knee round.

It is hidden behind the door and on the other side due to Crescent Mochizuki, and the shape of the gondola, but there is Yamakihi Kamihiro next to you.

At the top of the mountain side gondola is Kazuaki Izumi and Mr. Yoshiyuki Mutsu. Until departing, it was OK to shoot, but there are not many angles at which characters can be taken together well, so please share with each other and shoot.

If you take illustrations on the mountain side, the mountaintop station was better.

This is where the "Fate" gondola rises from the observatory at the summit. The upper gondola is the second key visual and the lower gondola is the first key visual.

Wrapping taxis
Tokushima Daiichi TrafficThanks to the cooperation, six rapping cabs now run through Tokushima this time. On the first day, according to the opening ceremony, since the wrapping taxi was exhibited near the summit station of the ropeway, as I got off the ropeway and came up the stairs, it was in the state that a wrapping taxi waited in front of my eyes.

I was waiting for "Theater version" Fate / stay night [Heaven's Feel] "wrapping taxi. The top of the second key visual is used for bonnet.

And in the trunk is the person under the same key visual second bullet, the servants are drawn.

The neighbor is "Raiku Takaraser Ranbu". On bonnet, Mr. Yoshiyuki Mutsuyama & Kazuyoshi Izumi's key visual

On the trunk, Mr. Crescent Mozen which was previously published visual was drawn.

Three more are listed. The front is "Touken Ranbu - Hanamaru -In the trunk, a logo and a dancing flower petals.

Yamato Mamoru Stability and Kaitsu Kiyohiko in the bonnet.

Next toStarted in October 2017 AnimationFrom "Shochy facts that my girlfriend is too bad".

Heroine · Kosaka Akiho was drawn on the trunk.

Black shines "CODE VEIN"Lapping taxi.

The logo is decorated in the trunk.

Last was "Super Sonico×Gakuen Yu Pia A Manabi Straight!"

"Sonoko & Manabi" drawn by Mr. Tsuno in collaboration in the 10th anniversary collaboration and "Manabi & Soniko" drawn by Atsushi Ogasawara are lining up.

Airport Anime Jack
Tokushima Awa Odori AirportAnime Jack is painted with numerous anime banners.

Anime banner is posted on the front as you enter the terminal building as soon as you enter the terminal building.

"Momentum swords Ranbu"When"CODE VEIN"Set of two,"Fate / Grand Order"One by one,"Theater version "Fate / stay night [Heaven's Feel]""Is a set of three pieces: Sakura, Shiro, Rin. And "The Moving Pictures Festival vol.7 New type animation award 2016 - 2017Also set of 2 pieces.

On the first floor there were also 2017 Awa dance posters and three huge panels.

Looking down from the second floor is like this.

Besides this, banners are attached to each pillar.

Radio program is being broadcast at Culture Broadcasting from April 2017 "Girls Jockey"

Anime starts from October 2017 "Since liquor has become a couple"

It is also on the other side

Broadcast from July to September 2017First time gal"An exhibition of the 20th anniversary of TV animation broadcast will be held"Revolutionary Girl Utena"

Broadcast from October 2017 "Animegatarizu"

Also started broadcasting in October 2017 "Hana Hana"

From September 16, 2017 "Theatrical release in progress"Symphonic Psalm Eureka Seven High Evolution 1"Started broadcasting in October 2017"Shochy facts that my girlfriend is too bad"

Game and animation will be deployed in 2018 "Uma girl Pretty derby"And sequel to the game for smartphone" Princess Connect! "Princess Connect Re: Dive"

Smartphone game "Grand Blue Fantasy"

Broadcast schedule was postponed for 3 months and started in January 2018Popte tipic". Even in the banner the design of "October 2017 October" of "October 2017 October" is miscellaneously erased with magic and it is handwritten as "2018 January".

This is the banner that you can see on the first floor, and the banner will continue on the second floor. Please note that this is the departure lobby in front of the security inspection room, and the other side of the glass on the left is the boarding waiting room.

Started in October 2017 "URAHARA"Three set design using key visuals

Smartphone game "Tianharasaku swordAlso 2 set

The back side is "entertainment work performing multidimensional media mix" advocating "Live Revolution"

The second animated TV anime will continue to be broadcast "Yukai apartment's gloomy everyday life"

Climax run the day before
On October 6, the day before the climax run was scheduled for the next day, Tokushima was raining unfortunately, but the setting of the venue was completed. This is the Shinmachi River East Park stage.

Although it felt like Mt. Bashan is totally in the clouds ... ...

It was said that the rain had stopped after this.

As an event held the previous day, voice actorYui NakashimaWithDengeki online gay friendsProgram "Game Life Improvement Committee (Gokatsu)"Live broadcasting was done before ufotable CINEMA.

Gokutsu in Machiavailable Soul Vol.19 - YouTube

A customer packed the near side of the camera and was watching the state of live broadcasting.

A red carpet is prepared in the Higashi Shinmachi shopping area, and preparation for pain car exhibition is thorough.

We also found a leaflet of 'Digital Creator Human Resources Discovery Seminar'. A lecture will be given by Director Kobuchi Susaki and Animation Critic Fujitsu Ryota entitled "Presence in Character" Presence "In a corner of this world" aimed.

Gourmet Hunt:Italian Cafe Pizza Royal Hat
"Italian cafe pizza · royal hat" is located on the 2nd floor of Tokushima Station Building · Clement Plaza.

Gourmet hunt limited menu "Half & half pizza and drink set to choose" (810 yen including tax)

Choose two from Awa Sushita chicken 'Teriyaki chicken', 'Toroboro gratin pizza', 'Duttenini tomato and water buffalo margherita', 'roast beef pizza'. This time we selected "Teriyaki chicken" and "Margherita".

The pizza is small in size with four cuts, but it is hot to the freshly baked crispy dough and the cheeses of the torroto combine and you will want beer.

Ropeway guide announcement
Machi ★ One of the "full-time events" that has become fewer in Asobi is the "ropeway guide announcement" in which characters make announcements of the Bizan Ropeway. When purchasing a round trip ticket for a ropeway, a mini poster will be given. In the first fan · second run period, it was "Lively life sword rambling" Kanohiro Horikawa and dragonfly cut.

The reverse side is a narrated manuscript.

Here is a dragonfly. The underlay mat file selling in ufotable cafe and ufotable CINEMA. This poster fits perfectly.

◆ Climax Run Opening Ceremony
The opening ceremony of Machi ★ Asobi Vol. 19 Climax Run to start from October 7th was held from 10 o'clock on the 7th.

It was raining just before the opening ceremony, but a lot of goblins and Asobi participants who took an umbrella and wait for the start of the opening ceremony.

By the time the entry into the hall started, it stopped raining and the weather was like cheering for Aoshbi.

The speakers were Mr. Yuji Egahara from the left, Mr. Hiroaki Kondo, President of Tokushima City Tourist Association, Mr. Yoshimon Iida, Governor of Tokushima Prefecture, Mitsuhiro Kondo who is a comprehensive producer of Machi ★ Assobi. Coca-Cola gets laid from the venue to President Kondo who will spoil everything at the first greeting that he was in charge of wrapping the collaboration vending machine with Machi ★ Asobi.

Kondo producer tweeted that "Special guest will appear at the opening ceremony" the day before the opening ceremony ... ...

That special guest is from Tokushima.Idolmaster Cinderella GirlsIllustrator in charge of character designAnnin tofuMr. (photo center).

Next, as one of measures to prevent suicide, we showed an illustration that ufotale created for middle and high school students. It seems that the ufotale staff of Tokushima designed it, and it is scheduled to be distributed in the counseling done at the cultural festival etc. held in the western part of Tokushima ken.

Furthermore, the can badge that Goza Izumi has in his hand,Emblem of Tokyo Olympic Games and Paralympic Games in 2020The badge of "Tokushima Ai (logo)" which was designed by Mr. Asuo Erio who designed it.

Although it was decided to have the designer take charge of design by Eriko in connection with "indigo color", although indigo dye is not only in Tokushima prefecture but also in the whole country "why do you dare to infer" indigo dyeing "in Tokushima prefecture? Kondo producer who took doubts on '. However, when I looked it up, Tokushima prefecture seems to be occupying 75% of the country's indigenous cropping raw material, so he seems to realize that it has deeper connection with indigo dye than anywhere in the whole country. In Tokushima Prefecture, we created a can badge for "A Tokijima Ai logo", and the price is 3000 yen per piece. Limited 50 pieces are sold at the booth of the Tokushima Shimbun.

Subsequently, Annin Tofu that appeared as a special guest released the original illustration that I drew for Machi ★ Asobi this time. It seems that Annin tofu drew illustrations that Tokushima high school girls are enjoying horse mackerel, saying "It is okay to get into personal sponsors".

Annin Tofu has also sent original illustration colored paper to the charity auction to be held on the 8th, and the colored paper is drawn in the middle in the middle of Tokushima Idol's "Nanjo Hikari".

Next, I announced "Sugoi Yatsu" which I got staring.

Unveiling format, the "Fate / stay night", "pilgrimage." Vending machine Awa dance posters of the illustrations have been printed of has been released. If you buy a drink with an illustration vending machine, a part of the purchase price will be donated to the Tokushima City Tourism Agency.

Kondo chairman made the first commemorative purchase.

The bottle purchased by President Kondo is with what Atari.

When the drink with the Atari was able to get, it seems that you can get the postcard, the president of Shikoku Coca-Cola showed off the postcard.

Furthermore, Governor Izumi purchased a drink with pocket money. Atari also comes out here, and the probability of Atari is quite high.

In the last greeting, Kondo producer commented on the fact that the world premiere of the movie version "Fate / stay night [Heaven's Feel] 1st presage flower" which the ufotable was in charge of the production was done at this machine. From the mouth of Kondo producer who was involved in the production, it seems that it was hard to say "screening from Tokushima", but the production committee asked me to say "I will do it in Tokushima", gore ★ Assobi widely recognized It seems that I realized that I became to be done.

Gourmet Hunt:ufotable Cafe TOKUSHIMA
"Ufotable Cafe TOKUSHIMA" is developing the fourth phase of the collaborative café with Ranai Touken Ranbu until October 9 (Monday).

Swords men welcome you at the seat.

One of the collaborative drinks, "The Apostolic Crusader and Konnosuke's Apricot Calpis" (600 yen)

This is a collaborative dessert, "conversation in the plum garden" which imaged the dialogue scene of Izumi Mamoru Kanari and Horikawa Kunihiro in the tenth episode (850 yen)

A food menu can receive one luncheon mat per item.

Gourmet Hunt's menu is "Machi ★ Assobi Curry".

A postcard of "Momentum Takarade Ranbu" comes along.

Gourmet Hunt: Yellow
One of the classic shops in Tokushima ramen, which is within a 5-minute walk from Tokushima Station.

Since I was hungry, I ordered a large size of "Chashuu One Tanmen (large)" in a state of "all topped with toppings".

In the shop there was a collaboration poster of "Oenrou" and Awaodori.

Gourmet Hunt:Mori coffee shop
The gourmet hunt of "Mori coffee shop" which is also near this station is subject to eating or drinking home purchase of over 800 yen.

We cooperated with customers and gathered gourmet hunt postcards. Though it seems to be difficult to gather by yourself, if you would like to see the card list, please visit.

By the way, although it is a quiet atmosphere shop, the postcards you get are "Popte tipic".

Gourmet Hunt:Wadanoya
Wada Nooya is a shop known for the "Falls of the falls", this is the store of Tokushima Station · Clement Plaza B1F.

Grilled rice cakes come out on the spot.

Gourmet Hunt:PATISSERIE CONCHA patisserie concha
A sweet shop near the Awaodori Kaikan "PATISSERIE CONCHA".

The subject of gourmet hunt is "Shoe Rusk" and "Wasanbon Langdosha"

Gourmet Hunt: Le Chocolat
"Le Chocolat" is a specialty store of chocolate.

The gourmet hunt target is "purchase over 500 yen", but "Mati ★ Assobi Special Mix" (756 yen including tax) is prepared as a menu for gore ★ Assobi.

Gourmet Hunt: Diner Jelly & Bonny
Diner Jelly & Bonny is in "Poppo Street Shopping Street" near Tokushima Station.

The menu of gourmet hunt is "Machi ★ Asobi set". Hamburger and French fries (half), raise, drinks are in a set. There are 2 sizes of hamburgers, 800 yen for S, 850 yen for M. The photo is M size.

The surface of the buns is crisp but the inside is made of fluffuka special. The buns are tightly packed with meat and go well with sweet special sauce. Because it is specially made, it is sometimes sold out when going to the night, so it is safe for people who want to eat surely go by the evening.

Gourmet Hunt:Awa Shinmachi River Brewery
"Awa Shinmachi River Brewery" located right next to Shinmachi River East Park where one of the gusset ★ Asobi's stages is set up is famous as a shop of local beer.

Gourmet hunt target is "butter chicken curry" (900 yen including tax). The richness of butter is thick.

FLOW Special Live
Gore ★ Asobi 2nd day · From October 8th (Sunday) at 19:00, a special live of FLOW was held at Meishan summit stage. Immediately before the live start, people gathered tightly to the gate near the gate at the entrance of the summit venue, and it is a hot feeling that can not be thought of as falling autumn nights.

Customers also packed up on the top of the mountain with a distance from the stage that should be said to be the "second floor seat".

The excitement suddenly caught up with the appearance of FLOW members. First number is ufotable also known as "Tales of Berceria'BURN'.

After that, NARUTO's "Sign", "Rainbow sky", "Durarara !! × 2 tie"Steppin 'out", "Tales of Zestria The Cross"INNOSENSE" such as FLOW fans and animation fans are exciting songs.

As a live performed outdoors, the third major single "Meteor" is also. Fans were exciting just with the introduction of "Under the night sky ...".

FLOW is the 15th anniversary of the formation, and announced that it will perform "Anison tied LIVE" with the first live viewing. Detail isFLOW Official SiteIn can be confirmed. Also,GRANRODEOTogether with "FLOW × GRANRODEO」Restarted and announced that it will be in charge of the opening theme of TV animation" Seven Deadly Rescue of Commandment ". The gore ★ Asobi was the first information and the venue was wrapped in a cracking cheer.

In the final stage, the explosion is a massive explosion by the popular number "GO !!!" even on LIVE. Call and Response, Jump, Wave and even a bit of enthusiasm swirled.

In the end also with the intention to run through the 15th anniversary with the soul of the chorus section 1 "We are Fighting Dreamers" of the "GO !!!" as a heart, with the shout of "We are!" "Fighting Dreamers!" Tighten. The gathered fans raised a fist and the cry screamed so high that the whole venue trembled.

On FLOW Official Twitter, pictures taken from the stage are uploaded, it seems that the enthusiasm raised up to the end is coming.

Awa Ai pin badge
Machi ★ Asobi vol.18"Oenro" at the end of the series A series of pinbadges featuring the logo of "Awa Ai" appeared following the indigo dyeing T shirt. One is 3000 yen.

Tokushima Prefecture is the home of making dye "Sukumo" as a raw material for indigo dye. Tokushima Productions "Awa AiIt is known to have been known as publicity activities.

Industry Participant Talk Event
In a few events that continued from vol.1 in gore ★ Asobi, there was also a time when we were relaying on the Internet before, but now "Do not say, do not write, do not murmurIt is a completely closed event with the rule of saying. This is a commemorative photo gathered mainly by some people after the event.

Mr. Hiroshi Matsuyama, president of CyberConnect to the center of the front row, pointed to a fake face is a book published on November 1, 2017 (Wednesday)
A medicine called entertainment - a game creators delivered to a boy who loses lightAdvertisement of. On the right side of the center row, Nansho Bandai Games' Yusuke Tomizawa producer will release the "CODE VEINAppeal to you.

Gourmet Hunt: Takashima Coffee Shop
About 5 minutes on foot from Tokushima Station, a long-established store located at the corner of "Yagiriya Town" intersection "Takashima Coffee Shop".

The main is hot sandwich. "Food and beverage over 900 yen" is a gourmet hunt target.

This time I ordered regular coffee (hot · 400 yen) and special burger (500 yen). Because it is a hot sand shop, it is a "burger" but its shape is a sandwich.

Lettuce, ham, patty, fried eggs are sandwiched and it will be both morning and lunchtime.

Gourmet Hunt: Oz
Handmade gelato shops · Oz is a gourmet hunt regular shop.

6 kinds of limited parfait are available for gourmet hunt of gore ★ Assobi.

This time I ordered "Machi ★ Asobi Big Whip Parfa" (980 yen including tax) and "Charcoal grilled blend coffee" (430 yen including tax). A star of Asobi ★ Machi ★ at the top of the parfait.

Plenty of whipped cream on ice cream.

Ice is two colors of chocolate and strawberry. Although it is a shop that you would like to relax at the time of snacks, the gourmet hunt period may be crowded.

Gourmet Hunt: NEW ORIENT (New Orient)
Like the coffee shop "Takashima Coffee shop participating in Gourmet Hunt", a cafe bar restaurant "New Orient" located at the Yagiya Town intersection

The gourmet hunt subject is "Homemade roast beef bowl" (980 yen including tax) or 2 types of cake and ice cream + 1 drink (500 yen).

"In this corner of the world"Yoshinobu KabuchiDirector's screening & talk event
Director Kobuchi of "The corner of this world" that has become a long-run hit released in November 2016Machi ★ Asobi vol.14Since that I visited Tokushima for the first time in two and a half years. By the way, at the time of vol.14, while still doing crowdfunding, there was gore ★ ASOBI vol.18 after the release, but the schedule was not convenient. In the movie theater, a "raw commentary screening" in which Mr. Kobuchi introduced explanations according to the movie was performed.

Director Kobuchi's previous work "Mai Mai Shinko and the Million of the Millennium" is set in Hofu city in the Showa 30 and Heian eras. Although Hiroshima · Kure in 1980 and 20 years does not overlap the stage "In this corner of the world", but both works share the same point that there are not much original scenery even when visiting the stage It is. However, there are some roads that have remained since 1000 years ago, for example, as Mr. Suzu keeps on the way of Nakashimoto-cho, where Norihonmoto took off with the lavering of seaweed, it is said that the hometown of Hofu appeared in "Mai Mai Shinko" It seems to be connected to the road through the trace. Even from that point, Director Kobuchi actively talks about the dance work in the field, but it is the case of "Maai Maiko" which is drawn in the range where elementary school child Shinkaku can walk by walking They are about to walk about 11 km, because there is a movement on the train, there is a mountain-like topography Kure is also a stage "in one corner of this world" it is difficult to do the same, thus drawn in raw commentary It was an event to tell about the stage.

A part of what was told in the raw commentary is like this.

It is said that it was an event that could be enjoyed even at first sight.

In addition, after this raw commentary screening, at Awashin Hall "Digital Creator Human Resource Exploration Seminar What the aim was aimed at by "presence in the corner of this world" presence in the characterThe lecture entitled "The lecture was held.

Both events have tweets that are coming from satisfaction from participants are flowing.

The girls' rock band "FullMooN" live performed at the Shinmachi River Higashi Koen Stage was lively and it showed the willingness to "I want to do it in Tokushima again."

Aikase Akira&Civil chef(Taminock) Special Live
Of course, as well as live, ___ ___ ___ 0 It's a challenge for Mr. Minyo to sell 100 CDs as a hand while singing one song by Machi ★ Asobi vol.18, so we aimed for a record above this time A challenge took place. The result is "137 sheets", which seems to steadily spread to Tokushima.

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