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The animation event "Machi ★ Asobi vol.15" to be held in Tokushima starts from October 10 (Saturday)Climax runIt will rush into. From the talk event · live event · the exhibition from the screening of the voice actor, the artist and the production staff, the exhibition, even the unusual event such as the "bread class" and the costume "Daruma san GO!" There are various. I've also covered the 15th event that will be a milestone this time.

Machi ★ Asobi vol.15 2015.09.26 ~ 10.12 held

◆ September 26, 2015 19: 08 minutes 00 seconds
"Machi ★ Asobi vol.15" opening, ufotable 15th anniversary exhibition · Lapping taxi departure ceremony · Outdoor concert etc. implemented - GIGAZINE

◆ October 10, 2015 10: 35: 00 second
"Bloodfront Front" Leo and "GOD EATER" I tried sailing tours by Alisa on the Bizan Mountain Ropeway - GIGAZINE

◆ October 10, 2015 13: 54: 00 seconds
A lot of intense rare goods related to animation · game appeared and the successful bid of over 500,000 yen was also "Charity auction" - GIGAZINE

◆ October 10, 2015 17: 00: 00 second
I can see the original picture of Gile, script, cast sign, etc. "Yahari my youth love comedes are wrong." Mini Exhibition - GIGAZINE

◆ October 10, 2015 17: 30: 00 second
Fate's Ferrari pain car, Imasu · Umaru · Kirakiraku etc ⇒ Machi ★ Association of pain cars gathered in Asobi vol.15 - GIGAZINE

◆ October 10, 2015 22:45 minutes 00 seconds
"New Type Anime Award 2015" Result Presentation, FateUBW · My Personality of Guile · Deremas - GIGAZINE

◆ October 11, 2015 01: 20: 00 second
"Chika Doll Machi ★ Association Special Stage" which was the abdominal muscle collapse with chaos development appeared Chunichi Disease Control & Woo - GIGAZINE

◆ 01:25 on October 11, 2015
Special stage report that shows what kind of work is "Prince of Stride" of decision to make TV animation - GIGAZINE

◆ October 11, 2015 15:48 minutes 00 seconds
I tried to eat collaboration sweets "Tokushima Ichigandoamu" limited by Atsushi Asobi supervised by voice actor Norimura Ririko - GIGAZINE

◆ October 11, 2015 21:30 minutes 00 seconds
"VALKYRIE DRIVE Valkyrie Drive" screening & talk show at the level where the Big Breast Beauty Girl is too Extreme Terrestrial Broadcast Worried - GIGAZINE

◆ October 11, 2015 22: 21: 00 second
JOJO OP etc Talk event report that people talked hotly about the production secret story of the original long feature animation "COCOLORS" by Kamikaze movie famous for high quality short movie - GIGAZINE

◆ October 11, 2015 23: 11: 00 second
"Game creator talk show" event reporters that game producers showed a story of production on the production site - GIGAZINE

◆ October 11, 2015 23:45 minutes 00 seconds
"Space ☆ Dandy" How the legendary musical times were born Dandy role Junichi Suwabe & South P's hot spit - GIGAZINE

◆ October 12, 2015 14:47:00
"Ninimu Shinobu Den" Blu-ray Release Screening Commemorative Screening & Talk Event Report - GIGAZINE

◆ October 12, 2015 16: 36: 00 second
Using an application "Animation Mirai Plus" that allows you to freely move animation's original picture anytime and anywhere with a smartphone Commentary Event Reporter - GIGAZINE

◆ October 12, 2015 17: 42: 00 second
"Charadaticza with a high degree of completeness so that the world's top original kitchen is acclaimed for the first time" "For the rhythm flying circus entrance briefing beyond the ao" - GIGAZINE

◆ October 12, 2015 19: 36: 00 second
"Uncle Mash" Animation into a soft talk with the marshmallow crawling "Uncle and Marshmallow Animation Ceremony" - GIGAZINE

◆ October 12, 2015 21: 41: 00 second
Screening & talk event of the theater animation "Dead Empire" depicting the world in which the dead human resuscitation technique is popular - GIGAZINE

◆ October 12, 2015 22: 39: 00 second
Young producers who will play the future of the animation and game industry will reunify and talk about great ambitions - GIGAZINE

◆ October 13, 2015 00 hours 41 minutes 00 seconds
Various cosplays I saw at "Machi ★ Asobi vol.15" such as Totoro Nausicaa · Sun by cat - GIGAZINE

◆ October 13, 2015 01: 00: 00 second
"Little witch academia" is like an animation scene and director Yoshinariya and president Ogitsuku Trigger talks - GIGAZINE

◆ October 29, 2015 21: 00: 00 second
The president told the latest situation of the 2015 yearly animation studio "Bonds" boasting "Talk at Bonds" - GIGAZINE

◆ October 31, 2015 20: 00: 00 second
Fate / stay night [UBW] art, photography, directing staff gathered together and made a story behind the production "Fate / stay night [UBW]] (~ ed: Completed form)" Seminar Repo - GIGAZINE

◆ December 08, 2015 06: 00: 00 second
A hot-blood guidance for those who seriously aim for a voice actor by Atsuo Otsuka "Voice actor super special lecture" report - GIGAZINE

· Climax run started
The event starts after 10 o'clock, but as for the events done in ufotable CINEMA, since the number of people who can participate is limited due to using a movie theater, from the morningDistribution of numbered ticketsWas done.

Events are not the only thing that made a line. Limited item "Yamashita Nanami 20th anniversary "Sushi and Honey Prix"There is also a line for selling.

People are sent to the summit by ropeway and shuttle bus. And around 9:30 am, the entrance begins smoothly and slowly.

Finally "climax run" is starting with "Machi ★ Asobi vol.15"

·Opening ceremony
Mr. Asobi · Kondo Hikari comprehensive producer (right end), Governor Tokushima · Izumi Kagamen (second from right), Takashima Anime Ambassador Riko Nakamura (second from left), Tourism Association of Tokushima City · Hiroaki Kondoh (President) The opening ceremony was held with four people at the left end). Mr. Nakamura greets "Tokushima!" For the second hometown Tokushima. "Tokushima Ichigo Aramu" supervised as an ambassador is sold this time.

In order to tell what kind of item this "Tokushima Ichigo Aramu" is, we decided to taste on the stage.

In addition, Mr. Nakamura and Governor Izumi got off the stage, and customers were also eating a little bit.

This time, ufotable produced "Ninimu Shinobu Den" release of BD-BOX is approaching November 11 (Wednesday), so let everyone draw a sonic speed circle and fill up the board walk in a row An attempt will be made. So, Frontier Works' producer Takayuki Matsunaga got on the stage and four of us took a sonic speed circle.

Governor also draws ...

Governor Izumi on the upper left, Kondo president on the upper right, Kondo producer on the lower left, Mr. Nakamura on the lower right. What kind of sound speed circle will be produced after this, is expectation. People who want to draw to the booth of Frontier Works in Boardwalk.

·Wake Up, Girls! Seven people gore ★ Assobee! talk show
"Wake Up, Girls!"To date, five members of Yamashita Nanihama, Yoshioka Masuyu, Takagi Miyuu, Tanaka Mihama and Okuno Kaya participate in gore ★ Assobi, but this time in addition to this, Ms. Aoyama Yoshinori also participated. "Wake Up, Girls!" Came together in Tokushima.

In addition, I - 1 Club Mai Kondo, Ms. Hideki Kato, Mr. Noboru Aizawa and Kaori Fukuhara participate in the talk show.

Talk including the topic of theatrical version of the first edition "Wake Up, Girls! Seishun no Shadow" released on September 25 and the second part of theatrical version released on December 11 "Wake Up, Girls! Beyond the Bottom" We did.

· A party celebrating 15 matches
This mystery event announced on Kondo Producer 's Twitter is not posted on the flyer, and this' meeting to congratulate Machiasobi 15 times'. I have worked at the 15 times with Asobi himself who celebrated 15 timesHiromi IgarashiIt is an event to honor Mr..

According to industry talk event talk event "Do not say, do not write, do not murmur"The event held in accordance with the rule of 1 drinking alcohol is a fee-based event of 1500 yen, but more than 500 people wanted a coupon ticket, the villainers who got over the competition rate about 5 times gathered It was. Only it is in Saitama prefectureIgarashi BreweryThere was a person who put in alcohol.

A toast. The event began at 21:30 and it took place in the long spot of nearly 24 o'clock.

·God Eater Special Stage
At Mount Ekishan Mountain Stage "God EaterThe special stage of 'was done.

We entered the GE series producer'sYusuke Tomizawa, Mr. Uchiki LenkaRyuichi Kijima, General Director of GE SeriesYoshimuraMr.

Mr. Kijima is equipped with a hand-made bracelet by his fans in his arms and enters the stage.

On the platform, we challenge the mission to "disaste Pita" within 5 minutes. If it succeeds it will get chicken with bone. At first I was planning to challenge watching the monitor ... ...

For the convenience of the controller, we decided to play with the stage sleeve tent. Unfortunately the mission was not achieved, and the chicken was eaten by the Yoshimura director.

And, I will review the name scene of the animation "God Eater". From tenth talk to thirteenth episode "Winter schedule this year".

In the end, Naomi Minatani will show off the full size of the ending theme song "Destroyed Land".

Mr. Kijima listens to the songs, tears in spite of thinking of Lenka's way to go.

The final of the event was decided Janken convention was held.

· Digital creator training course presentation
A lecture on the digital creator training lecture which ufotable is doing animation lecture and practice to elementary and middle school students as activities in Tokushima was held at the Meishan forest stage.

Make animation of basic movement such as "run" ...

Works with storyy nature were announced with a slightly more complex composition. In addition, the following image is a work named "collapse town, girl and BBA" jointly produced by seven junior high and high school students. Some of the students participating in the digital creator training course had high school students who participated for six consecutive years and some students dreamed of becoming an animation director in the future.

According to Kondo producer, some people who actually employed ufotable have come from the digital creator training lecture. A warm applause was sent from the guests to the students who released the work, and it was a peaceful atmosphere from the beginning.

·Fishing at Shinmachi River
It is the third time this time is this "meeting to fish at Shinmachi River" becoming an event of Asobi regularly. It is an event limited to 50 people who applied for in advance, and the participation fee is 1500 yen for insurance fee, for food fee.

Everyone who gets fishing taste. Such a peaceful atmosphere is unique if it is gore ★ Asobi.

In addition, those who caught the biggest fish are said to be awarded a prize from Astorisha and ufotable.

·Industry Participant Talk Event
Members who are working at the 15th gore ★ Asobi this time are voice actors ·Hiromi IgarashiMr. others and other hands, but when it comes to "event being held every time", this industry talk event talk event should be said to be the only one. This time we had 15 gobs of Ashbi and 15th anniversary of ufotable, Kondo producer gave a memorable wine and cake.

After that, guests joined from MAPPA of industry legend Mr. Masao Maruyama, a toast, the event started. Talks on various topics were fought under the iron's rule of "Do not say (to someone), Do not write (anywhere), Do not murmur" the event content.

In an annual event, Mr. Yuuma Takahashi of Aniplex was in charge of the event, but this time it was in time to enter the Tokushima by the final plane in conformity with this event, so we could not make it in time for the talk event to start. Instead, as soon as it appears, everyone will be blessed for their birthday.

The event took place for about 3 hours in a great excitement.

· Shimachi board walk
Many booths also exhibited at Shimachi board walk this time.

In the booth, merchandising, signing, live etc were also held and crowded with many people every day.

Nikkan idol manga using Twitter "Hop Step Sing!"Kodansha's booth where the brochure & can badge was distributed.

A life - size panel of Rin Hongkawa Ribi.

Minowa Mikasa.

This is Shihisa Shiso.

Illustrator known for animation "Rolling Girls" etc. · tanu's key visual work.

(C) Kodansha

A lot of female customers were queuing at the booth of "Touken Ranbu - ONLINE - X Good Smile × Animate Cafe Business Trip in Geki ★ Assobi".

· Yondeplaza Tokushima
In Yondeplaza TokushimaMachi ★ Asobipan classroomWas held.

Mr. Masako Yumioka of KADOKAWA Media Factory is the teacher of the bread class.

Making bread with all the participants. There were people who visited only for a tour.

Everyone connects the fabric.

Put it in the oven and bake the dough.

This is a sesame van. It looks delicious.

·Poppo Street Shopping District
The Poppo Street shopping area in front of the station is also one of the venues of Asobi.

Inside the shopping street is gore ★ Asobi one color.

"Wakabugo!" "Wakaba * Girl" Exhibition in Machi ★ Assoby

Cute cute characters were exhibited as being narrowed.

Rare exhibits such as scripts and original works.

"Mystery of the Proverbs - Halta Karta Exhibition -"

Many large-sized "Halta Karta" were exhibited.

"I have a dog, I will be a boy"

"Rokugakugurenai" etc.

Weiss Schwarz & TCG booth in Machi ★ Asobi

Good Smile Company "," Nendoroid Face Face Challenge "held.

Many booths were exhibiting, such as "Comic Time Kirara × Machi ★ Asobi vol.15".

·Closing session
At the closing ceremonyYuji EnataThinks "a thousand and two hundred stories"Luna HarunaThinks "OverflyShowing off.

And at the end Tokyo 7th Sisters, Members of Asobi CAFE also joined the commemorative photo.

This completes "Machi ★ Asobi vol.15" all the events of Mount Eiyama summit stage.

Haruna seems to have fully enjoyed Asobi ★.

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