That 'Mingol' will be reborn into 'everyone's GOLF VR' which seems to be opening the new ground of golf game corresponding to VR

The first VR compatible game " Minna no GOLF VR " of the " Everyone's GOLF " series which is a standard game of golf games was playing a trial experience at the PlayStation booth of Tokyo Game Show 2018 . Actually tried the trial experience, I applauded and the voice of "nice shot" was raised from people watching the play each time a nice shot comes out, and I can feel the goodness of compatibility of VR and golf more than I imagined It was finished in the game.

Everyone's Golf VR | Playstation

"Everyone's GOLF VR" is a game dedicated to PlayStation VR (PSVR). That's why PSVR was attached when playing.

Although it seems that it can play even with a normal controller, it is possible to play by playing PS Move. It is now possible to use the PS Move at the test booth and it is obvious that this will increase immersion in the game.

During the test run, the staff who looks like Caddy will accompany with such feeling, so you can tell us how to play and how to install PSVR etc. Even people who play for the first time with PSVR do not need to worry.

When playing, hold PS Move like a golf club ......

Just swing OK. Even if you are watching from the outside, it seems that somehow golfing is coming in, and the strength of the swing in the game will change with the swing speed of PS Move. Also, by changing the orientation of the wrist, it is possible to change the direction of the club head, and the direction of striking the ball can also be adjusted as if holding a golf club. This is just like realistic golf.

In "everyone's GOLF VR", it is possible to swing before actually hitting the ball, and you can check how fast the ball swings in the ideal trajectory by swinging the PS Move . Since the trajectory of the club head is displayed when swinging in a swing, the direction of the club head at the time of impact can also be confirmed and an excellent image as a simulator for checking the golf swing. You can also check if the club head strikes the ball or not. In addition, when the image is settled by swing, press the PS Move button, switch to the address and hit the ball.

It is like this when you actually hit the ball. Because the staff who looked like a caddy clapped "nice shot" and applauded, applause also came from surrounding irrelevant people, and the voice that "VR like this might replace golf 's hit" I heard it.

Playing "Everyone's GOLF VR" featuring new possibilities of golf × VR Bishibashi - YouTube

In the case of "sports that moves swiftly while playing" such as soccer, basketball, tennis, etc., in the VR game of the first person viewpoint, a gap is created between "movement of the player in the game" and "movement of the actual player", and a feeling of immersion in the game Will be damaged. However, in the case of "sports that hardly moves during play" like golf, there is no big difference between "movement of the player in the game" and "movement of the actual player", so the immersive feeling is not compromised .

It is also a unique characteristic of the game that it is not necessary to move to the position of the second shot.

When the first hole ends, it is possible to enjoy nature by the lake together with Caddy in the game. Although the image output to PSVR is not superbly beautiful and high resolution, it is a level that I cried unintentionally when Caddy approaches in front of me.

When the ball impacts, PS Move vibrates and directs the feeling like hitting the ball. Although the test run has only 2 holes, it does not mean that you can hit so many balls, but it is said that it is very real that the club's orbit will easily bend to the right or left unless the trunk is straightened. However, since the player actually holds it in the hand is not a golf club but PS Move, it seems that the sense of swing slightly differs from the actual golf.

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