Idol of adoring has been experiencing PS VR "Deremus" of delight and excitement spreading singing enthusiastically in front of eyes

Live to the animation to the game Live active in various contents "Idolmaster Cinderella Girls"But,PlayStation VR(PS VR) content "Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Viewing RevolutionIt will appear on October 13, 2016. Since it is said that it is a dreamlike content that you can experience in the presence of idol 's idols singing and dancing with PS VR in front of you, I have actually experienced what it is like.

Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Viewing Revolution | NAMCO BANDAI Entertainment Official Site

To play "Idol Master Cinderella Girls Viewing Revolution"Tokyo Game Show 2016I came to the PlayStation booth.

To play, wear a PS VR ......

I have two PlayStation Move in hand.

I was waiting like this.

The game started at once. The stage is pitch dark, in the back is a figure ... ...

A player who overlooks Kyo Riosolo (producer).

What I experienced was the representative song of "Idolmaster Cinderella Girls" "Please! Cinderella." Producer who launches psyllium (PlayStation Move) according to music.

The moment Cinderella appear on the stage, the producer is delighted.

Several cinderellas in front of me.

When playing, if you enjoy the stage anyway by putting your hands together according to the songs OK.

In the idolmaster Cinderella Girls Viewing Revolution, live up with lots of producers from the back of the live venue ... ...

I feel the idols close from the front row of the venue ......

You can enjoy the live stage from various angles.

If you are a producer of Cinderella dancing in front of you, you should not be able to suppress emotions.

Up to 4 psyllium appearing in the game can be set in the left and right hands, and of course these can be set freely. In addition, psyllium can be switched freely.

The game is set in the Maihama Amphitheater where the idolmaster Cinderella Girls' 1st live "THE IDOLM @ STER CINDERELLA GIRLS 1st LIVE WONDERFUL M @ GIC !!" was held, but the one who dances in front of you watches the character It is not a voice actor but a character itself.

In addition, in the game, how to hear video and sound changes according to the position you watch and the orientation of the player.

Actual playing is as follows. Anytime, anywhere (?) You can enjoy the stage of Cinderella of your admiration.

When you play "Idol Master Cinderella Girls Viewing Revolution" it looks like this - YouTube

In the demonstration play of Tokyo Game Show 2016, "Please! Cinderella" was able to be felt, but the recorded songs and appearance idols in the main edition are as follows.

◆ Wish! Cinderella
Shimamura Utsuki, Shibuya Rin, Honda Mio, Kanzaki Ranko, Kojimaki Miho, Jojimasaki Mika, Jokagasaki Rika, Tada Rinaiki, Mimura Kanoko

◆ Star! It is!
Mikio Akagi · Anastacia · Eri Ogata · Eri Miyuki · Mika Nitta · Miku Maekawa

◆ Yes! Party Time! It is!
Shimamura Uzuki, Shibuya Rin, Moto Honda, Akagi Miria, Abe Nana

This is the official PV just released.

PS VR "Idol Master Cinderella Girls Viewing Revolution" Introduction PV - YouTube

In addition, "Idol Master Cinderella Girls Viewing Revolution" starts delivery on Thursday, October 13, 2016, and the download price is 2480 yen including tax.

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