A lighting machine "Lucy" that can generate light with sunlight, move a large mirror fully automatically, and capture the light of the sun into the room

In the room where sunlight is plugged in, you can spend without turning on the lights during the day, but it depends on the location and the location of the windows, and in most cases you will have to turn on lights in the daytime. However, the lighting machine which can judge the position of the sun automatically, reflect sunlight using a large mirror, and capture sunlight inside the room "LucyIf there is, as long as the sun is out, you can spread soft light into the room without turning on the lights.

Lucy: Light Indoor Spaces With Real Sunshine | Indiegogo

If you use Lucy, you can check how the indoor light becomes unnecessary in the following movie.

Lucy: Light Indoor Spaces With Real Sunshine - YouTube

Introducing Lucy is CEO Diva Tomay of Solenica.

Lucy of the sphere design is a lighting tool that moves with solar power generation.

"Solenica thinks that there is no need to turn on the lights in the room if there is sunlight."

The light during the day that I plug in from the window is a natural light.

It is the reason why Solenica made Lucy to want to invite to this natural sunshine world.

Lucy lights up homes and offices brightly with sunlight.

If you take sunlight into the room with Lucy, you will get enough brightness to read books without turning on lights.

Lucy works with solar power, so there are no cables.

You can use it indoors or outdoors so put Lucy in the sunny place ......

Just turn on the power to the place where you want to illuminate the mirror part brightly.

Lucy recognizes the place of the sun and automatically moves the mirror according to the movement of the sun so that the room becomes bright.

When Lucy reflects sunlight toward the window ... ...

The room is illuminated with light as if sunlight directly falls from the window.

If you illuminate the white wall of the room, light will spread throughout the room, so you do not need to turn on the lights.

In addition to not having a cable, Lucy has adopted a simple and beautiful Italian design, and it does not choose a place to use. Since the diameter is 40 cm, it is possible to place it in a small place such as a kitchen.

In one word to express the benefit that Lucy brings, it is "Sunshine (sunlight)".

When Lucy is experienced, everyone is surprised at the brightness.

The room illuminated by natural and soft light seems to feel as if it is in another room.

Lucy's vision began in 2010 with Solenica based in Cambridge, England.

Since then, it has been completed through various prototypes, Lucy.

Lucy is all-weather support and requires no power if there is sunlight. For outdoor use, a locking tool for anti-theft is also available as an option. Putting Lucy in the sunny garden and aiming at the small wall of the house ......

The effect is dramatic.

For mass production of Lucy, Solenica is offering cloud funding servicesIndiegogoWe are looking for investment in. I have succeeded in getting more than 160,000 dollars (about 16 million yen) for a target amount of 50,000 dollars (about 5.1 million yen). In the Lucy project, you can get one Lucy with a capital of 239 dollars (about 24,000 yen). It is also compatible with shipping to Japan at a shipping cost of $ 70 (about 7200 yen), with shipping scheduled for May 2017.

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