Experience review "Farpoint" tasting shooting that is too real with "PS VR version Gangcon"

Gun type controller dedicated to PlayStation VR "PlayStation VR shooting controller"Real realistic shooting game corresponding"Farpoint"Will appear on Thursday, June 22, 2017. There is a chance to play Sony interactive entertainment before the launch because it is becoming a game of new sensation that shoots spider aliens and human type aliens attacked by unknown planet using shooting controller in 360 degree field of view So I actually tried it.

Farpoint | Software Catalog | PlayStation® Official Site

【PS VR】 "Farpoint" released on June 22! Quantity limited "PlayStation® VR Shooting Controller" also released on the same day! | PlayStation.Blog

You can see how you actually play Farpoint using the shooting controller from the following movie.

PS VR shooting "Farpoint" playable with "gun type controller" - YouTube

So this is the shooting controller.

If you actually bring it in your hand, like this, "DUALSHOCK 4Although it is bigger than the size, it is light enough not to feel much weight, so it does not seem to matter if you play for a long time.

An analog stick and a button of "△ ○ × □" are arranged on the back side of the handle. It is possible to operate with a thumb while placing a hand on a trigger.

"R1 / R2 button" on the left and right of the trigger

There is a "PS button" at the top of the trigger.

There is an analog stick and direction key also in the part with the trigger opposite hand ... ...

On the back side of it "L1 / L2 button"

If you are a right-handed person, put your hand on the trigger with your right hand and hold the bar near the muzzle with your left hand. The thumb on the right hand corresponds to the "right stick" which corresponds to the movement of the character's point of view. The thumb of the left hand corresponds to the "left stick" which corresponds to the movement of the character, so if you have played the FPS game such as PS 4, the position of the button is different, so the basic operation method is the same so you should get used to it soon.

Since the SPHERE of the same motion sensor as PS Move is attached to the part of the muzzle, it is possible to point the muzzle to the enemy as it does in the game actually. It depends on the gun, but because each is aimed, it is the style that truly shoots the enemy while aiming at it.

That's why the experience of "Farpoint" started. The main character is a pilot of a contact ship "Wanderer" of the space station "Pilgrim" built to study "infinite energy" discovered in outer space, and conversation can be continued with accompanying researchers. Then suddenly a wormhole arises in outer space ... ...

It reaches the unknown planet. There are no figures or creatures in the vicinity, just going through the expanding wilderness, looking for friends.

Sometimes, there are points where hologram data indicating that a friend has passed has been left, so I will play and follow the group.

However, in the street you can hear something that sounds like a cry of "living creatures". If you are wearing headphones you can hear sound from somewhere 360 ​​degrees exactly, so the real graphics and operation feeling together will mess up. If you go forward while doing Odord, you can also come up with an alien like a spider seen as the planet's creature. Shoot by the shooting controller and fight with survival.

In addition, although the shooting controller aim with a sighting device attached to each, there was a sense that the aim was slightly shifted up even if aiming was set. Although we sit and played in this experience, we are walking with the characters in the game standing and playing around the shooting controller in the up, down, left and right while playing, so if you play standing up you will be able to fit the deviation of the aim.

Although there is no limit on the number of bullets of each weapon, reloading is necessary when shooting the bullets in the magazine. Reloading can be done with the button of the shooting controller. The display of the remaining number of bullets also depends on the gun in hand, but most of it is displayed on hand. Also, the type of gun on hand can be switched by button, or by action of "Pull the gun upwards" action.

Before sorting out each stage, you can select up to 2 guns to take out. The gun that could be selected this time is a versatile "assault rifle", a powerful "shotgun" with a short range but a long range "sniper rifle", attack with a bullet of plasma bombs, and a defensive shield is also generated There are four kinds of "plasma rifle" that can be done.

To take a gun, you can overlay a shooting controller on the gun that is on. The key to survival is to choose which type to bring out.

Although I experienced 3 stages in all, the stage which I got hot in particular is a stage to play against a large amount of human type aliens. You can see how you are actually fighting human type aliens from the following movies.

PS VR shooting "Farpoint" fighting humanoid alien - YouTube

As a result of playing for about 2 hours, I was able to enjoy the real operation feeling of actually moving and playing FPS shooting. Although the editorial staff who eventually experienced became "VR sickness", if it is another VR game, it is often difficult to get drunk because it is often enough for VR sickness. By the way, because there are considerable individual differences in the same game even if you get drunk, there should be some people who can play for a few hours without hesitation.

"Farpoint" can not only move around the world like a science fiction movie in 360 degrees of view but by combining shooting controllers, there is no doubt that you will get an unprecedented immersive feeling. Some Vive and Oculus VR games can play the motion sensor controller as a gun, but the "controller shaped like a gun" apparently seems to be far easier to operate and completeness It was.

In addition, "Farpoint" has been on sale since June 22, and the manufacturer's suggested retail price of only software is 6,372 yen including tax. Amazon is sold at 5203 yen including tax.

Amazon.co.jp: 【PS4】 Farpoint (VR only): Game

Quantity limited "shooting controller bundled version" and "PlayStation VR shooting controller" are already sold out. The fixed price of the shooting controller alone is 6458 yen including tax.

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