Game "Farpoint" to play with the exclusive PS VR Gangcon that can not return to an ordinary controller anymore

Japan's largest game festival to be held from September 15 th (Thu) 20 th to the 18 th (Sunday) 2016 · 4 daysTokyo Game Show 2016So, a lot of VR related games are exhibited, which shows the high degree of attention. Meanwhile, dedicated devices that are likely to enrich the VR experience have also appeared, one of which is a gun type controller dedicated to PlayStation VR (PS VR)PlayStation VR Aim Controller", FPS that can be played using this is"Farpoint"is.

Farpoint Game | PS4 - PlayStation

Farpoint can play at the PlayStation booth of Tokyo Game Show 2016.

Play requires PS VR and PlayStation VR Aim Controller which is a dedicated guncon.

The PlayStation VR Aim Controller is about this size when it comes into hand.

Four-way controller and joystick used to move player during game

There are also two buttons on this back side, and the "L1" and "L2" buttons in the conventional controller are here.

When using weapons in game, you can pull the trigger of Gankon OK.

At the top of this trigger one button is arranged on both sides of the Guncon.

In addition, there are also joystick and the buttons familiar with PlayStation of "○" "×" "□" "△" on the back side of the trigger.

Having it in your hands makes it look like this.

That's why PS VR and Gancon are installed and the game starts. The stage of the game is barren planet covered with red sand and rock, it is Farpoint to fight off aliens attacking while exploring here with various weapons, but players equipped with PS VR and Guncon are outside It seems like a commander who adventures the undeveloped planet from the viewpoint.

Using the guncon's joystick to move around the planet, the movement speed is relatively slow so as not to get VR sick. Still, the immersion is considerable compared to other VR games, since it controls the player by grasping the controller in the same shape as the firearm that appears in the game.

When walking, suddenly a spider-shaped alien appears in front of you and let go of the gun a while.

In normal FPS, a target is displayed at the center of the screen to show where Aim matches, but as you can see from the Farpoint game screen there is no such indication. However, when you actually play, you can see where the enemy is "sensuously" where you are going and where you point the guncon and pull the trigger to capture bullets.

That's why I want to clean up the surrounding enemies. While playing, I did not sit on chairs to move the body greatly, but to escape aliens emerging from various places, Gangcon was moving around and down.

Also, the sound during play also helps to increase the immersive feeling. As the sounds in the game make it possible to feel the perspective and "Where the sound rang" and so on, the player looks back at the moment the rock crumbled somewhere, Tension during game is substantial.

Continue exploration of the planet by defeating the enemy. Walking through the cliff wall like a bridge in the cliff wall ... ...

Look under the aisle. You can see how the player is drawn into the game world.

Of course you can also change the weapon you use with Farpoint. It is necessary to take special action only for weapons you get for the first time.

At the time of playing there are many scenes where aliens are coming up to the eyes. This powerful feeling is actually the place I want you to experience feeling playing Farpoint with PS VR.

The official trailer of Farpoint is as follows and it seems that it will be a powerful full game anyway as this image spreads to the player's field of vision anyhow.

Farpoint - E3 2016 Announce Trailer | PS VR - YouTube

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