Team Ninja 's "NINJA GAIDEN 3" exhibits at E3, Abbreviated, Basha Bassa and the exhilarating finish that cut down enemies

Koei Techmo's creator team"Team Ninja"It is a masterpiece of"NINJA GAIDEN"The latest in the series"NINJA GAIDEN 3"But,E3 2011It was exhibited in a state where it was actually playable.

Although it is the NINJA GAIDEN series which is characterized by realistic and powerful battle depiction, its power and speed feeling seems to be alive when you actually play it, even if you play a part, you will cut down enemies with tremendous momentum I was able to taste a refreshing feeling.

The actual play movie of "NINJA GAIDEN 3" is from the following.NINJA GAIDEN 3

Koei tecmo's booth was decorated with carp streamers.

A movie that the bottom movie captures where you are actually playing. The scene which kills the enemy one by one also has impression, but after all the highlight is the second half, the goodness of the tempo where Ryu wears a red feeling and cuts down two or more enemies one after another is refreshing.

YouTube - E3 2011 "NINJA GAIDEN 3" play movie

The movie below is a trailer movie that was aired on E3 2011.

YouTube - Ninja Gaiden 3 E3 2011 Trailer [HD]

Team Ninja logo appears.

The blade of the sword appears as a character of "blade".

Suddenly sword that protrudes from the right.

I thought that blood was spurting out.

After all it seems to have been stuck in people.

The state that the protagonist Ryu fights to the blade is reflected.

Characters that glimpse at one end of the story.

Ryu ascending the wall while taking a bullet.

Ryu runs through the street.

Then the road suddenly rises.

A huge weapon appeared from under the ground.

Ryu cut off with a sword.

A standing man with a mask.

Ryu confronting.

"NINJA GAIDEN 3" will be released in early 2012.

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