That "Wanda and the Colossus" was fully remaken with 4K compatible super beautiful graphics so I challenged the battle against the colossus full of hopelessness at PS4 Pro

"ICO"Or"Man eating Ogre Toriko"PS2's masterpiece game directed by Fumio Ueda, who does not release the player's heart with its unique game character and story"Colossus with Wanda"Is fully remaken and revived with 4K image quality for PlayStation 4 (PS4) on February 8, 2018 (Thursday). I got the opportunity to touch such a PS4 version "Wanda and the Colossus" a while ago, so I tried playing it as soon as possible to see how it evolved.

Wanda and the Colossus | Playstation

First of all, the movie flows and the introduction of the story will be revealed. The scene with the black belt on the top and bottom of the screen is the movie part. In the PS4 version "Wanda and the Colossus" you can change the graphics mode accordingly, if you choose "resolution priority" for PS4 Pro & 4K display combination you can play at 60 fps if you choose 4 K / 30 fps, "frame rate priority" I will.

Wanda of the hero straddling Maroma Agro comes to a place that makes you feel the remnants of huge civilization after a long journey.

When I opened the door of the temple, there was a deep and dark staircase.

Wanda stepped in deep inside the temple with Agro ... ...

Put the object that was holding on the altar.

One girl that Wanda had importantly had. I close my eyes tightly and I do not have a sign of moving.

A girl is dedicated to a sacrifice by village laws and it seems that she lost her life. "I want you to return the soul with your power," Wanda's fierce cry echoes within the temple.

The voice that answers "Do not you have anything that has left you is a human rule?" Will echo in the temple.

However, Wanda has a special sword and says that it might be possible for mysterious voices to help the girl, "With that sword, it might not be impossible ...". The way to help a girl who has lost its soul is that Wanda defeats the sixteen colossus in this area. Wanda will challenge the battle to giant giants that are dozens of times their own to regain the girl's soul.

So, the player will operate Wanda and fight 16 giants hiding in this world. The field is vast, and it is a level that I can notice unexpectedly because it sometimes corresponds to 4K.

Indeed, how much the PS4 version "Wanda and the Colossus" has evolved to high image quality is obvious if you look at the following movie published by the PlayStation official YouTube account. Particularly descriptions of fields such as fine plants and rocks have evolved overwhelmingly, which increases the realism of the ancient land where Wanda adventures, and the immersive feeling to the game is also up.

PS 4 "Wanda and the Colossus" image comparison trailer - YouTube

How to search for a colossus in a vast field, if you use the sword that wanda has in hand OK. When you hold the sword over the head as follows, the light stretches from the tip of the sword and shows the location of the colossus on the map.

That is why I will go on a journey of adventure on a horse race Agoro waiting in the temple at once. You can get on and off by approaching the agro and pressing the "×" button or "△" button.

This magnificent scenery and beautiful graphics are attractive with "Wanda and the Colossus". Because graphics are overwhelmingly evolving than PS2 version and PS3 version, even running by grassland across Agro is refreshing. My heart pounding will not stop as to what will happen when the colossus appears.

The appearance of running along the agro and the meadow can be seen in the following movie. For the convenience of the capture environment, the movie released on YouTube is no longer the original 4K picture quality, but if you play it on the PS4 Pro & 4K display you can fully enjoy its high picture quality, It is overwhelmed by.

PS4 I tried quite plainly in the meadow with "Wander and the Colossus"

I came up to the place pointed by the light of the sword like this. It is rather desolate atmosphere than the temple which Wanda entered at the beginning with a girl, apparently it seems that there once existed civilization also here.

When approaching the ruins the camera points towards the top of the cliff and suggests something is waiting on this. "Wanda and the Colossus" are characterized by showing behaviors that should be taken afterwards in camera work and atmosphere instead of being given clear instructions. The interface is simple, as there is only a minimum indication on the game screen, it does not impair immersion.

On the walls of the ruins there are plants where plants grow like they cover the walls, and as they approach it means they can jump and grasp.

Succeeded to climb the cliff by operating as instructed. With this kind of feeling you can tell me how to operate properly at the beginning of the game so if you remember how to operate Wanda while following that, OK.

After that, I went on a road without a road ......

With a superhuman physical ability of "jumping while clinging to a cliff with one hand," Wanda will climb the cliff. As you can see, the beauty of the background stands out even at seemingly plain scenes, and I do not get tired of playing.

The way the wander climbs the cliff using the superhuman physical ability can be seen in the following movie.

I tried climbing a cliff with PS 4 "Wander and the Colossus"

When arriving on the cliffs, some of the huge something will be reflected on the edge of sight with disturbing sounds.

This is the first encounter of the colossus. I will inadvertently hurt to the size beyond the imagination which can be understood only from the distance eye.

The Colossus is slowly coming up as we discover Wanda, but this is a considerable force. Full remake has evolved the amount of information of the whole screen, especially the field fineness to a considerable one, but when the colossus is discovered the camera will focus on the colossus, so its presence will be compromised It is not. However, the player must confront and confront the courage to save the girl with Wanda.

In order to fight against the colossus you need to know its weaknesses, but for that you need to put the sword on the head just as if you were looking for the location of the giant statue. Light was consolidated into one point, apparently the weak point of the colossal was found to be in the vicinity of the head.

"But how about how can we attack against that big statue?", The colossal statue that Wanda noticed slowly approaches here.

The colossus swings a big club held in the right hand ... ...

I stepped down to force. Although the motion itself is slow, it gives damage by shock directly without touching the club. The red line on the lower left shows the damage of Wanda, and it seems that damage gradually recovers as it flies from the colossal for a while.

If you are puzzled, you will see a message saying "You must climb that body to aim for the vital points of the Colossus." How, Wanda climbs the body of the colossus and aims to aim at the head of the head.

Even if you are stepped on by foot, you will receive damage, carefully approaching the colossus with careful timing. Then, it turned out that fursa fur is growing on the underside of the foot of the colossus. In the same way as you climbed the cliff earlier, there seems to be no way to climb here.

I will jump with death thought and cling to the legs of the Colossus.

As you can attack while hanging on the colossus, attack with a sword while desperately sticking to not shake off.

Then, a blue gauge appeared at the top, indicating that the Colossus got damaged. I knew that this attack was coming through, and I could see the light a little.

The colossus which was damaged on his feet collapses with grill so I will climb the body at once in the meantime.

I climb the body of the colossum like crawling as it repeatedly attacks and moves. In the meantime, the colossal statue moves the body violently in order to shake off Wanda that clung to the body, so power will also enter the hand holding the controller naturally so as not to be shaken off.

As I somehow climb up to my head, I can see that the overhead is shining and it seems that this is apparently the weak point of the colossus.

Although it approaches slowly, the colossus desperately desperately tried desperately to get rid of wanda.

Because it is high enough to be killed instantly if it is shaken off, it will cling to inevitable falling.

Finally arrived just above the key point, so swing big sword ... ...

One pick. Then, I got the biggest damage ever big. It seems that the glowing part of the head was the weak point of the colossus as well.

The Colossus of which damage eventually exceeded the limit lost control of the body ... ....

It crumbled down to the ground slowly.

Something that came out of the body of the colossus enters into the body of the hero when it is relieved that "I managed to win" somehow.

While being puzzled as "Why did you defeat it?", Unnoticed through a place like a dark tunnel ... ...

Wanda was unexpectedly returning to the temple. Who the black figures stand by beside ......

There is no sign that the girl still wakes up ... ...

The colossal statue and the corresponding idol, which had been placed in the temple, shunted light and collapsed.

Wanda will continue fighting to defeat the remaining 15 colonials to save the girl's life.

You can see the state of defeating the first colossus in the following movie.

I tried to defeat the first colossus with PS 4 "Wander and the Colossus"

Even after defeating the first colossus, Wanda and Agro run immediately under the new colossus.

When thinking that it reached the ruins of the beach ......

A new colossus awoke.

Since wanda can use not only swords but bow and arrows, it is necessary to change the way of fighting the giant statistically according to the weakness of the opponent.

Apart from the battle against the Colossus, run around a huge map with agro ... ....

It has become a game with high degree of freedom that you can also look into the mystery of the ruins and enjoy it.

PS 4 version "Wanda and the Colossus" is a remake of PS 2 version of the same name game released in 2005. Remake version is on sale at PS3, but this time we have to rebuild the 3D model and graphics also pursued high resolution. From the editorial staff who experienced playing the past work, "I was touched by the fact that the depths are appearing in the world rather than the PS 2 version, the way weeds and branches shake, and the graphics of dust and fog were also incorporated finely , The atmosphere slowly approaching the giant statue is the highest, and I was impressed by the agro and running in the meadow, it is amazing that the shadows are clearly visible ". "Drawing division between the light hit part and the shadowed part is dense and operability improves so that it can be immersed in the world view" and the expression of the light which PS4 Pro is good at is It is regrettably demonstrated, "Hakkiri & Clear feeling" of the whole video is greatly upgraded.

There is also a voice saying "The face of Wanda is very beautiful, the quality of costumes is also good", "There are still hidden elements in the version before remake", and there are also voices saying that old myself did it It seems that it is impressed that masterpieces are remade with high resolution graphics.

Moreover, the power of the battle scene with the colossal has also become a mistake because it evolved to high image quality with full remake, and an editing member who usually does not play the game mostly attacks the Colossus with Wanda at the first encounter with the colossum Play while playing as if you dodge. Also, as a wander like a wander grasping the body of the colossus with one hand while being swayed around by the colossus, it became a battle while grasping the controller in a ruckus, so after some battle somehow feel like a tired feel like Wanda did. In addition, as you approach the Colossus, Wanda and other objects will be blurred and the impact of the Colossus will increase, so anyway you want to have this taste played once.

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