Reproduce one scene of the game with Lego block

From NES '' Metal Gear 'to PS 2' Wanda and Colossi ', a picture of various scenes of various games reproduced using the Lego block. Unevenness of the Lego block gives a dot-like atmosphere.

Details are as below.LEGOd Video Games - a set on Flickr

Famicom 's "Metal Gear". The gray Lego block behind the soldier seems to be a figure in which Solid Snake wore cardboard.

"Excite bike" in an oblique viewpoint.

Nintendo's Gun action "Duck Hunt".

Scheduled to be resurrected at the next-generation game machine"Bionic Commando".


"Akumajo Dracula".

PS2's "Katamari". Prince without a face is pretty scared.

A scene that pierces the sword against the weak point of the Colossus of "Wanda and the Colossus".

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