Official page update of "FINAL FANTASY XIII", character introduction etc. with backing of majestic music etc.

The official page of the latest work "FINAL FANTASY XIII" for PS3 of SQUARE ENIX, scheduled for trial release in March this year, has been updated.

While a majestic BGM flows, character introductions and screen shots are released, and it helps to know the world of "FINAL FANTASY XIII".

Details are as follows.

The top page looks something like this.

Character introduction. It is the hero's "LIGHTNING (Lightning)".

Here is a hot-blooded man who pushed through a tough body as a weapon "SNOW VILLIERS"

Pretty little girl who acts brightly "OERBA DIA VANILLE (Oriva = Diy · Vanilla)"

Is it the summoned beast "Ifrito" familiar to the series?

This may be "Shiva".

Lightning setting a gun.

I care about the sword I have in my hand.

Is this a soldier?

Vast field

The ride is like this.

It is the momentum that the air fight seems to be unfolded.

The Xbox 360 version will also be released overseasThis work, but when will the product version appear? It is also worrisome about the PS3 software "FINAL FANTASY Versus XIII" which is regarded as a pair of works.

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