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According to a questionnaire conducted by the UK for adults,The 1st place of the most unpleasant invention is KaraokeIt seems that it was. There were many voices saying "Only fans are singing, pain for those around us is painful." Other inventions that entered from the top seem to be cited as "24-hour sports channel", "video game machine", "mobile phone", "alarm clock", many of which get deprived of their own time .

So, next Monday is a day off on an adult day. Next TuesdayJanuary 13. On January 13th one year ago GIGAZINE wrote such an article.

How to escape and survive in case the car falls into the water - GIGAZINE

Lots of helmets and armor for very complete cats and rats - GIGAZINE

LAWSON 'DODECA FAIR' seven items of carbohydrates are overwhelming - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
"Godly Trust" ever highest, 1.21 million more at the first shrine of three days: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Memo, the most popular was 3.19 million people in Meiji Jingu)

SOFTBANK MOBILE, Total number of subscribers exceeded 20 million: Enterprise: RBB TODAY (Broadband information site)(Mobile, more than 20 million on January 1, 2009)

2009 International CES: New Walkman is Organic EL and Merging Separation - ITmedia + D LifeStyle(Hardware, earphone type integrated with earphones appeared)

Mini note "Do not mind makers" 64% - ITmedia News(Hardware, about 10% of people sticking to domestic major manufacturers)

AMD Announces "Dragon" New Desktop PC Platform Technology: RBB TODAY (Broadband Information Site)(PC, image character is CG dragon)

2009 International CES: Sharp, low price BD player cutting 300 dollars - ITmedia + D LifeStyle(Hardware, a player in a price range that you can reach if you do a little hard)

Reason for quitting affiliate, "I could not earn more than I expected" is over 40% - MMD laboratory survey - japan.internet.com Web marketing(The net, the most frequent time spent on people currently affiliate is "1 hour per day")

Growing company · VB / net version "One day goods time service" Driving cheap consumption with stock disposal - FujiSankei Business i./Bloomberg GLOBAL FINANCE(Internet service, site selling inexpensive products of affiliated companies cheaply)

Breaking News / President Toyota, Akira Toyoda Vice President Promoted to Promotion in 14 Years FujiSankei Business i./Bloomberg GLOBAL FINANCE(Memo, current president takes office as vice chairman)

Industry / Faculty 70% "Economic Impact on Circuit" University Entrance Examination is "Anh, Near, Small" - FujiSankei Business i./Bloomberg GLOBAL FINANCE(School, due to the economic downturn, fewer entrance exam schools, less expensive tuition, tend to make it nearby)

Why is Honda's advertising expenditure a lot? Nazo of 90 billion yen advertisement expenditure (the first part): daily Saiseau(Advertising expenditure is much bigger than economy and performance)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Measurement of rice team with a radio telescope that was actually heavier than the galaxy, actually 50% - Science(Space, the speed of the solar system was about 1 million kilometers per hour)

Black holes create galaxies? New report at the American Astronomical Society | WIRED VISION(There is a massive black hole in the universe, in the center of many galaxies)

"First snow" in central Tokyo ... In early morning it is shaped like a shoulder, 7 days earlier than last year: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Weather, 7 days late than normal)

Mosquito sings love at "wing's frequency": used for planning to extinct with "genetically modified mosquito" | WIRED VISION(Organism, the sound that comes out when you fly about 1,200 times per second)

Debris spread in December, the highest number of record 2.23 million units - NHK survey: News - CNET Japan(TV, still spreading to all households is still far)

CHAGE & ASKA, office denies dissolution report News - ORICON STYLE -(Entertainment, affiliation office announced at official website)

Adachi Yumi: Speed ​​Wagon Ido and Divorce Comment Full custody custody is not Adachi Comfort Fee - Everyday jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(Memo, two people wedding in November 2005 divorced)

Bulgaria zoo, gas heating stopped in subzero | global speech | Reuters(Note, it seems that only Siberian tiger feels comfortable)

The undecided blog referee has 19 red cards in one game(Sports, a soccer game where almost all have left)

Comedy comedian rankings searched at New Year's holidays (trend surfing on January 6, 2009) - Yahoo! Search ranking(Entertainment, above the M-1 winner there is above)

CES 09: Peripheral equipment maker Nyko announces "The best Wii remote control" "The Wand" - Game * Spark(Wii remote control with memo and vibe function also)

"Tetris" has the effect of alleviating trauma. Survey results in the UK - Game * Spark(It seems that the number of games and flashbacks will be reduced)

"PS3 will soon be price cut" (Microsoft executive talks) - Engadget Japanese(Game, Xbox 360 product manager asserts price reduction until summer)

"Vibrant Blue" "Radiant Red" New color of PSP-3000 main body appeared in Korea - Game * Spark(Will it be a similar color variation in games, Japan?)

Anime maker crossing propaganda man blog: a kick boxer is a prohibited catalog(Memo, Cosplayer fighter Nagashima ☆ Self-starring 乙 ☆ Yuichiro to Internet radio guest)

Burpu - VIP The theater version of Saizae is the best thing after all What?(Story, animation version movies without permission)

【Report】 "Japan Otaku Grand Award 2008" held - Macross VS Keitaro VS ... ..., where is the fierce battlefield!? | Hobby | My Combi Journal(Memo, two works selected Kitaro for the Grand Prize)

For US soldier, recruit recruitment, set up Gaesen over 1.2 billion yen - Engadget Japanese(Note, 35 people are enlisted up to now as vehicles simulator and games are placed)

Variety Japan | Obama The US President will co-star with Spider-Man(Manga, comic version of Spider-Man appeared with fake)

The question "What are you doing?" Was forbidden - research notes by Suwa Kohei(Memo, some people will be unable to hear upwards as the age rises in the recession world)

This year is Friday 's year - round of the 13th? Excite News(A memo, a year with three Fridays of 13th on the 13th since 1998)

The only things that corresponded to the display contents of the product are "蒟蒻 ield" only ...... About the present condition of jelly with konnyaku: Garbagenews.com(Food, only Mannan Life was dealing with everything)

Valentine's Day: "Reverse chocolate" from male to female, OK 70% - Everyday jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(Men who answer that they can give me food)

Business Media Makoto: Tea I would like to drink in the future, "Iemon gate" for the second consecutive year("Oi tea" was the highest percentage of people who drank the most)

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