I tried playing with 'Nintendo Switch' 'Dead Cells' to adventure complicated dungeons with stylish action while losing my life many times

Dead Cells, 2D exploration action developed by French game studio · Motion Twin , was released on 7th August 2018 for PC · PlayStation 4 · Nintendo Switch. I actually played the Nintendo Switch version with a game that combines " Rogue-like " which challenges randomly generated dungeons many times and " Metroid Vania " which freely explores the 2D map.

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As soon as I started the game, clothes like dirt came down from the pipe on the ceiling in a dimly lit place.

The mysterious mass heads to the body of the dead body just executed.

A man without a neck got up while swelling

When I climbed the step as it was, there was a single female knight. According to her, this man's body belongs to a prisoner who was knocked.

The female knight will say, "You can not die anymore" towards a man without a neck. What do you mean by all means?

The player is equipped with a sword from the beginning and can equip the shield or bow placed at the entrance to the first stage "prison" further. This time we will equip "Old Tree Shield I".

When I opened the door, a monster covered with dubious lights attacked the whole body. "!" Is displayed on the enemy 's head, and you can see the timing of attack.

Look closely at the appearance of "!" And press the X button equipped with the shield at the timing when the attack hits oneself. Then you can activate " Paris " to hit the enemy's attack. If you succeed in paris you will win the opponent, so you can collapse the attack in that gap and kill it at once.

A general roguelike game is a system that decides behavior every turn, but the battle of "Dead Cells" is not a turn system, it is quite a speedy 2D action. The movie below shows how to actually defeat the enemy while making full use of Paris.

Nintendo Switch "Dead Cells" shows how to defeat enemy attacks in Paris with you - YouTube

If you are equipped with a bow instead of a shield you can not parry, but by doing a "roll" to roll around the ground with tremendous speed you can also attack from the back of the enemy or away from it.

How the Nintendo Switch "Dead Cells" rolling through enemies and falling down with a bow - YouTube

If you defeat an enemy you can get the money necessary to buy an item in the game and the "cell" necessary to acquire the skill.

In the dungeon various items such as weapons and money are dropped. In addition, you can find a big treasure box like the image below.

You can get valuable weapons by opening the treasure box. Weapons vary greatly in damage and skills depending on the grade, and besides treasure boxes, we can also get insane powerful weapons by defeating enemies of boss classes.

For example, "Belief II - L" below is a whip with an accelerator that "the speed of movement will rise for 5 seconds after defeating the enemy". Unlike the sword, the attack is hit even from middle distance so it is very powerful.

In addition, the "skewer blade III-L" on the upper right of the image has a damage of 1.5 times if HP is the maximum, and a terrible weapon that it is also possible to attack other enemies with a worm emerging from a defeated enemy . Of course, the basic damage amount is also staggering compared to the "elaborate sword III" you have used before.

However, some of the treasure boxes of the curse that "I can get a lot of tremendously powerful items when opened, but you can put an extremely harsh curse on it" also appeared. The following movie seems to have opened the treasure chest of the curse actually, it bought the anger of the gods, and was cursed by the curse that "I will die if I attack once more."

What happens if you open the treasure chest of the curse with the Nintendo Switch "Dead Cells"? - YouTube

In the middle of the dungeon you can find round ruins like the following images in part. As the ruins approach, it lights automatically and operates as a transfer device.

From the lit transfer device, it is possible to move by warp to another transfer device. A map will be displayed with a message "When you transfer: be careful about flies ... ". The point where map structure and warp portal are arranged makes Konami's masterpiece 2D search action game " Akumajo Dracula " dafty.

In the dungeon, you will find "rigid scroll" which is rarely a power up item. When you get the power up item, the three types of status "violence (red)" "tactics (purple)" "survival (green)" are strengthened, the physical strength gauge also increases. In order to survive, it is important to explore the dungeon, find the scroll of the enhancement, and power up.

However, no matter how much power you up, you can not avoid enemy attacks and you are going to be hurried if you are attacking with craziness.

If you do, you lose all the weapons, cells, and money that you had earned, and the body will collapse.

And again the chunks are spit out of the pipe ... ...

A neckless corpse stands up. The female knight 's words "you can not die anymore" seems to have pointed to a fate that would be revived in prison no matter how many times it died.

A female knight who asks "Do you notice that everything has changed little by little as you revive?" Dungeons are randomly generated, not the same map. When it dies it will be redone from zero, and the point that I search for a different dungeon every time is a point like a roguelike game.

When I was searching for prison, I found an entrance to the next stage "Sinner's Way". Entering into this, the first stage 'prison' will be clear.

Between stages, the collector will power up the skills with the collected cells.

The skills obtained here will not disappear even if they die. By repeatedly reinforcing the cell to the collector over and over again, it will become possible to clear difficult stages little by little.

When you clear the stage you can get only one from various skills called "mutation". For example, the "second life" of the following image is a skill that can be revived on the spot even if it dies while exploring.

Also, since all physical fitness will recover from stage to stage, we will not fight when physical fitness is dangerous, so we encourage you to aim for the entrance to the next stage anyway.

As we advance the path of the sinner, we find a door to which light can spill suspiciously. Try inside ... ...

An enemy who displayed "ELITE (elite)" overhead appeared. If you defeat an elite enemy, you can get powerful weapons and a large number of cells, but it is stronger than a usual enemy and it is a very difficult job to beat down.

I could not do any arrows that I could keep striking without break and I was suffering.

Then challenge the same elite soldier again. I gave up on himself to jump in and attack and succeeded in defeating it with "weapon that will automatically attack when installed". You can see how to defeat the elite enemies in the following movies to get valuable items.

Nintendo Switch 'Dead Cells' 's Elite Enemies' Fight - YouTube

Defeat the elite enemies and proceed further. "Dead Cells" is detailed in graphics, and it can be seen in the expression of the huge castle which blends into the background sunset sky gradation and sunset, like the image below, the delicacy of that effect can be seen.

Running through the base wall stained in sunset, it reached "Black Bridge"

It was the boss' s concierge that was awaiting

A concierge showing the difference in strength with the enemies so far. Proximity attacks can be caught in paris like other enemies ... ...

I will be attacked over and over again by too much attack power.

However, while making full use of weapons and skills, I managed to clear it by the fourth challenge. In the movie below you can see how to beat the black bridge's boss. In addition, if you skip the first half of the stage and see only the boss battle, please play from 9 minutes 25 seconds .

Nintendo Switch "Dead Cells" destroy the boss at the black bridge - YouTube

"Dead Cells" was an impression that the action is a fun game anyhow. The operability is very good, while exercising various actions such as jump / roll · paris, exhilaration feeling when you defeat the enemy without receiving damage becomes a habit. Like a roguelike game, every time it gets to lose everything and start from the beginning, the dungeon is randomly generated, so it is ants that you can play with fresh feeling over and over again. The dungeon is vast, but since the action is fast, I can play it all the time.

Also, the story also existed properly, and I felt it was an interesting point to change the dialogue of non-player characters each time we redoed from the beginning or advanced the game. In addition, in the middle of the dungeon there were places and messages not directly related to the story, and it was quite ants that I can firmly feel the world view of the game.

"Dead Cells" is delivered by Nintendo Switch as well as Steam · PlayStation 4 with tax of 2480 yen.

Nintendo Switch | Download Get Full Version! Dead Cells

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