Nintendo Switch "Dragonfang Z Dragon Rosé and the Labyrinth of the Strange" Review Challenging the Dungeon to Repeat Even if Killed or Killed

Surviving from monsters and various crocodiles while making full use of items, we aim to escape from randomly generated dungeonsRogue-like gameNew work,"Dragonfang Z Dragon Rose and the labyrinth of the living tree"Appeared on December 7, 2017 as download-only software of Nintendo Switch, so I tried to play it.

Dragonfang Z Dragon Rose and the labyrinth of the living tree

Dragonfang Z Dragon Rosé and the labyrinth of the living tree | Nintendo Switch software | Nintendo

You can easily understand what kind of game "Dragonfang Z Dragon Rosa and Labyrinth of Labor" is by following movie.

Dragonfang Z PV - YouTube

Once you start the game ......

It started from the scene where the hero's rose is surrounded by monsters.

The fairy who was adventuring with Rosé instructs him to read a book called "The Book of Thunder".

When Rosé reads the book of thunder, the thunder which fell with the roaring sound wiped out the monster.

Hooray! Rosé is happy for a while, the feet collapsed due to the impact of thunder, and the rose falls to the bottom of the abyss far away.

Since the title is displayed here, press the A button to continue the game.

It was a place called "lodging tree of time" that rose fell. To escape from here, you must capture the dungeon called "Cradle of the Dragon" to put in from the landing bar of the time.

The main part of the game is about to begin. The game progression is a turn system, and it consumes one "dragon time" displayed on the upper left by using movement, attacks and items.

When "Dragon's Time" becomes 0, this time the physical strength decreases by 1 per turn. If you are too absorbed in exploring the dungeon and defeating monsters, be careful as you may be able to consume turns and quickly consume turns.

Diagonal movement is important to save turns. For example, if you are going to the exit on the left while picking up a falling book in the following situations, it is necessary to consume 6 turns if it is a route with only horizontal and vertical movement (green arrow), but a route using oblique movement Arrow), it costs only 4 turns to consume.

There is a stairway somewhere in the dungeon, so if you think that you do not have enough turns, it is ant anticipating to pick up items and pull down monsters and quickly advance to the next floor. When you move to the next floor, "time of dragon" will recover a little.

The types of items include weapons and shields to equip, canes that are magic items with a limited number of times, drugs and books that are consumable items, and boxes that can contain items. Although the item basically does not have at the beginning of the dungeon attack, since it is randomly dropped in the dungeon, pick up and use it.

When weapons and shields are read "weapon craftsman's book" and "shield craftsman's book", the level will be raised and strengthened. In this game, strengthening the shield directly linked to defense power is particularly important, but "weapon craftsman's book" "shield craftsman's book" is a valuable item which can not be found easily, so it can not be strengthened so easily.

You can activate special effects such as confusing or sleeping enemies by shaking the wand, but be careful as there are limitations on the number of times. Also, although it is not at hand, you can activate the effect even if you throw the cane to the enemy.

A box is an item with some effect when putting items. For example, this "warehouse box" can send the items you put in to the warehouse.

The warehouse is located on the far left of the "landing time tree", and you can bring items here to the dungeon. All weapons and shields that have been strongly strengthened will disappear when the game is over, so you can send the equipment to the next play by sending it to the warehouse as the physical strength gauge becomes low.

Enemies are wandering for randomly generated dungeons. It is also necessary to knock down if the enemy stands in front of you, but do not forget that important things to capture the dungeon is not to beat the enemy, but to survive anyway.

Sometimes I encounter "monster house" where there are a lot of monsters in a large room. In the image below, the situation that the monster house was where I got off the stairs. The enemies are coming all at once, so if you are fighting as it is it will be besieged in a blink of an eye and will be knocked out. I fortunately think that the exit of the room is nearby and the part where the fitness is full, ignoring the enemy and going to the left.

If you are standing in the aisle, you will be less worried about being surrounded by enemies. I will hit the enemies who chase while using the item.

After several tens of turns I managed to wipe out the enemies, so if I recover the items falling into the monster house then OK. It is important to act calmly after forecasting the movements of the enemy and the previous deployment as if it were just like a shogi after grasping the items, equipment and the topography of the surroundings.

Monsters encountered are recorded in monster books. Over 170 types of monsters in total.

You can also see detailed information on monsters.

The defeated enemy rarely drops "Fang". Fangs serve as consumable items, and you can wear special enemy monster special abilities when you wear them. This "Fang system" is a big feature of "Dragonfang Z".

"Fang skill" and "Fang Seoul" will be able to be used when installed. Fangkill will be available once it is charged by the brave system described below. Fang Seoul is an effect that just activates it.

As an example, since the following images are adjacent to multiple enemies, they may eat more than one damage per turn, can not move with the enemy's special abilities, the physical strength also remains 14 and a little more 1 - A situation in which the game is over when two damage is eaten. Moreover, there is also a figure of floor boss coming near the upper right of the rosé.

It is impossible to defeat the enemy and get through, but it seems that you can survive by using Fang Skill. First we will activate "Fielding 1" which is Fang Skill of "Support Magic Array α". HP recovers 50 by this.

However, it is certain that it will be imposed if you stay here as it is. Besides, next time the boss has come next time, I will definitely get big damage. Therefore, it is necessary to escape from here as soon as possible.

So next time I will activate "Fitness 1" which is Fang Skill of "Jidley". This is the skill of attacking the enemies in front and moving 3 squares behind.

When I activated my skill, I moved behind the river and moved 3 squares backwards. The enemies are blocked by the river and can not head straight to this place, so you can earn quite a bit of time. When enclosed in this manner and there is a lot of enemies and there is a danger of being surrounded, it is straightforward to go down and use the topography such as the aisles and walls to fight, it becomes the basic tactics in roguelike games.

However, in this game, if you dare to challenge the battle without any walls or obstacles in 8 blocks around you, the "Dragon mankind" will be expanded around the rosé.

Attacking enemies in succession with the Dragon human boundary activated triggers the charge of fang skills and the brave gauge rises. This "Brave system" is also one of features of the game.

You can see in the movie below how the bravery system is what it is, activating the Dragon mankind in real game play and fighting.

Nintendo Switch "Dragonfang Z Dragon Roses and the Labyrinth of the Stranding Tree" to Activate the Dragon Personnel Battle - YouTube

If you raise the brave gauge, some weapons may trigger a special effect. For example, this "big sword of the dragon" is a powerful weapon that simultaneous attacks can be made in three directions ahead if there are two or more brave gauges.

However, the fact that there are no walls or obstacles in the 8 squares around me means that the possibility of being enveloped by the enemy is also high. Therefore, if you are overconfident about the Brave system ... ...

It will be knocked out in no time.

When the game is over, weapons and shields equipped, the score according to the level and item so far are displayed.

And Rosé will be returned to "Lading of time." The player must lose all equipments and items as well and must proceed with the dungeon strategy again from level 1. Please do check it by yourself whether you can escape the rose and the fairy when playing over and over again to capture the dungeon safely.

In the basic system also famous as a roguelike game "The adventure of TorunekoSeries and "Sylen of the windAlthough the influence of the series can be seen, it is not a complete clone game due to original elements such as fang system and brave system, difficulty level is also raised. Ease of use and screen readability are pretty good, and there is almost no loading during the game, so it is also a point to play with crisp. Even if it is carelessly taken, you can play with switching feelings "Now let's go next time!" Since the dungeon itself is also randomly generated, you can start over with the fresh feeling of playing for many times.

"Dragonfang Z Dragon Rosé and the labyrinth of the living tree" is software for downloading Nintendo Switch, the price is 2400 yen including tax.

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