'Vivid Knight' review that gathers friends who have been turned into jewels and combines abilities to capture the dungeon many times

' Vivid Knight ' is

a party-building roguelike game that aims to subdue the bosses waiting in the lower layers by diving into a randomly generated dungeon. I actually played it as a PC game that explores the dungeon that changes every time I form a party and play while releasing my friends who have been turned into jewels.

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The title screen looks like this. Select 'From the beginning'.

There are two playable characters, but at first only 'Pyroxene Princess Amelie' is released.

First of all, I decided to capture the tutorial dungeon on only 2 floors.

Each floor of the dungeon consists of multiple rooms. If there is a road on the top, bottom, left, or right of the room, you can move it with the arrow keys in that direction or the W (up), A (left), S (down), D (right) keys on the keyboard. The first room had a road on the left, so turn left. In addition, I own only one companion at the start of the dungeon.

Each time you move between rooms, the mana (blue gauge) displayed above will decrease by one. Mana does not recover automatically, and when mana is exhausted, your HP will decrease.

In the mini-map on the upper right, the things that exist on the floor are displayed as icons. Rooms and roads are only mapped where you have passed. A skull and crossbones was displayed above the room I was in, so when I went up ...

A monster appears. It is not the princess who fights, but the party of the unit that has been restored from the jewel, and the battle proceeds automatically. When the battle is over, you will receive a reward called 'Kean'.

I found a treasure chest in another room.

From the treasure chest, three unit jewels will appear. You can choose only one of these and restore it. This time, I chose the jewel of 'Knight Heliodol' which was a unit from the beginning.

You can see your jewels, or units, by clicking on the humanoid icon in the upper left. However, the parties cannot be replaced.

You can change parties at the rest areas that appear in the dungeon. The rest area is a very important spot as it not only organizes parties, but also consumes mana to heal units damaged in battle.

At first, there is only one party member, but you can increase it by consuming keen. This time I increased the frame by one and added the knight Heliodol that I drew earlier.

You can also buy gems not only from treasure chests, but also from jewelers that randomly appear in the dungeon for a keen.

However, the jewels that appear at the jeweler are completely random, so it depends on your luck whether or not you get the jewel of the unit you want. You can also organize a party at a jeweler.

Now that we have two party members, we have a lot more room to fight.

And if you have three jewels from the same unit, you can 'upgrade' them at the break or jeweler.

When you upgrade, you will get a silver star mark and your status will be greatly improved. You can upgrade to a golden star by collecting 3 jewels with this silver star mark. It's pretty powerful when it comes to golden stars, but it's pretty difficult to upgrade to a golden star because you'll need a total of nine of the same gems to upgrade in two stages.

Defeat any of the enemies on the floor to get the door key and unlock the stairs leading to the next floor.

If you clear the floor, you may get a reward. What I got this time was a jewel with a sword drawn on it.

This gem is an item called a 'gem' that can be used in battle. Normally, the units fight automatically in the battle, but by selecting the gem at the beginning of the turn, the princess can also participate in the battle. Please note that once you use a gem, you may not be able to use it for multiple battle turns.

Gem can be cultivated by consuming the material that has fallen in the dungeon from the alchemist who appears in the dungeon. However, it does not mean that the gem you want will definitely change, only 'one of the two randomly selected gems displayed on the screen'. If you have a gem you want, you need to have an alchemist train it many times, so you need to collect the materials well.

The boss is waiting at the bottom layer.

Defeat the boss to clear the dungeon.

I will clear the dungeon more and more like this.

You can see how Vivid Knight actually captures the dungeon in the following movie.

'Vivid Knight' aiming to capture the dungeon with a jeweled companion as a party looks like this-YouTube

However, the number of gems and gems that appear at first is limited. To be able to get unappearing gems and gems in the dungeon, you need to select 'White House' from the title and release it.

To unlock gems and gems using the Kingdom Secretary, consume 10 pyroxenes.

Three are randomly displayed from unappearing gems and gems, and only one is selected from them. In addition to jewels and gems, Kingdom Secretaries also feature special skills and accessories. If you get stuck in a dungeon, you can unlock unregistered gems and gems from the White House.

And the most important thing in the dungeon capture is the concept of 'symbol'. Each unit has a symbol that can be activated by adding the unit to the party or upgrading that unit. When a certain number of activated symbols are collected, a special effect will be activated for each symbol.

For example, the 'shield' of the central 'Kingdom Spear Soldier' grants a 'guard' to all allies each turn of the battle when the symbol is activated. The guard offsets the damage from the opponent by the numerical value, and it is a skill that you definitely want to activate when dealing with enemies with high attack power.

Also, the skill 'blue' gives 'freeze' to all enemies every time. Freezing reduces the opponent's physical damage by the amount given, and since it is activated every turn, it is also layered, so it is a fairly powerful skill.

'Chariot' is a skill that freezes the attacks of all allies. There are two types of 'Vivid Knight' battles, physical damage and magic damage, but freezing keeps the defense of physical damage, so it is very useful for capturing the dungeon in the early stages.

Of course, regardless of the symbol, you can capture the dungeon even if you thrust in with powerful units, but as the capture progresses, the amount of enemies will increase, and the enemies may also use skills, so it is a difficult situation. Also increased considerably. It is the strategy of this 'Vivid Knight' to firmly consider what symbols are to be aligned and aim to capture the dungeon.

However, no matter how well the measures are taken ...

Only roguelike games can be easily killed.

'Vivid Knight' is less difficult than a typical roguelike game, but it is very simple to operate, but it has a wide range of strategies, and you can play it with a fresh feeling no matter how many times you play it. If you release jewels and jams in the White House, powerful ones will appear, but since they all appear randomly in the dungeon, the more you release them, the less likely you are to see the jewels and jams you want. Therefore, the point is that simply releasing strong gems and gems will not make it easier, and the part is 'how to efficiently grow units and collect symbols within a limited turn'. It is the heart of the game. It was fun to watch the battle animation in which the SD characters move in detail, and I felt that it was highly addictive.

'Vivid Knight' is distributed on Steam, and the price is 1520 yen including tax. Also, the one with the original soundtrack can be purchased for 2240 yen including tax.

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