A game 'Children of Morta-The Story of Family Bonds' that challenges the dungeon that was drunk in the dark while feeling the bonds of the family

An action RPG ' Children of Morta-The Story of Family Bonds ' that explores the depths of the dungeon infested with monsters and restores peace to the world while enjoying various stories appeared on Thursday, December 17, 2020. .. I heard that you can enjoy a dark atmosphere in the dungeon where a different map is generated each time you enter, so I actually played the Nintendo Switch version.

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The title screen looks like this.

The screen changed when I pressed the button. It seems that you can create up to 5 save data.

You can change the button layout and operation layout as options.

You can choose normal or hard difficulty, but this time select 'normal' to start the game.

First the movie started. An incident occurs in the peaceful country 'Rare', and the area is drunk in the dark.

An old lady 'Margaret' wakes up in a certain house, perhaps because she has noticed something wrong.

Margaret asks the altar for an answer, but there is no response.

Margaret asks his hero son, John, to investigate the altar of Rhea. John receives 'God's Shard' from Margaret and a sword and shield from his brother, and goes on an investigation while being sent off by his family.

Rhea's altar lies deep in a thick forest, which has a dim and eerie atmosphere. Now you can finally control the character. You can move John with the left stick of the Nintendo Switch.

After walking for a while, a monster appeared.

If you press the Y button, you can launch an attack with John's sword.

You can hold the shield by pressing the L button to prevent enemy attacks. However, preventing attacks consumes a blue stamina gauge.

When I went deep into the forest, there was a carcass of an animal. You may be able to get a 'gemstone' by examining these objects with the A button.

Gemstones are used when opening a 'treasure chest'. From the treasure chest, you can get special items and the currency of this world, 'Morve'.

In rare cases, an individual that is significantly stronger than the surrounding enemies may appear. A yellow skull icon floats above these enemies, making it easy to distinguish them from ordinary enemies. Be aware that powerful and enemies have high physical strength and will also launch special attacks.

When you defeat an enemy, you will gain experience points, and when you accumulate a certain number of experience points, your level will rise. While in the dungeon, you can open the skill tree at any time by pressing the '-' button.

The skill tree looks like this, and you can check the content of the skill by hovering over the skill you want to acquire. It seems that the skills that can be acquired will increase as the level goes up.

John has acquired a new skill, 'Blow from Heaven.'

'Blow from heaven' can be activated with the X button, and a sword will appear above the heads of multiple enemies around you, causing great damage.

After a while, I encountered my eldest daughter, Linda. It seems that he was investigating the ruins by himself first.

We will proceed with the investigation with Linda. Linda will automatically follow John and attack automatically.

When I reached the innermost part of the rare altar, I saw a monster. It seems that he dominated the altar with his own face and performed rituals.

You can check the movie of fighting the monster of 'Rare Altar' from the following.

I tried to fight the 'Rare Altar' monster at the Children of Morta-YouTube

John and Linda, who succeed in defeating the monster, report what they saw at the altar of Rhea. Explaining the existence of the monster, the holy ancient tree being cut down, and its horror, Margaret is convinced that 'the horror is'corruption'.'

The mission of Margaret's family, the Bergson family, is to confront the 'death' of corruption.

After hearing the story, Linda began casting spells at the fireplace in her house. Then the fireplace opens and a long staircase to the basement appears.

There was a huge space in the basement of Bergson's mansion. This space is a sanctuary given to the Bergson family by the god 'Rare'. From here, it is necessary to head to the holy land, gather three spirits, activate the large crystal in the center, and pave the way for 'corruption'.

At the end of the movie, you can now select the gate to the 'Keldipo Cave'.

This is the beginning of the story. From here, Linda has also been added to the playable characters, and it is possible to select the character to use when selecting the dungeon.

Spider webs are everywhere in the Keldipo Cave, and it smells of poison.

There are various gimmicks in the Keldipo Cave, such as a totem that attracts the body ...

Various gimmicks are waiting for the player, such as a totem that explodes when attacked and damages the character.

Even if you take damage, you can recover a small amount of health by taking a recovery item that rarely drops from enemies and objects. However, this recovery item did not drop easily, and I was forced to fight quite hard in the early stages.

Another benefit of examining an object called an 'obelisk' is to strengthen your character for a period of time. You can increase the movement speed, generate electricity from your body to damage enemies, and get useful effects.

Inside the dungeon, there is a small room separated by a blue light gate, where events and mini-games take place. Meet new people at events and get special items in mini-games.

The mini-game 'Ponga of the Gods' has occurred. You can check how you are playing from the following movie.

I played the mini-game 'God's'Pon'' at the Children of Morta-YouTube

If you keep defeating enemies in a row, the number of consecutive defeats will be displayed at the bottom of the screen, and you will get a Morve bonus for the number of enemies you defeated within a certain period of time.

I was paving the way for continuous subjugation, but I fell down in the middle of the road without struggling.

When you fall, the results such as play time and defeated enemies are displayed.

However, he is a hero. He was resurrected as if nothing had happened and returned to the sanctuary.

When I got home, there was a little change. Weapons can be strengthened at 'Ben's Workshop'.

In the 'library', you can browse the information acquired so far in text.

I will try the Keldipo Cave again, but the enemy is strong at the beginning and I will try many times. After several challenges, I finally reached the innermost part. There is an atmosphere before the boss battle.

A large spider-shaped boss enemy has appeared.

This boss is forced to struggle with quite tricky movements, such as putting out a spider's thread to slow down the character's movement, or escaping to the ceiling and attacking the spider's minions. I couldn't reduce the physical strength of the boss and lost easily.

Collect Morves to strengthen your weapons in Ben's workshop, and accumulate experience points to acquire skills and strengthen yourself. If you try many times, new events will occur and you will be able to play with new characters.

The following movie was played with another character 'Kevin'.

I played 'Kevin' at the Children of Morta-YouTube

After dozens of challenges, you can see in the movie below that you finally defeated the boss. As I strengthened it, I realized that it became easier to defeat the enemy, and I realized that I had to try it many times.

I tried to fight the boss of 'Keldipo Cave' in Children of Morta-YouTube

I will report to my family about my return safely, but there is still a long way to go to 'corruption' and I will head to the next dungeon.

In the early stages, the status such as attack power is low, and if you are defeated, you will repeat the challenge, but as you strengthen yourself, the dungeon capture will gradually become easier, so it is recommended for those who like such trial and error. .. The shape of the dungeon changes each time you enter, and different events occur each time, so it is also a point that you can play with a fresh feeling every time even if you dive in the same dungeon.

I played the Nintendo Switch version this time, but PS4 version and PC version are also on sale. The Nintendo Switch version is also available on Amazon.co.jp, and the price is 3580 yen including tax.

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