11 kinds of weapons and slow motion game "BLACK 2"

It is a game that clears the stage with 11 kinds of weapons and the special ability of the hero who can slow the flow of time. Because it is slow motion, time does not stop, but the flow of time only slows down, you need to improve the opponent's bullet well. There are 22 stages in all.

Access is from the following.

title screen. You can play Part 1 from the bottom of the menu.

The operation method is WSAD movement, up / down / left / right, Space key to slow motion, mouse left click to shoot, Q and E to switch weapons.

Aim for the goal while shooting enemies standing on the way.

Slow motion state. The meter below will be accumulated from the start of the stage, and slow motion can be made for the corresponding time.

An enemy knocks down a weapon. This will restore the remaining bullets.

I aim at the rocket launcher.

From this angle, you can attack one-sidedly without being found by enemies.

When it dies, how many people have been defeated, how many seconds you played, how much you used slow motion, how many shots you have hit is displayed.

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