A game "Amberial" that brings the bouncing balls to the goal

It is a game that brings loose bouncing balls to the goal. There are various assistance, there are obstacles. If you mark A on the way, you can proceed to a further stage.

Access is from the following.
Kongregate: Play Amberial

title screen. The game starts at the leftmost icon.

Use the cursor left / right "A" "D" to operate.

It looks like a root branch, but in the end it is necessary to clear all stages, so proceed in any order OK.

The stage is like this. The ball that is bouncing at the upper right moves, the yellow one on the lower left is the goal. The letter "A" is floating on the left, but this is necessary to go to the last ACE stage.

"A" get.

A check mark is attached to the stage which cleared, and the stage which won "A" is also marked properly.

With the last feeling like this, you can not proceed to the last of ACE unless you take all 12 "A".

By the way the twelfth stage is difficult as expected. Touching the red bar is out, which comes closer to clockwise.

clear. However, the ACE level is still left.

I will return "A" and return.

This is ACE level 1. The operation is difficult.

Touching a black ball and out.

Even if you touch the spider, it is out. This is the last stage.

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