"The World's Hardest Game" which is the most difficult game in the world

There are various games around the world, but this is the "The World's Hardest Game" that I have named himself as the most difficult among them. As expected there is no such thing as the most difficult thing in the world, but there is no doubt that a considerable amount of time, spirit and gut are necessary to clear this.

Play is from the following.
Snubby Land | The World's Hardest Game

Click "PLAY GAME" at the far left to start the game.

The player should move the red square to the green zone OK. On the way, if you hit the blue circle it is out and you need to gather all the yellow circles.

Move is the cursor key.

If you do not collect this yellow circle in the center, you will not be cleared even if you move to the green zone.

If there is a green zone besides the start and the goal, if it moves to that point, even if it fails after that, it will be returned to the green zone just before.

I moved with gaps.

The shabby and the blue circle get in the way.

A little operation mistake was killed.

Since the blue circle moves like a puzzle, I want to move to the goal successfully.

Hidden in the yellow circle, the blue circle is secretly moving.

The stage is 30 in all. It is not an objective to solve it quickly, since it is the goal of how to reduce the number of failures, let's clearly take your time.

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