The game "Orb" keeps escaping from the orbs that follow the cursor everywhere

It is a game that keeps escaping from orbs that follow persistently curiously everywhere. Since there are blocks in the field, you can destroy the orb by hitting it.

Access is from the following.
Kongregate: Play Orb - Avoidance

title screen. Click "Start" to start immediately, so let's prepare your mind.

The orb that comes about the cursor. You have to lead it to the block and destroy it.

When you destroy the next one will appear.

The number of orbs gradually increases.

The number of blocks also increases.

It has increased considerably. There are colors around the frame, but it seems that if you destroy multiple orbs it will shine.

Eventually the whole glow begins to shine.

What more?

At the end is not an orb but a game over by touching a block.

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