Puzzle game "Cubilus" to move blocks to the same mark part

It is a puzzle game that moves the block to the heart where the heart is engraved, and the star is marked with stars. The block can be moved in four directions, but it will not stop until it hits the wall. Let's use other blocks and walls successfully.

Access is from the following.

Click "PLAY" to start the game.

The game screen looks something like this. Level change is possible by clicking on the triangle facing up and down to the right of the level number.

Select the block with the mouse and drag it in the direction you want to move.

Level 4. The number of blocks to move still is small, and it is possible to clear with 10 hands.

Level 10. Finally it's half.

I buried one kind.

The end is like this.

Level 20 makes my head hurt just by looking at it.

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