Gaming "xRunning" that takes advantage of your physical abilities and runs to the finish line

It is a game that keeps running all the way to the goal by making full use of the character's high physical ability. On the way, there are shapes of stages that I have seen somewhere.

Play is from the following.
XRunning and other Free Internet games @

Beginning the game from the title "PLAY".

First from the practice map.

If you move to the yellow part of the upper right mini map it clears.

Slightly crouching and moving.

High level difference jumps and climbs.

If it falls from a high place it will be damaged.

I use two walls to climb the dexterity.

The trap ....

The total of the stage is 15.

Picking up coins will recover the remaining time.

Goal opened when you opened the door.

The score is calculated as the remaining time.

It is marked as somewhere when looking at the mini map. this isCybertron.

This isDestronMark of.

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