"Ignition" game that runs 15 stages within 1 minute

It is a game that runs 15 stages within 1 minute. If you clear, the time limit will increase to 1 minute 30 seconds, the stage will be a bit more complicated, and the end will be more difficult with a 2 minute time limit.

Access is from the following.
Lawlolawl Games

Ignition on the right, Ignition 2 on the left with a slightly different stage configuration.

title screen.

Operation is cursor keys only. Square signs are starting and goal.

If you clear Easy, go to Normal.

It is getting a little difficult, and the time limit is also 1 minute 30 seconds.

More obstacles are increasing.

When it gets hard, the time limit is two minutes.

A fine movement is required.

Credits are also game flavor.

Ignition 2 is like this.

It is even more difficult than before.

What is this.

Lastly somehow the wall was transparent ... I could not clear it.

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