Puzzle to connect blocks and erase "Super Collapse Puzzle Gallery 2"

Clear three or more same color blocks and clear all the blocks on the stage is a clear puzzle game. "Hint timer" that allows you to see hints after a certain period of time has been attached, unlimited number of undo functions are attached, so you can solve it if you take time slowly.

Access is from the following.
Super Collapse Puzzle Gallery 2 - Free Online Games

First is the rule. If three or more blocks of the same color stick together, you can click it to erase it. If you can clear all the blocks on the stage so clear. If even one remains, it is out.

Besides normal blocks, bombs that erase all the blocks of each color, and blocks that do not move appear.

The first thing is like this. It feels like practicing.

I erase it one by one.

The score changes according to the number of times it took to clear. If you clear it in the shortest, it will be this screen.

I can clear the shortest at 6 times, but it took seven times.

If you fail to erase it you can retry.

A black bomb erases several blocks of surroundings.

The red bomb only turns off the red block.

Over time I can prepare for hints.

Clicking the hint will show you how to solve it until the end. To stop in the middle, click STOP.

Download trial version is free for 60 minutes to play.

The screen is big.

The sixth LOCKED is released if all other puzzles on the same page are cleared.

When it clears it will be marked depending on how many times it took.

There are 300 puzzles in all.

After 60 minutes it ends without asking questions in the middle of the game.

Although only 15 stages can be played on the net, there are no restrictions so you can play as many times as you like.

Free demo and purchase of full version is from below.

Super Collapse! Puzzle Gallery 2 - RealArcade

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