Puzzle game "Blocky" to surround and erase so that the four corners will be the same color

It is a game that surrounds and erases the four corners of a rectangle so that they become the same color. If it is about 3 colors, you can understand it immediately, but it will rush if color and block number increase.

Access is from the following.
Blocky - Play free online games at Shockwave


Make a rectangle with mouse drag, make the four corners the same color block and release the mouse button, you can erase the face of the block inside. If you make all blocks with faces normal blocks, it will be clear. Be careful as it can not be erased in one row.

It is easy to understand because it is two colors at first.

Surrounding the face block makes me smile and disappears.

The normal block is surrounded but the score is low.

It turned yellow with the addition of three colors.

Next is green.

I do not know exactly which part disappears when purple also joins.

When it gets bigger, you can earn a score because you can erase a lot of blocks simultaneously.

There is a time limit for each stage, and if you turn off the block it will recover a little and let's clear it well.

There are also versions without time limit. At first it might be better to practice here.


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