Game "Quick" to erase figures of the same color as instructed

It is a game that erases figures of the same color as instructed order. The rules are simple, I just click on it, but because time restrictions are severe, I often get impatient.

Access is from the following.
Quick - Play it on Not Doppler

The rules are simple, only disappearing the figure in the order as indicated in the upper part within the time limit. Mistakes in shape can be tolerated 10 times, timeouts allowed up to 5 times. Levels are all 15.

Training up to level 2.

Pay attention to click errors.

Wherever the figure is located, the eye wanders around the screen.

The shapes overlap.

From around here the order of clicking becomes important. Depending on the blue circle selected earlier, it is impossible to clear it.

The red star is in the ....

Game over at level 12. Because there are many misspellings, the figure to be clicked next is gone.

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