I tried playing an addictive plenty pinball game "PinOut" that can go up to the top

Destroy beautiful glass one after another with balls Refreshingly fun game Developers of "Smash Hit" have a new game "PinOutWe began distributing it for iOS and Android. PinOut is a kind of pinball game, but I can play a special stage that goes on and on top just as it is up and it seems to be highly addictive like Smash Hit, so I actually played it


PinOut! On the App Store

PinOut - Android application on Google Play

You should know what kind of game PinOut is, by looking at the movie below.

I tried to play pinball game "PinOut" which is going up all the way to the top - YouTube

This time I play PinOut for iOS. Tap "Get" on the product page of the App Store.

Tap "Install".

When installation is completed, tap "Open" to start up.

When PinOut starts, tap the arrow icon in the center of the screen to start the game.

The operation method is exactly the same as pinball game, tap the left of the screen to flip the left, tap the right of the screen to move the right flipper. The operation is simple transcendence with touch only.

PinOut, unlike ordinary pinballs, the pinball stage continues upwards, so even if the ball falls into the hole between the flippers will not overgame, but the stage just before It will be dropped on.

What is displayed at the top of the screen is the remaining playing time, 60 seconds at the beginning of the game.

Remaining playing time can be extended by collecting items etc. For example, in the image below, there is a point stating "time extension", white balls are lined on it.

If you get this ball, one second will be extended for each one. When extended, the extended time is displayed at the top of the screen.

When the remaining playing time becomes zero, the game is over.

If you clear the stage before the remaining playing time reaches zero, you can proceed to the next stage as it is.

However, since each stage is connected, care must be taken because the ball falls into the gap between the flippers in a relaxed space after proceeding to the next stage and returns to the previous stage ... .

You can check the status of playing the first stage from the following movie,

The first stage of the pinball game "PinOut" which is going up all the way up to the top - YouTube

Time extension can be increased not only by a falling white ball but also by playing a bonus stage. Taking the purple item falling on the stage ... ...

Bonus stage starts at the top of the screen with light music. In this bonus stage, you swipe the car to the left and right to clear the oncoming car and the remaining playing time will increase by the number of dangerous cars. If you make earnings here at once, you should be able to cover it if it is a few mistakes.

Also, take the blue ball falling on the stage ... ...

It is possible to acquire special items. There are various items that appear, such as "slow motion" which slows down time and "time freeze" where the timer pauses till the flip ten times. Items that can be acquired are in the form of selecting one from two.

You can check playing challenged to stage 2 from the following movie.

Challenge the stage 1 of the pinball game "PinOut" which is going up to the top just to the top - YouTube

The course also intersects three ...

Various things such as carrying a ball with a cannon. It's pleasant to go up the stage with the pom-pong, but when it falls to a very far place after falling into the hole of the flipper, it tastes a disgusting feeling. However, this balance is reasonable difficulty, there is no doubt that you will play over and over again. According to the editorial staff who reached the last stage, when the seventh stage is cleared, "Extended warfare" starts at the remaining time at that point, so that a survival race of how far it can proceed without time replenishment will be developed It is said that it is.

"PinOut" can be downloaded for free at the time of article creation, but since the free version can not be saved at checkpoint, you need to start from scratch every time the game is over. Although I am pleased when I failed over and over and reached the new stage, the paid version can save on checkpoint and I can challenge the same stage as many times as I can, so if I like it and like it 360 yen including tax It is also recommended to play a paid version of yen.

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