"Jump" which leads the bouncing ball to the goal, etc. About 20 mini games addictively to the ground

Game vendor releasing numerous mini gamesKetchapp GamesIs a new action puzzle game "Jump"Has been released. It is becoming a game that is a game full of Ketchapp's luxuriousness that it is a game that it is a huge game with a jiwiwa that clears various puzzles while manipulating the ball playing with Pyco Pyco and playing the bouncing ball.

Ketchapp Games for iOS and Android

◆ Puzzle game "Jump" to guide the ball to the goal
JumpIt is a game that moves the ball and aims at goal by overcoming various obstacles, but this is a content that uses quite a bit.

I tried playing the smart game "Jump" - YouTube

Jump has been released for iOS version (iPhone / iPad) and Android version.

Jump for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad currently on the iTunes App Store!

Jump - Android application on Google Play

The ball always jumps with a hook. Tap the left and right cursor at the bottom left of the screen to move the ball and aim for the goal "EXIT".

The ball moves as it jumps like an arrow. A wonderful match with a pleasant ball's bouncing sound and a quiet BGM of the piano alone.

By tapping the key at the bottom right of the screen the ball jumps high, so you can reach a high place. In this way, it is a game aiming at EXIT by combining horizontal and vertical movements.

Depending on the stage, EXIT may not be displayed unless the key is acquired.

When you get the key that is displayed as follows ...

"EXIT" which was not until now is displayed and it is now possible to reach the goal.

Furthermore, various gimmicks are prepared on the stage. The plate with the white frame only becomes narrower as the ball jumps on the top, and it disappears at the end.

If there are only plates disappearing like this, there is no time to breathe.

Although the game is free, advertisements may be entered if you advance the game. It can also be hidden at all by doing in-game billing (200 yen including tax) if you are interested.

At the time of writing the article, there are 50 unique stages of gimmicks in total, and it seems that they will be added more and more in the future. Even if you make a mistake, you can continue as many times as you want, so it was a game that you can keep playing forever.

In addition, at the application vendor "Ketchapp", in addition to Jump, we also offer a mini game that seems to be hooked with the following jiwiwa.

◆ Amazing Ninja(Amazing Ninja):IOS version·Android version
A game that manipulates the blue ninja running on the screen and slashes the enemy's red ninja without hurting his colleagues. By tapping the left and right of the screen, it was supposed to perform jump avoidance and attack manipulation.

Attack Red Ninja by tapping the right side of the screen. If you do not adjust the timing, it will be swinging in the air or, on the contrary, it will be attacked first.

◆ Amazing Thief:IOS version·Android version
This game keeps running just the stage, and the part that does not have a floor passes over by a jump. It looked like it was easy and it was a surprisingly difficult game.

Since jumping can be continued up to two stages, it is possible to clear even in high places.

However, as it falls to the bottom or hits the wall, it will be out immediately, so it is necessary to take good timing.

◆ Amazing Brick:IOS version·Android version
Amazing Brick is also the oldest in the "Amazing" series. It is a game that taps the screen and advances the black rectangle to the top of the screen, but in that case it is necessary to progress while avoiding the obstacles floating in the air well.

It is like this way to jump with a gap in between, but this was surprisingly hard and it was becoming a muffi game.

◆ Make Them Jump:IOS version·Android version
"Make Them Jump" is a game that jumps a stick man who keeps running and jumps over obstacles.

The game screen is divided up and down, and players need to manipulate multiple stick man at the same time. I thought as "just jump over obstacles that obstinate?", But hit the obstacles coming closer with exquisite timing skewed.

◆ Make Them Fight:IOS version·Android version
In the same way as the above Make them Jump, it is better to slash throwing shuriken swords this timeMake Them Fight.

The timing of exquisitely sliced ​​shuriken produces thrilling.

◆ Make Them Fall:IOS version·Android version
"Make Them" series 3rdMake Them Fall. It keeps sliding down the wall without hitting obstacles, but the most difficulty among the three works was high.

◆ Push The Squares:IOS version·Android version
It leads the block to the destination wellPush The Squares.

Blocks can only advance in the direction of the displayed triangle. Sometimes it is a game where you can go to the goal using blocks while heading to a completely different direction.

Quite chaotic state. It is a puzzle game aiming at the goal by making use of warp masses and turning squares.

◆ 2 Cars:IOS version·Android version
In this game group, I felt that the most difficulty is high2 Cars. The screen is divided into left and right, and it is a game that gathers items by changing lanes in two screens of red and blue in each screen.

The only items picked up are round blocks.

Collecting square blocks will result in a crash.

Also, it is also the subject of the crash to thru without picking up the circle. When playing in practice, Has been made to feel that it is quite difficult.

◆ Circle Jump(Circle):IOS version·Android version
It is necessary to operate the golden ring so as not to touch the black lineCircle Jump.

Kunekune and the bent black line move from right to left and operate the ring so that it does not touch it, but since the ring tries to fall down by gravity, it needs to be moved with exquisite timing.

◆ Phases:IOS version·Android version
Scroll game where you advance round ball without touching black trap ·Phases.

I will step on the stage by manipulating the bouncing balls like Puppy Poko like the game "Jump" at the beginning. It is necessary to make good use of objects on the screen which move or collapse.

PrettyImpossible gamesThe stage that entered the area.

Ketchapp releases about 20 kinds of mini games including the above. Each is pretty tasty content and it seems to be perfect for playing in winter vacation as well.

Download Ketchapp - Ketchapp software on iTunes

Ketchapp - Android application on Google Play

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