I tried an action game "Mr Jump" for iOS with ultra-high difficulty that is not the first to be slaughtered

The developer's baptism that almost certainly dies when challenging in the game without prior knowledge is "First slaughterAlthough it is said that it is said that the game for iOS boasts the height of the difficulty that can not be attained so much that it will become a game over from one end even if played many times,Mr Jump"is. It was said that it broke through 5 million downloads in a few days from the release and I actually played while playing and hundreds of deaths.

Mr Jump for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad currently on the iTunes App Store

You can see the unlikely level of difficulty of "Mr Jump" by watching the movie that got over following game overflow.

How Mu Jump of Super Highly Difficulty "Mr Jump" is First Killing It is like this - YouTube

To play the game, install "Mr Jump" from the App Store.

I started the application. Tap the screen to start playing.

Since the stage is displayed, first tap the first stage.

The operation method is a side scrolling action that only taps and jumps.

The height of the jump changes with the length of the tap.

Since the movement of the character is done automatically, it is OK if you jump to the obstacles and holes you are approaching. The speed of movement of the character is fast, and the falling speed of the jump is fast, so it's difficult to get dead until you get used to it, despite the first stage.

If you touch obstacles and walls or landing on places other than the ground, the game will be over.

When you die you will see the stage's degree of aggression, number of trys, number of jumps and SNS share icon. To start again from the beginning, tap the restart button. Since there are no save points, I will repeat the restart each time I die, but it is key to capture the "how to capture" points that I could not clear.

At the end of each stage,Good Design Award MarkIcons like that are installed, you can clear the stage if you touch this.

So somehow cleared the first stage. Even though it is the first stage, it has died dozens of times rather than clearing one shot, and starting to notice that "The difficulty of this game is abnormal ... ..." from around here. You can start the next stage from the clear screen.

You can see the movies clearing stage 1 of "Mr Jump" from the following.

Super-first slaying action game "Mr Jump" Clear stage 1 - YouTube

Next, a new jump will be added in the 2nd stage.

When you tap after touching the diamond icon floating in the stage, you can jump two steps in the air only once.

Furthermore, in the 3 rd stage, a rainbow-colored diamond which will allow you to jump as many times in the air has been added.

In this way, the place without a foothold can survive with an unlimited jump, but it is a difficult task to move over a certain range like hovering, so it feels like repeating the jump according to the falling speed of the character.

Also, once you landing somewhere, the effect disappears, so you will be forced to perform operations that require extremely high precision tap addition and subtraction, "jump a narrow gap without hitting anywhere".

There is also an area like a demon that will die wherever you hit. The degree of difficulty will rise mercilessly enough to doubt that "developers hate everything in the world".

You can see how you are clearing stage 3 using unlimited jump from the following movie.

First stage slaying action game "Mr Jump" cleared stage 3 - YouTube

When it comes to stage 4, difficulty will rise furiously. A barrier that will die if you hit here prevents the road, but the barrier release icon appears.

By touching the barrier cancellation icon, you can disable the barrier and move forward.

All jumps are now ready for use, and you can reach the goal by successfully using it. Try touching the barrier release icon at once ......

What a foothold gone and died. In this way, there are almost no stages that can clear a single shot, it is a memory that remembers the position of the trap and a persistent patience that can not be ignored even if it dies.

Since unlimited jumps and jumps that have appeared so far will appear everywhere, it is necessary to instantly determine the effect of the icon and move on to action ....

It is often that the thinking circuit stops because the movement speed of the stage is too fast and I thought "What is this icon?" I died more than 200 times, Finally I was able to clear stage 4. If the number of deaths per stage is two digits, it seems to be said that it is an excellent gamer.

And reached stage 5. There are obstacles in an impossible place immediately after starting, and you can taste desperate feelings. However, it is an interesting place of this game that it will be able to cross the area thought to be "absolutely impossible" when it repeatedly restarts when it dies many times.

The area below the most discouraged stage 5. You can see the icon of air jump at the end of the scaffold. When I arrived for the first time, I did not have time to understand what the icon below is ....

I tried going through the icon below and, after that, I killed the barrier. It was a barrier release icon placed in a place that was hard to touch.

The cumulative number of deaths before clearing stage 5 is over 500. The stage is implemented as far as "12" as the article writing, and further stages are planned to appear, so we can not consider how many times we die until we clear all the stages. It seems not to be an exaggeration to say that "the game with the most difficulty in iOS game application history".

You can see how you are finally clearing stage 5 playing at the beginning movie.

Super clearance action game "Mr Jump" clear stage 5 - YouTube

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