Playing behind the player and attacking by attacking the transcendent unstable stage IOS only action game "TrapAdventure 2 - Gate Wrap Adventure to death Mutsu death" I tried playing

At first glance it seems like an ordinary action game, in fact the unreasonable trap is placed in the stage, and the game is over and over again, and the game boasting difficulty that it does not feel like it is not enough even if there are any remaining aircraft "TrapAdventure 2 - Fugetsu Mazu Gate Wrap Adventure to Death"is. "TrapAdventure 2 - Gate Wrap Adventure to Death Mutant Death" as an iOS application onlyHiro! !It is open to you and you can play with basic free.

"TrapAdventure 2 - Fugetsu Muz to Death Gate Wrap Adventure" on the App Store

Tap "Get" from the App Store to get "TrapAdventure 2 - Gate Wrap Adventure to Death Men 's Death".

When launching the application, the following message will be displayed. When you tap "see previous work", the previous work "TrapAdventure - Rapid Muses Immediate Death Trap Adventure"Page opens, but this time" I am fine "is tapped.

The game mode has "normal mode" and "last chance mode". Normal mode is released by playing advertisement video each time or by separately billing 120 yen. Last chance mode can be played for free, but there is only one remaining machine and will be redone from the beginning each time game over occurs.

When you see the movie below, you can tell by one shot how much "TrapAdventure 2 - Gate Wrap Adventure to Death Mutant Death" is unreasonable game.

I tried playing to "Stage 3 of" TrapAdventure 2 - Guts Wrap Adventure to Death Mask "- YouTube

This time I am playing in normal mode. Tap "<" ">" button at the bottom left to move left and right. Also tap the "!" Button to crouch on the spot, and tap the "!!" button to jump.

I feel that it seems to be able to pass to the right when the first difficulty after starting crosses the three blocks of Stage 2. ...

As you jump and cross over, the needle will suddenly grow from the third block.

Next time I will turn back before I go over to the third one. Then the trap that the third block suddenly jumps on is activated. As soon as I got back to the left ... ...

A too unreasonable trap that the ceiling falls.

This time from the second block, I will jump directly to the right side by jumping over the third block, but the needle will jump out of the landing point and will get knocked out.

Since there was some clearance on the left side of the needle, I will try to land the next time. Especially when I am relieved by not having anything ......

I suddenly collapsed the edge part and landed in the hole of the needle.

Finally the next step is Stage 3. If there are only two blocks and it seems that it does not seem to proceed anyway, if we think that there is something got in there and proceed to the second one, the first block of guess moves to the third position To do. Trying to go to the third one "I thought it was ..." ...

As soon as I jumped, the block returned to its original position, and I fell into the hole as it was.

Repeat the same failures a couple of times, find a strategy to jump ahead for a moment as a frenzy of moving blocks and go forward.

But when I landed on the right side and moved forward, suddenly there was a needle-growing wall and a tricky trap was said to fall down to here.

Therefore, avoid the jump by fitting as the wall of the needle falls, take measures to ride on the wall. Fleeting thought that it was safe in this way ......

The fallen wall got up and swelled to the hole of the needle. It makes me feel like I'm being danced on the palm of the game maker in a trap set up after reading the movement of the player, so I have a frustrated thing.

There is also an underwater stage in "TrapAdventure 2 - Gate Wrap Adventure at Death of Fury". Despite the inertia and the difficulty of operation also upgraded, you can see the state of playing underwater stage greeting the player by devil trap and you can see it in the following movie.

I tried playing Stage 6 of "TrapAdventure 2 - Fugetsu Mutsu Death to Gate Wrap Adventure" - YouTube

Proceed through the water. Dive deeply with "!" Button, and float with "!!" button. It looks good if you look to the map and head down to the bottom left.

When heading to the lower left, from the top to the bottom, a long needle suddenly pops out in accordance with the movement of the player.

When grasping the place and direction that comes out while being done repeatedly and finally reaching the lower left ... ...

The passage in the lower left was suddenly closed, even without heartlessness. And as you wait, the needle will stretch from the top.

So I thought "I do not care" and neglected, as the water surface rose sharply towards the indentation in the middle. Heading to the upper right of the indentation ......

I found a hidden passage. Is this the correct route! When noticing and proceeding ... ...

A small needle grew in the aisle. Moreover, since the needle that is growing on top is hidden behind the remaining machine gauge, it was a too trapy trap that it is done if you do not proceed carefully.

A lot of unreasonable traps await as I read the thought of the player to the back of the back, even if I am accustomed to the action game so much, I could only play for 4 hours and advance to Stage 10. "TrapAdventure 2 - Gate Wrap Adventure in Death of Fierce Muses" has gone over again and again, repeatedly and it is difficult enough to make it clear that clearing is impossible unless you learn all the trap location and timing. However, in the normal mode with the initial remaining number of ten, the experience value gets accumulated as the game over is repeated and the number of remaining machines also increases as the level is raised, so it can be said that sufficient clearing is possible with time and perseverance I will. Although it is exclusive to iOS, it is basic free, so it is good to try people who think I am.

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