"Resurrection of Rockman 9 ambitions !!" is too difficult and a movie that collects scenes that "Towntown" dies

I revived with a pattern like the Nintendo period "Rockman 9 Revival of Ambition !!However, it seems to be quite difficult, I was knocking down the layer accustomed to the recent tepid action game to the depths of despair, "TownownIt seems that they are frenzying to sound the sound effects sounded here and there. Actually there are people who are also playing at GIGAZINE Editorial Department, but it says, "The stage is difficult and difficult for the boss to think easily".

So let 's see a movie that collects how difficult it is and how it will die. If you see it, a number of convincing death traps are good feeling.

Playback is from the following.
Gametrailers.com - Mega Man 9 - Cruel Death Gameplay

Carried dead, Towntown

Townown falling down the thorn

Take a jump mistake to the bottom of a parrot Towntown

Looking at the timing of the block repeating appearance and extinction Townown

Failure to fly to the ladder to the lava sea Towntown

Continuously strike the prickles on the wall and tie down the town

Town dropped down Town

Towntown unexpectedly from directly above

A variety of other "Townowns" are pushing down.

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