"A button challenge" aiming for clearing the game by sealing Mario's specialty "jump"

As a game for NINTENDO 64, it recorded a hit exceeding 13 million worldwide salesSuper Mario 64"Is a masterpiece game that is proud of its high popularity even now after more than 20 years have passed since its release. With such Super Mario 64, aiming at clearing the game by sealing "jump" which can be said to be a synonym of Mario "A button challengeWhat is going on is done.

SM64 ABC Routes

"A button challenge" is to aim for clearing the game without pressing the A button of the NINTENDO 64 controller used for playing Super Mario 64. It is a strange challenge that Mario will seal the jumps that are good at it and clear the stage, except for the scenes where you must press the A button by all means.

It is quite obvious how difficult it is for the A button challenge to see the following movies.

SM64 - Hazy Maze Cave 100 Coins - 0x A Presses - YouTube

The following page summarizes the movie that shows how to get a star appearing in Super Mario 64 with no jump or with a minimal jump. In the title of the movie, the number of times the star and the A button was pressed are recorded.

Super Mario 64 - A Button Challenge - YouTube - YouTube

The following movie is a movie that recorded "A place where you can not clear unless you press the A button" in the A button challenge.

The Remaining A Presses - YouTube

YouTuber who plays games related to Nintendo, Nathaniel Bandy who has recorded more than 90 million channel replays has also tried A button challenge.

Super Mario 64 NO A BUTTON CHALLENGE! - YouTube

Meanwhile, a new technique that could be used for the A button challenge was discovered. However, in order to put up with pressing the A button, you have to wait three days.

The Mario 64 Trick That Takes Three Days To Complete

A user named Andru discovered a new bug that could be used with the A button challenge. While playing the Wii virtual console version of Super Mario 64, I discovered that the scaffold will rise with the passage of time with "Honoko no Umi no Koppa". When you see the following movies, you can see that the footing gradually rises.

Bowser in the Fire Sea in 0x A Presses? (New Glitch Explanation) - YouTube

With the A button challenge so far, I had to press the A button when I climbed the pole and get off, but if I use the newly discovered bug, the footing will rise and you can get a star without using a pole , That is, it can be cleared without pressing the A button. In addition, it is estimated that it is necessary to wait about 3 days to get a star without pressing the A button.

The gamers who thought that this trick could be used for the A button challenge are now challenging.ethanwhitesm 64The player called challenging to win the star without pushing the A button in real time waiting 3 days, but it has been unsuccessfully unsuccessful.

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