The super-masters who play Super Famicom Super Mario with human power and made it Flappy Bird appeared

A game hit in the world as a mobile applicationFlappy Bird"Code to the Super Nintendo's" Super Mario World "manually, and a hero who made it possible to play Flappy Bird in the world of Mario appeared. Creator'sSethblingHas released a movie that explains how to make Flappy Bird playable in Mario, and it is content that you feel somewhat amazing, even if you do not understand the reason.

SNES Code Injection - Flappy Bird in SMW - YouTube

Sethbling is Mario'sTASAnd the creator of Minecraft's creative movie, this time I tried to incorporate Flappy Bird's source code into Super Mario World's Super Mario World.

Normally, when complicated operation of writing code is required, it is often done fully automatically using the function of the emulator, but Mr. Sethbling accomplished it by manipulating the actual Super Nintendo.

First of all, I will start the game as usual and clear courses 2 and 3 on YoSTAR island and put on Yoshi in Fire Mario.

Next, run "Powerup Incrementation" of bug skill three times. Using Powerup Incrementation makes it possible to increase the variable when Mario transforms.

When Mario gets a power up item, the game executes the code of the item obtained from the memory address. However, if you set the variable to 6, you get a power-up item, it will be possible to enter the code from outside the game body. Normally if you increase the number up to "3" to "6" with Powerup Incrementation ... ...

From the position of the sprite at the X coordinate Yoshi drinks red and it blows a flame, you can write the instruction processor, and you can execute the instruction by taking 1UP mushrooms.

Furthermore, letting the instruction processor change Mario's power-up variable to 22, it becomes possible to execute a command by getting a super mushroom instead of a 1UP mushroom, which speeds up the code input dramatically. After that, I repeat the same thing over and over again and I will enter and execute the code.

Next we performed a bug technique called "Bootloader". By doing a Bootloader, if you move a Yoshi around the P switch and then get a super mushroom, you can write arbitrary data one byte at a time to consecutive memory locations.

When the Bootloader finishes, it will be possible to write the code to the unused area of ​​the system memory just by spinning. The color of the screen is incorrect as the early game code was rewritten.

Sethbling who moves and spins jumps, moves and spins jumps 331 times to write the code. Even if you mistake the coordinates at least once, it becomes inoperable and you have to start over from the beginning, so careful operation is required. This written code is the source code of Flappy Bird, and when we perform the 331st spin jump ......

The game screen has changed so that you can now play Mario with Flappy Bird. Even before, there was a person who incorporated Flappy Bird in Super Mario World, but at that time the emulator was used, and Sethbling was the first person in the world to do it manually.

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