Clear Super Mario World in 2 minutes and 36 seconds, completely breaks the area of ​​human industry

Allow full automatic and tremendous playTASAlthough it was posted as a "speed run" aiming for the fastest clearance among those, it was the fastest clear by the method which had never existed, so the following play has been the trigger for causing a massive rage. The first stage 1 is normal, but the problem is around 1 min 12 sec.

Super Mario World "Completed" in Under 3 Minutes by Corrupting the RAM | minimaxir

[HD] TAS: SNES Super Mario World "glitched" in 2: 36.40 by Masterjun - YouTube

Something impossible goes on around stage 2. An emergency situation where enemies are coming from the P switch one after another.

The mantle crawls at the moment of landing ......

If I think about it, I will start bumping a fireball here ... ...

When noticing the screen slowly darkens and clears

What on earth happened? The following is the most well-organized details.

TASVideos submissions: # 3413: Masterjun's SNES Super Mario World "glitched" in 02: 36.4

The TAS community does not know what is going on, and he is a coworker who discovered and developed this new method "You (anta)"As a result of contacting Mr. and asking for explanation, Japanese documents were uploaded, and it turned out that the following table holds the key of this mystery.

It shows information on which address on the memory the sprite image for playing Mario is stored, and the position on the coordinates of each sprite, the state at that time, etc. are all stored in the memory in this way That is why. Among them, the above action is the "OAM" address where the address starts with "01", that is, the place stored as a chunk on the memory, this is the first point. It is necessary to call OAM in the table above and enter the necessary value first. As a result, the fireball is thrown into the wall, Mario is animation that turns over Yoshi and it will lead to that kind of behavior.

The second point is "RNG (random number generator)". In order to recall this "clear" state this time, it is necessary to change RNG 1197 times, for example, if an enemy appears three times, RNG will be consumed three times and the rest will be 1194 times. When a fish spits on the floor, it consumes RNG three times. In other words, if the fish gets chilly about 396 times, it is consumed 1188 times, and Zaco enemies appear six times immediately after this. This makes 3 + 1188 + 6 = 1197 times, and preparation for calling the ending credit is completed.

Several OAMs can have one or more values, and if it is exactly the same as a certain opcode (calling code) at that time, and it does not affect the A register, hang up the ending screen with haste You can call it. The OAM for that is the behavior pattern in the table below. The reason of Mario 's mysterious behavior is exactly Corre, and it was not that he never came into a madrime mode. Regarding the most important "exhaling none"Japanese commentary by the person himself / herselfWhen you read it you understand ... may be.

There are various possibilities to have the specific command issued by manipulating the value on this memory by a specific action and the following scenes that appeared in this movie, Zako enemy If it suddenly noticed suddenly as a result of power up or such, it might be possible even even the fastest clearer possible even if it is increasing Walla Walla.

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If you would like to know more about the above mechanism, there is a link to the document uploaded to the outline of the following movie, so reading it will make it unexpectedly trial and error until you make the following movie It is possible to read the locus of.

(TAS) SMW: Credits Glitch from Yoshi's Island 2 by Anata - YouTube

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