"Nintendo World Championship 2015" Final match of development with excessive chaos in super muzzle

An event that decides the game championship by playing the old and new game of Nintendo such as "Splatoon" of the latest game and old memories of "The Legend of Zelda"Nintendo World Championship"But"E3 2015It is being held at. The event is finally in the final game, the final can freely create 2D Mario course with Wii U GamePad "Mario MakerI will play Super Berry Hard Mario.

Nintendo World Championship | Nintendo E3 2015 Information

The final game is a coin and we decide the next attack.

JOHN NUMBERS on the left is a later attack, and COSMO on the right is the first one.

JOHN NUMBERS of the back-office is blindfolded so that it will not know what game title of the final game is.

And the final game.

The title to play is Mario Maker.

Mario Maker is a game where you can freely create 2D Mario courses with Wii U GamePad.

It is also possible to create a chaotic stage like this.

This Mario Maker plays the stage of intense Muzu and decides the true Nintendo champion.

How is the final fighting point you care about ... ....

First step is COSMO.

It seemingly ordinary Super Mario Bros. to play ... ...

There are lots of flames.

Bom soldiers are also huge.

Chaos condition that Gessou, Hammer Bros, Bom soldier appeared at the same time.

COSMO advancing a little carefully because it is too unpleasant.

Mario came to a place I have not seen before.

I felt a good fight and hit the flames and died.

The first stage of the finals compete by how far it can proceed within the time limit.

While jumping Pyongpyong, the last is a transcendental difficulty that is required to enter a green clay pipe.

Mr. COSMO is going to stumble here and to do it over and over again.

COSMO can not clear the stage and time is up.

The stage is suitable for the final game and is extremely difficult.

Following is JOHN NUMBERS 's challenge.

Dodge giant geece and hammer broth attacks.

The flame is good as well ... ...

I arrived at the difficult point where COSMO was clogged up.

Turn on the runway ......


After that JOHN NUMBERS riding a table that is in the air making full use of the jump. In addition, since the platform in the air is rotating like a belt conveyor, just jumping and riding it is no good. You have to balance firmly.

From the way ......

The foundation to landing is gone, patapata replaces the foundation.

That's why I stepped on a patch and stepped on in the air. It is a Berry hard mode that is impossible in ordinary Mario.

Moreover, if it falls without entering the last clay pipe, start over from the beginning. Exactly a way out.

Start over from the beginning ......

I will grasp the tricks while death many times.

Since time has been left, I challenge again.

Skillfully jumping and trampling on patting ......

In a superb clay pipe!

A cannon is waiting as you come out of the clay pipe.

I thought that it was desperate, and a lot of coins came out of the cannon.

And goal as it is!

JOHN NUMBERS giving a stranger.

Then proceed to stage 2.

The next stage starts.

Mario will ride the Kupa Crown and advance the stage.

It is full of enemies and traps as much as the stage which I first played.

Anyway the size of the enemy is big.

JOHN NUMBERS played Mario while the enemy 's attacks got confused.

Hanachan also appeared.

How do you proceed on top of a spider?

A huge dressing also appeared.

Of course it is game over.

The player can clear the stage within the time limit OK.

What on earth is this situation ...?

The rides are luxurious, but the enemies are more luxurious.

I was about to kick enemies and enter Dokan ......

time up. Even a truly JOHN NUMBERS could not clear the second stage.

Then COSMO challenged on the same stage.

Go through a lot of traps ......

JOHN NUMBERS discovered a route that I did not even see.

However, it was torn down by a huge flying fish.

While playing the super difficulty stage, the challenger COSMO seems to be having a lot of fun.

Somehow cleared the torpedo zone ... ...

I specialized in KUPA Jr. and KAMEC!

And succeeded in entering the town.

This time COSMO is clearing the stage.

The third stage. Next time COSMO starts playing

You can cross several Tibira ......

Going on while being chased by cannonballs

It is quite a mystery where P switch is pushed.

Thanks to the large number of musical note blocks and jumping bases, the stage where everything flies.

Move up with the shells flying from below as the foundation.

It is difficult to be hesitant.

The beat that flutters in the sky crosses above.

I will reach the clay pipe with that meter as a foothold.

There are lots of doors on this stage. There are a lot of trap doors, such as coming to the stage where Koppa comes out suddenly as it passes through the door. Mario goes back at the moment though the image passes through the door.

Dash to get away from the dogs with a thornbaugh.

I will dodge the dislocation with the overwhelming end.

Next is a world where a lot of mets flutter.

Turn upward while avoiding the approaching flame ......

Finally in the clay!

And it is the goal.

Smile is spilled from Mr. COSMO who could successfully goal.

Followed by JOHN NUMBERS 's challenge.

JOHN NUMBERS was blindfolded, so I do not know what this stage is like.

However, I will pass through the dangerous trap with Swiss.

JOHN NUMBERS 's marriage skill may be slightly higher than COSMO.

JOHN NUMBERS also reached the last clay pipe!

And it is the goal.

Both teams will score goals for the 3 rd stage, but JOHN NUMBERS is a little quicker than the goal.

Lastly JOHN NUMBERS and COSMO will play at the same time and compete which one can clear the stage first.

JOHN NUMBERS who has cleared a lot of stages so far started playing games.

I will go to Switzerland with brilliant wall jumps in a super danger zone full of circles.

COSMO also started playing while he was doing it.

However, Mr. COSMO was struggling very much with the first Noko Zone. The safe zone between the round saw and the round saw is very narrow, and JOHN NUMBERS who cleared this without mistake at first look seems to be too jumping technique too high.

While COSMO struggled with Maru Noko Zone, JOHN NUMBERS went to the sea zone.

A large amount of circular saw in the sea zone.

Hanachan get angry to appear even in the sea.

Mario wearing a Met operated by JOHN NUMBERS encounters Yoshi

From Yoshi's big jump ... ...

Coin the wall with P switch and collect Yoshi

Thorns on the wall, invading the seemingly uncleanable area of ​​the flame on the scaffolding

Yoshi to escape to too many traps

However, in front of JOHN NUMBERS who showed overwhelming skill to this point a lot of traps were quickly cleared ... ....

Drop Yoshi and go ahead

At such timing, finally COSMO who cleared the first round Noko Zone

Jump over without a narrow foothold with only one block or things ... ...

Finally I encountered a rasp bossy kopper

Get a fireflower and power up to Fire Mario to counter this

Koppa is overwhelmingly large firepower

Cutting through various Koppa 's variegated attacks, it' s a wonderful defeat!

It was JOHN NUMBERS who won overwhelming major difference!

The venue is a standing ovation.

And Mr. Miyamoto Shigeru appeared on the stage, the voltage of the venue was at its peak.

Mr. Miyamoto 's autographed 3DS was given to the winner JOHN NUMBERS and COSMO who lost to himself.

And JOHN NUMBERS who gave a brilliant "Nintendo World Championship 2015" gift golden mario trophy.

JOHN NUMBERS holding a trophy

Mr. Miyamoto thrusts JOHN NUMBERS 's fist.

This ends "Nintendo World Championship 2015".

The winner is JOHN NUMBERS!


After the event the message was tweeted by Mr. Satoshi Iwata of Nintendo. It seems that the recording of "Nintendo World Championship 2015" will be made public.

2015/06/15 15:35 Addendum

You can see the actual play around 3 hours 34 minutes of the following movie

Nintendo World Championships 2015 - YouTube

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