An expert who clears "The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild" in just 45 minutes explains advanced movement technique and short technique for the fastest clearance

It is the latest work of Zelda's legend series "The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild"The game style competes for the short time it took from game start to clearReal time attack(RTA) "players are continuing all over the world. There are many players who cut an hour to clear, and many Japanesesva 161620Is also one of such awesome RTA players. A movie that explains the sticking things that sva161620 thinks "surprising technique to clear the Legend of Zelda Blessess the Wild" fastest and "I will do so ... ...!" Is released It is.

* Although it is not writing everything until the game of Rasubosu in the article, since the content of the full story is included in the movie, please be careful when you watch the unclear person

【RTA】 The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 45: Clear by 51 【Explanation of subtitles】 - YouTube

The RTA challenge movie with subtitle commentary is also released in Nico Nico video, and it seems to be good if you play here if you want to see the reactions of other users.

【RTA】 The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Any% 45: 51 Part 1 【Subtitling Commentary】 - Nico Nico Douga: GINZA

【RTA】 The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Any% 45: 51 Part 2 【Subtitling Commentary】 - Nico Nico Douga: GINZA

In addition, sva161620 live-delivers game images on Twitch when clearing "Zelda's Legend Breath of the Wild" in 45 minutes and 51 seconds, and you can see how it is seen from below.

Breath of the Wild Any% 45: 51

When the movie starts, subtitles are displayed at the bottom of the screen and sva 161620 explains the contents of the play.

"This first movie can be skipped only after about 1 minute, skipping of important movies is skipped" X → + ", etc. so that it will not skip by mistake in the current work, until the skipping method of the movie is explained It is at the beginning that you know whether you are wasting wasted time in seconds.

"Well, from an unknown person, you might think that" Why is it so early!? ", But this work is made so that it can also almost orthogonalize to Rasubosu. Never change the volume of the game with Any% time Do not judge. " "Any%That means "I do not care about the game clear rate".

"The volumes of the games are decided in the Zelda legend Breath of the Wild", as it is said to be dead if it takes 20 to 30 hours if you do not want to do RTA 100% With almost no route, you can freely select the route of adventure, so you can clear the game in as little as 45 minutes like this movie, there are plenty to do for dozens of hours to play It can be said that it is.

"About the version, surprisingly Wii U (DL) loads faster than Switch, Any% gets about 30 seconds difference"

"There seems to be more lugs in the Wii U, but since the game speed is not lowered with only the basic frame dropping for the current lag, you do not have to worry too much."

"The fastest is German and Japanese is 10 seconds slower, although there is no difference in text feed, there will be a difference in the early zelda's voice," a point commentary on time shortening already started before starting the game doing. In addition, sva161620 has been launching the time of 45 minutes 51 seconds with the Japanese version of Wii U "Zelda's Legend Breath of the Wild".

When the game starts, a link to ignore the treasure box at the start point and run off. "Of course, ignoring the treasure box's clothes, there are almost no scenes where life and death change at some RTA's increased defense."

I heard that the controller I am using is a Wii U Pro controller, and there is no gyroscope operation, which seems to be a drawback.

"This RTA meaning the most troublesome technique, whistling dash. Showing technique that can continue dashing without worrying about the gambling gauge that you can dash without consuming stamina with B number of pushing under cross" . Although it can be simulated relatively easily by actually trying in the game, it is quite difficult for the fingers to arrange the buttons and it is convinced that "This RTA means the most troublesome technique".

"Since the whistle dash is slightly slower than the dash usually, it usually consumes up to the point of being dash and it is ideal to recover with a whistle dash, but because there is no big difference, impossible is impossible" It seems that there is a difference in moving speed.

I just wondered if he would run down the hill with a dash, he captured Tsurugibu Butto stuck in the tree. It seems that this is due to the use of tomorrow's drugs.

Run down the hill with a dash without various walks, then get 'Ono of woodcutter'. "I do not care about attack power, but with wooden sticks I can not drop enemy shields."

In addition, I also grasp where the wooden arrows are falling in the map, "I picked up 4 to 5 books because the arrows are fixed at this side, I have hit A with the whistle dash B It's easy to pick up.

If you say why you picked up a woodcutter ono, you can drop an enemy's shield by attacking while dashing. Shields are not used in battle, but rather "I want shield surfing as convenient as it is convenient", so basically the battle with enemies is cut except for indispensable things.

Activate the first "starting tower" as it is. "For a while from here we will be running all the way to the four shrines to get parasail.This is why we said" almost "to Rasubos straight ahead"

"The likelihood that parasail skipping will be realized is quite thin - until falling to para-sale there is a falling judgment on almost the entire outside of the beginning ground (the place where the link is at the start of the game)

"Once it is possible to escape temporarily by flying to a gap without judgment using Vitarock but it will not make sense as it can only move around there after all."

"Even if there was a bug that warped to Rasubos regardless of where Ocarina of anything, it has been confirmed that even a boss game will have fallen judgment." First of all it seems necessary to acquire "parasail" which is an item for gliding in the air.

And start running straight out ... ...

Link to jump from the top of the tower.

If it remains as it is, it falls and the game is over, but display the equipment screen of the shield ......

When I removed the shield, I did not have the damage of falling. "It is possible to reset the calculation of falling distance by forcibly suspending weapon throw by equipment change", so even if it falls from a high place, it will not damage. It will not be necessary to step down the tower one step so it should be a considerable time reduction.

Furthermore, "Since it is only the B button that can skip the text, the basic is B successive shots, but in the option, A is necessary, so in many cases you will eventually hit either side after all"

"It is better if you pick down some choices downwards with A. This is the third only down (I chose the second wrongly but this is the same quickness)"

"It is convenient to move the camera before the end of the conversation beforehand, it is convenient to adjust to the destination in advance", so techniques for reducing the time are incorporated even in the conversation scene, and furthermore it is possible to take advantage of the camera angle to time shortening It is a glimpse of its greedy attitude.

"Previously it was from Magnagi catch earlier, but it was slightly faster (probably Wii U Limited) that I took the Baghdan earlier by falling damage cancellation and returned by warp and get off the tower again. It seems that the strategy route is also changing finely to shorten the time.

"When moving closer to the left and right guardians, a movie will be generated, so please avoid passing over the moat," not only in which order to capture "but also the route of travel has been finely determined, To keep for 45 minutes without mistakes seems to require considerable mental power.

A small technique of opening a map after jumping once has also been introduced ... ...

"It's a short movie that looks into the seeker stone when opening the map for the first time, and you can skip this by opening while jumping." It seems that it can be said that it is a technique unique to RTA contending for 1 minute 1 second, but who and when did you realize this small technique in its entirety ...?

The link which came to the waterside. "Zelda's Legend Breath of the Wild" is restricted to "the unless the gambling gauge is gone" as far as the range that can move underwater, and when the editorial staff who actually played dive for the first time at this waterside, the hard work gauge runs out and drowns It has become game over.

What kind of technique will you show here? Jump and do shield surf ... ...

Instantly remove the shield ... ...

Take out the bamboo ......

Instantly blow up. The link blew off with the momentum of the blast ... ...

I moved to the other side of the street at once. Various actions are carried out instantaneously, it is difficult to do this at first look. It seems to be the time of 45 minutes as a result of training, so how much do I have to work hard to reach this area ... ?.

In a dash jump, a link that thrusts into a groove large enough to not reach.

Surfing the shield from the jump ... ...

Landing off the shield. This makes two - stage jump that will not reach normally possible, and it seems to prevent durable consumption of the shield and rigidity at the time of landing by removing the shield.

"Shield surfing consumes durability when landing to a place other than snow and sand.The remaining durability 3 or less indicates that it is going to be broken, so it is convenient to remember, so bean information is plenty.

"Well, a new point of view, a new funky technique" will be shown.

First of all have a square remote control ......

Put it in the gap between the rock and the ground in front of you.

Then stop the rock with Vital rock ......

Push the attack button and keep shocks in the rock.

After bashing the shock, blow up the bachelor ... ...

I will stick it to the rock.

After the fixed time of Vitarock, the rock jumped into the air ......

A link can move greatly in the sky together with the rock.

Before the crash against the ground ...

Jump from the rock.

This makes it possible to move a lot without falling damage.

"Although this technique itself has been around for quite a long time, since that rock is fitted in a dent, rocks are caught and snapped just by hitting normally, it is the key to go upwards at the end in Bakudan" It is said that it is the point that the direction of flying the rock by the bomb explosion is changed last.

While acquiring it, I got the target "parasail". It took only 23 minutes 30 seconds to complete. I am amazed at the fact that it takes only 22 minutes 21 seconds to rasp boss destruction until here. After this, descending from the beginning of the ground and spreading a fierce battle with Las Boss, the ending of the game is also included in Moro, so if you are concerned about the continuation please actually play the movie and check it .

You can check how fast the RTA player around the world is clearing "The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild" at the following site. sva161620 's 45 minutes 51 seconds clear time is the fourth fastest record in the world at the time of article creation, and it is only 2 minutes 18 seconds different from the earliest record.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Leaderboard -

Zelda SpeedRuns Leaderboards

The top ranking of the ranking uses Wii U, which is because it has the feature "loading time is slightly earlier" which was explained in the movie. Also, it is clear that French and German are frequently used in the upper team's "because event movie ends earlier than other languages", and the following movie shows how much the event movie speed differs depending on the language I will.

Breath of the Wild - Voice Acting Comparison (Any%) - YouTube

Movement techniques such as whistle dash and two-step jump introduced in the movie, tips and techniques to further shorten the time are accumulated, and the world's fastest time is 43 minutes 33 seconds at the time of article creation I will. Considering that the release date of "The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild" is March 3, 2017, and that the fastest time of RTA in the early release was one hour over, the accumulation of fine time reduction techniques and players I can understand well that what is now astounding time has been formed by the study of.

The game title is reviewed as follows. Look at the state of RTA and read "Please read the following article" if you say "On the contrary" The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild "The main part was worrisome!

The overwhelming degree of freedom & completeness of "The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild" was destroyed the view of the game that has been cultivated so far - GIGAZINE

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